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Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost
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File 141972150384.png - (330.05KB , 1600x1204 , a90.png )
163234 No. 163234 ID: 3bb89e [View]
So, if we also get anonymous posting embraced, can we also get a Catalog function?

It seems pretty nifty, if we aim to be more like 4chan.
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>> No. 163236 ID: 3bb89e
File 141972200302.png - (136.90KB , 384x383 , do tell.png )
Well, it is a simple archaic replacement.

You only get the OP image, if it has any, and a thread title on hover, if it has any.

You can't just pop in and figure out what the threads are about without trial and loading.
>> No. 163254 ID: 40a1fc
Oh, you want a better catalog, gotcha.

Probably going to be a "Just wait for gochan" thing, but i'll toss this at zeke anyway.
>> No. 163333 ID: c15bc4
There actually are excerpts from the OPs (if there's no title) on the page, for use with the search feature. If you just click Search Threads without entering anything, all of them appear.

Last edited at Sun, Dec 28th, 2014 11:23

File 141977832083.jpg - (46.93KB , 385x385 , neo.jpg )
163317 No. 163317 ID: 556a0f [View]
I would like to suggest the day after Boxing Day become Anonymous Day, assuming the forced anon here is not permanent. It would be sort of like Rariday and should become tradition.

File 141920068610.png - (105.34KB , 400x400 , filly i'm not so sure about this.png )
163014 No. 163014 ID: e7a4d5 [View] [Last 50 posts]
The potential for abuse as an anon in /meta/ is very high. i'm beginning to notice a large influx of anons back into /meta/, and this has historically been the cause of a lot of "Anonymous bandwagoning" and the shutting down of conversations.

i wanted to propose that tripcodes be used on /meta/, and anonymous posts be disallowed.

Here is why i feel this will be a good idea:

1. /Meta/ should be a place where each person's words are held accountable
/meta/ is the place for site questions, and suggestions. Each person's words here should be held accountable, and not just by the moderators who can see IPs. It seems logical that if you wish to post on site issues, you should have a tripcode you use to post elsewhere. If you are not posting elsewhere, then maybe you shouldn't be telling us what to do or what you think is best for us.

2. Prevents bandwagoning of opinions
This was a serious issue in Ponychan's past, and now that i'm seeing more anonymous posts than ever, i am starting to worry that this phenomenon will come back.
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>> No. 163172 ID: 3477fb
It's swings and roundabouts, though. Yes, someone might have some underhanded motive for what they're saying, which could be inferred if you could see their posts together - but also, just because someone has a certain history or reputation doesn't inherently mean that their ideas are bad and that they should be ignored.

To continue the account/Zamoonda example, it would have been very difficult to continue working on the (optional) system that he had been part of the development of, because the whole idea was tarnished by association, even though the idea didn't start with him.

Or, for a less controversial example, if someone has a bad history with the mods, and then they raise a legitimate concern about moderation, it shouldn't immediately be ignored because it would make sense for them to have an axe to grind.
>> No. 163174 ID: 40a1fc
I agree, with you i mean.

Ironically enough, this thread has done a better job of convincing me to force anon on /meta/ than it's intended purpose.
>> No. 163248 ID: edd5ad
This seems an odd position for someone who has, in the past, so ardently argued against authoritarianism and trading freedom for security. If a bunch of anons are coming in here and doing things that are disruptive or that you don't like, then they could be easily taken care of by mods enforcing the existing rules and standards.

If an anon comes here with a truly good argument, such an argument should be able to stand on its own. If they're coming here with their own personal garbage, I think Ponychan has shown itself capable of being able to effectively deal with such people in a way that quickly mutes whatever disruption they're causing.

File 141970812268.png - (84.60KB , 864x937 , Ember Storm - Ewwwww - Mellowbloom.png )
163193 No. 163193 ID: 72a4ea Locked [View]
Can we not have forced anon on this site anywhere? It goes blatantly against the culture of this place. I request that the forced anon state is removed from /oat/ and any other board you've put it on, as, not only does it prevent filters from working, but it also promotes the spread of idiocy, hate, and bigotry due to the lack of consequence that would normally occur with the presence of a name field.
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>> No. 163205 ID: 82f2ba
i literally dont understand the reasoning behind this because i barely even see ember post at all on /oat/. its like a man who has never eaten fast food angrily waving his arms outside the window of a mcdonalds and demanding that they stop selling chicken nuggets
>> No. 163207 ID: 8e91d7
No no. This man also goes into the Mcdonalds once in a while to throw "salad" at the customers.
>> No. 163208 ID: cdf33c
File 141970902550.png - (29.65KB , 400x400 , 131467453321.png )
Complaint registered, have a nice day.

File 141970561489.png - (178.32KB , 582x752 , 141772321970.png )
163175 No. 163175 ID: 587e5f [View]
stop it yang i am not an anon -Happy Sylveon
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>> No. 163192 ID: 274458
It used to be that all mod posts didn't have filenames. It stands to reason that it would be possible.
>> No. 163195 ID: 587e5f
File 141970835226.png - (103.93KB , 278x351 , 140998923674.png )
why would you do this to /oat/ we never did anything to you
>> No. 163196 ID: 8e91d7
I request that it is looked into. For the fun of it.

No. 163178 ID: 587e5f Locked [View]
Youtube embed play button
  ponychan has been anonymized so ill just post my /oat/ messages here if you want me to leave meta you must fix ponychan
>> No. 163179 ID: 40a1fc
File 141970655295.gif - (242.25KB , 600x800 , 211502__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_animated_filly_princess-cadance_shining-armor_coffee_gif.gif )
Or i could just ban you from /meta/ for spamming unrelated site discussion topics.

File 141931260916.png - (12.29KB , 608x100 , evidence2.png )
163158 No. 163158 ID: 99bf32 Locked [View]
I know I'm going to get flak for this, and I've already been called a white knight several times, but I find that the kinds of posts being cleared as "not needing deletion" are frankly unacceptable.

I have only just now begun saving and keeping track of some of the outright insults that are thrown at posters, and it seems incredibly irresponsible to ignore caustic behavior like this in favor of the more frivolous things posters seem to get banned for.
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>> No. 163160 ID: 428138
This thread is not a good idea
>> No. 163161 ID: 99bf32

This is a problem, and it is not okay. I am going to compile these posts here (only ones that are not deleted when reported), until something is done about this issue.
>> No. 163162 ID: 4c5a46
This is not what /meta/ is for, if you believe moderator action has been taken in error, please bring it up with a staff member, the admins, or the site owner.

The only thing publicly talking about these statements or posting these screencaps is going to do is cause unnecessary drama.

You are more then welcome to bring up posts you think were cleared that shouldn't have been with a staff member.

No. 162799 ID: feb7ff [View]
you guise seriously don't know how to run a site do you? goddam it i would love to say Im so fucking done I'm out >:/
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>> No. 163153 ID: 428138
All you missed were some choice dick pics
>> No. 163154 ID: d196d0
Whose? Or was it just someone random?
>> No. 163157 ID: 103f38
I missed the dick pics? Damn.
Last thread I remember was when I made one making fun of how the mods locked themselves and only themselves from /chat/ on accident. I was really banking on it having a renaissance due to being a lawless boad.

No. 163155 ID: 61c81a [View]
Hey admins and mods could you have more eye on /oat/ thx! ^_^
>> No. 163156 ID: c625fa
File 141929003094.png - (195.29KB , 540x360 , Sequelitis - lemmeaskyousomething.png )
Why do you not use the report-button if you want mod-attention?

File 141727385911.png - (3.22MB , 1920x1080 , hipster_berry_punch.png )
162702 No. 162702 ID: d2e7ed [View]
for doing your work for this community. You're good pals.
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>> No. 163139 ID: 2b9f76
File 141922297722.png - (165.50KB , 1053x900 , 1345328333504.png )

Hey, if anyone should be able to spot terrible people, it would be an unholy abomination that will burn in Hell for all eternity.
>> No. 163140 ID: 27350d
File 141922334368.gif - (188.34KB , 350x350 , VIBRATE.gif )
>mfw you recognized them from all the parties
>> No. 163141 ID: 82f2ba
keep moddin moddin moddin moddin

File 141893000507.png - (495.54KB , 605x549 , wink.png )
162892 No. 162892 ID: 3bb89e [View]
Can we autoplay Christmas songs on /oat/ on december 24/25?
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>> No. 162945 ID: 8e91d7
Youtube embed play button
  Requesting autoplay for this on /meta/ all Christmas.
>> No. 163020 ID: e7a4d5
File 141920371099.png - (203.19KB , 600x450 , derpy shy 3.png )
We should autoplay i'm dreaming of a "White Christmas" on all of those weird vaguely nazi threads that appear on /oat/, too.
>> No. 163034 ID: 3bb89e
Youtube embed play button

Anyways, maybe in a sticky thred that you can leave active for the ponychan christmas experience.

File 141909627810.png - (128.08KB , 1305x441 , modwarning.png )
162932 No. 162932 ID: 179b21 Locked [View] [Last 50 posts]
Could you tell your friend that he's not allowed to use his admin powers to declare which opinions about the show are right and which ones are verboten? He literally just popped into a discussion thread last night to tell me my opinion is wrong and if I continue expressing it I'll be banned.
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>> No. 163008 ID: 82f2ba

If you can't see the difference between me occasionally being mean for one post then leaving and Dulset turning threads into raving shitshows then idk what to tell you. then again i guess i can understand it because manley used to do it regularly and the mods just giggled and nodded along with it
>> No. 163009 ID: 99bf32

I'd really rather not continue talking about Dulset in this thread now that the OP has been fulfilled.

I am glad that you did not try to insult me when we actually began talking, though. That was pleasant.
>> No. 163010 ID: b70d6e
File 141918388362.jpg - (62.25KB , 468x519 , still dont get it.jpg )
Also, locking thread.

File 141890587734.png - (578.85KB , 924x540 , twibookgrass.png )
162887 No. 162887 ID: 99bf32 [View]
I would like to propose a feature where ban evading causes the offender's computer to explode.
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>> No. 162894 ID: 68ad35
A lot of people sit by there computer.

>posting clop
>not even once
>ok maybe once but never again
>> No. 162901 ID: 2b9f76
File 141897583282.png - (240.09KB , 894x894 , discord_is_ok_by_csimadmax-d4cekar.png )
I would like to propose a feature where ban evading causes the offender to explode.

Actually, let's include other rule violations.

Actually, let's just include everyone.
>> No. 162925 ID: 556a0f
I would like us to employ a feature where the offenders computer spews plague ensuring a not so quick demise.

File 141870774442.gif - (82.14KB , 450x320 , 140131661602.gif )
162878 No. 162878 ID: 556a0f [View]
I want to appeal my Dan, posted today for Dan evasion. I know now the error of my ways I will make sure I am not D& in the future. I am currently using 7 proxies and my computer is about to self destruct, have a nice day :^)
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>> No. 162884 ID: 47eb11
File 141870886648.jpg - (39.13KB , 643x720 , 130759766376.jpg )
once it starts it can not end
>> No. 162885 ID: a3b145
File 141871019446.png - (28.96KB , 300x300 , Irritated Cutie.png )
I'm terribly sorry, Neo, but Dan Evasion is a terrible offense on the site. If you truly believe that you can repent from your evil path, we might be able to work out a deal with our supreme overlord, but it's a long and arduous path. Not many can make it out alive.
>> No. 162886 ID: 556a0f
File 141871148835.jpg - (122.69KB , 1365x583 , Dan.jpg )
pssshhhh........nothing.......personnel kid.

File 141839590443.jpg - (4.23KB , 125x117 , 139560546420.jpg )
162867 No. 162867 ID: 587e5f [View]
did you drop chat?
>> No. 162868 ID: ce6132
File 141839720656.png - (71.08KB , 300x291 , slowpoke-pony300_6624.png )
>> No. 162869 ID: 3d403b
File 141840980834.png - (1.16MB , 1280x800 , doom penny plans.png )

Last edited at Fri, Dec 12th, 2014 11:43

>> No. 162870 ID: 82f2ba
pay attention

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