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Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost to the annals of time
Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost
Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 141825472609.png - (163.02KB , 716x947 , SS_319.png )
162827 No. 162827 ID: 99bf32 Autosaged [View]
Like, out of genuine curiosity. Isn't that something important to be allowed to discuss?
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>> No. 162858 ID: 40a1fc
Quite a few bans are removed or reduced after a talk happens, but just as many remain as-is, it's one of those case by case things.
Not sure what you want me to say here, unless you plan to crosscheck a list of names with the users themselves to see if i'm telling the truth.
I'm not going to spend time making that kind of list, just throwing that out there.
>> No. 162860 ID: 9b6e61
File 141832689010.png - (100.44KB , 500x600 , 685105.png )
>Quite a few bans are removed or reduced after a talk happens, but just as many remain as-is
There you go, thanks. That's all I wanted.

>plan to crosscheck a list of names with the users themselves to see if i'm telling the truth.
Can't imagine why I'd want to do that and boy am I too lazy to even think about doing it.
No plans, no data-gatherings to use against the staff, just curious.
You're getting paranoid, are you alright?
>> No. 162861 ID: 40a1fc
File 141832825019.png - (205.02KB , 1024x1024 , Feeling batty.png )
I'm always paranoid.

Probably just a communication error, i figured that i'd gotten across that it wasnt just the /meta/ threads that people make which cause changes to bans, they're just the most publicized.

That also wasn't meant to be an accusation by the way, was just trying to clarify what you wanted.

File 141805871578.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )
162810 No. 162810 ID: 45db28 [View]
There's a thing I've seen on other websites where when someone is breaking the rules, you can prevent them from using the website anymore. We should have something like that, I think.
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>> No. 162823 ID: 40a1fc
File 141817322062.jpg - (103.67KB , 700x515 , Not now Twi, too busy reading_.jpg )
Following up on !twily's research, it's been discovered that we do actually have something like which you describe!
We actually use it quite frequently, fancy that!

Only, our version seems to lack some kind of sticking agent that other websites incorporate into their solutions.
All it takes to remove even the strongest of our "Buh-ahn" solution is a couple of drops of salt water and the damn thing washes straight out with barely a trace.

We're performing R'n'D on a type of adhesive that is teardrop resistant and projected deployment of the Final solution is an optimistic third quarter of 2041.
Given previous track records of the RnD department we feel this is a massive improvement and wish them all the luck in hitting their target goal.
>> No. 162824 ID: 156564
>(Pls stop evading. )

I really don't think this was TOSSF if that's what you were assuming.

Maybe you thought it was someone else, but this is somewhat unsettling to me.
>> No. 162825 ID: db74c6
File 141820662211.jpg - (55.72KB , 430x394 , image.jpg )
Calm yourself, it's Zamoonda beyond any shadow of a doubt.

File 141805537036.png - (178.32KB , 582x752 , 141772321970.png )
162807 No. 162807 ID: 587e5f Locked [View]
i see porn on /oat/ do something mods/admins
>> No. 162808 ID: ce6132
Porn and that tosser fellow.
>> No. 162809 ID: 815f9d
File 141805659663.png - (571.65KB , 2700x3000 , Fluttershy - How did THAT get up there.png )
It's being taken care of, apologies for the delay.

File 141606563330.png - (107.36KB , 500x326 , 228615__safe_image+macro_discord_vulgar_not+this+shit+again.png )
162455 No. 162455 ID: 5caed4 [View]
Over the past month and a half or so, a user by the name of "EternalNothingness" has created seven, yes, seven threads about the exact same subject. Whining about Twilight's Kingdom, accusing people of "wanting to murder Twilight's friends", accusing McCarthy of "wanting to turn the show into DBZ", etc. etc. a whole bunch of insane ranting. No matter how many times people tell him that his reasoning is incredibly flawed, he continues to spam these threads and keep regurgitating the same arguments nonstop.

This is the seventh time he has made a thread about that subject, in the past month. Can we ban him already for spamming? According to him in one of these threads, he was already banned from EQD, /mlp/, TRS, and other pony discussion sites, so...yeah.
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>> No. 162798 ID: 40a1fc
Handled, report him if he makes a new thread on /pony/ about that topic or tries to derail a thread to it.
>> No. 162801 ID: cd3b43
>> No. 162899 ID: dfce1d
File 141896783143.jpg - (93.70KB , 720x509 , Spongebob Taunts Patrick With Twilicorn.jpg )
The thread that did him in almost talked about something else, but not quite. I feel sorry for the guy. Not because he was banned for stubbornly keeping it up when he was asked not to, but because he's probably a massive obsessive compulsive IRL who basically can't stop thinking about Twilicorn all day every day.

File 141768465828.png - (111.88KB , 448x377 , 137958929500.png )
162754 No. 162754 ID: 587e5f [View]
did oat break? faggot doesnt transform to pony now
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>> No. 162789 ID: af273c
I just realized something. You spelled !!Cadance wrong.
>> No. 162790 ID: ce6132
Her name has always been a bit of a messy issue.

Have a look here:
>> No. 162813 ID: 081457
>1) it never did
faggot never filtered to pony on /oat/? Are you absolutely sure?

Also how did this thread get unlocked?....

File 141764417902.png - (200.17KB , 396x708 , 124.png )
162737 No. 162737 ID: fc79f3 Locked [View]
lift unownbodys ban
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>> No. 162753 ID: 45db28
File 141768128307.png - (53.51KB , 392x336 , This has gone to a horrible place.png )

They might take some offense to that.
>> No. 162780 ID: fc79f3
so is he not b& anymore?
>> No. 162781 ID: 081457
Discussion of active bans isn't supposed to take place on /meta/, locked. He'll be back soon.

File 141695870608.png - (123.66KB , 900x882 , 132623215903.png )
162617 No. 162617 ID: 709a8e Autosaged [View]
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>> No. 162814 ID: 081457
Problem: Solution.

Removal of an undesirable infection with potentially serious consequences by accepting a minor inconvenience.
>> No. 162815 ID: ce6132
Personally I would prefer the solution that doesn't add an inconvenience to the people posting here.

If there was something like a janitor position I'd be happy to apply and help out as I'm usually available when the CP is posted. But sadly that's not really an option.
>> No. 163872 ID: 7988ba
Кинопозитив ytrhfvvvvv

File 141663483952.png - (190.38KB , 900x1260 , FANMADE_Twilight_read_poster.png )
162518 No. 162518 ID: af273c [View]
I’d like to reflect on the events that happened last week involving the board merges. Yes, it was a well-anticipated move that seems to finally conclude the /oat/-/chat/ proposal, and I see the intentions behind the tagging system. However, there were also complaints about the way the tagging was implemented. It’s inconsistent with the tags around the rest of the site, it doesn’t fall in the placeholder in the OP where it’s conveniently out of the way, and come to think of it, you can’t ctrl+f the tags to find them either. Overall, I really can tell that you were trying, and I don’t fault any of you for it, acknowledging that site coders just haven’t had the time recently. There’s nothing wrong with that. This isn’t your full-time job and you don’t get paid for it.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve run into this problem where coding issues could be solved in a matter of minutes are just pushed aside as “needs work but we don’t have anyone to work on it”. How many times has that happened before? We still don’t have the expandable webms on hover like all other chans do, we still have no mobile friendly browser interface, apparently the mod and admin tools have their bugs (images not actually deleting when you delete them and boards not locking when you lock them), e-mails don’t get displayed when you only use a tripcode, we still have the same old “new” settings dropdown link that is just kind of laid over by Ponychan X, and you know just as well as I do that the list goes on and on. Not to mention, Ponychan X still hasn’t been updated here yet despite it now being six months out of date, regardless of it being nothing much more than a copypaste job. I’ve been trying to be optimistic about this site’s future, but the one and only reason why I’ve had little motivation to keep working on site projects (such as updates for Ponychan X and a more recent project I’ve been starting) around here is because I’m not even certain that anyone will ever implement it. In fact, the only reason Ponychan X works at all here is because it literally has to forge a tinyboard-like template over kusaba and just kind of pretend that kusaba X isn’t an utter disgrace to t
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>> No. 162561 ID: d6fe50
There is a certain trap that I can foresee: because there are plans to move to another codebase some time in the future, development on the current one seems like wasted effort, so is low priority, but if the new codebase is also a way off, nothing visible could get done for a long time (possibly indefinitely). Even with that long term goal, having some devs around to do maintenance like adding the existing tagging system to /oat/would make sense, particularly if you're busy.
>> No. 162717 ID: 3c0756
File 141733850024.png - (263.94KB , 650x650 , dash bucket happy.png )
There's not much more to say that hasn't already been said, but I'll chime in as requested.

Long story short, I'm in favor of open sourcing the current codebase, but to do that responsibly would take a lot of effort that nobody seems to have the time for. The original plan with the github repo was to audit the source bit by bit, separating out the sensitive stuff, and adding files until we were done, but that never ended up happening. Back when I first discussed open sourcing with Mithent, there were a number of concerns that we shared about just plopping down the whole thing all at once without reviewing it, and I've passed those along to the current staff as well to take into consideration.

Re: hiring other coders, that I'm also in favor of. But we'd need to straighten out our deployment process first. That is to say, you know, have a deployment process at all instead of poking at files in production and pretending source control doesn't exist. I'm as cowboy as they come, but even I know that just doesn't work if you're not a one-man team, and barely works even if you are. A team can't scale without some kind of discipline. That should be step zero before we add more cooks to the kitchen. Back when it was just me, I used to use the dash image server as a staging server, and I had a single script to deploy to either staging or production. It probably wouldn't hurt to make something like that official.

And a side note (echoing >>162561) I really hope the current codebase doesn't stagnate in the shadow of a rewrite. There's never a guarantee a rewrite will be successful, in fact the last rewrite effort in Python petered out about halfway through. Despite our code's subpar aesthetics, it's the code that
>> No. 162734 ID: 9d2f90
I was pretty excited about that python rewrite. There were some really neat ideas floating around during that.

File 141676947298.png - (64.68KB , 519x377 , 140502158597.png )
162556 No. 162556 ID: 587e5f [View]
thanks for making youtube vid links bigger
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>> No. 162567 ID: ef0618
Actually, it just doesn't work in OPs.
>> No. 162710 ID: 9a5fe6
File 141729492164.png - (201.27KB , 1354x524 , CaptureItPlus635528628932455149.png )
It's working for me
>> No. 162723 ID: 9c04e5
File 141739377280.jpg - (114.55KB , 1894x529 , Capture.jpg )

File 141726972622.jpg - (40.61KB , 385x385 , neo.jpg )
162700 No. 162700 ID: a2508f Locked [View]
I would be an ok mod just throwing my hat in the ring early. with everyone campaigning I will not get left behind in the dust. itt talk about why I would be a good mod and other reasons I am awesome. Also I have some coding experience.
>> No. 162708 ID: 4c5a46
Don't call us, We'll call you.

File 141727932196.jpg - (431.49KB , 788x520 , Shadow's_Conquest.jpg )
162704 No. 162704 ID: 156564 Locked [View]
Make me a mod pls.

Just ask former admin orange! You won't regret it if you do, I promise!
>> No. 162707 ID: 4c5a46
File 141728703286.jpg - (268.00KB , 496x701 , alicorn_twilight_by_tsurime-d5moh7g.jpg )
Don't call us, We'll call you.

File 141726725380.png - (1.28MB , 1050x886 , SSC_327.png )
162699 No. 162699 ID: 99bf32 Locked [View]
I could give you guys references
>> No. 162703 ID: 4c5a46
File 141727523755.png - (75.64KB , 894x894 , wings_by_kryptchild-d5yscgy.png )
Don't call us, We'll call you.

File 141723192891.png - (55.93KB , 507x184 , post.png )
162691 No. 162691 ID: 46a574 [View]
>post has been cleared
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>> No. 162696 ID: 0d9b99
Must have been a misclick or a very silly moderator.
>> No. 162697 ID: 40a1fc
File 141725366189.png - (20.79KB , 276x275 , SI-WTF.png )
That's weird, sorry about that, will look into it.
>> No. 162698 ID: 40a1fc
>But it really isn't against the rules in the letter at least.
If you purely follow the letter of the rules. you'll quickly discover how good the human race is at finding ways around that.

There's a reason the porn section of the rules states:
This section is not meant to be comprehensive. Consider erring on the side of caution instead of trying to pick apart the language here.
in spite of the fact it's one of the most detailed rule sections of it's kind that I've seen.

Most other websites make do with some variation of "Dont post anything considered 'adult'"
Edit: A word.

Last edited at Sat, Nov 29th, 2014 02:53

File 141717567253.jpg - (12.61KB , 400x224 , 136637836114.jpg )
162679 No. 162679 ID: 587e5f [View]
heil yang
>> No. 162686 ID: 9b6e61
File 141719699409.gif - (0.98MB , 500x281 , tumblr_n3sa0jfjWS1r3rdh2o1_500.gif )
>Yang will never be your princess wifehorse

No. 162495 ID: bd84af [View]
/chat/land was kill 2 weeks ago. You guys displaced a fairly large community good going with that... so there are threads still popping up on /oat/ i thought i might make a thread to adress concerns.
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>> No. 162602 ID: 9a5fe6
File 141693832826.gif - (81.89KB , 380x214 , 326995__safe_animated_exploitable+meme_scootaloo_gif_forced+meme_one+bad+apple_scootachicken_chi.gif )
>> No. 162669 ID: a2508f
File 141714985589.jpg - (58.43KB , 398x876 , 141714723921.jpg )
This literally nuked my last brain cell and my iq has dropped any remaining points that would leave me any semblance of a normal functioning brain capacity. I am become derp, destroyer of derp. Fucking hell i just wish i could leave decisions up to the team that they could make the right choices to keep this site fun to come back to and frankly im surprised its still here. GeorgeW.Bush4mod2014
>> No. 162680 ID: 38fa81
Derped so hard motherfuckin spaghetti fell out of my pockets, and the sites theme changes to narwhales for a temporary period.

^CATS cats CATS cats double rainbow
>CATS cats CATS lord of the rings
<cats CATS cats CATS cats CATS this is all my brain can think. My brain went back to 2010, not in a good way.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 28th, 2014 05:30

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