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File 139752540393.png - (51.37KB , 354x283 , quick-reply.png )
155306 No. 155306 ID: af273c
External version: 2.46
Native version: 2.13

After over three months worth of coding power and countless hours of rewriting code almost entirely from the ground up, it is an honor for me to present you guys with Ponychan X version 2. Its over 6000 lines long, yet faster than ever, free from any unnecessary frameworks. This will also serve as the support thread for the nightly builds that require installation, as they work their way into neutral builds to be updated to the site itself.

1) Like before, install a GM-based extension, if don't already have one, for your browser.
Chrome []Firefox []SeaMonkey []Opera []Safari []

2) Install Ponychan X []

It is imperative that you use one of the above GM clients to ensure that you receive the latest version. The previous updater didn't always update because of issues with browsers abiding to same-origin policy. I'll go into detail about what's new on it below and add a changelog as this makes ongoing progress.

Also, I'd like to thank and give a little shoutout to TGSB for being my personal firefox bug reporter here. (I'm more of a webkit person myself so I needed some evaluation with cross-browser engine compatibility).

Version 2.4
• NSFW checkboxes are stripped, now that the feature is obsolete.
• Balanced brackets in the custom css box.
• You can drop .mp3, .ogg, and .swf files directly in the QR now.
• .swf's are now expandable in-thread.

Version 2.3
• Duplicate image detection for /pic/
• Shortened filenames in gallery mode
• Tooltips in settings
• Settings save without refresh.

Version 2.2
• Introduces "Gallery mode" for /pic/ threads
• Filter formula changed. Names are still case sensitive but only require a partition of that filtered name now.
• Workaround for tampermonkey bug
• Optional tab title flip

Version 2.1
• Brings firefox browser casing style
• Introduces support for scriptish and likely support for safari (apparently there was just a stuck infinite loop)
• Announcer box for important notices
• Filter shortcut in the menu entry
• You can now filter posts by filename

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>> No. 155307 ID: af273c
File 139752558937.png - (6.02KB , 520x152 , whoahoho that's some fucked up shit right there!.png )
So, the backstory:

Ever since I first started working on where milky left off with Ponychan X, there was always the concern of whether or not the script is efficient enough, or if we simply have too much attention on it. Though I was inexperienced with javascript when I started, I was at least capable of finding out what had to be done to make it faster. My first major change to that was when I made the main function select all of the valid reflinks first, then sending that data to other functions so they wouldn't have to be reselected. As I got a deeper understanding of it, the greater and more drastic the changes. You could probably load a thread with 1000 posts in version 1.5 without any problems. But then it all ended in one overarching concern, of whether or not the jquery library was worth using here. Basically, using jQuery is frowned upon if the vast majority of the workload is manipulating html on the page, especially when its organized in massive recursive loops. I mean, sure, when you're using jQuery for simple DOM structures, the performance changes won't be noticeable. However, when you're selecting hundreds of elements in organized loops, then its time to consider finding ways to optimize performance, and pX couldn't fit the bill any worse. But finally upon reading some articles regarding web designers' views on using jQuery properly, including the article here (I swear to god if Ion-Sturm was reincarnated as a web designer, that would be him - the author of that article), I finally decided, damn it, let's just get this over with.

It was a gradual six week long process, which along the way yielded the most bizarre results until all the pieces finally came back together in the end. And here we are, over 6000 lines later, with what is essentially a complete rewrite of the original. Well, now let's put its performance to the test with some side-by-side comparisons.

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>> No. 155308 ID: af273c
File 139752578238.png - (435.20KB , 1915x1128 , board-index.png )
So here we got the javascript profiler for the current version of chromium-based Opera, which uses Google's V8 javascript engine. No extensions are installed other than Violent monkey and adblock, but I have adblock disabled. Let's load an uncached version of /oat/'s board index. In comparison to pX 1.5, it runs at a healthy 100 ms faster.

Yeah, that's nice and everything, but what's the point? Because either way, the overall browser workload of loading the page (like what, 1.5 to 2 seconds? Or in MLPchan's case, maybe a half a second?) makes that 100ms negligible.
>> No. 155309 ID: af273c
File 139752587239.png - (358.11KB , 1906x1096 , Screenshot 2014-04-13 21_44_39.png )
But the whole javascript overhaul matters in the long run. Now let's do a stress test with a number of threads across Ponychan. I used /p/ad from two nights ago for reference here, which at the time, had 485 posts in it.

And shown here is a "flame chart" of not just the javascript runtime, but everything being executed on the page. If that comparison doesn't tell you enough, the profiler is telling me that it took 10.08 seconds for native pX to execute, which greatly differs from the mere 677.5 milliseconds of pX2 runtime.

I'm not going to bother doing further tests here to prove it when you can do just that on the comfort of your own time. But I will tell you it gets exponentially more efficient as the threads get larger. So if you want to open up one of those 3000 post "How are you" threads on /gala/, by all means go right ahead.

Here's a few more from /arch/ where we know the post numbers aren't going to change, and don't have to process client rectangles to see if the browser has hovered over them yet.
old pX - 12.16s script only, 21s total
new pX - 834ms script only, 8.5s total
old pX - 7.71s script, 11.2s total
new pX - 803 ms script, 5.5s total
old pX - 10.11s script, 16.1s total
new pX - 692.3ms script, 5.9s total

Then outside /arch/, it just gets a little ridiculous.
old pX - 2.4 minutes script, 2.5 minutes total
new pX - 3.04 seconds script, 21 seconds total
>> No. 155310 ID: af273c
So, here's what you'll find new about 2.0:

• In order to resolve one existing site-end issue and to make potential browsing easier (if or when the script would be made native) I modified a few things on the navbar. The board list, for example, can now stretch or squeeze to whatever your window size may be, without overflowing behind the main dropdowns. The thread refresher is now moved to the top left of the page.

• Speaking of which, the thread updater has been optimized to be more bandwidth-lightweight. And it goes about this by taking three measures -
1) by only performing a HEAD request rather than a GET request to check if the html file was modified since the previous update. Only when the dates fail to match will a GET request run.
2) by utilizing a timer with a cooldown much similar to the one on 4chan X
3) only the +50 link requests are fetched, unless, of course the thread has less than 50 replies. And why should this be a concern of us, you may ask? Because...

• pX2 brings ajax fetching to Ponychan for the very first time. I wrote the algorithm for this ajax fetcher entirely from scratch so it might not be perfect yet, but it's getting better. You'll see improvements over time as I find better solutions to optimize this function.

• In the new theme dropdown, you will find a new option to change fonts, for anyone that isn't really a fan of that default Times New Roman font here, feel free to choose a different font that may or may not suit you better.
>> No. 155311 ID: af273c
File 139752606070.png - (281.26KB , 944x1071 , spoiler-covers.png )

Then in the pX settings dialog, you'll find a few new things under the new "Style" tab.

• Customize spoiler/nsfw image covers
• Customize the text that appears on each backlink and each menu head
• Write your own style. The script runs on document-start so, unless I missed something, there should be no flashing of unstyled content.
>> No. 155312 ID: af273c
File 139752613192.png - (154.68KB , 801x636 , post-menu.png )

Regarding the mini-menu dropdowns...
• I decided to completely rewrite them from scratch. As a result, they can now adapt to your theme, and some options in the menu body are divided into sub-dropdowns to save space
• There's a few new algoritms that are used to find the direct source of the image. I've noticed that two of the most often used filenames here that don't come from images saved from Ponychan are either from Derpibooru or deviantArt. If that is the case with the post you clicked on, it will give you a link to the source, like seen in the image. I'm not sure how useful this feature will be to you guys, but nonetheless, it's there.
• Links to a new search engine in the catalog that I like to call the Deep Search. It puts the name in the field for you. But what does the deep search do?
>> No. 155313 ID: af273c
File 139752620660.png - (1.02MB , 927x3233 , deep-search.png )

• Catalog deep search
So here's what the catalog deep search looks like. This search engine performs ajax fetching every 1.5 or so seconds, not to dig up the threads, but rather, the thread expanders, to match your search query. So it can match OPs and replies. And don't worry, it's not going to hog up server bandwidth, as the longer you have it running, the longer the time intervals between ajax requests.

I'm gonna go right ahead and demonstrate it by picking on Starshine, and as you can see in the screencap, you can choose when you want the deep search to stop running if you don't feel like waiting the amount of time it takes to crawl the board at its entirety. Now unfortunately, when you search by name, you can't crawl the contents of the OP because they don't appear in the catalog index. But if you don't remember what you found that post in, you can always hit the view button presented in the posts returned in the search results.

However, if all you want is to organize your threads by topic, then maybe you'll like what's been done with the tags found in /art/, /rp/, /ooc/, /fic/, and /dis/.
>> No. 155314 ID: af273c
File 139752632194.png - (135.46KB , 926x1035 , tag-tabbing-system.png )

So, what is the implied action of clicking a hashtag on any other site? Doesn't it usually redirect you to a list of filtered content based on the tag you clicked on? Is there a single site out there that chooses not to follow this implied behavior?

That's the one aspect that I found peculiar about Ponychan's tagging system. I mean sure, they do a good job at making it clear what the topic is going to be, and it declares the rules captained by the OP, that of which violating them could even result in mod intervention (i.e. invading a closed /rp/ thread), that give the tags a purpose a little beyond arbitrary, but aren't tags meant to be organized?

• What you'll find in tag-enabled boards is a systematic tag tabber, where you can make it display threads based on the tag that you've chosen, and it will remember the tag you've selected. So, if you're only on /fic/ for the reviewer threads, or if you're only on /art/ for the galleries, this option might be right in line with your tastes. Let the paginator fill the void for hidden threads.
• You can also organize threads by sub-tags, like "Canon: Donut Bar", for example.
• In case you want to take further action to sort out threads, the filter system can now filter out threads based on what's in the OP.
>> No. 155315 ID: af273c
File 139752645912.png - (82.86KB , 500x500 , chromia.png )
...and that's all I got! If you guys are getting any issues or have any questions, leave them here, and I'll get to them whenever possible.

☑ Fix Safari Ninjakit/Firefox Scriptish page lock-up
☑ Set a timeout in the thread updater to ensure the user gets the update with their post in it.
☑ Investigate QR bug where the contents don't clear entirely
☑ Write a filter shortcut in the menu
? Patch scroll position error, likely an OS specific bug (waiting for response)
☑ Modify cookies to disable native pX
☑ Fix intrusive footer

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>> No. 155316 ID: 815f9d
File 139752760111.png - (607.89KB , 2165x3000 , Fluttershy - You need to be this tall to post.png )
If there's any topic more worthy of being seen first by the users of Ponychan, it should be this one.

Stickied for great justice!
>> No. 155317 ID: af273c
File 139752824252.png - (41.69KB , 213x250 , 271610__safe_oc_filly_marker-pony.png )
based !!Fluttershy mod!
>> No. 155318 ID: 815f9d
File 139752855366.png - (757.70KB , 2330x3000 , Fluttershy - I'm so fly you can suck my juice.png )
No problem, love the way it looks by the way! I like that the auto-refresh is part of the navigation bar now.
>> No. 155319 ID: 815f9d
File 139752890942.png - (453.15KB , 1549x3000 , Fluttershy - Whoa, my hands are, like, hooves.png )
Oh, seems I do have a bit of a bug...does this sound familiar? Seems as long as I'm logged into my modtools, Display Status is checked on by default, with every new page or any refresh. I guess that one was never really fixed, haha...
>> No. 155324 ID: af273c
File 139753181009.png - (2.51MB , 2880x1800 , 361944__safe_solo_ponified_browser+ponies_artist-colon-parallaxmlp_opera.png )
Oops, forgot about that. Fixed.
>> No. 155327 ID: 815f9d
File 139753403347.png - (780.36KB , 3000x2611 , Fluttershy - That's so sweet.png )
Beautiful, thank you so much!
>> No. 155345 ID: 883a8d
File 139755011511.png - (76.72KB , 646x305 , reporting in.png )
A bug I found. It looks like the ajax is taking the data from the wrong ajax request (I hovered over both at about the same time.)
>> No. 155352 ID: 703b0a
File 139756817758.png - (139.09KB , 440x488 , Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 2_00_52 PM.png )
>mfw all this.
I love you forever.
>> No. 155353 ID: 4613c4
File 139756831760.gif - (236.97KB , 400x203 , 131462612028.gif )
>> No. 155357 ID: 8d9350
File 139758104771.png - (522.96KB , 821x1125 , tumblr_m6ar41ziPe1qix7fao1_1280.png )
First of all great job this is obviously a ton of time and work.

I have a question though: why use jQuery at all when the base Kusaba library is prototype? Loading two heavy JavaScript libraries vs one is pretty heavy in itself. I always feel that was a mistake of ponyupz as well as ponychanx. My original ponyup used the libraries on site... and without lightbox which takes up 870 some lines, ponyup was only like 576 lines. I can tell you did all the "proper" things for javascript programming and it is a well written piece of code and I very much commend you for it. Ponyup is way behind in features vs this and I have had no intent of writing on that for years so I'm glad people picked up the torch and ran with it. I often feel there's a lot of bloat in most programming though and if you decide to take it further, perhaps getting it into less lines of code (as well as less overall items ran which you could run with a profiler for example). Anyway that's my only criticisms you did a great job.
>> No. 155358 ID: 5caed4
File 139758359635.jpg - (121.05KB , 1280x846 , jontron_10.jpg )
>> No. 155359 ID: 5caed4
File 139758376765.png - (496.71KB , 1024x553 , jontron_meme_2_by_bronzeturd-d5v8hg2.png )
I'm still getting crash pages all the time though...goddamnit Tampermonkey update already!

Gonna try switching back to normal Tampermonkey and see if that does anything.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 15th, 2014 10:47

>> No. 155361 ID: 5caed4
File 139758428514.png - (203.41KB , 1178x761 , Capture.png )
Hm...Spoilered Images are still being hidden despite the fact that I have pX set to always show them.

(No, it's not a real spoiler, that thread is a poorly-made trolling attempt)
>> No. 155371 ID: e7b99c
File 139759354970.png - (319.15KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_mfoilrSWkl1ri3c1to1_1280.png )
i just found a little bug, it was only happening on one thread and i don't know why.

i was on the front page of /oat/ and i had moused over a reply link to a post that was in a thread and as soon as the (loading...) had finished, it whited out my screen
it wouldn't go away the whole page only showed white.
it was only happening on two links from one post, no where else that i've seen

it says i'm using firefox 28.0
the only thingies i have on it are greasemonkey and ponii-chan x
>> No. 155373 ID: e7b99c
one more thing, i'm not sure if this is a bug but, whenever the autorefresh finishes it sets the refresh time to double the original time you had it at

it seems to mainly happen with posts from Thauma
>> No. 155380 ID: 5caed4
File 139760048632.png - (588.55KB , 798x673 , sunil20.png )
>whenever the autorefresh finishes it sets the refresh time to double the original time you had it a

Ehh, probably not a bug. I can imagine it being programmed that way so that it updates a little slower every time it detects no new posts.
>> No. 155406 ID: af273c
File 139761659538.jpg - (133.90KB , 557x638 , 218668__UNOPT__safe_jpg.jpg )
Oh hey Arcs, and thanks for the feedback. I wasn't initially the one who started working with jQuery at first - that was actually how milky originally wrote it, but despite how easy it is to work with, yeah, there are better ways to keep the global namespace uncrowded. Though he did a tremendous amount of work for the six months that he worked on pX and MLPchan's inline extension simultaneously, and we wouldn't be anywhere near this far without him, so I hold a lot of respect for the guy.

Also, there's actually a good reason why I didn't use any of the site's existing libraries. It was either a choice between making the script embedded on the page's head inside a crowded namespace alongside the two site libraries or to reload the library inside Greasemonkey's empty namespace. So I didn't feel that either solution would be ideal so I just decided to go full vanilla. Besides, other scripts like 4chan X which are now over 12,000 lines long and still run multiple times faster than pX.

I think I just found a solution for this, but before, it didn't unbind the event listeners for those links until the page loaded. Now they unbind immediately. But I'll be keeping my eye on it.
Thank you for screencapping your settings when you reported this, because it wouldn't have been fixed anywhere near as fast without it. Because it was apparently a typo somewhere in the manual paginator and actually didn't involve the spoilers at all. It's fixed now though.
I've never seen this happen with the reply fetcher but I've seen it happen with the paginator. I'm going to place my bet that there were mod shenanigans in that thread, and somewhere in that thread is a document.write function in it. Either way, I think I fixed it. If it's still giving you problems, just let me know.
That's actually the cooldown you're seeing. Don't worry, it's just a safety measure to keep the servers from groaning, now that replies can be fetched from outside the page you're on.
>> No. 155417 ID: e7b99c
it doesn't seem to have anything to do with mods doing stuff
but it does seem to happen in threads where someone i have blocked is posting
it doesn't link to their post sometimes and it still does it
>> No. 155433 ID: c1d668
File 139764362954.png - (330.04KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2013-03-31-11h08m43s216.png )
So, funny thing. I can't figure out how to cancel a post. Previously, I could press the reply button again while the percentages were showing and the post would cancel, allowing for alterations to be made. I'm not sure if I can even do this on this one.
>> No. 155434 ID: 049a64
File 139764565054.png - (451.56KB , 1024x676 , 1368321081097.png )
Unless your connection is terrible or your uploading a pretty big picture, the whole notion of cancelling I'm pretty sure is superfluous, as it takes less than a second for the request to be made, and at that point there's nothing the client can do.
>> No. 155437 ID: af273c
File 139766196039.png - (116.42KB , 500x375 , tumblr_mqruiqd1or1s9i1ngo1_500.png )
>So, funny thing. I can't figure out how to cancel a post
My fault, my fault. I forgot to rewrite the canceling code block in the function. It's fixed now.
>> No. 155439 ID: 5caed4
File 139766377981.png - (160.95KB , 742x1077 , sunil1.png )
Yeah, there seems to be a major bug where if you're on the front page of a board, and you hover over a link to a post by someone you have filtered, the entire page just goes blank white, forcing you to reload the page.
>> No. 155465 ID: af273c
File 139767901834.png - (124.69KB , 352x406 , dashie in tree.png )
Oh, I see. It appears that I fixed it now. Thanks.
>> No. 155656 ID: e7b99c
File 139769611901.png - (169.02KB , 1920x1160 , probum.png )
so this just happened a little bit ago
it's nothing major, but it was kinda silly
>> No. 155659 ID: af273c
Is it persistent? Or did it only happen once?
>> No. 155661 ID: da94f2
it's not working for me on Safari. it loads the UI but it makes the entire site unclickable. i can still browse other tabs and such but ponychan is rendered useless.
>> No. 155663 ID: e7b99c
File 139769706344.jpg - (320.26KB , 900x900 , scootaloo_by_paradigmpizza-d4sz4x1.jpg )
just the one time so far

i'm just guessing ponii-chan derped or something
but if it happens again i'll say something
>> No. 155664 ID: af273c
Which version of Safari are you using? I tested it on version 5.1.7 and got it to work, so I assumed it would be backwards compatible from there onward. (I'm posting this from Safari right now actually)

It's fine. I think I have an idea on what the issue might be.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 16th, 2014 18:34

>> No. 155665 ID: da94f2
File 139769908230.jpg - (15.32KB , 283x197 , Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 9_06_54 PM.jpg )
I'm using the latest version of safari on mavericks 10.9.3
>> No. 155666 ID: da94f2
File 139770031920.jpg - (129.21KB , 989x621 , Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 9_02_31 PM.jpg )
I just tried it on my Mountain Lion machine that runs the latest version of Safari for it (Version 6.1.3 (8537.75.14) and the result is the same.

maybe I didn't set it up right? all i did was copy the script and click on add script and paste it in.
>> No. 155695 ID: af273c
No, everything looks like a proper installation from what you're showing. It probably has to do with the fact that the GM based extension is so outdated. I guess, if you can, just try a different browser until I find a working extension.
>> No. 155696 ID: 4ab9fe
File 139775881279.png - (3.05MB , 1280x1707 , 247062__safe_solo_carrot+top_species+swap_golden+harvest_moth_artist-colon-twigileia_bug_insect.png )
This is super awesome!

But I think I found a bug?
When I have the catalog page open in another tab, trying to go to the front page of any board just takes me to the catalog for it.
>> No. 155698 ID: af273c

It was intentional actually, though I may make the catalog redirect an option in 2.1. The purpose of the redirect is to put emphasis on the fact that the catalog serves an equivalent use as the board index but is simply a different way to view the threads.
>> No. 155701 ID: 4613c4
File 139776023443.png - (27.32KB , 401x581 , ss.png )
Minor bug, easily fixable by scrolling up, but I think I'll finally mention it: even though I have the 'scroll on new post' option disabled, it does just that.
That prevents a +1 in the thread's tab and I don't know what's going on in it until I check manually.
And like I said, fixable by scrolling up, so it only happens when I'm at the bottom of the page.
>> No. 155703 ID: 4613c4
Another bug

After successfully posting via QR, the QR-box doesn't reset, everything I wrote in it stays. Not sure about pictures or how it affects Auto Mode.

happens randomly
>> No. 155704 ID: 4613c4
File 139776069533.png - (8.25KB , 683x111 , would you look at that, it happend again.png )
>> No. 155712 ID: af273c
What version of firefox are you using, by the way? Reason why I'm asking is because I tried replicating the bug on firefox with those same settings and I can't get either one of those bugs. In fact, there's a special casing where if the page is hidden, the notifier in the title appears regardless of where you're scrolled. But the object it uses to get this is so new that the IDE I use doesn't even recognize it.

I found that this issue persists on scriptish, so maybe if I can get scriptish support working, it may work on ninjakit.
>> No. 155713 ID: 4613c4
Oh right, it's Firefox 28.0
>> No. 155714 ID: af273c
Ah, so it is the newest version. Well in that case, maybe I'll opt out of what I've been using (document.hasFocus()), and replace it with a more cross-browser compatible one. It'll have to wait until tomorrow though unfortunately because I have to leave for work right now.
>> No. 155716 ID: e7b99c
File 139776788313.png - (835.15KB , 800x1000 , le disapproving cat face.png )
this happens to me a lot too, it's pretty annoying
>> No. 155721 ID: 1d8c8a
File 139777771293.gif - (0.98MB , 500x427 , Kill La Kill 109.gif )
155721 I the only one having a problem with the autorefresh timer? It keeps doubling in time for me...
>> No. 155723 ID: e7b99c
File 139777820821.png - (135.71KB , 892x895 , 139744401890.png )
apparently it's supposed to be like that
i don't really like it either

it sometimes doesn't even update after you post
>> No. 155724 ID: 1d8c8a
File 139777830111.jpg - (175.61KB , 600x850 , Catjack.jpg )
Also the stuff at the bottom of the page "[Return] [Entire Thread] [Last 50 posts] [First 100 posts]" does stay at the bottom of the page and ends up half way in the thread when new post come in. Is that a settings thing or....?
>> No. 155725 ID: 1d8c8a
File 139777840421.jpg - (81.98KB , 850x762 , Kill La Kill 258.jpg )
From the looks of it it's updating despite the timer...buuuuuut....
>> No. 155727 ID: 0adf6c
File 139778131608.png - (157.58KB , 866x922 , SweetieBSmileUp.png )
Sounds great! One question though, how come we have to install it manually? Shouldn't the Ponychan site creator just update the whole site?

(Forgive me if I have displayed great ignorance in how Pchan site updating works)
>> No. 155728 ID: e7b99c
File 139778250159.png - (129.71KB , 482x534 , 137945149228.png )
the admins are kinda dead or something
so i don't know if there's anyone on the staff who actually does coding stuff
>> No. 155731 ID: 19872a
File 139779545738.png - (566.67KB , 855x1013 , ain't havin none of that.png )
As soon as I installed the new version, the message fields at the top of the page disappeared. The only way for me to get them back was to enable quick reply, which I don't really care for because it takes up a part of the screen and it feels kind of in the way (though maybe I just need to get used to it, but grrrrr change I don't like it).
Also, it was giving me two "toggle posts form" options, as well as two quick reply boxes.

What do?
>> No. 155732 ID: af273c
>Also, it was giving me two "toggle posts form" options, as well as two quick reply boxes.

You still have the site version running. Turn it off.
>> No. 155733 ID: 19872a
File 139779733260.png - (1.02MB , 3000x3000 , crash.png )
Oh, duh. Thank you for that.

And the new version seems to only have the QR box out when you click a post to reply to it.This works out a little better.
>> No. 155734 ID: 19872a
is the filter feature working? I can still see names that I have blocked
>> No. 155736 ID: af273c
I should also probably mention that the filter is case sensitive as it currently stands, which is something I may change later while I'm fiddling with the filter options I'm going to add in the menu.
>> No. 155738 ID: 279ec6
File 139780665360.png - (386.54KB , 591x900 , Screenshot from 2013-10-12 14:31:19.png )
Cause this is someone not affiliated with the site with his own program laid over Ponychan essentially.

It could be added to the site bould would require someone to look oer the code at least for backdoors and stuff.

And Orng is laaazy.

I love you, Orng <3
>> No. 155739 ID: 19872a
I'm pretty much entering the name as I see it there. The only other issue I can think of is that they're using a font that I'm not aware of.
>> No. 155740 ID: 19872a
File 139780772431.gif - (448.74KB , 600x600 , derpy_dance_by_mixermike622-d4bunum.gif )
Finally got it to work, apparently they put a space in front of their name. WOW that's sensitive.
>> No. 155741 ID: af273c
Yeah, the way the kusaba X template handles the name elements is a little screwy. Sometimes there will be a space in there, sometimes there will be an empty name element in there, sometimes there won't be. But don't worry, I'm putting a shortcut in the menu for 2.1 which is far easier to work with than typing names in manually.

He actually did look it over back when I was at version 1.54 and tried getting a site version running in response to the email I sent him and showed me the script minified and ready to go /chan/lib/javascript/ponychan_x_1.54.js, then it failed to execute and promptly reverted the edit back to the old native build, told me what happened and I sent him back what I believed was a solution to the error ("var j=$.noConflict();" should be "var j=jQuery.noConflict();"). But by the next day I was already at version 1.55 that included the paginated thread hiders, which would have meant for him starting the process all over with the new version. I guess he couldn't keep up.
>> No. 155748 ID: af273c
Hey guys, I found proper solutions to some of the more recent bugs. As a result, I have confirmed support for Scriptish, and Safari doesn't seem to be giving me any problems anymore either. Apparently, the main menu dropdown buttons on the top right were moving around for some odd reason in firefox and safari, and would be doing so literally right when the new dropdowns were implemented, forcing the script in an infinite loop. I'm going to bet that NinjaKit is a heavily modified fork of the Scriptish engine. It's been fixed now, and I'm almost entirely sure that Safari support has returned.

Also, to the person who was seeking support for Seamonkey, I did a little research and some people have said they had luck with this modified version of Greasemonkey 1.15 so perhaps you might see some positive results here. If you do, please let me know and I'll put a note of it on the OP.
>> No. 155753 ID: 19872a
anyone having issues with the "edit" button? Most of the posts I've made here I can click edit and go into the message box, but one other message I've posted just goes into "editing" and doesn't open the box for me to change anything.
>> No. 155754 ID: 4613c4


editing works, apparently, but the post doesn't get updated. I had to F5.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 18th, 2014 11:49

>> No. 155757 ID: d28142
Would it be okay if I suggested an addition thingy?

It would just be maybe kind of neat if the ponychan settings opened up on the same page, in an iframe or something.
>> No. 155759 ID: 466b37
File 139786669357.png - (303.86KB , 1024x768 , PX2 maiden voyage.png )
Woah, weird.
i figured out what happened: old pX and new pX were on at the same time. went to settings to turn the old version off, so tthat's fixed for me, but just wanted to bring this up. would there be a way to update the pX you can toggle on the site itself?

also have another issue--that'll be next post.
>> No. 155760 ID: 466b37
File 139786678069.png - (194.79KB , 1024x768 , PX2 maiden voyage pt 2.png )
ok, so how can i fix these links that are supposed to be at the bottom (as in, they don't get pushed down as the thread updates)
>> No. 155772 ID: af273c
Disregard what I said in the second paragraph there. GM support for SeaMonkey may no longer exist, but I do have confirmed support for one of the previous versions of Scriptish for that browser that I just now linked in the OP.

Oh, I know what you're talking about. I've got that a couple of times when debugging the edit button. Every once in a while, the server with the edit API kind of goes into a timeout and makes the contents inaccessible...or something along those lines. As far as I could notice, these appear to be backend issues.

It might be possible. I'll put that on the checklist and see what my options are about that idea.

>would there be a way to update the pX you can toggle on the site itself?
It's a pity that things don't get done around here on a whim like that, because I'm not the one in the decisionmaking position to make site-end changes. That would be something for the admins to handle. Though until then, I can probably get the script to modify your cookies to turn native pX off on it's own.

Ah, that thing again, didn't know that bug persisted on firefox. Alright, standby for a fix, and thanks for letting me know about that.
>> No. 155803 ID: f72e1f
File 139793259840.png - (226.82KB , 1280x773 , 3dss.png )
Just started trying it out, but one thing I really need to ask is.. Is there a possible way to make the post refresher as a static number, instead of this progressive thingy? I'd like to have it at a fairly low setting and to keep it there.
>> No. 155805 ID: 4613c4
File 139793338080.png - (15.95KB , 125x125 , 135960288035.png )
I like the refresh-timer like this.
The old one was too random, sometimes I had 2 seconds and other times 40+
>> No. 155807 ID: cfb8a4
I somehow went full retard and posted in the other thread accident, so here's my input:
Really liking it so far, but it does weird things sometimes with copying text from a post I'm replying to when it shouldn't.

Also, my desktop resolution is 1366 x 768, and on the viewing tab at least, I can't see the Apply button. Also, the update sound isn't working

Yeah, I noticed that as well, it was pretty irritating.
>> No. 155808 ID: cfb8a4
by copying text, I mean like this

Damn, sorry to hear that man. Any idea what's causing it?


I clicked on >>1294689, and it added the text from the post I made that that post was a reply to.
>> No. 155810 ID: f72e1f
But now it just doubles and makes the timer go to insane amounts. The old one for me was just the 5 seconds and refresh, rinse and repeat.
>> No. 155811 ID: 4613c4
It stays at 90 for me, tops
which is okay
>> No. 155812 ID: f72e1f
File 139793492115.png - (90.86KB , 687x687 , shrug2.png )
Which for an active thread that I only tend to post in, is way too much.
>> No. 155813 ID: e7b99c
File 139793602826.gif - (327.30KB , 528x539 , 138414261658.gif )
having an option to set a refresh timer would be very very nice..

>> No. 155816 ID: 4613c4
/gala/fags pls

Oh well, it's enough for me and not enough for you. I'm curious what OP has to say about it.
>> No. 155818 ID: e7b99c
i rarely even post in gala

now i'm upset and will sage this sticky
>> No. 155838 ID: 868a38
Let me do that for you.

>/gala/fags pls
>implying Catty is a /gala/fag.
Haha oh wow, this is a joke right?

Last edited at Sat, Apr 19th, 2014 22:24

>> No. 155839 ID: e7b99c
>implying Catty is a /gala/fag.
well i used to be a /gala/fag...

then i kept forgetting to go there
and now everyone in my cereal is dead...slain by a demon called the butcher
>> No. 155841 ID: 4613c4
File 139797941108.png - (1.15MB , 1500x1080 , YP-1A-02x13_mkv_snapshot_09_02.png )
>this is a joke right?
>> No. 155845 ID: af273c
File 139798116763.jpg - (1.07MB , 2560x1600 , 543802__safe_solo_spitfire_cloud_artist-colon-mysticalpha.jpg )
Ah, and here it comes. You guys deserve an explanation for this change, and there's no way to do this without being blunt, so this is it.

So in pX2 I introduced a feature that is very, very common on imageboards that gets a lot of use known as ajax fetching, where basically, when you hover over a link to a post that isn't found on the page you're on, the browser behind the scenes calls up the html document of the appropriate thread, then searches its contents and pairs it with the link you hovered over, and after it's done with that, it pairs any other links that need paired with a post that are found in the same fetched thread. That's how it was implemented here, that's how it was implemented on Efchan, that's how it was implemented on MLPchan, hell even 4chan has it the same way. Generally, both this feature and the thread updater are the most server strenuous features found on a browser end script that you can find on an imageboard, yet also amongst the most useful.

I guess what it all blows down to is the fact that all these new features have been introduced on an imageboard that has never had them before, and now we have to acknowledge the fact that server cpu usage and bandwidth are never unlimited. You can't get the best of both worlds; you can only make compromises. Though kusaba X's inefficiency may be partly responsible for the current issues, this isn't a concern that's exclusive to Ponychan. On 4chan, they have an inline extension now with most of those features inspired by third party extensions, but in order to autoupdate, you still have to check the box at the bottom of the page. On efchan, they have a native ajax fetcher and an autoupdater, but the updater has a fixed timer. On MLPchan, they have all of the above without overloading their server, but in return, the browsers do the dirty work of generating image thumbnails, which don't always come out so perfect. It's not really a matter of throwing hardware at the solution so much as it is to find the best solution to get the most out of what you already got. And frankly, I really don't want to be held accountable (or at least feel like I am) for slowing down Ponychan's servers and ruining the fun for everyone else, just because people expect an immediate response out of a thread that has gone without a single post for over 2 minutes and 35 seconds (because to hit 90, you idle for 5 + 10 + 20 + 40 + 80 seconds) because that really doesn't seem fair.

However, what I can do, now that I see complaints saying that the cooldown is running a little too fast, and noticing that the cooldown approaches that 90 second ceiling at a degree quicker than the one on 4chan X where I got the idea, is that I can extend the duration of the cooldown period with a shallower algorithm. Maybe a pattern like, 5, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90? I think that seems reasonable.

Yeah, my bad, I fixed the settings box for you quickly, and I found out that some browsers aren't playing the notification sound because some of them are looking for mp3 files and others are looking for ogg's, which I'll take care of tomorrow.
>> No. 155847 ID: f72e1f
File 139801134715.png - (1.29MB , 900x1200 , sockymoon.png )
>other boards dead/shitpost

Wait, you mean to tell me that things don't get fixed by throwing better hardware to badly optimized things? Lies!

And yeah, I know they've implemented such systems on pretty much all the other image boards. Real problem just was it capping a bit too fast, and sometimes not resetting when new posts appear and just keep at the 90's timer.
And yes, that kind of a pattern would be preferred, if you'd be willing to make it so.
>> No. 155848 ID: f72e1f
File 139801140688.png - (100.70KB , 640x480 , woooona.png )
Oh, also I keep getting this message after clearing cookies etc. and it pops up every time I post now:
WARNING: localstorage item 'settings.10' doesn't seem to be valid JSON.
>> No. 155849 ID: f72e1f
File 139801301123.png - (41.74KB , 121x233 , derp.png )
Woop, that was on my end!
>> No. 155854 ID: af273c
File 139803438763.png - (426.27KB , 1024x980 , 2db.png )
The cookie blocker that sets native pX to automatically off is added now. And the links should be fixed as well.

Oh yeah, the notification sound should be working now in 2.12. Not sure if I understand the issue with the highlighter though. Maybe it's a bug exclusively on firefox? I wonder if anyone else is having this problem because I haven't found it yet.

Just to be clear, this feature has never been removed; only when new posts are added does the cooldown reset to your set value.

The cooldown's been revised now, so now the sequence goes 5, 10, 15, 25, 35, 45, 60, 75, 90.
>> No. 155856 ID: 5caed4
Is there any way to filter by specific word in a name? Kind of like a wild card? Like, filtering anyone with that certain word anywhere in their name.

There's just an annoying spammer that keeps changing his name and tripcode, but always has a specific word in his name.
>> No. 155867 ID: 8cbef9
File 139806596680.gif - (49.86KB , 325x570 , Ammie being ammie.gif )
I'm getting the same message, mind if I ask how you fixed that? :O
>> No. 155868 ID: 4af384
File 139808216411.png - (40.23KB , 390x341 , Lyra_381.png )
If you're on the board page, hover over a post number, when it says "loading" move your mouse.
Wait a bit, hover again
The "loading" bit doesn't disappear, but hey, you can look at the post now!
>> No. 155870 ID: 35506f
File 139809877620.png - (210.96KB , 384x450 , Scrapperton_15.png )
Hello there, thread.
I don't normally visit /meta/, but I just came by to say how much I like this new PonychanX so far! I can't really tell the difference it made with loading times, but it looks darn sleek and modern!
My only slight complaint, if that can count as one at all, is that the top bar with the board names change shape after about half a second of page loading, which kind of disoriented me a bit at first. Not really a big deal, but honestly I couldn't find anything else to bring up!

Whoever made it, keep up the good work, and let me know if you run some sort of a donation drive for your efforts!
>> No. 155871 ID: e8ea4f
File 139810035704.png - (207.85KB , 1304x682 , AAAhhhhaaah.png )
I had some severe problems with the new integrated version some minutes ago on /oat/, apparently since my preferred Firefox pX setup only has one sole function (the filters) activated, but after some testing on /test/ and with default pX settings on IE (Thank heavens for IE 11 for testing purposes), I believe I have found a huge bug and one general problem.

Bug: If quick reply isn't activated, I can't post, because the regular posting mode doesn't appear. To get the regular posting mode to appear, I have to turn on quick reply and then click Toggle Post Form every time I want it. It should be perfectly feasible to use pX2 without having Quick Reply turned on.

Problem: The buttons for hiding, resetting hidden threads, and the post Reply button just sends me to the top of the page as if a browser function is too old (Java? Coding errors?).
>> No. 155872 ID: 294c6c
uhm, is it me or the typing box all gone?
i can´t post!
>> No. 155873 ID: 294c6c
my bads, me being retard!
it was the quick reply box that had vanishes. so i had to open it in the menu!
>> No. 155874 ID: 08820d
File 139810537621.gif - (66.50KB , 550x400 , 1344367814488 2.gif )
Dear Ponychan X people.

Please fix the message box. I don't like quick reply, but I like auto-update.

Regards, EMF.
>> No. 155875 ID: a13a63
File 139810641548.png - (335.39KB , 679x830 , point.png )
I have this problem too. I hate quick reply and if I'm forced to use it, I will not be happy.
I'm using the latest version of chrome, by the way.
>> No. 155876 ID: 4613c4
File 139810655975.png - (28.87KB , 119x152 , 579971.png )
>not liking QR
But why
>> No. 155877 ID: 35506f
File 139810680497.png - (332.13KB , 561x450 , Scrapperton_22.png )
I just noticed this, putting it here since I don't know how I am supposed to give feedback.

The quick post box only refreshes/empties if you are making a post with an image. With anything else, like with embed only or only text, everything just stays there even when your post goes through.
>> No. 155878 ID: 2fefac
File 139811065505.png - (80.94KB , 509x569 , ScottishYard.png )
The new pX is amazing, and I only have one minor issue with it. Before the update, I could press Tab twice after typing my post to select Reply, then hit enter, but Tab now seemingly prioritizes the top bar. Or maybe it's been selecting Auto mode all this time and I just need to hit Tab three times instead.
>> No. 155879 ID: 2fefac
File 139811069307.png - (76.80KB , 561x377 , 1374839556464.png )
>Or maybe it's been selecting Auto mode all this time and I just need to hit Tab three times instead.
It seems that this is the case after all.
>> No. 155880 ID: a13a63
File 139811248617.jpg - (19.33KB , 384x288 , Andy Rooney.jpg )
Because it's different. I know that sounds dumb but that's how I feel. But more importantly, if there's an option to not use quick reply, it should actually work instead of stopping us from replying altogether.
>> No. 155885 ID: 83bf97
i do not like quick reply. please fix so i can use regular reply mode again
>> No. 155886 ID: af273c
File 139811803834.gif - (166.44KB , 150x84 , lyra present strapped around head.gif )
A few announcements here
• Yes, Orange just updated the native version of Ponychan X to 2.12 this morning.
• For anyone here that came in response to the site's updates presented with any bugs (the leading one being the disappearing post form when you turn off the QR) I can make those fixes on the extension pronto. In fact, I made those changes just now in 2.13. However, I'm not the one with FTP access to the Ponychan's servers and cannot make those changes directly to the site. If you want to keep the native version, I ask of you to please remain patient for one of the admins to install the update and just use the QR until this is fixed. I apologize if this is an inconvenience.

Oh yeah, in 2.13 I also changed the filter formula, so when you're filtering a name or subject, you only need a piece of the name to have it filtered now.
>> No. 155888 ID: a9299d
I'd rather have PonychanX 1 back. The Timer sucks, the tag system at the top is cumbersome.
>> No. 155890 ID: e981c5
File 139813449742.png - (964.02KB , 1000x967 , 139788419237-pennychan.png )
Just dropping by to say I completely LOVE the new pX. A++ to those working on it and to Orange for making it native. Love love love love.
>> No. 155891 ID: a13a63
I'm not 100% sure this is related to ponychan x 2 but it started just recently, maybe a half hour to 2 hours ago.
Suddenly I can't highlight anything on the page on ponychan anymore. The cursor doesn't change to the capital i shape or pointing finger when I hover over things. I can still click links, but when I hover over thumbnails or post numbers, nothing happens. I can't even drag my scroll bar, though I can use my mousewheel or click on an empty part of the scroll area to go a page at a time. I'm using chrome.
>> No. 155892 ID: e56117
Where can I download the version that was before this one?
I hate it and don't want to update. It's unusable to me, the auto-reply having many -unnecesary fields taking up my space; the auto-reply reducing the pace of RP's greatly, and the tag system hindering my ability to browse RP, without increasing efficiency in any way for me.

The options UI is also much more difficult to use, which is a shame because I shouldn't need to be a technical genius to turn off features I don't want.
>> No. 155896 ID: e981c5
Hey guys, the new pX breaks the Hide function. Unless I disable it, it just bumps me to the top of the page without hiding the thread.
>> No. 155897 ID: e981c5
How do I change the autoupdate frequency? With the last one, I just clicked on the number and typed in a new one, but with this one it doesn't persist and jumps right back to whatever afterward.
>> No. 155898 ID: b4cb8e
File 139813570170.jpg - (8.46KB , 302x167 , Zero - Z-Saber_MMX.jpg )
Might as well throw this out here...

I have two problems with using this.

1) In order to use the old Post form, I have to enable Quick reply, which is kinda dumb. Please in a future update allow people to choose the quick reply box or the old post form through the settings menu, because when I disable Quick reply, I can't use the old post form at all.

2) Whenever it refreshes the thread, the timer to refresh it again increases for reasons unknown. No idea why, but hopefully this will be fixed as well.

I am using a 2nd gen Jailbroken iPod touch, btw, and I somehow cannot download the GM thing provided for reasons unknown for safari.

>> No. 155901 ID: e56117
Ok so look, I'm not an asshole.
My timer was always set at 45 seconds, enough time to not strain the server, without being a child poking their mother every 5 seconds. (1-30 seconds). I don't like being forced to a 90 second time simply because I'm polite. I'll set it to 1 to milk the formula as much as possible if I really am going to be forced to wait so long just because your worried about what a few inconsiderate twats might do. I'd rather you set a higher minimum time than punished those of us whom didn't have it low in the first place, in some type of a balancing act.
>> No. 155904 ID: a13a63
See: >>155886 and >>155845
>> No. 155906 ID: e981c5
File 139813659368.gif - (896.24KB , 853x480 , twiraining.gif )
Oh, okay I just read up the thread >>155845
This fucking blows.

I would prefer a static update time to Ajax fetching.
>> No. 155910 ID: 668ed5
File 139813765300.gif - (620.75KB , 440x247 , tumblr_inline_mveiehdTP21re23uc (1).gif )
Thanks guys I love loading Tags on the top of the/rp/ board..That was totally a needed feature...Definitely doesn't look cumbersome or quickly thrown together....Oh my refresh timer keeps being set to 90...I always wanted that.

>[Heavy sarcasm intensifies]

> the tags work for fic sort of.

>I don't think 30 seconds would stress the site out too much.
>> No. 155912 ID: 6f818a
I don't like using the Quick Reply,Namely because I am a horrible human being, but unless I have 'Enable quick reply' checked, there isn't a post form.
>> No. 155914 ID: 703b0a
File 139813855886.jpg - (129.76KB , 877x1000 , b7dac6423f7f9a5b653d0a205c4e0bbf.jpg )
>Make PonychanX 2.X sitewide.
>Discover all bugs.
>Implement fixed version.

Good plan in theory.

Horrible plan considering who is now stop-gapping the fixes going through, even if the stars align and all these issues are actually fixed before the week is out.

Anon, if you have a direct line to orange that he's actually answering, tell him to revert the changes back to version 1 until you've handled all the bugs.
>> No. 155915 ID: 668ed5
File 139813930595.png - (259.59KB , 577x591 , rivenpill.png )
^This man gets it.
>> No. 155916 ID: 868a38
I'd like to say that whenever I set the refresh timer to 30s, it goes back to 60s, then 90s.
>> No. 155918 ID: e981c5
That's by design: >>155845
>> No. 155920 ID: 668ed5
File 139814005657.png - (128.21KB , 1013x789 , distraught_hank_hill_by_glitchmaster7-d6ih5jj.png )
Whoever thought that was a good design needs to have there ass kicked I tell ya what.
>> No. 155921 ID: af273c
File 139814030059.gif - (80.64KB , 233x250 , thumb.gif )
I already got all the issues fixed and sent an email to orange to make an emergency update only six hours ago.

Enclosed in this last update was to the fixes for
And I can very quickly fix the thread hider which was only less than an hour ago pointed out to me.

And you can already opt out of the tag tabber in pX settings > view > uncheck "use organized tagging"

In my defense, it uses the exact same sequence as the one on 4chanX and is far from being a new concept.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 21st, 2014 21:19

>> No. 155923 ID: e981c5
Thanks for the good work.
>> No. 155924 ID: 668ed5
File 139814046088.png - (546.83KB , 256x256 , 4bf7c096e46ec132c460169a349aa37f.png )
Do you even try hammers and WD-40 son?
>> No. 155926 ID: e56117
File 139814052075.jpg - (8.57KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
I really don't like it.
>> No. 155927 ID: 703b0a
File 139814063395.gif - (43.63KB , 406x261 , Woona-12.gif )
Get on skype faggot.
>> No. 155929 ID: 868a38
I agree with Hank. This is pretty fucking retarded, I'm sorry, but there's no better way of saying it.
>> No. 155934 ID: af273c
File 139814848216.png - (2.29MB , 1600x1800 , 559957__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_princess+twilight_cute_smile_upvotes+galore_sitting_adorable_.png )
Alright, before I go to bed, I'll give you guys one more announcement -
Inkwell just implemented 1.13 for me. In that update had fixes for all the bugs mentioned here except for the one about the thread hider, which I'll deal with probably Wednesday. I apologize for the issues you guys had today and hopefully the vast majority of them will be addressed and patched by the end of this week.

I'm sorry if this update went off on the wrong foot for some of you, but I will have this all sorted out. I promise.

>> No. 155935 ID: e981c5
I don't like the autoupdater change, but other than that I'm pretty happy with the new pX overall.

Sleep well, pX anon.
>> No. 155936 ID: 08820d
File 139814932539.png - (82.88KB , 1366x768 , 8).png )

Thanks for fixing the message box at the top of the thread, but... is there any way you could add an option to have a consistent auto-update interval? For instance, I like my auto-update interval to be 15 seconds and stay at 15 seconds, but in version 2 it just goes 15, 30, 45, 60. And I don't want that. What if there's a thread that hasn't updated for 15 minutes and someone posts and I only know about it 15 minutes and 15 seconds after the fact?
>> No. 155937 ID: 08820d
File 139814948266.png - (191.07KB , 1366x768 , dafuq.png )
Waaaait a minute, that's by design?

Aw, fuck this noise, man. Imma try to see if I can't find version 1 floating around.
>> No. 155946 ID: e8ea4f
File 139815283197.png - (185.63KB , 303x311 , Pimp my scarf.png )
It's good to hear that most problems are pretty easy to fix. You're doing really great work, X Anon. The native version was still 2.12 when I checked ~five minutes ago, but I'll probably check again in a few hours now that Inkwell has picked up on it.

Edit: Speaking of which, it turned into 2.13 right after I had posted this. This is a good morning for me so far.

Seconded, though I had probably mentioned it already.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014 00:49

>> No. 155952 ID: c1d668
The board index on the top no longer follows the page. Is that intentional?
>> No. 155953 ID: 45db28
File 139815954242.png - (57.90KB , 330x347 , I'm not so sure this was a good idea.png )

Damn, is that a thing that happens? That's pretty dumb.

Also, please see my other thread:


It was suggested that I talk about it here.
>> No. 155954 ID: e8ea4f
File 139816015933.png - (142.92KB , 1305x767 , Showing scrolling, pics and blank form.png )
Was the post form blank too when the index bar didn't follow along? I had that happen to me too three times this morning, seemingly at random, the first was after I had posted a post on /oat/, and another when I simply opened /oat/ in my browser. A reload fixed it both times.

Edit: Plus a third time after I had posted this post. I need to test this closer...

Speaking of which, it's also like that when I go to specific pages in long threads (like if I go to page 2 of a 250-post thread), which in this case also happened in pX1. But at least the pictures are loading this time around, and even that is a huge improvement.

Edit 2: The testing took some time because I couldn't get pX2.13 to work on /test/, and so I cannot confirm that the following is a consistent bug or not, but basically both the post form is blank and the index bar doesn't follow along on the first page load after posting a post (or after similar actions, such as changing pX settings).

Last edited at Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014 03:21

>> No. 155955 ID: bce6bc
How the heck do I change settings from a phone? The settings page really isn't very mobile friendly at all...
>> No. 155956 ID: 4613c4
File 139816788284.jpg - (1.88MB , 1120x836 , 602704.jpg )
Here >>150469

Still loving it OP
>> No. 155959 ID: f3f083
I dont see anyone else having these issues, but they didn't start until the update.

While pX is turned on:
-Load thread after posting doesnt work, instead just takes me back to board page
-My name field randomly get cleared/comes back. I'll make a post with my name, but then when I go back into the thread it will be blank. But weird is that it was randomly come back if I go to a different thread sometimes?
-pX itself doesn't work in some threads for some reason. I'll open one thread and nothing is backlinked and no auto update. Open a different thread and everything is fine
>> No. 155962 ID: ec213c
I really appreciate your work and all, but how do I change my auto-update interval? I'm not talking about it being inconsistent, I can't find where to change it at all.
>> No. 155963 ID: 4613c4
Top left corner, click the number
>> No. 155964 ID: ec213c
File 139818064332.png - (345.31KB , 719x604 , 1391737138492.png )
Ah, thanks., been looking in all the wrong places Fuck, I'm retarded.
>> No. 155975 ID: 9512c2
File 139819011834.png - (310.45KB , 624x352 , vlcsnap-2013-07-26-11h54m16s107.png )
LOL Really?

I like it, but why are Sine and Koto the same?
>> No. 155977 ID: 9512c2
File 139819031146.png - (290.36KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2014-02-24-03h36m09s7.png )
Also I agree with the QR box. Why? This is weird. STOP IT..
>> No. 155979 ID: 2c570c
File 139819136278.png - (397.71KB , 800x760 , 593329__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_screencap_dashabetes_testing+testing+1-dash-2-dash-3_spoiler-colo.png )
That was fixed in the newest version

Works on my end
The old PchanX required a weird like ritual to get to work (as the settings page hardly ever showed up, only home)

Been using since the beta and really appreciate the work you've done! It is nice that this QR box actually works on mobile unlike the old one, however it doesn't allow you to post images (least the last time I tried). Least your latest update allows the regular box again
>> No. 155986 ID: 9512c2
where the 3 are at the top? What do?
>> No. 155990 ID: 4613c4
File 139819560218.png - (326.40KB , 640x720 , 250608.png )
>where the 3 are at the top?
>> No. 155991 ID: 9512c2
the QR reply box.
>> No. 155992 ID: 4613c4
I really don't understand what you're trying to say here.

what about the QR?
>> No. 155993 ID: 9512c2
File 139819612373.jpg - (17.27KB , 408x262 , screenshot_008.jpg )

the new QR box
>> No. 155994 ID: 4613c4
Yes, I'm using it too..
What's the problem?
>> No. 155995 ID: 9512c2
i can get use to it, but it feels weird
>> No. 155999 ID: a13a63
File 139819967902.jpg - (53.11KB , 450x337 , not lame!.jpg )
Welp, now that the bugs are fixed, I'm completely satisfied by this new version.
>> No. 156000 ID: a13a63
Ok maybe not all the bugs. The navbar seems to stop scrolling with me randomly when I go to a page, and refreshing usually fixes it.
Also what does the "persistant subject fields" option do?
>> No. 156001 ID: a13a63
File 139820009041.png - (141.77KB , 1280x1024 , Untitled.png )
Here's an example.
>> No. 156005 ID: 4af384
File 139820111951.png - (99.53KB , 1000x1000 , 326678__safe_humanized_equestria+girls_lyra_bon+bon_lyra+heartstrings_sweetie+drops_artist-colon.png )
Filter + desktop notifications = still pops up on posts that should be ignored
>> No. 156006 ID: 9512c2
Everytime I post, my QR box doesnt clear like it use to.
My timer doesn't stay the same at 5 seconds, it jumps to 10 then 15 then 20 and keeps going from there when I tell it not too..
>> No. 156019 ID: 2c570c
The second one is a feature, a cooldown. >>155845
>> No. 156021 ID: 9512c2
aight out of here ill be in hay
>> No. 156025 ID: af273c
Figured it out, apparently there were two objects called Ponychan both in the pchan-x file and the kusaba.js file that were conflicting with each other, and were throwing errors when cookies were fetched, setting the navbar to unpinned. Just sent an email with the fix to inkwell right now.

Also the fix had a change to the cooldown formula, so depending on how high you have the timer set, the shorter the sequence. Then any time set above 30 seconds will have no cooldown at all.

Edit: according to what I found in the wayback machine, this is exactly how Mithent fixed the hider bug when ponychan x was first made native, so you'll probably see the thread hiders working again as well.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014 19:07

>> No. 156026 ID: a13a63
File 139821917054.png - (296.09KB , 558x768 , girly.png )
>> No. 156029 ID: e981c5
Wait, so...

If you set a 5 seconds, it goes up to 90, if you set at 20 seconds, it goes up to something else, and if you set it at 30, it just stays at 30? Is that what the new thing is?
>> No. 156030 ID: af273c
Here's how the new cooldown will work when it's implemented, as how I sent the script to Inkwell:

At 5: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 60, 60...
At 15: 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 50...
At 25: 25, 30, 35, 40, 40...
At 30: 30, 30, 30...
And anything above or equal 30 won't have an increment.

There's not going to be a 90 as a ceiling anymore, mainly because while the thread is only semi-active, it's still likely on the first page of the board.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014 20:53

>> No. 156031 ID: e981c5
File 139822532502.png - (159.20KB , 908x869 , lunawut.png )
Have we confirmed that letting us set our own timers will actually murder the server?

This new cooldown thing is definitely an improvement over the old one, but I would still much prefer just being able to set my own static time.
>> No. 156032 ID: 45db28
File 139822730756.png - (38.78KB , 400x390 , I thought that was the point.png )
>Have we confirmed that letting us set our own timers will actually murder the server?

I was always told that it was no problem for the server at all.
>> No. 156038 ID: ad1d57
File 139824030682.png - (58.32KB , 119x116 , Ticket why.png )
Y U do dis? If it ain't broken, don't fix it! Hasn't anybody learned anything from YouTube's or Facebook's constant unnecessary changes?
>> No. 156039 ID: 2af797
File 139824178377.png - (672.72KB , 855x900 , Screenshot from 2013-10-12 15:38:40.png )
It's entirely optional?
>> No. 156040 ID: e981c5
Do we have a download link for pX 1? I think the problem here is that people have been forced out of pX 1 for pX 2, and don't have an option to go back. They can disable pX entirely, but that's a shitty non-option.
>> No. 156041 ID: ce6132
File 139824327374.png - (86.20KB , 278x267 , 1303476293057.png )
Here's the source for 1.25:

Anyway. I haven't used any addons for a long time. But I decided to try it out yesterday. I'm loving it. There are a few bugs here and there. But they're all related to the theme I use I think. Other than that I think it's nice. Especially love the message sound thingy.
>> No. 156043 ID: 3de266
File 139824542220.gif - (917.76KB , 250x141 , tumblr_mvlwuoZ9cT1qakpx1o1_250.gif )
1) Increasing refresh timers is hella stupid pls have an option to disable ;~;
2) Half the time I open a new thread the title bar gets stuck at the top of the page I need a rescue to team to retrieve it
>> No. 156044 ID: ad1d57
I didn't even download it, and I have it now!
>> No. 156045 ID: e8ea4f
File 139824960211.png - (66.85KB , 183x230 , You said what now.png )
>Figured it out, apparently there were two objects called Ponychan both in the pchan-x file and the kusaba.js file that were conflicting with each other, and were throwing errors when cookies were fetched, setting the navbar to unpinned. Just sent an email with the fix to inkwell right now.
Let's hope that he can implement it as fast as he did with 2.13. It doesn't appear to me to have been implemented yet when I write this sentence.

Everyone who used the integrated pX1 (I can't remember the version number, but was it 1.2x-ish?) was upgraded automatically to pX2 (2.12 at first, then 2.13 the following day) within a matter of minutes and with little known warning.
>> No. 156049 ID: 4613c4
File 139825602269.png - (157.72KB , 500x397 , 603814.png )
But it was broken. This version is better in every way.
I fail to see what everyone's problem is and no one* explains it - just 'it's bad and you're bad for doing it'

*alright, almost... one reason was "it's new"

>"If it ain't broken, don't fix it!"
>"unnecessary changes"
>posts Ticket

Last edited at Wed, Apr 23rd, 2014 05:28

>> No. 156050 ID: ce6132
File 139825649425.png - (394.75KB , 1217x683 , 9effect.png )
>> No. 156051 ID: f72e1f
File 139826513614.png - (39.16KB , 219x302 , sip2.png )
Sorry for the late reply Ammie. I went to my browser history, and cleared specific site data from ponychan!
>> No. 156057 ID: e981c5
There are significant functional changes with this version. I'm sure some of the backlash is AHHH NEW STUFF, but there have been repeated specific complaints about the way things are implemented (esp. the increasing countdown timer for the thread timer) that have nothing to do with it being new. You can easily see that specific, functional complaint repeated over and over if you read the thread.

So don't be a dick bruh.
>> No. 156058 ID: 4613c4
File 139827241896.jpg - (97.05KB , 1024x631 , 603812.jpg )
>increasing countdown timer
Yes, that's suddenly important...
It's sorta-patched for a lower countdown already, still no one satisfied until it's two seconds MAX.
Meh, this site is no instant-messenger, if 4chan can live with a 30 second refresh then ponychan can just as well

>don't be a dick
Don't mean to, but I guess I get pissy when good work gets stomped on for no reason
>> No. 156059 ID: e981c5
Even if you think it isn't an important complaint, it is a functional complaint that is not about the thing being new.
>> No. 156061 ID: 4613c4
I'll continue to be happy about the damn thing finally working as intended and keep it at 90 seconds
>> No. 156062 ID: e981c5
So your original hostile post was wrong. That's my point. And you're kinda being a douche. So stop it.
>> No. 156064 ID: 4613c4
ech, nevermind

Last edited at Wed, Apr 23rd, 2014 10:39

>> No. 156067 ID: 575af9
>I fail to see what everyone's problem is
Well I am still having >>155959 these issues on my phone
>> No. 156068 ID: e981c5
The new extension keeps freezing my browser. Like, it'll completely freeze a tab while trying to update a thread, and I can't scroll or do anything. Sometimes it un-freezes after it updates and sometimes it doesn't. I have to close the tab and entirely reload the thread.

I'm gonna have to disable pX if this keeps up.
>> No. 156070 ID: 4af384
File 139828726616.png - (418.09KB , 800x540 , Lyra_360.png )
No desktop notification appears if two different posts refer to one of your posts.

I'd suggest something along the lines of
[image of the first post, if there's one, if not, keep looking] X new replies from A, B, C, D.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 23rd, 2014 14:09

>> No. 156071 ID: bb2f1b

these are the suggestions that will be ignored
>> No. 156072 ID: af273c
I'll be getting back to addressing these posts later, but right now my biggest concern is actually getting the native version running properly. Don't worry, I'm not ignoring these suggestions.
>> No. 156074 ID: bb2f1b

oh I thought this was an official pchan thing

that's why i assumed they'd go unseen
>> No. 156075 ID: e981c5
pX anon is on top of his shit, yo. It's actually getting his bug fixes implemented on the site that'd the problem.
>> No. 156076 ID: af273c
It was entirely unofficial until Orange responded to my request to make the working build native from a few months ago.
>> No. 156082 ID: e981c5
Am dumb. Wat do with source? Source cannot be dragged into Chrome. Want install thing.
>> No. 156083 ID: e981c5
I checked OP and installed TamperMonkey but it's still not installing. Halp.
>> No. 156084 ID: e981c5
And now it's installed but it's not running.

Pls halp
>> No. 156085 ID: af273c
Are you getting the tampermonkey on the toolbar with the "1" in it? If not, it may be installed but not on.
>> No. 156086 ID: e981c5
It looks like it's on. It says "enabled" when I click on the icon.
>> No. 156087 ID: af273c
Oh, wait... grandil removed the metadata in the header by accident. That's why. Ok, one moment, I got a pastebin of the old version somewhere...
>> No. 156088 ID: e981c5
It's saying "Unable to parse this!" if I try to import it from Tampermonkey. It refuses to save if I try to copy/paste and save in the create new script area of Tampermonkey, and it'll install if i rename it "px1.user.js" and drag it into the regular chrome extensions field, but then it doesn't do anything.
>> No. 156089 ID: af273c
Open up the tab with the script in it and copy-paste the contents of this pastebin in it and it should be working
>> No. 156090 ID: e981c5
File 139830502635.png - (118.13KB , 900x580 , zecoragrin.png )
That did it! Yaaaay! Thank you anon!
>> No. 156091 ID: af273c
File 139830510866.png - (883.55KB , 900x1445 , galloping_gala_2012__rainbow_dash_by_spiritto-d4iacde.png )
Sure, no problem
>> No. 156098 ID: 9512c2
once in a while i drop screen shots from my wii u.
I can't any more. What do?
all it says is "Drop file here"
>> No. 156101 ID: af273c
It may be possible that the Wii U doesn't support multiple files maybe? Not sure what could be the problem about that yet, but until then, you can still use the old post form for uploading images, right?
>> No. 156102 ID: 9512c2
you mean here? here. On the computer
When you click on the Choose Files it will pull up the TV and the Wii U Pad. When this happens, you click the image you want. It use to pull right up in the box. now it doesn't.

It just says "Drop file here" on the wii u
>> No. 156105 ID: 491b61
I've gotta say....the new ponychan X, fucking wow guys. That is like a really good job outta you, whoever made it.
>> No. 156107 ID: ce6132
File 139836408276.png - (54.64KB , 165x262 , 1303353852557.png )
I missed all of this. But I think mine is just a copy/paste of the one that was used on Ponychan. Didn't consider that it needed metadata.

But you sorted it out :)

Oh and once more.. Liking it more and more, it takes a little getting used to but it's growing on me.
>> No. 156110 ID: a13a63
File 139837327590.png - (367.86KB , 721x631 , umm.png )
Umm... Is it fix implemented yet? because I'm still getting the problem.
>> No. 156117 ID: 34b051
File 139840009571.png - (3.25MB , 1200x675 , 73556__UNOPT__.png )
Okay, so something has gone very wrong. The quick reply box was following my cursor when I tried to move it. As in once I moved it to where I wanted it, it wouldn't stay and was stuck to my cursor. And now after clicking the x it's just gone. The settings say it's enabled, but nothing is there... so yeah.
>> No. 156118 ID: 34b051
File 139840016080.jpg - (52.61KB , 431x465 , 379436__safe_solo_discord_younger_artist-colon-pasikon.jpg )
OKay hang on, I got the box back, but it still gets sticky if I try to move it.
>> No. 156119 ID: af273c
Well that's a new one on me. What browser are you using.
Possibly soon. Inkwell appears to be online at the moment.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 24th, 2014 21:42

>> No. 156120 ID: 34b051
File 139840071156.jpg - (234.33KB , 803x900 , 77978__UNOPT__.jpg )
>> No. 156121 ID: af273c
File 139840088299.png - (492.01KB , 900x521 , lift-your-spirit.png )
Strange. I use chrome a lot and never had that happen to me. Can you show me what comes up on the console as it happens? (F12 > console) Sounds like an error is being thrown and it can't remove the event listener.
>> No. 156122 ID: 34b051
File 139840111387.png - (422.57KB , 1024x1762 , discord_by_wicklesmack-d5yeg4x.png )
Tampermonkey started VM543:44
event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.

That's the only thing popping up. Wait now "Uncaught ReferenceError: Ponychan is not defined " Did too.
>> No. 156123 ID: 9512c2
hey Dev.
something that is bugging me.
I'm getting use to the new QR box, but why does the text remain?

also using opera.
>> No. 156124 ID: 9512c2
most of the time.

1 other. Why does my time double at the top when ever the thread isn't getting any love?
I set it to 0 and 0 is 0 so 0x2?!

but if I close the thread, it resets. What do?

Also this is a 2nd test to see if the text stays in the box.
>> No. 156126 ID: af273c
File 139840229021.gif - (1.22MB , 219x234 , dashabetes.gif )
I have a solution for this one. I'm just waiting for one of the admins to respond. Though until then, I found out you can work around this bug by going to pX settings > Post > uncheck "Hide quick reply after posting" until the update is made.

It's this bandwidth safety net I call a cooldown, where the timer increases as it becomes less likely that a new post will appear in the thread. Though you'll end up seeing the increment ceiling decrease to 60 rather than 90 when the update goes through.
>> No. 156127 ID: 9512c2
i think I got it for now, but i hope he fixes it.
I'd love to meet inkwell
>> No. 156135 ID: af273c
File 139841933984.jpg - (333.74KB , 740x1024 , twilight-and-shining.jpg )
It appears that !!Woona made the update overnight. I'm glad to see everything is going as planned now.

And now that these changes are coming into play, I think it's time to redefine the purpose of this bug report thread. The external builds at the time of this thread's creation were the only builds out there. And they came with the convenience of having a direct line with the development, which is why I'm not planning on scrapping the external builds. As it currently stands, the external version will be the nightly build of Ponychan X and the built-in version will be the neutral build. I think that seems reasonable, right?
>> No. 156151 ID: 5caed4
File 139845180937.png - (403.06KB , 489x653 , sunil18.png )
That happened to me before; I fixed it by reinstalling Tampermonkey and reinstalling the script.

But now the site's built-in pX is updated to version 2.13, so there's no reason to use Tampermonkey anymore!

Last edited at Fri, Apr 25th, 2014 11:50

>> No. 156162 ID: 1d8c8a
File 139846229233.jpg - (219.59KB , 800x588 , Adult.jpg )
So I'm still having problems with this...

When I type out a post and the thread updates with new post what I'm typing glitches out a bit.

Also have problems mousing over links to post that are out of thread or past the +50 mark and it causes my browser to times I have to restart it.

Not sure if anyone else has that problem of if theirs a fix...
>> No. 156163 ID: 2452c5
File 139846326785.png - (55.97KB , 513x739 , 524303__safe_solo_monochrome_grayscale_coco+pommel_artist-colon-umeguru.png )
I've noticed that the top bar doesn't follow you on the way down the page on large threads. This is annoying because I have to scroll all the way up just to refresh the page (at least, refresh the page without reloading the entire thread). Can this be fixed please?
>> No. 156164 ID: af273c
File 139846392807.jpg - (94.52KB , 852x1136 , celestia poster smile.jpg )
Is this occurring with the built-in version? Or is it coming from the extension? I can see how that could be possible in larger threads, since the larger the threads, the longer it takes to get the content it's looking for, which I can fix by putting a time limit to stop it from overloading your browser.

I had a fix submitted for this problem last night. Is it still getting stuck there, even today?
>> No. 156165 ID: 1d8c8a
File 139846411347.gif - (716.63KB , 320x146 , This is how girls act.gif )
No I installed it. And that makes sense since the threads I'm on go to like, 2000-3000 post threads...but I never have threads opened with more then 100 post.
>> No. 156166 ID: af273c
Try the native version and see if the problem persists. I've been hearing complaints about some GM clients crashing people's browsers recently.
>> No. 156167 ID: 1d8c8a
File 139846474577.jpg - (62.08KB , 1280x720 , And thats where babies come from.jpg )
I'll see. I know I had way more problems with the built in version then I did having Px installed...
>> No. 156170 ID: af273c
File 139847401837.jpg - (75.70KB , 480x461 , trap-card.jpg )
>quick reply box isn't working.
Is it refusing to submit post content, or is it not appearing on the page at all?

If it's not appearing at all, try resetting QR position? (That's the one thing I know would carry on past a browser restart), unless there's something else I don't know about.
deleted post. Well, carry on I suppose

Last edited at Fri, Apr 25th, 2014 18:01

>> No. 156171 ID: 5caed4
File 139847492528.gif - (4.97MB , 655x480 , sunil32.gif )
What the fuck...

Somehow, Chrome is still having extension crashes with the site's built-in pX, even with Tampermonkey completely uninstalled. Same deal of just randomly getting the "Oh snap!" page upon refresh/reload.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 25th, 2014 18:15

>> No. 156174 ID: af273c
File 139847647639.png - (151.53KB , 1024x937 , FANMADE_Bat_pony.png )
The only idea I can think of (do I dare give such a conventional answer?) is to restart your computer. Every once in a while for inexplicable reasons chrome often fixes bugs after a restart, for example, with the breaking zoom-hover image expansions, which is also I think a bug with chrome that has yet to be fixed. Whatever is happening is not only odd and out of the ordinary, but also beyond what javascript is even capable of controlling.
>> No. 156175 ID: c6cef6
File 139847667488.png - (164.82KB , 1196x659 , Winter.png )
Great work with the updating and new version and stuff and such.

One thing I'm wondering about: My refresh timer is set to 60, but lately I've seen the timer drop down to 5 seconds. This seems really odd to me.

I don't necessarily mind it, but I'm curious as to what happened.
>> No. 156176 ID: af273c
File 139847728346.png - (1.17MB , 2137x1613 , 389109__safe_oc_artist+needed_source+needed_bat+pony_echo_speck_eeee.png )
Well fuck, it's a bug. Thanks for pointing that out, Dragon. That bug completely jumped the radar on me.
Now's your chance apparently.
>> No. 156180 ID: cfb8a4
File 139852137117.png - (81.54KB , 1244x329 , Screenshot - 04262014 - 07:06:18 AM.png )
I'm having a bit of an issue with the reply button. As you can see, I made a post, and I have it set to close the QR after I click submit. When I clicked Ponny's reply, it didn't delete the previous post from the QR message box
>> No. 156181 ID: 5caed4
File 139852537750.png - (160.95KB , 742x1077 , sunil1.png )
I think I've found something that triggers a crash.

I turned off the auto-refresh, and almost every time I post and then hit F5, it crashes.

Yeah, I'm getting like 5x more crashes with the built-in pX than with Tampermonkey.

Thanks a lot Chrome for not giving me any debug information about the crashes whatsoever.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 26th, 2014 08:22

>> No. 156191 ID: 45db28
File 139854305576.png - (30.78KB , 224x438 , Politely but Firmly Decline.png )
Okay, so new comment from me (I haven't read the whole thread, so pap me if it's been mentioned already), but everyone knows how it shows the number of new posts in a thread at the top, right? Well it used to be that it would go down as you scroll so you could always see how many unread posts you had (unless, of course, you had to scoll up a ways from the bottom, but that's a whole different issue), but now it shows how many new posts there are and then it goes away when you click the tab, and you can't really see how many posts there are in there.

It's kind of another minor complaint, but I thought I'd mention it.
>> No. 156330 ID: cfb8a4
>Thanks a lot Chrome for not giving me any debug information about the crashes whatsoever.
Isn't Chrome supposed to show errors and debug info in the console?
>> No. 156333 ID: 5caed4
File 139863948269.png - (495.94KB , 765x569 , sunil29 aka ALL THE PEDES!.png )
Also, with the site's version of pX, the auto refresh timer keeps resetting to 5 seconds over and over.

I have no idea how to access that.
>> No. 156334 ID: cfb8a4
>> No. 156338 ID: 5caed4
File 139864464463.png - (6.60KB , 717x366 , wtf.png )
I can't access that while on the crash page.

Every time I get a crash,


is all I get. No info on what caused the crash or what went wrong.
>> No. 156339 ID: af273c
Yeah, Dragon pointed it out for me. just uploaded a fix for this on the extension.

Got this fixed in 1.17 as well
>> No. 156368 ID: 2af797
File 139871901475.png - (475.07KB , 1258x900 , Screenshot from 2013-10-12 14:33:35.png )
Uh iunno if this has been reported but whenever the timer goes to zero and it finds new posts the page freezes for a second and whatever I type there is missing leading to gaps in my posts.
>> No. 156378 ID: 570465
File 139873982799.gif - (245.52KB , 550x550 , ryuuko 151.gif )
>The thread refresher is now moved to the top left of the page

I wasn't going to whine about this but I really miss having it at the bottom since I like to keep my nav bar from scrolling since it fucks with my screencaps. Also, the random trip thing sticks to one trip when I'm in a thread now instead of changing from post to post like it used to. I dunno, they're minor issues so it's no big deal really. I just wanted to bring them up... *nudge nudge*

Anyhow, thanks again for the random trip thingy cuz it's so much fun.
>> No. 156380 ID: c1d668
File 139874702961.jpg - (121.92KB , 500x500 , 39974847_p2.jpg )
I, on the other hand, really like it being up there. Especially now that it takes up to 50 seconds to refresh. The bottom right is where the mod tools are, and it blocks my ability to refresh using Pchan X.
>> No. 156381 ID: cfb8a4
>> No. 156382 ID: af273c
File 139874915421.gif - (240.11KB , 550x400 , evenin-fagets.gif )
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think I found a fix for this in version 2.17? If you're using the native version, the fix hasn't been submitted yet, but it'll be there soon.

Got it working again in 2.18

>The bottom right is where the mod tools are, and it blocks my ability to refresh using Pchan X.
Oh wow, guess you learn something new every day, don't you? My initial reason for the move was actually to make it more visible to mobile users and had nothing to do with mod tools.
>> No. 156383 ID: 570465
File 139875398537.jpg - (427.35KB , 750x750 , ryuuko 210.jpg )
All I ever wanted was an option, not a straight up forced change. As I said, though, it's only a minor thing. I just use Home and End to make my life easier.

Thanks so much! I have my attention whoring back!

Last edited at Mon, Apr 28th, 2014 23:47

>> No. 156384 ID: c1d668
File 139875636117.gif - (1.01MB , 500x500 , Chow yun fat approves.gif )
Options are always good.
>> No. 156386 ID: 2af797
File 139875754170.png - (759.96KB , 1071x900 , Screenshot from 2013-10-12 15:37:52.png )
>Anyhow, thanks again for the random trip thingy cuz it's so much fun.
Yeah thanks for that! It's super fun, iunno if anyone but Mein and I even use it but it's cool!
>> No. 156389 ID: 5caed4
File 139877606407.gif - (4.97MB , 655x480 , sunil32.gif )
Having issues with Quick Reply again, despite updating to the latest version.

If I click it to move it, it sticks to my cursor and never lets go unless I close the tab.

>mfw trying to get the QR box off my cursor

Last edited at Tue, Apr 29th, 2014 05:56

>> No. 156408 ID: b2bb31
so its not just me!
>> No. 156410 ID: 3f9953
File 139883175982.png - (1.49KB , 56x40 , Selection_002.png )
I seem to be having a problem with the autorefresh...
Previously, on the site's version, if I set the timer to anything greater than 60 seconds, it would count down once, and then go past 0 and start counting negative numbers.
>pic is the timer at -3505 and still going
Now, after installing version 2.18 with Tapermonkey, whenever I try to set the timer higher than 50 seconds, it always resets to 50 and works normally after that.
So, currently I have no way to set the timer to a higher number, say, 120 seconds.
I guess it's better now than not being able to refresh at all, but still.
>> No. 156412 ID: af273c
File 139883370164.jpg - (66.32KB , 598x600 , 186771__UNOPT__safe_crossover_4chan_unknown-artist_skeleton_mlpg_rollercoaster-tycoon_mr-bones.jpg )
>mfw it's caused by yet another Tampermonkey bug.
Yeah, I'm not even kidding you, it's another bug caused by TM. And to confirm, I took an exact copy of the site's script that previously worked without problems on chrome as a TM build and reopened it, which also presents the new bug despite the fact. It previously never did, and even more telling is the fact that the bug can't be replicated across any other GM client on any of the other browsers, not even chrome-based Opera. And here's the kicker - the initial bug that would crash the browser was triggered by event listeners being tripped. This current bug is being caused by the browser trying to remove these event listeners. The only two places I know where there is the case of event listeners being removed are when you drag the QR around and when you slide the volume knob. And both of those are affected by the bug currently on TM exclusively to chrome and no other browser whatsoever.

However, I'm just going to write a work-around for this issue now and just call it a day. It won't be a problem.

Yeah, I noticed that bug and made a quick patch for it to prevent any values any higher than 50 from giving those bizarre results. I'll bring back the unlimited counter soon.
>> No. 156415 ID: e981c5
Yeah, that happened to me too. I mentioned it a while back and nobody ever responded.
>> No. 156416 ID: cfb8a4
I had the manually installed version. I just now updated it from 2.1 to 2.18 so I don't know if it's fixed. Isn't it supposed to update itself?
>> No. 156417 ID: af273c
That depends, are you using Greasemonkey or Scriptish? I'm gonna assume you're using firefox judging from the screencaps.
>> No. 156418 ID: cfb8a4
>> No. 156421 ID: 45db28
File 139885114436.gif - (32.75KB , 208x104 , Gradius_Option.gif )

Options are definitely good. And on that note, is there any chance that those title bars I was bugging folk about could be customizable? Just a couple variables to place into a text box for things to reference.

And I guess I'll link to my last post, too:


I hope I don't sound too bitchy, you're really doing a great job and I love what's here so far.
>> No. 156424 ID: 5caed4
File 139886484804.gif - (265.10KB , 500x288 , avgn_mad.gif )
Get your shit together, Tampermonkey.
>> No. 156428 ID: 2af797
File 139888628508.png - (496.96KB , 875x807 , Screenshot from 2013-10-12 15:02:38.png )
Pls respond

Also this combined with the 5 second timer bug is annoying.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 30th, 2014 12:37

>> No. 156433 ID: e981c5
File 139889624657.png - (26.55KB , 945x945 , shrug.png )
I just reinstalled pX 1 as a separate add-on. The freezing thing made pX 2 pretty much unusable. I might recommend doing that and just using pX 1 until the bugs are worked out.
>> No. 156437 ID: af273c
Is the page freeze bug a really prevalent issue? I've been looking for it but so far I haven't encountered it, not even on firefox. Does it only occur in larger threads?
Edit: oops, forgot to clear the name field from when I was testing that trip cycling feature. OP here.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 30th, 2014 16:54

>> No. 156438 ID: e981c5
File 139890229241.jpg - (72.89KB , 1024x652 , 132621658614.jpg )
I do believe I was mostly having trouble with it in larger threads, yes. Upon reload the whole page would completely freeze up, I'd lose what I was typing, couldn't scroll, etc.
>> No. 156439 ID: af273c
And does it freeze up whatever you're typing in the Quick Reply, or just in the old post form?
>> No. 156440 ID: e981c5
File 139890321105.png - (839.64KB , 1366x768 , 132620159403.png )
Quick reply, since I don't think I've used the old post form in years. It'll freeze up on reload even if I'm not typing at all, though.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 30th, 2014 17:13

>> No. 156499 ID: 2af797
File 139892820529.png - (461.71KB , 998x900 , Screenshot from 2013-10-12 14:33:02.png )
Not freezing for me, just a slight pause whenever the timer hits zero and reloads and it cuts out some words. Say I want to type:

"The horse jumped over the fence"

If it reloads while typing it might come out as:

"The horse jumpr the fence"

or something, with some bits cut out
>> No. 156549 ID: 570465
File 139900375388.jpg - (354.74KB , 700x649 , ryuuko 191.jpg )
Oh, so that's what was causing that. I thought my keyboard was acting up.
>> No. 156551 ID: af273c
File 139900904339.gif - (807.13KB , 320x180 , beepbeep2.gif )
I found out the problem here. Apparently the current versions of Greasemonkey mandate update URLs with an SSL certificate. I guess maybe one easy workaround for this may be to just redirect the nightly version update url to a public dropbox file, since they already have SSL out of the box (and I've seen it successfully update there before).

I can't tell if you're referring to a bug that I might have missed or if you're asking why the behavior of the post counter in the title has changed. For a while, there was a bug where if an idle thread hidden in your tabs had new posts triggering the counter and you clicked on the tab, the new post counter would hide prematurely even if you didn't scroll over them yet. If you see this happen, then it's a bug.

Though if you're referring to the new behavior of the post counter, whereas the loading thread flashes how many replies there are ("[x replies] /board/ - headline" then idles to "/board/ - headline" as opposed to "(unread) /board/ - headline") that behavior was intended. In the previous pX thread, I suggested the possibility of rewriting the counter algorithm and the guys in the former thread seemed to like the idea. >>153062 >>153063 >>153074

Oh don't worry, I'm open for as much feedback as I can get. I've just been a little busy lately with some personal concerns that kind of been keeping me away for a bit. I put an option dropdown under the style tab so you can change the title, though it's implemented kind of awkwardly which I'll deal with when 2.2 gets pushed out soon.'

Try it in 2.19 now. I'm guessing that some browsers didn't like the fact that I set it up with two synchronous requests running when new replies were fetched. It doesn't appear to lag anymore in the new version.
>> No. 156553 ID: f72e1f
File 139901439499.jpg - (202.32KB , 675x900 , cute stare.jpg )
Soo um, sorry to ask this, I'm not sure if ots been asked already..

Changin the QR's placement Makes it impossible to drop it down from the cursor.. It's a bit annoying. :c
>> No. 156554 ID: 815f9d
File 139901474323.png - (669.95KB , 1901x3000 , 11.png )
...If I understand what you're saying, I think I was just about to come here to say the same thing, haha...

Yeah, so, clicking on the quick reply box to move it doesn't work. I mean, it works, as in, I can move the box, but...the cursor is then forever stuck on the movement of the box, and there's no way to click off of it. Even right clicking to get the mouse away from it doesn't work. I don't know if it's just my browser (Chrome) or whatever, but I only just recently noticed this glitch. It means I can't change the position of the box, really.

Last edited at Fri, May 2nd, 2014 00:26

>> No. 156555 ID: f72e1f
File 139901553141.png - (159.32KB , 386x342 , umm.png )
I'm using Chrome as well, maybe it's tapermonkey or whatever it was.. It's just a bit annoying.. I guess..
>> No. 156561 ID: af273c
File 139903481103.png - (1.26MB , 5968x3859 , cyberderp.png )
It's fine. I explain it here >>156412 that it's another bug with Tampermonkey sadly. However, since I'm changing the update url in 2.2 when it gets posted anyhow, the next version will have to be updated manually anyhow.

Until then, for any chrome users that still would like to use the nightly version, your best bet would be to just install it the old fashioned way - saving the file and dragging it to your extensions menu.
>> No. 156566 ID: 815f9d
File 139904719427.png - (521.77KB , 2599x3000 , Applejack - We wait until the opportune moment.png )
Ah, okay, I didn't notice that. Dammit Tampermonkey...why you do dis?

I'll disable it and go with manual install then. Thanks again for your work!
>> No. 156567 ID: 815f9d
File 139904782500.png - (532.96KB , 2410x3000 , 27.png )
Well, that did the trick. Now it works, but there's another odd issue, I wonder if it was brought up...never happened before with the Tampermonkey build, but now that I have it manually added to Chrome, well...anytime I click someone's post number in order to refer back to it or quote it, it sends me to the top of the webpage, but does still add the >>##### to my QR box. I have no idea why this happens now, but I suspect it has something to do with how Tampermonkey handles the script.
>> No. 156570 ID: 45db28
File 139905259206.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )
>For a while, there was a bug where if an idle thread hidden in your tabs had new posts triggering the counter and you clicked on the tab, the new post counter would hide prematurely even if you didn't scroll over them yet. If you see this happen, then it's a bug.

This one, I think. Like right now I have 9 new posts over in PAD. If I click my PAD tab and scroll down even a single notch (I still haven't seen any of the new posts) the new post counter goes away. If that's a bug and you're already aware of it then I guess that's all I really have to say on the subject.
>> No. 156575 ID: cfb8a4
File 139906138421.png - (86.44KB , 1366x737 , Screenshot - 05022014 - 01:09:11 PM.png )

Last edited at Fri, May 2nd, 2014 13:10

>> No. 156579 ID: af273c
File 139907919070.png - (873.17KB , 1903x1082 , pic-gallery-mode.png )
Just got done with 2.2 with a workaround for Tampermonkey's recent bug, so for chrome users, you can return to the TM version again.

Both of these bugs appear to be fixed too.

And finally, I'd like to introduce you with a new viewing mode exclusive to /pic/, for anyone who still goes there. Pic related. I feel that this display mode may be more appropriate for that board's environment, so I have the default setting leaving it on, assuming there won't be any objections to this change.
>> No. 156580 ID: 815f9d
Sounds good, although at the moment the install link leads to v2.19 still, and I assume that it won't automatically update to 2.2 from there?
>> No. 156582 ID: af273c
Whoops, yeah I forgot to change the update link. It's fixed now.
>> No. 156583 ID: 815f9d
File 139908311978.png - (468.19KB , 2419x3000 , Applejack - Thank you.png )
Yes...wonderful, those bugs are fixed, thank you so much!
>> No. 156590 ID: 67322e
File 139913907634.png - (538.83KB , 500x571 , 549023__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_pinkie+pie_fluttershy_rarity_applejack_princess+luna_.png )
Can you add something to shorten filenames? (mouseover to show the full one - or something)
>> No. 156594 ID: 883a8d
Filenames don't take any more lines regardless of size though? Isn't that a bit of a superfluous change?
>> No. 156595 ID: 67322e
File 139915000781.png - (93.39KB , 500x710 , 529626.png )
You don't have to, just a suggestion
>> No. 156601 ID: 67322e
File 139915948636.png - (5.54KB , 230x203 , loading.png )
Firefox (both 28.0 and 29.0) crashes when I try to switch boards while a reply loads like this, see pic.
>> No. 156606 ID: cfb8a4
Alright, awesome.
>> No. 156615 ID: 45db28
File 139922788986.png - (30.07KB , 384x407 , Boy it sure is hot in here.png )

I have 2.2 installed, but it still seems to be bugged for me.
>> No. 156632 ID: 45db28
File 139932520680.png - (7.94KB , 380x236 , Perhaps they can't see me from here.png )

Actually, and this might be unrelated, but I've had two blue screens since installing 2.2. Those are new.
>> No. 156636 ID: 81b39e
File 139933145460.jpg - (383.93KB , 1036x1280 , ryuuko 4.jpg )
I'm still having the thing happen with my typing I think, except it only affects about half as many of the characters I type. Unless my typing just got shitty all of a sudden. I haven't been paying attention cuz I don't scroll the nav bar with the page.
>> No. 156637 ID: 81b39e
Nah, it totally just did it.
>> No. 156651 ID: 5caed4
File 139934810449.png - (181.13KB , 868x920 , sunil3.png )
>Workaround for tampermonkey bug

Er...I'm still getting constant crashes.

Seeing as I was getting crashes with the built-in site version while Tampermonkey was completely disabled, I'm thinking it might not be Tampermonkey, but perhaps something in Chrome in general.
>> No. 156697 ID: c01741
File 139944670451.png - (126.94KB , 430x431 , Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 7_56_38 PM.png )
So I noticed that the top bar disappears whenever I post. pls fix
>> No. 156698 ID: c01741
Literally as I say that, the top bar remains for that post. Ponychan X is being spooky
>> No. 156763 ID: a59eda
File 139966330331.png - (167.78KB , 763x1014 , 1354473353800.png )
Really doe, that disappearing top bar is a problem, and should be fixed. Also the page should automatically update when you post. It's kind of bullshit that it doesn't already.
>> No. 156765 ID: af273c
File 139966916366.png - (270.25KB , 1600x1227 , pinkie_pie_by_cptofthefriendship-d4lw3rb.png )
Sure, and sorry, it's been a busy week for me. Can you show me what comes up on the console as this happens? (right click > inspect element > console) Also, are you using the native version, or the extension?
>> No. 156767 ID: 5caed4
File 139968522285.png - (166.17KB , 325x394 , What!.png )
Still getting tons of crashes every day.
>> No. 156768 ID: af273c
File 139968570321.png - (82.48KB , 767x671 , 486920__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_meme_exploitable+meme_twilight+scepter_chocolate+milk_spill_s.png )
Sadly there's nothing in my hands that can fix the chrome crashes, as far as I know. Sorry.
>> No. 156786 ID: 45db28
File 139970572357.png - (18.17KB , 249x290 , Cornered.png )

My crashes seem to have stopped as suddenly as they began. Not sure what was up with that.
>> No. 156790 ID: 491b61
Firefox released a new version of their browser, and now the edit function seems to be broken.
>> No. 156830 ID: 9512c2
Hey ##Dev##

What do with me being about not able to ctrl +s/u/b/hide what do?
>> No. 156842 ID: af273c
File 139986484219.jpg - (57.19KB , 929x570 , 133135461526.jpg )
Hiya Terra. Are you sure you have "enable keybinds" enabled in the settings? If you do and it's still not working, then there's something that needs to be fixed.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this bug either
>> No. 156843 ID: 9512c2
i dont see that option.

are the Dev btw?
>> No. 156844 ID: af273c
O yeah, under the "Post" tab, below the 'submission' header.

And yeah, I'm sort of the dev here. I write the current versions of pX but have no official access to the site's code.
>> No. 156845 ID: 9512c2
its checked but it's no go.

Think its Opera? BTW can we get more features for Opera? I was playing with this on Mint in FF and Desktop note is pretty cool
>> No. 156846 ID: 9512c2
Also Devy you need your dev tag!
>> No. 156847 ID: af273c
File 139986582697.png - (516.07KB , 1054x592 , 561465__safe_twilight+sparkle_applejack_spike_screencap_a+dog+and+pony+show.png )
Yep, sounds like there something that's failing to run in the script. Can you do me a favor and copy what shows up on the dev console when you try to do this? For opera, it should be right click > inspect element > console Oddly enough, opera doesn't support desktop notifications despite it being based almost entirely off google chrome's engine. They must have removed support for it for intentional reasons. However, I recently found out that firefox mobile now supports desktop notifications, so if you use firefox mobile a lot, that might be a highlight to point out.

don't have one
>> No. 156848 ID: 9512c2
File 139986600215.jpg - (267.95KB , 1280x1024 , screenshot_032.jpg )
>> No. 156850 ID: af273c
File 139986671494.png - (166.48KB , 894x894 , oh you.png )
Well that's very odd that it's not even throwing an error. Alright, well I'm investigating this bug as we speak. My bet is that it's just conflicting with existing keybinds though.
>> No. 156851 ID: af273c
File 139986774773.png - (155.95KB , 700x700 , 604115__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_clothes_princess+twilight_cute_upvotes+galore_adorable_mouth+.png )
Oh, one last question that might be relevant here. What version of Opera are you using?

Last edited at Sun, May 11th, 2014 21:09

>> No. 156852 ID: 9512c2
up to date i dont remember
>> No. 156853 ID: a59eda
Using the extension.
>> No. 156857 ID: a59eda
File 139987636194.png - (216.67KB , 1306x775 , Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 11_15_56 PM.png )
Also you asked me to take a screenshot of the inspector when the top bar isn't showing up. Here it is.
>> No. 156860 ID: af273c
Oh, I actually meant the console tab on the left of the inspector tab. I also added some debugging code in 2.22 so whatever is happening, the error message will likely popup in either an alert box or on an announcement box at the bottom of the window.
>> No. 156865 ID: a59eda
File 139994303981.png - (83.39KB , 1296x288 , Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 6_02_18 PM.png )
Oh. OK then, here you go
>> No. 156866 ID: af273c
File 139994414675.png - (457.17KB , 765x797 , - sad pony [9].png )
Ah, and that screencap was taken after the navbar disappeared? Damn it, there's nothing of use in that screencap. Well anyways, try the latest version 2.22 and see if any of the dialog boxes pop up. Hopefully something will.
>> No. 156867 ID: d738d5
File 139994435941.png - (316.36KB , 640x480 , Double D here.png )
So what was the issue with Opera dev?
>> No. 156868 ID: af273c
File 139994644849.jpg - (342.14KB , 1366x727 , 617814__safe_solo_fluttershy_cute_request_photoshop_artist-colon-adlynh_kallisti_photoshopped+ca.jpg )
Whatever the bug with opera seems to be, it appears that no combination of options can replicate the bug with the latest version. Whatever is causing the error, it doesn't appear to exist in the extension version, and whenever I hear back from Inkwell, we'll get the latest update implemented for you. If it gets too obtrusive for you until then, you can always try out the extension version which is always up to date.
>> No. 156869 ID: 1ea2bf
okay so I have a silly request... how hard would it be to make a pony app for Android in general on the Google Play market? would it work out here or would that be a lot of coating it because I have to consistently do small particular things to make it work on the browser that I used which also is opera. I know a lot of people that would appreciate the crap out of it.
am I being annoying yet...
>> No. 156873 ID: a59eda
File 139996111318.png - (94.78KB , 1305x326 , Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11_01_15 PM.png )
Here's another one in case that helps. This seemed different than the other one.
Also the topbar is not disappearing. What happens is when I load the page, the topbar will be there, but when I scroll down, it doesn't scroll down with me.
>> No. 156874 ID: cfb8a4
"Something went wrong when attempting to turn off the native version."
>> No. 156877 ID: e7b99c
"Something went wrong when attempting to turn off the native version."

i do not have the site version turned on, only this thingy
>> No. 156878 ID: 815f9d
File 139999458048.png - (188.60KB , 1018x1304 , Fluttershy - My hoof smells like cinnamon.png )
Yeah, this happens to me as well when first getting on.
>> No. 156882 ID: cfb8a4
It does that to me fairly often
>> No. 156884 ID: af273c
File 140001472949.png - (66.24KB , 923x1007 , Screenshot 2014-05-13 16_13_22.png )
It's possible that the function that turns off native pX (which often admittedly didn't work anyhow) that outputted this message might have been involved with the navbar problem, so just to be safe, I removed it entirely.

This might be a silly question to ask, but are you sure you just don't have the option turned off in the site settings? I really can't think of any other possible ways that the Ponychan object in the core script that would otherwise assign these settings could be conflicting with Ponychan X in any other way. And if not, maybe something happened during the native version overhaul that messed with your cookies to make them unreadable. Try clearing your cookies maybe?

No worries, and it's not a silly request at all. It's been done before on sites but the app doesn't make itself exclusive to one imageboard usually, and I was going to attempt something very similar to this before picking up Ponychan X. There's one app similar to that design in the Play Store I know called "Chant" that syndicates content from 4chan, 7chan, and 420chan and has gotten really popular. My initial idea was to make an app that would syndicate content from Ponychan, Efchan, MLPchan, and since such a project wouldn't mandate official site devs, make the project entirely on unofficial developer's hands. If anyone would like to pursue that project, I'd be more than willing to contribute.

Here's some relevant download links for anyone interested

Last edited at Tue, May 13th, 2014 13:59

>> No. 156888 ID: 12adab
I checked and I don't. It doesn't ALWAYS not appear, just sometimes.
>> No. 156889 ID: cfb8a4
never mind, it turns out it doesn't work right in Greasemonkey. I installed it in Scriptish
>> No. 156890 ID: 7da133
I tried out Chain. It works well. That seems like it would be perfect.
>> No. 156916 ID: e981c5
File 140026204293.jpg - (6.47KB , 125x125 , :3.jpg )
I have a question. Apologies if this has been asked before.

I've noticed that the new pX filters threads made by people you've filtered (which is a great improvement), but it does not disable backlinks to posts made by posters you've filtered. I'm wondering if there are any plans to implement this and made the filtering a little more complete? Someone I've filtered is trying to talk to me right now, and it kind of defeats the point of filtering to see backlinks going to nowhere and being able to easily mouse over them and see the filtered post.

It would also be nice if threads on the front page would conceal a filtered post by making sure three posts appear on the front page (if you see a thread with "posts hidden" and only see one or two posts, it's a dead giveaway that your filtered person is posting) but I completely understand if that's not feasible.
>> No. 156935 ID: 570465
File 140029298875.jpg - (34.26KB , 200x200 , whoa.jpg )
Holy fuck, is one person you don't like on the internet hurting you that much by existing?
>> No. 156936 ID: d6196c
File 140029381073.png - (201.85KB , 900x798 , confusedrarity.png )
If we have a filter feature, we may as well have one that is effective at its intended goal. I'm sorry that my use of the filter feature offends you.
>> No. 156938 ID: af273c
He does have a point though. If you have content filtered, I don't see any reason that you would want to be notified of content that you don't want to see in the first place.

Anyways, back to the original suggestion,
>it does not disable backlinks to posts made by posters you've filtered
Yeah, I was made aware of this issue a few weeks ago. It's been fixed, though I'm just waiting to hear back from the admin to allow me to implement updatable scripts native to the site.

>second suggestion about the front page
I actually haven't implemented any Ponychan X features for the posts on the front page at all to be honest. In fact, you're probably the first to ask about it. But that's okay, I can get them implemented.
>> No. 156939 ID: 1a1e61
File 140029695637.png - (175.05KB , 911x997 , 133519461547.png )
If someone is douche-y/annoying enough, then yes, it is preferable to filter them so I don't have to see their posts at all.

Yeah, that's something I'd like to see implemented as well. Gets annoying seeing threads with only 2 or 1 post, because someone I have filtered is posting in that thread.
>> No. 156946 ID: e981c5
File 140034293617.png - (357.33KB , 1280x720 , Rarity_happy_S01E26.png )
Awesome. Thanks Superdev Anon!
>> No. 156951 ID: 1d8c8a
So ontop of having problems that I've had with this addon when i first got it installed, such as my post becoming messed up and I need to retype a sentence or two when the thread updates and when I post with out a picture my quick reply still has all the text in in and it looks to still be trying to post (Have tried to use the site PX rather then the installed version, didn't change a thing.)

I know have problems posting pictures. Seems to be only happening to me, not sure if it's something else or the addon, I know that I've never had that problem before.
>> No. 156952 ID: 1d8c8a
Also the problem with the links at the bottom of the thread ([Return] [Entire Thread] etc) not staying at the bottom of the thread when it updates with the first version.
>> No. 156953 ID: 1d8c8a
Also forgot to mention that the auto updater freezes the thread and not anything else. So I have to either wait for it to unfreeze or refresh the page. Which is annoying if I was just about to post something with a lotta text.
>> No. 156957 ID: 5d4bf4
This happens for me as well. I can still scroll, but clicking or typing does nothing. For now I'm resorting to typing up my replies in a text editor.
>> No. 156983 ID: b501fa
First of all, great work on this new iteration of PchanX. There is an issue I'm having with it that wasn't present in the old one though. My internet access is not 100% reliable - sometimes I lose connection for a few seconds (or longer). If this happens during an autoupdater refresh of a thread though, that's it. It gets stuck on 0s and won't update the view of the thread ever again, even if I actually click the refresh cicle-arrow next to it - so I have to refresh the entire page and usually lose easy access to all posts beyond the 50 newest. The old version for comparison would just get back to refreshing when the internet access is back. Is this intentional? Can it be fixed, if not?
>> No. 156986 ID: 570465
File 140054296927.jpg - (348.96KB , 520x820 , ryuuko 340.jpg )
Give me the option to display Literally at the beginning of every user's name that doesn't already contain it, pls.
>> No. 157017 ID: ce6132
Seems like an awfully specific feature.

But you can add this to the personal style thingy it has. Then everyone literally gets an extra literally.

content:'Literally ';
>> No. 157025 ID: 570465
File 140062682871.jpg - (668.26KB , 800x1131 , ryuuko 168.jpg )
I only want one Literally!

B-but thanks.
>> No. 157045 ID: ce6132
Are you literally telling me that there's such a thing as too many 'literallies'?

Oh well.. np.
>> No. 157046 ID: a6e153
So I sometimes get this message that says "WARNING: no cookie "lastpostinfo" was found, there will be no edit button given to your post" or something like that. Then the post goes through and there's still an edit button. Not really a problem, but I just thought I'd point it out.
>> No. 157065 ID: 4ea7ad
Why does Opera not have a "desktop notification" ?
>> No. 157075 ID: 7da133
hey dev,
i had an idea for the site,
why not make it more 'console friendly' ? i mean for the wii u an ps3/4? i have seen some ppl post from their wii's [u] and the have an easy time but its still in browser mode. well and 3DS..
would that be too much to ask? if so sorry
>> No. 157077 ID: 2af797
File 140089079072.jpg - (389.57KB , 936x944 , 46.jpg )
OP is not an admin.
>> No. 157078 ID: 4ea7ad
i know that one of the devs or helpers or something comes in and reads these.
>> No. 157079 ID: 2357a8
File 140090222598.png - (374.90KB , 695x710 , Yui87.png )
That shit ain't work, yo.
>> No. 157083 ID: af273c
It really sounds like you're running an outdated version of Ponychan X if these problems are occurring. While the update hasn't been made yet for the native version, I made the updates for the extension a while back.

However, the issue with the QR freezing up on refresh on Firefox as moshy and mein pointed out was definitely a bug, which I finally fixed in 2.24.

Yeah, I saw this happen a few times on my phone. I'll fix it as soon as I can figure out a way to access a dev console on mobile devices.

Done. In version 2.24, posts on the front page can now be filtered.

I moved that message to the console since it's not really an error.

From what I've been hearing, Opera is still missing a number of basic features that haven't been implemented from the overhaul of their old Presto browser engine to their new Blink engine. As innovative the desktop notification feature can be, their devs seemed to be more concerned with implementing more primitive features like bookmarks and Linux support than they are with API's still in the "working draft" phase. I'm not saying that day will ever come, but it might take them quite some time.

I'm considering working on a separate build altogether for mobile browsers since their ideal interface would seem so much different from what it is now. For example, the QR was never meant to be mobile browser friendly at all. If this goes underway, that'll probably be a more ideal solution for the 3DS. No hope for the PS3 because apparently from what I heard, their browser doesn't support localStorage, making it impossible for the user to save settings. I would assume the PS4's browser has been updated to support these features. Not sure about the Wii U though.
Also, >>157077 this. Even though I've been providing new features here, my involvement in site support is limited to pX and only pX.

Did you check off the box "Enable custom styling" above it?
>> No. 157084 ID: e981c5
Thank you! Best pX dev evar.
>> No. 157085 ID: af273c
You're welcome. Any feedback keeps me up to date for what needs to be improved, so I'm always open for suggestions.
>> No. 157087 ID: 4ea7ad
File 140092893269.png - (283.70KB , 512x384 , vlcsnap-2014-05-16-20h52m33s102.png )
I just wans't sure what exactly.
>> No. 157125 ID: cfb8a4
I'm not sure if this has been addressed, but I' noticed that Ponychan-X sometimes drops letters while I'm typing, like it ignores them sometimes and makes my post filled with what looks like typos, when I know there's nothing wrong with my typing

also, clicking the Edit button on a post no longer saves when I click on the save button. It just stays there. I have to check the box, scroll down and click the edit button, and then edit it.

Last edited at Sun, May 25th, 2014 09:10

>> No. 157260 ID: af273c
>I' noticed that Ponychan-X sometimes drops letters while I'm typing
Yep, just fixed it over the weekend. Though apparently GM reads the version numbers differently depending on whether you have a third decimal in your version number so it's probable that you'll have to update manually once more (2.231 won't update automatically to 2.24 because it thinks this is a downgrade). Won't happen again, I promise!

>clicking the Edit button on a post no longer saves when I click on the save button
Patched it just now in 2.25. Thanks for the input.
>> No. 157283 ID: cfb8a4
Ah heh, alright. Thanks for the notice! I was getting rather tired of feeling like an idiot, re-reading my posts :P
>> No. 157391 ID: e981c5
Hey, I'm the person who requested the new features for the filter, and I recently updated to your newest version and I just wanna say thanks! The new filter is almost completely airtight. Most of the time the only way I find out a filtered person is even posting is when someone else mentions them by name.

Really great work. Thanks a ton!
>> No. 157395 ID: ce6132
I have two issues, I think.

I get this every time I post
>WARNING: localstorage item 'settings.10' doesn't seem to be valid JSON.

The other issue is that images used to zoom on hover. Now they don't?..
Any idea what could be causing that?
>> No. 157406 ID: bb2f1b

I can't tell who is replying to who without mousing over people's >>##### in the middle of their posts.

They were working until I turned on filter. I turned off filter and it's still stuck.

I'm on Firefox 29.0.1 and Pchanx 2.12
>> No. 157408 ID: af273c
File 140177757567.jpg - (22.12KB , 257x400 , 236848__safe_idw_food_cute+citizens+of+wuvy-dash-dovey+land_innocent+kitten.jpg )
Yep, no problem!
>WARNING: localstorage item 'settings.10' doesn't seem to be valid JSON.
If I have it implemented right, it should be notifying you that your localstorage item holding your post history for marking posts as editable is unreadable. If you're not getting any edit buttons next to their posts when they go through, next to "Reply • Report" like they would normally be, then it's confirmed. If that's true, the solution to this problem would be to clear your local storage. But be warned, this will clear all of your existing 'edit' buttons. (I know, it sucks, but that's the flaw of the site's 'edit' mechanism. I'm guessing that either something tampered with your local storage, or the reserved memory for local storage is full.)

>The other issue is that images used to zoom on hover. Now they don't?..
Well, the image expansion is actually a native site feature rather than a pX implementation, but that's fine, I can still answer this one. Are you using Chrome, Opera, or Safari? Because there is a strange bug that occurred a few times from my experience that prevented images from expanding on hover, and the solution to it was to simply restart the computer, which leads me to believe that it could be an issue with the way webkit handles the "onmouseenter" event listener.

I think I know what bug you're talking about. There was an issue I found on my own where the list of replies would not appear when menu heads were disabled. Though that was fixed both on the extension and the native version. If you're truly using 2.12 and not the newest version, I suggest you upgrade, then get back to me if they're still broken.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 2nd, 2014 23:40

>> No. 157409 ID: bb2f1b

Updated to 2.25 and I am not noticing a difference in the in line replies.
>> No. 157410 ID: bb2f1b

nm, did a ctrl + f5 and it's working now

>> No. 157411 ID: af273c
Heh, that was an odd one. I might make it possible to change settings without refreshing the page to make it easier to debug setting-related issues, once I get the next /pic/ duplicate detector feature out the door.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 3rd, 2014 00:17

>> No. 157412 ID: ce6132
File 140178004922.gif - (742.54KB , 500x305 , HAPE.gif )
>WARNING: localstorage item 'settings.10' doesn't seem to be valid JSON.
I haven't really noticed if I have been getting edit buttons lately. But in any case, I deleted the local storage files and that fixed the error and now I have edit buttons.

>The other issue is that images used to zoom on hover. Now they don't?..
Restarting did not fix this problem. But deleting localstorage did. So now that's also working.
(using Chrome)

>> No. 157431 ID: 724ce7
File 140188116290.png - (18.62KB , 204x278 , Image1.png )
>working specifically on /pic/ again
Can you do something to shorten the posts so half of them aren't name!trip/filedetails/tags?
>> No. 157437 ID: e981c5
I've noticed that a lot of the time, my pX hangs after a refresh. Like I'll hit f5 on /oat/, and most of the page will load, and pX will kinda sit there hanging waiting to activate. Sometimes it'll go through after like 5 minutes.

I've also noticed that gif thumbnails are automatically animated, even though I have unchecked the animate gif thumbnails option because my internet is super slow.

Using pX 2.25
>> No. 157446 ID: af273c
Sure. I hid the filename in the tooltip in the image expanding link, and moved the date underneath the poster name.

Also the /pic/ dupe detector is done. It's in the new version.

Yeah, that was kind of my fault. I left a whole bunch of debugging code that was massively slowing down the console. Try it now.
>> No. 157449 ID: 724ce7
File 140195914258.png - (35.44KB , 173x226 , Image2.png )
>> No. 157456 ID: e981c5
Better. Much better, thanks.
>> No. 157601 ID: 9931d0
File 140230738405.png - (50.54KB , 280x280 , 14.png )
I upgraded Firefox to the latest version because Ponychan was having serious issues. The good news is, the old issues have been reolved by updating firefox.

NOW I have a whole new set of issues. As you can see, various icons and menus have gotten themselves an identical twin, the quick reply box included. Now, this would be weird but not horrible if one of the things that have doubled wasn't...the posts.

That's right, every post I make is uploaded twice, and deleting one will delete the other as well.

Please help...
>> No. 157602 ID: 9931d0
File 140230759743.png - (323.55KB , 1920x1080 , what the fuck man.png )

And apparently the posting problem has fixed itself. Okay. Still, any idea about the issue in general?
>> No. 157606 ID: af273c
Oh hey moonshine, and yes, the solution is to disable the native version in the settings.
>> No. 157619 ID: e981c5
My quick reply box is gone and clicking on post numbers no longer adds a reply link to the regular QR at the top of the page.

This happening to anyone else?
>> No. 157625 ID: 19872a
For me, it's not even adding numbers to the top box (unless I'm clicking it from the main page of the folder). But the problem about the QR box not appearing no matter what is the same
>> No. 157626 ID: 19872a
looks like it's back now
>> No. 157651 ID: e981c5
QR box still no workey.

Post reply links are showing up up top though.
>> No. 157657 ID: af273c
Did you try resetting the QR's position in the settings?
>> No. 157659 ID: e981c5
Oh hey! It appeared just barely in a corner of my screen. Thanks.
>> No. 157690 ID: ce6132
File 140281545343.jpg - (76.50KB , 565x600 , dashOuttaNowhere.jpg )
>notice browser ponies in OP image
That's clever.
>> No. 157735 ID: 8391fd
So I'm on my droid tablet trying to stay in the hay thread.

I have to keep noko in at the same time while in the thread. I can't get PchanX to pop up nor a QR box. when I quote someone it refreshes the page and i have to goto the top of the page to start typing.

Is there a way to get it more droid friendly and working like a desktop version?

I've played with resizing my browser on PC before and scrunching the posts altogether vs actually having to scroll vertical. thats very annoying. but it doesnt do that. so what I'm trying to figure out is what can I do or is it something in the script that needs tweaking?
>> No. 157808 ID: 1d8c8a
File 140330514050.jpg - (28.19KB , 400x537 , 133608694010.jpg )
okay, is there any way I can just go back to the first version? I'm still having the same problems that I've been having since I first installed this -_-
>> No. 157809 ID: 1d8c8a
File 140330578564.jpg - (27.73KB , 300x372 , space_bear.jpg )
Nevemrind. I fixed it by reinstalling I guess.
>> No. 158091 ID: af273c
Oh hey, might as well provide some status updates here since I haven't posted in this thread in the past two weeks.

>I can't get PchanX to pop up nor a QR box.
I still plan on making a mobile version of Ponychan X, which will have the QR completely rewritten from scratch. I just wish one of the admins would recruit a backend coder to help because I have no way of distributing it as an external script without going through the hassle of making it a fully-fledged browser extension.

>when I quote someone it refreshes the page
Oh, in that case, it sounds like javascript isn't executing at all. Do you see a settings button in the navbar at the top right?

In my defense, I did mention that you likely had an outdated version here >>157083

Yep, each pony represents their respective browsers that are capable of running it as an extension. That is, until v2 went native.
>> No. 158271 ID: 1bcbd0
QR seems to be down again. Clicking the post number or clicking "quck reply" above "toggle post form" does nothing
>> No. 158278 ID: cfb8a4
File 140392944872.png - (183.46KB , 496x447 , Screenshot - 05242014 - 11:24:40 PM.png )
Weird, I'm not having any issues with that. What browser and userscript extension?
>> No. 158496 ID: af273c
File 140470285972.png - (103.80KB , 603x665 , Screenshot 2014-07-06 23_12_30.png )
Maybe the box is stuck outside the window again? Either way, it might not matter, because I have some casing set up to catch the QR anytime that the box gets stuck outside the screen. If it still gives you this issue, just let me know.

So, in 2.3 I made a few changes. I fixed the bug with the eaten posts that would take place when you hit the back button to return to plus-50 mode and autoupdate more than the 50 posts that exist on the page loaded.

However the biggest objective of 2.3 is to the settings interface more user-friendly. Until I get a cleaner UI setup in there, I temporarily have tooltips giving a description above each checkbox that gives a description of the feature to be toggled. Also, hitting the apply button doesn't refresh the page anymore. It's a complicated process, but I've gotten a number of the settings to change live on the page. I hope to have all of them done soon. But until then, try out 2.3.
>> No. 158499 ID: e7b99c
File 140476045690.jpg - (15.10KB , 280x280 , G3_Scootaloo_toy.jpg )
^hey the...spoiler tag seems to be silly right now
^it's defaulting to the custom spoiler thingy even when that is turned off
>> No. 158500 ID: af273c
File 140476606329.gif - (231.10KB , 353x390 , 527352__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_animated_upvotes+galore_tongue_idw_tongue+out_dancing_bandage.gif )
Not anymore!
>> No. 158503 ID: d28142
The new post count in the title seems to be.. completely broken for me.

I already tried reinstalling the script, clearing my cookies and cache and stuff, and restarting my browser, but it seems pooped.
>> No. 158504 ID: 1d8c8a
File 140479044117.jpg - (160.68KB , 752x1063 , attack_on_pacific_rim_by_justsnake-d6d9uer.jpg )
So now I have another new problem....

I get no noises when new post come up for me and the thing that shows the number of post in the thread that have gone by that pops up in the tab is gone too.
>> No. 158505 ID: af273c
Yeah, I found it too. That was the risk of changing the way the settings box reads data. It means modifying the main loop where all of the script's functions are dispatched, which means you might find bugs somewhere. But no problem, I think I just fixed it in 2.32.
>> No. 158506 ID: 1d8c8a
File 140479206102.jpg - (158.74KB , 1550x777 , 1387279122650.jpg )
Looks like it.
>> No. 158530 ID: 410c2e
Would it be possible to add functionality to filter only someone's images?

Sort of like how the filter works now, but instead of filtering the whole post, just filter the image on the post.
>> No. 158531 ID: e7b99c
^i know it's not really what you're asking for but
^if you have something like adblock plus then you can right click someone's picture and tell it to block that picture
^you'd have to do this every time they post something you don't like though..
^it's usually just anons that post the things i need to block though..
>> No. 158532 ID: 410c2e
Yeah, I'd want to be automatically blocking the image, not manually blocking it every single time.

...also would like a way to filter out the annoying < and ^ crap.
>> No. 158540 ID: d28142
If you want to filter out the annoying colors, just open the PonychanX settings and go to the Style section. Enable custom CSS and paste.
.purpletext {color: black !important}
.orangetext {color: black !important}
>> No. 158542 ID: b4cb8e
File 140505100658.jpg - (187.53KB , 1024x460 , X6_scene_45.jpg )
Quick Note:
I tested this on my Ipod tonight, and It works for the most part. The only noticable concern is that the AutoUpdate function for posts does not work on my Ipod Touch. Any tips to fix this?
>> No. 158543 ID: af273c
File 140505867461.jpg - (63.71KB , 523x513 , 136614331720.jpg )
Oh yeah, it does that often if your network connection isn't stable enough. If it's having problems regardless of how stable your wi-fi is, then there's probably another issue involved. But unfortunately, providing a fix for the version of Ponychan X built-in would require an admin's attention, which the lack of there being any has been increasingly frustrating.

I do wish that someone back there would address the issue, whether it'd be one of the existing admins doing something out of their own time, or finding a backend coder to do that work for them. I have asked the mods about it a few times already, but until someone takes on that responsibility, I have absolutely no way of providing any front-end fixes outside of a desktop extension. And that sucks, because it's been barricading the site from getting long-anticipated updates by people who willfully go out of their way to provide it for them. And that's just accounting for the people that provided front-ends (like Grandil and Zeke for example), who were only able to provide any help at all because they didn't need source code.
>> No. 159642 ID: cfb8a4
File 140628820045.png - (333.51KB , 800x599 , 1401852853836.png )
I made some improvements to youtube embedding, and now while new embedded stuff shows up when the thread is updated, new post videos won't play
>> No. 159643 ID: cfb8a4
File 140628826526.png - (128.55KB , 500x549 , 1392609832864.png )
>But unfortunately, providing a fix for the version of Ponychan X built-in would require an admin's attention
Inkwell isn't very active, but if you mean just updating the site version to the current version, I can do that
>> No. 159645 ID: ef443b
you think you could set a cron job or something to automatically sync to the newest version?
>> No. 159648 ID: cfb8a4
Ponychan is hosted on Dreamhost, so I don't have root access. I'll work on getting it to automatically update though
>> No. 159650 ID: af273c
I'm fixing it. Though since it would likely require me to rewrite the function, can you implement a method accessible from the window that can process new embed event listeners per individual post? That way it keeps the code uniform and saves one of us from reinventing the wheel here.

That would be perfect, actually. Though I might need to make some last-minute tweaks to it before it's implemented because I didn't fix this bug yet >>158542 as well as implementing the recent changes for the youtube embedder.

If this idea later becomes a feasible option, I still would prefer that I work the updates into a separate neutral build that would be picked up by the server instead. That way, I can get the inevitable bug reports from people knowingly using the bleeding edge builds in the extension first, then hand it to the end-user.

Congrats on the promotion by the way, zeke.
>> No. 159656 ID: 2439df
Just give him his own PHP file for uploading to the PCX JS file. Similar files exist for stuff like /gala/ thread changes, iirc.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 26th, 2014 10:38

>> No. 159740 ID: af273c
File 140689077613.jpg - (934.84KB , 1200x1400 , 684928__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_princess+twilight_artist-colon-mrbrunoh1.jpg )
I fixed the recent bugs where the QR would lag when you dragged it, as I mentioned on skype last night. Whenever you're ready, I saved a copy of a native version on my server here. [] It will have all of the long anticipated bug fixes from over the past two months as well as the gallery mode for /pic/ and a fully functional quick reply for internet explorer.
>> No. 159894 ID: 72f8f7
File 140737997849.png - (816.68KB , 1219x1024 , asdasdas.png )
Yo! Not sure if anyone already mentioned this, but your lousy filters don't work.

I don't want to see a poster so I added him into the filter...
I still see the bastard.
>> No. 159895 ID: af273c
Do you have the filter enabled in the settings? That might me a silly question to ask, but maybe it isn't implied well enough to the end user that the filter is off by default. Either that, or maybe you tried filtering a mod, which intentionally won't work either.
>> No. 159896 ID: 72f8f7
File 140738069759.png - (388.96KB , 1105x1000 , tumblr_n00cbtXIOl1rbn6v1o5_1280.png )
Nah, it was the spacing I had between possible names, we're good now.

I guess it's suppose to be:

Name 2
>> No. 159897 ID: af273c
File 140738112929.jpg - (126.25KB , 460x740 , 1399129515887.jpg )
Well, it's not necessary actually, but that will still work nonetheless.
>> No. 159978 ID: 0c5fcc
File 140773663201.png - (245.57KB , 700x700 , tumblr_mqcz8zgLQP1rs0wfoo1_1280.png )
Since you mentioned it, and it's a thing now anyways for Caterpillars to block zeke's pictures..
You can just make a new greasemonkey with this code, and add the names you want. Just make sure the names you put in are lowercase.

jQuery(jQuery(".reply")).each(function(_, e) {
if (jQuery.inArray(jQuery(e).find(".postername").text().toLowerCase(), ["name1", "name2", "so on"]) != -1) {

Last edited at Mon, Aug 11th, 2014 22:01

>> No. 160186 ID: cfb8a4
Why is he blocking my pictures?
>> No. 160468 ID: 0c5fcc
Because of Rin.
>> No. 160475 ID: cfb8a4
Does he not like Rin?
>> No. 160482 ID: e7b99c
i haaaaaaaaaaate Rin
>> No. 160495 ID: cfb8a4
Another reason why you are awful c:
>> No. 160507 ID: e7b99c
reported for mod abuse
please ban yourself
>> No. 160570 ID: 598cb8
File 140840628772.png - (151.77KB , 894x894 , 138939157227.png )

Sound notifications don't seem to work anymore. The volume bar no longer has the scrubber to change it. Testing the sound doesn't work either.
>> No. 160572 ID: af273c
File 140840688695.gif - (143.88KB , 582x400 , 4626.gif )
Yeah, I noticed. It appears that my host provider is having some downtime recently. All of those source files including the volume knob are still hosted there.
>> No. 160681 ID: cfb8a4
File 140858103961.png - (218.42KB , 685x479 , 15wf3.png )
Why not use Dropbox and put the resources in the public folder?
>> No. 160683 ID: af273c
File 140860451661.png - (60.23KB , 204x247 , sweetiestare.png )
The bandwidth that the sound notifications consume might be overwheming for dropbox on top of the rest of the usage it gets. They consume a good 10 gigabytes of bandwidth per month alone.
>> No. 160684 ID: 92a550
File 140861160107.png - (238.74KB , 424x401 , 132497186762.png )
Then why not just cache it?
>> No. 160689 ID: 67d9d5
Hmm...What about Microsoft's skyrdrive or Google Drive? if they allow that kind of thing?
>> No. 160693 ID: af273c
File 140874172987.jpg - (28.17KB , 480x360 , 138629771077.jpg )
Yeah, but what would be the point of that?
>> No. 160701 ID: 92a550
File 140875545102.png - (73.30KB , 160x235 , 140727940009.png )
So that if your host goes down as much functionality as possible is retained?
>> No. 160724 ID: 355280
File 140900416295.png - (72.69KB , 403x363 , Image.png )
>it's not me
>> No. 160807 ID: 67d9d5
File 140911800458.png - (218.42KB , 685x479 , 15wf3.png )
As you'll see here >>160726
I've added a mouseover that shows what the title of a given youtube video is, but if the thread updates with a new video, that new video's alt text isn't there.
>> No. 160817 ID: 72a4ea
File 140912943759.jpg - (0.99MB , 1762x1481 , Ember Storm - Laying Pretty.jpg )
Out of curiousity, why did you pick the (☲) to represent the settings at the top right?

It should be obvious why I ask this, but it's also curiosity.
>> No. 160839 ID: af273c
File 140917831919.jpg - (103.60KB , 836x955 , mlp__darth_pinkie_pie___dark_side_party_by_darthfluttershy-d66gxz6.jpg )
Oh hey, I'm back.

I do see how that could be favored, though the only reason as to why I'm not really worried about it is because the server host has proven to be pretty reliable. That one hour incident remains the only reported downtime I've had with them thusfar.

Wow, just wow. The only way I know that this could be possible is if you posted with the exact same post number in a different board, or the post cache is using irrelevant data to validate which posts are yours somehow. Though I think I have it supposedly set up to validate whether the post is in the same board as indicated in the address bar first. Has that happened on more than one post, or is this the first?

I'm on it.

Hey Ember, and that's actually a good question. The initial plan for the menu dropdown was actually that there would be two columns for shortcut settings that would save immediately when you changed them, in between the theme options and the settings links. But then I ended up scrapping the idea but ended up keeping the trigram for fire that visually matched the old menu format anyways.
>> No. 160840 ID: 355280
File 140917860532.png - (183.32KB , 1024x749 , 707257.png )
>The only way I know that this could be possible is if you posted with the exact same post number in a different board
The only boards I've been posting on recently have far higher numbers, so I doubt that's the case.

It's the first time I've seen it happening.
>> No. 160849 ID: 72a4ea
File 140919772552.png - (253.76KB , 528x794 , Ember Storm - Sitting - Elvisjwr.png )
Ah, okay.
>> No. 160904 ID: 45db28
File 140937931761.png - (18.17KB , 249x290 , Cornered.png )

A similar issue, if you weren't aware, is that a link to a deleted post will be labeled as ->(OP).
>> No. 160911 ID: af273c
File 140938020661.jpg - (42.60KB , 1067x600 , 140208412432.jpg )
I found out that the dead link bug actually directs to Kusaba X feeding incorrect metadata to the links. The proper fix on Kusaba's end would just be to strip the link off the post number, however the metadata and the link that kusaba generates directs you to a thread that never existed, and assumes that the post in question is always the OP of it.

There's absolutely nothing in my hands that can be done on my end about it unfortunately.
>> No. 160912 ID: 45db28
File 140938030226.png - (17.31KB , 590x600 , 209488__safe_solo_oc_happy_artist-colon-the+weaver_zebra_ice+pack.png )

Oh. Well, then. Nevermind.
>> No. 160914 ID: af273c
For example, if I made a link to post 100, which doesn't exist, instead of just not binding a link to it, kusaba x will assume that the post number is the OP of an external thread and redirect you to it.


You might have to turn pX off to see the effect though.
>> No. 160915 ID: 45db28
File 140938102294.png - (65.37KB , 330x510 , 138457938618.png )

What happens, with at least the default built in PchanX on, is it starts as that, but then when I mouse over it it tells me it's dead. I don't think that happens on auto-refresh, though?

Like with me it'll be like someone double posts and then deletes one, but the autorefresh catches both, so it's up on my page, and then it's a link and...I don't know how this stuff works really. For one reason or another it doesn't tell me "dead" when I mouse over dead things on auto-refresh.
>> No. 160918 ID: af273c
File 140938174943.png - (99.04KB , 500x558 , Desk.png )
>What happens, with at least the default built in PchanX on, is it starts as that, but then when I mouse over it it tells me it's dead. I don't think that happens on auto-refresh, though?

Well my point was that you can see the link directs you to the nonexistent thread when you turn off pX, and that this is the faulty metadata where the (OP) - > bug derives from.

But yeah, I noticed the issue with the dead links not always working and will find time doing it this weekend along with a few other bug fixes on queue. Thanks for the report though.
>> No. 160920 ID: 45db28
File 140938185165.png - (18.17KB , 249x290 , Cornered.png )

Yeah, sounds like you have it all figured out, sorry for botherin' ya.
>> No. 160922 ID: af273c
File 140938202365.png - (283.13KB , 750x850 , smittyg - who-'s awesome.png )
It's no problem, really.
>> No. 161277 ID: f18e72
Ponychan X or X2 doesn't work. The autorefresh stays at 0, and the fields shrink down to a small size. Probably an error.
Can't access setting either.

Last edited at Thu, Sep 11th, 2014 15:41

>> No. 161279 ID: af273c
Can you screencap what shows up on the browser's console as this happens? (right click > inspect element > console)
>> No. 161506 ID: f18e72
Sorry for the late reply. Found out what it was. Malware in my router. TheMoon to be specific.
>> No. 161536 ID: a49cf9
So, I commented a long while back about how the Quick Reply box followed my mouse when I tried to drag it around. As in, it would not stop following my cursor even after I let go and if memory serves there was no solution at the time and I'm hoping there's been one since then?
>> No. 161990 ID: 1d8c8a
File 141202569923.jpg - (679.37KB , 2057x1901 , It's like I don't even know why ponies are mad any more.jpg )
Not sure if anyone has this problem.

But when ever I click "Choose files" on the quick reply box when auto updater timer is around ten seconds, my broswer freezes and I have to open windows task manager to close it.
>> No. 162002 ID: 1d8c8a
Actually. Only happens randomly. but it's usually when I click choose file and when the timer is around ten seconds.
>> No. 162125 ID: 7cd937
Anyone know if it's possible to put the refresh button back to the lower right corner?
>> No. 162126 ID: 5caed4
Noticed a weird bug with the Filter.

On boards like /nope/ and /downhillfast/, the filter doesn't seem to work at all.

Just a little bug I found, nothing major.
>> No. 162127 ID: af273c
Better late than never I guess.

The bug with the sticky quick reply frame was a bug initially on Tampermonkey for Chrome because one of the rushed updates where they had to deal with all of the issues on chrome's end at version 35's initial release, I'm guessing initially made all of the binded 'event listeners' uncancelable. I found a workaround for the problem and just simply left them on. However, even without that workaround now, you shouldn't have that problem anymore because Tampermonkey has since fixed the bug.

I have a feeling that this might not have to do with Ponychan X. Reasons being that the events that trigger when you choose a file really have no access to the timeout function that makes the timer tick. And the popup window that follows is entirely native code that only the browser itself can access. Perhaps the folder opened in the directory could somehow cause the browser to freeze? Not sure what can be causing it from outside the browser.

It was moved to the navbar because it's usually not a good practice to have fixed elements scattered on a window because it can be intrusive to the content underlying it. I guess it's not that big of a deal since most people are used to the timer being on the bottom right as most other chans do, however you can move it there by pasting the css below in the 'Enable custom styling' in the Style tab.

#dialog {
position: fixed;
bottom: 0px;
right: 0px;
#dialog a:hover {
background-color: initial !important;
#countdown, #dialog a {
color: initial !important;

I'm guessing it's some setting combination that causes it to break, which is a little harder to debug. I'll get to it later.
>> No. 162158 ID: 437ce8
File 141298270400.png - (43.80KB , 271x200 , spitfire_the_wonderbolt_drill_instructor_by_jackspade2012-d5od6l1.png )
So it seems like I'm having an issue turning off the audio notification for when someone quote one of my posts.

When desktop notifications are not enabled, I get the default notification noise at full volume. If I enable notifications, set the noise to [none] and set the volume to 0, I still get the notification noise, albeit somewhat quieter. Is there a fix for this, or am I just missing something in the settings?
>> No. 162181 ID: 1d8c8a
File 141330808515.jpg - (1.55MB , 1920x1080 , 1411089815011.jpg )
So been having this message pop up everytime I post with px on. Not sure what it means, halp?
>> No. 162183 ID: 1d8c8a
File 141330878127.png - (3.04KB , 715x32 , Untitled.png )
Meant this one

Also, there's a setting that makes it so your image expands when you hover over them, and leaves spoiled text spoiled right? Or am I having a bad blonde moment.
>> No. 162184 ID: 1d8c8a
File 141333816523.gif - (731.38KB , 340x340 , Sup bitch.gif )
....Ooooor firefox just needed to kill it's self, delete all of my settings, then go back to when I first installed it.

Nevermind these two, though PX was messing with me.
>> No. 162189 ID: 2b45d9
I've had the same happen, though only on my phone. And it isn't so much an error as a warning, since everything still works.
>> No. 162296 ID: 9a39e0
File 141436625185.jpg - (161.13KB , 842x1011 , Mega_Man_X6.jpg )
I seem to be having issues with Images not expanding when I hover the mouse cursor over images. I do have "Expand Images on Hover" Enabled on my Ponychan settings, but when I put my cursor over the image, it won't expand. Is something going on with Ponychan X I don't know about, or is it a bug?
>> No. 162305 ID: 82f2ba
How do you turn this shit off? I turned it on because I wanted to try it out, ended up not liking it, and now the button on the main site setting page where PcX is seems to be perpetually grayed out
>> No. 162321 ID: af273c
File 141460588873.png - (30.87KB , 552x535 , expandable-model.png )
For anyone wondering whether development is still in the works for newer versions of Ponychan X, don’t worry, it still is. Though now that Zeke has picked up on working on the site, we now kind of run into the issue that every new feature (or even an edit of an existing feature) that involves javascript has to be written twice. Currently I’ve been working on another script project that merges all of the frontend code into one easily expandable model, but it requires changes to the page templates. Also, I’m not sure yet if it will be intended for Ponychan, or if Zeke would be done with Gochan by the time it is done. I gave Zeke a pdf of the proposal in detail if any of site’s staff hasn’t seen it, but I wrote it back in early September so it might be a little outdated.

Also, for those that were asking about the image expansion issues, that’s actually a native feature rather than a Ponychan X feature. However, I explain what I believe is the root cause of the bug here: >>161508

There's an element that covers over the settings checkboxes which has been an issue for a while. You just have to scroll down to toggle it because the element is fixed on the page.

Last edited at Wed, Oct 29th, 2014 11:06

>> No. 162323 ID: 82f2ba

The checkboxes are fine, it's the "save" button that wont work
>> No. 162324 ID: 82f2ba

oh nevermind, thats it

thank you
>> No. 162399 ID: 49b5fb
I've recently downloaded Google Chrome, and have noticed that images no longer enlarge upon hovering the cursor over them. Is there a setting I've forgotten to change? It has always worked in Firefox, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
>> No. 162416 ID: ce6132

In the media section.
>> No. 162419 ID: 49b5fb
I have the little box checked already. Still isn't working. I've tried unchecking and rechecking it, then unchecking, refreshing, rechecking, and refreshing it again. Still nothing.

Is there something else that could be wrong?
>> No. 162420 ID: af273c
File 141543075660.gif - (38.52KB , 160x160 , 734253__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_animated_cute_book_adorable_nom_twiabetes_chewing.gif )

2nd paragraph of >>162321.
>> No. 162421 ID: 49b5fb
aw. that's unfortunate
>> No. 162497 ID: bd84af
Ponechan x for android?
>> No. 162515 ID: af273c
If you mean a mobile friendly interface of Ponychan X, well, it's complicated. My answer is yes, but it has to be built in to the site because there are no mobile greasemonkey extensions.
>> No. 162523 ID: 9a5fe6
I keep getting this error
"WARNING: localstorage item 'settings.10' doesn't seem to be valid JSON."
it goes through, but I get it almost every time.
>> No. 162524 ID: af273c
Oh, yeah that means your post cache is full. The reason why I didn't want Ponychan X to erase it is because it contains your entire post history. But you can clear it by entering this line of javascript in the address bar:

javascript:; localStorage.removeItem("settings.10"); void(0);

Last edited at Fri, Nov 21st, 2014 23:03

>> No. 162531 ID: bd84af
and it is not built into the site hmm i see this is a problem
>> No. 162751 ID: 9a5fe6
File 141768000477.png - (128.55KB , 500x549 , 1392609832864.png )
Alright, updated the native (site built-in) version to the current version. If anyone has any issues, let me know and I'll revert it.
>> No. 162820 ID: 5caed4
Feature request!

It'd be nice to be able to filter images from specific posters. Kinda like the filter now, but instead of hiding their entire post, make it just hide any image attached to their post.

Just something to put on the backburner, no hurry.
>> No. 162826 ID: 9a5fe6
File 141824945650.png - (151.66KB , 420x480 , DDR.png )
I saw Mikie and mbp talking about it on mlpchan, and I've noticed it myself, at least on my phone. I sometimes get an error with the QR saying "Please try again"
>> No. 162863 ID: af273c
It's fine, and you're not the first to request this. I'm guessing that the appeal for this feature request is to hide a user's expression viewers? I'll probably make something up like this in my newer project, but not ponychan X though. Reason being that this falls moreso under the category of "Anonymizing" rather than "Filtering", that of which category is all done on the site's end and userscripts have no easy way to access the global namespace to control it with.

I haven't written any message like that in pX, so it's likely just echoing an output message returned from the submitted request in /board.php.
>> No. 162866 ID: 778526
I can't speak for Anon. But it could also be to filter pictures from a user such as Unknownpony who posts a large number of lewd images.
>> No. 162871 ID: 5caed4
Or the people that post nothing but EQG characters. Being able to filter the image without filtering the person would really help, there.
>> No. 162873 ID: 9b6e61
How about a 'spoiler every image' option, that's sort of like filtering it, right?
>> No. 162874 ID: 778526
It would have to be a "spoiler every image posted by xxxxxx" I guess.
But why not delete it instead then?
>> No. 162875 ID: 9b6e61
Just spoilering them has the upside of not having to turn the filter off if there are only reaction-pics or something else entirely
or maybe just your own stupid curiosity that wants to check the pic

With the pics only being spoilered you can still just click 'em for whatever reason
Custom spoilerpics are a thing, so no one can complain about seeing Twilight everywhere

>> No. 162876 ID: 778526
If someone chooses to filter images posted by a certain poster I don't see why it shouldn't work like when posters are filtered.

Filtered posts are deleted. Not just collapsed or spoilered.

But that's just my take on it. I didn't make the suggestion and I can't write the code.
>> No. 163527 ID: af273c
Aside from the image filter, which I guess for now will be set aside for the other project, I have a few other ideas in mind.

As someone pointed out on /test/, apparently this site supports flash files. No idea if it's always been here and no one really noticed, but it's there now. Well, by the time I was done fiddling with it, I later noticed that it only lets you post them on /test/ for some reason.

Oh well, as for now, the QR will let you post .swf and .ogg files, assuming you post them on the board that supports them.

You can also click to toggle the flash player to run directly on the thread. Try it here:

Last edited at Fri, Jan 2nd, 2015 21:19

>> No. 163742 ID: 6badb6
I can't get pX to save my names and trips when I hit Apply. Everything else saves, tho. I'm on the latest Firefox, Greasemonkey, and pX.
>> No. 163744 ID: af273c
File 142078166351.png - (36.29KB , 250x221 , thumb.png )
Fixed in 2.44. Thanks for the report, mein.
>> No. 163757 ID: 410c2e
On the subject of filters, would it be possible to filter a post based on specific words/phrases in the post?
>> No. 163768 ID: 6badb6
File 142103015858.jpg - (49.26KB , 1280x720 , aku no hana 1.jpg )
I just came here because I noticed the thing with the tripcodes was working. Thanks.

>> No. 163820 ID: 643a77
File 142135838959.png - (43.75KB , 300x200 , A_tiredofyourshit.png )
"Something went wrong when checking the time cookie"

You guys broke everything again. What's going on?
>> No. 163821 ID: af273c
It's possible, but I just need to come up with an idea of what the user interface would look like. 4chan X has this feature but is designed on the premise that the end-user knows regular expression. I can't really expect the average ponychan user to know regular expression, so I don't want people to break something by accident that they might not know how to fix, so I'd have to come up with a different design here.

Nah, your script just ran before Ponychan's inline script triggered. I fixed it.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 15th, 2015 20:11

>> No. 163827 ID: 410c2e
Mm, of course. Well, take your time, no rush.

If you're worried about people using it and accidentally filtering everything, maybe you could put a warning on it like "Don't use unless you're absolutely sure you know what you're doing", something like that, perhaps?

Reason I want a "filter post by word/phrase" function is because there's a weekly spammer on /pony/ that the admins refuse to do anything about, and he always puts the same words/phrases in his post every time.
>> No. 163886 ID: 5caed4
File 142180387294.png - (232.25KB , 520x552 , But then again___.png )
I keep getting the message "What can I do?" in the little blue box at the bottom of the window, when trying to post.

It'll happen once or twice before my post successfully goes through.
>> No. 163887 ID: dfce1d
File 142180789599.gif - (1.69MB , 332x434 , 1948 - tyre flying feeling_pinkie_keen who_me lorry tire truck derpy_hooves derp screencap anima.gif )
Same here.

Error needs to be changed to, "I just don't know what went wrong!"

Last edited at Tue, Jan 20th, 2015 19:40

>> No. 163888 ID: af273c
File 142181923906.png - (133.44KB , 1024x681 , lying_rainbow_dash_by_baumkuchenpony-d5gci4d.png )
That bug again? I mean, there's technically two issues going on here. The quick reply box can return outputted server messages if for whatever reason the post doesn't go through, and some cases, it will display its own messages. However, this one is definitely a server-end message.

I'll leave this to someone on the back end of the site to handle. There are two issues that only they can fix.

Server downtime. is down. Not sure how long this has been going on, but I would suggest submitting a ticket to your host if the problem persists for any longer than overnight. You pay for a service for someone to maintain your site's uptime for you after all.

A bug. It appears that whatever script is written to output that unfortunately vague message, it looks like it is taking the wrong header from that cloudflare page. Check the page again. "Error 521" is probably the header it's trying to scrape, but instead it fetches the header titled "What can I do?". Probably because cloudflare has changed their error message since the last time anyone has fiddled with it.
>> No. 165265 ID: af273c
File 142267676686.jpg - (645.01KB , 955x1351 , 808017__safe_princess+luna_princess+celestia_upvotes+galore_open+mouth_eyes+closed_happy_artist-.jpg )
As you're all aware, Ponychan is adopting MLPchan's current setup of Tinyboard. Therefore the existing Kusaba-based application will soon be obsolete. This presents many opportunities. For starts, we get cleaner generated html that is overall far more organized than kusaba. Secondly, all the coding is centralized as one singular script. This site is changing for the better, and these changes will mean the site will no longer need support from external client-end scripts in order to give you all the features you'd expect to have.

That being said, consider my involvement with Ponychan X over. PX was coded as a retrofitting that only was ever compatible with kusaba, and MLPchan already has their own built-in script, meaning that pX will soon be obsolete too. Nonetheless, I'd like to thank milky for being the original author and idea-father of pX, Noble for initially stickying the thread, and all of the bug reporters in this thread for helping the codebase get as far as it has gotten. This is also my formal request for the mods to unsticky this thread.

Thank you for a great 14 months of support.
>> No. 165267 ID: ef443b
Thank you, I really appreciate(d) it.

It made it far better overall
>> No. 165268 ID: a098c9
Thank you for all your contributions. I'm glad you're interested in continuing to help out once it all moves over to Tinyboard. Good help is hard to find~

And your maintenance of the Gyropedia wiki has been appreciated, too; I'm hopeful with the excitement of the merger we'll publicize the wiki more and get more people updating and using it.
>> No. 165306 ID: 37350c
Thanks for everything, man. The revolving tripcodes had a nice run.
>> No. 165462 ID: 428138
RIP filters?
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