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File 140659226154.jpg - (43.46KB , 500x407 , image.jpg )
159691 No. 159691 ID: 650d62
Self-ban images aren't a thing anymore. I liked those, bring them back.
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>> No. 159692 ID: 650d62
>> No. 159693 ID: 650d62
Sure is lonely here
>> No. 159695 ID: af273c
They never left. They're just a little difficult to find.
>> No. 159696 ID: 650d62
File 140659461512.jpg - (70.44KB , 600x400 , image.jpg )
I'm pretty sure I read in a pretty recent (by Ponychan standards) thread that they don't work.

>> No. 159697 ID: 650d62
Come on mods, random fucking anons no one cares about lurk these boards everyday and you're off dealing with real life or something.

And there you have it.
>> No. 159698 ID: 650d62
>> No. 159699 ID: 42abd7
File 140659730971.png - (139.53KB , 1659x523 , Banned.png )
Nope, it's just you.

I suspect saving the image onto your iOS device changes the hash. I know it converts .pngs into .jpgs, at the least.
>> No. 159700 ID: 650d62
Alright fine then it is just me.
This is the only device I have for now though.
>> No. 159701 ID: 42abd7
File 140659906591.jpg - (70.44KB , 600x400 , image.jpg )
Alright, testing this image on an iOS device.
>> No. 159702 ID: 42abd7
File 140659917664.jpg - (158.71KB , 827x545 , CupOfShame.jpg )
Yup, that's definitely the culprit. The file size changes as well.

I suppose I can go and add the iOS modified images to the ban list right now. Shouldn't be more than ten minute's work.
>> No. 159703 ID: 42abd7
File 140659990438.gif - (630.52KB , 359x250 , tumblr_mv7ear2xPg1s9zgono4_500.gif )
Okay, cool. iOS ban images active. Yay accomplishing things!
>> No. 159704 ID: e4784c
File 140660572611.jpg - (106.26KB , 1024x768 , tumblr_mxwdtjpCOg1s2fl92o3_1280.jpg )
What is it with you and making others ban themselves..
>> No. 159706 ID: 194e24
File 140666116323.png - (358.80KB , 800x800 , RD4.png )
There use to be a "Ban Me" thread here in /meta/ but it was so overused/abused that it essentially became what most mods were doing, instead of what they were supposed to be doing. Most times people didn't stay banned for their full length/them changing their minds, requiring a repeal. (I admit, I was an offender of this at times) To ban someone, it requires it to be in seconds (or least was back then) and with people requesting certain times on certain days (add in timezones) only be repealed before the end time.. yeah.

That's when the ban images were made so that people could continue to ban themselves if they wanted, and lift a lot of the work off of the mods.


Last edited at Tue, Jul 29th, 2014 12:13

>> No. 159710 ID: 22c171
File 140669600199.png - (263.35KB , 1000x1000 , 1341192934284.png )
You can just shitpost to get banned, but why would you?
>> No. 159711 ID: e4784c
File 140669857104.jpg - (65.78KB , 598x440 , 24435.jpg )
Yes, because /meta/ was filled with "ban me pls" threads - the obvious solution was a single sticky for that - because bans were fun back then and there were ban-game-threads and people knew when joke-bans were joke-bans.
I used that thread too but made a little game out of it, for funsies.

Why are we talking about this?
>> No. 159728 ID: cfb8a4
File 140687039214.png - (175.61KB , 253x523 , 140422603447.png )
I can add a page where you can autoban yourself with a specified length
>> No. 159792 ID: 5d4f9b
>> No. 159795 ID: 355280
File 140707546389.png - (523.58KB , 1280x720 , 628232.png )
>> No. 159799 ID: 4e9094
Yes please
>> No. 159803 ID: 5d4f9b
>> No. 159809 ID: 4e9094
Why not

>tfw accidentally used one-hour ban image instead of one-month ban image and came back two days later to realize I could still post and then wanted to see this self-ban page Zeke's talking about
>> No. 159818 ID: 4e9094
File 140710375611.jpg - (50.93KB , 600x400 , test.jpg )
>> No. 159819 ID: 4e9094
oh what
>> No. 159820 ID: 82f2ba
if it works i think the post should auto delete itself
>> No. 159821 ID: 8e68fb
It shouldn't even post if it's an image ban.
>> No. 159833 ID: 355280
File 140714700666.jpg - (50.45KB , 600x400 , 132579341772.jpg )
>> No. 159834 ID: 80ce7e
virtual hugs can't be felt though
>> No. 159838 ID: 80ce7e
File 140717362735.jpg - (66.57KB , 600x400 , image.jpg )
>> No. 159839 ID: 80ce7e

Someone just ban me already.
>> No. 159842 ID: 5fe8c9
It will not work.
>> No. 159846 ID: 80ce7e
Please, please ban me.

>> No. 159847 ID: 82f2ba
just try and obtain some self control
>> No. 159848 ID: cfb8a4
File 140718668171.gif - (1.11MB , 280x175 , flying on a cloud.gif )
Self control is overrated
>> No. 159850 ID: 80ce7e
I just
it's holidays

No one I know is telling me to leave any boards.
I have 24 hours of free time everyday.
Everything I do is backed by 0 willpower

I need some support or something. I managed to stop posting for maybe 1 day but then came back. 2 days on MLPchan.
I just keep coming back
>> No. 159859 ID: 5fe8c9
It isn't, but anyways CUTE .gif!
>> No. 159862 ID: cfb8a4
File 140719128607.gif - (62.69KB , 108x179 , shakey shake.gif )
That was sarcasm. And it certainly is cute.
>> No. 159863 ID: 8e68fb
File 140723031301.jpg - (49.75KB , 600x400 , 140717362735.jpg )
Is it actually broke?
>> No. 159864 ID: a5820e
>> No. 159865 ID: 8e68fb
File 140724005152.png - (72.39KB , 648x458 , Screenshot from 2014-08-05 23:56:06.png )
This image is oddly different from the rest which have been posted on iPhone. Just noting that, not sure why
>> No. 159866 ID: 20c03d
That's because you didn't post it on an iphone.
>> No. 159867 ID: 8e68fb
But I didn't post it, it's the post I linked, which I assumed was you and an iPhone? Could be rong
>> No. 159868 ID: 20c03d
File 140724326441.jpg - (66.57KB , 600x400 , image.jpg )
Huh. Maybe they saved >>159696 or >>159701 on an iPhone, and not the original gyropedia file. The point of those images were that if anyone saved the gyropedia version on a phone, then the resulting image would be banned.

Testing to see if saving the iOS version ON iOS causes a double negative or whatever.
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