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No. 159788 ID: 5d4f9b
How do you 'unanchor' posts?
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>> No. 159790 ID: 9df1af
File 140706136943.png - (275.41KB , 540x526 , Angel dash.png )
Report the thread asking for the anchor to be removed. Alternatively if it's already reported, report a post within that thread.

Last edited at Sun, Aug 3rd, 2014 03:23

>> No. 159802 ID: 5d4f9b
File 140708532830.png - (47.64KB , 1262x529 , 1837283593.png )
>>40976044 is unrelated, but this was the problem when I was accused of 'scrap-posting' by sage. Hope you understand this.
>> No. 159807 ID: 5d4f9b
It's done.
Look at the red circle in my image. Someone said it was on 'autosage':
I said >>40976440 for that reason. Is that ok?
>> No. 159808 ID: 5d4f9b
Just click on the threadlinks & you will understand what I mean. My thread is attacked by sage but it will be off the autosage anchor.
>> No. 159810 ID: 2aec39
File 140709226839.png - (182.94KB , 443x451 , Is this nigger serious.png )
>he's still complaining about that ban
>> No. 159811 ID: f4c6f5
File 140709343841.jpg - (15.93KB , 267x315 , e42.jpg )
>I want my bitch-about-my-ban-from-a-different-imageboard thread taken off autosage just so I can continue complaining about it.

Seriously dude, do you not have anything better to do than whine and complain endlessly about a stupid ban? From a totally different imageboard altogether?

Are you actually this stupid?

Last edited at Sun, Aug 3rd, 2014 12:25

>> No. 159815 ID: cfb8a4
File 140709459511.jpg - (19.87KB , 510x720 , 33a.jpg )
For the record, I'm not going to de-autosage it
take it to the site in question
>> No. 159816 ID: 2f9d2a
File 140709785438.png - (21.46KB , 1344x102 , 140617073943.png )
This cap is oddly highly related. Seriously, why are you complaining about your ban here?
>> No. 159835 ID: 5fe8c9
No, it isn't. What I was saying was about the red circle in the image.
>> No. 159836 ID: 5fe8c9
I'm not complaining about an unrelated post here, it's supposed to be a de-autosage thread.
>> No. 159855 ID: 5fe8c9
File 140718904812.png - (124.70KB , 908x376 , 135403893056.png )
Hope you understand it a little bit more.
>> No. 159869 ID: cfb8a4
That means that the thread can't be bumped back to the top of the thread like unautosaged threads when you post in it. We aren't going to take that off.
>> No. 159870 ID: 2f9d2a
File 140727048894.jpg - (127.24KB , 900x1165 , 138891644413.jpg )
And I'm saying with all these baby tears of yours over getting banned somewhere else is pathetic.

See this post here:

Seriously, I wouldn't come here to bitch if I got banned from another imageboard.
>> No. 159871 ID: 82f2ba
can we ban the guy complaining so that he will go to another site and complain about being banned from here instead, as he did with the first ban
>> No. 159878 ID: 2d2054
>> No. 159880 ID: cfb8a4

He hasn't really done it since making this thread, there's no real point in doing it now
>> No. 159972 ID: 2fc41d
Push it aside, everyone.
>> No. 159973 ID: 2fc41d
>de-autosage thread
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