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159872 No. 159872 ID: 629954
i saw this idea earlier and i thought it was good so......
why dont we have a board like /jp/
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>> No. 159875 ID: 2aec39
File 140732654688.png - (190.46KB , 506x411 , And then there's THIS asshole.png )
Because at the moment, we have too many boards as it is. We don't have nearly enough activity to keep all of those boards active, much less make another one.
>> No. 159876 ID: 3bb89e
95% of the image boards are already about anime
>> No. 159877 ID: 2d2054
Because this is Ponychan.

If you want to talk about anime (which, BTW, isn't what /jp/ is for), start a thread about it on /oat/ and prepare to get swarmed with posts about Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Bakemonogatari (which seem to be the only series in general aside from, obviously, MLP (in before someone misreads this post and thinks that I'm implying that it's an anime). that /oat/ can agree on).
>> No. 159882 ID: f4c6f5
>more boards

Yeah, no thanks.
>> No. 159884 ID: 431baf
File 140735979460.jpg - (55.49KB , 786x713 , Angel 29.jpg )
Because there is not enough demand for it.
Because nobody has asked an admin directly for it.
Because i dont think that the people who like /jp/ would want to come here.
Because we have about as much to do with otaku culture as a True Scotsman™ has to do with fine dining.
>> No. 159904 ID: 18c212
mlp isnt anime you sperg
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