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159891 No. 159891 ID: af273c
Hey, remember when this place first begun all of the unnecessary board splittings, on top of board specific rules being heavily enforced? Why was that such a horrible idea? It’s probably because the so-called ‘communities’ didn’t define the content in their boards, the mods did.

That being said, I’m not going to bother explaining why boards like /good/ for example, should be deleted. I’m pretty sure that decision will be completely unanimous when it finally gets axed, if it already isn’t right now and we’re simply waiting for an admin to approve of its removal. Because their community does a good job at defining itself, by being entirely nonexistent.

But then I hear people saying that boards like say, /fic/ or /collab/ should be deleted, or even /pic/, under the principle that it’ll help streamline content into boards that can perhaps serve its purpose better. Then the argument I often hear against it is that the board’s remaining dedicated users won’t refuge at a different board, but instead will just leave altogether. The credibility of those points doesn’t really concern me so much. In fact, whenever this argument arises at all, the biggest concern I have is that no one really looks beyond those two options, despite how endless the possibilities really are.

Who is to say that creating and deleting boards are our only methods to keep traffic healthy on an imageboard at all? As a site runner for any imageboard, for that matter, are you really trying to give these communities a sense of unique purpose by opening up a new blank board that will be generated from the same template that has the same functionality and appearance as the rest of the site? This is why I always found it facepalm-worthy back on 4chan when people would practically shit themselves when moot would open a new board, as if it were some divine, holier-than-thou site ritual. First you have the community trying to find a purpose, then you have mods providing support by enforcing rules without being too intrusive (hopefully), then you have, well, a board template that’s both visually and functionally identical as the rest of the site. Personally I’d go as far as to say that this is an inherent flaw in the nature of how imageboards work. As far as I’ve seen here, there’s really no “wow” to opening a new board, nor is it innovative. It’s just a pull strategy to account for when there’s demand for one.

I take /pic/ as an excellent example here. It raises the question as to where the former traffic went from /pic/ when there’s no other *chan that serves a purpose like it. Most of them probably found derpibooru to be more worthwhile. For what purpose /pic/ serves, its UI is hideous. Look at all of that unused whitespace you get when you make your window maximized, and the lack of a search engine on the front page (despite that often being the very first thing you do to find images unless you already know exactly where it is) and the lack of a way to conveniently save multiple files at a time. It has lots of potential of competing with some boorus out there, as imageboards are by design much, much faster than boorus will ever be. Not to mention that the least relevant content still gets pruned so there’s no costly commitments involved. Pity that you don’t see much developer attention there.

And even on /art/, despite it being a board to share, critique and discuss artwork, and despite this being an imageboard, it lacks the support of the svg file format. Though that requires html sanitizing, you’re still missing an opportunity to provide artists with scalable vectors - a feature that’s without a doubt serves a great use for artists (you know, since the whole show’s animation is vector art to begin with).

Remember the Trello on /meta/? I noticed that the one flaw was that the mods had a lack of a motive to use it. And I don’t point that out to belittle the staff (you guys do an excellent job as far as I’m concerned) I just mention that to serve a point. No one ever used the trello because it was redundant. You had a to-do list inside a board that already serves as your to-do list. Why not provide some of trello’s ideal features over here? Such as maybe a green check mark icon that marks threads as resolved that specifically on this board only replaces the sage anchor? Then maybe increase the bump limit to 500 and put more emphasis on marking threads as resolved? Personally I don’t believe there is a negative effect on necrobumping in this board as long as the thread hasn’t been resolved yet.

/pony/ already gets a decent amount of attention, though I’ve noticed that other boards outside this one get a lot of posts triggering the episode abbreviation parser out of context. Though I’m surprised no one’s implemented hashtags in this board. It gets lots of serious discussion that could warrant better organization efforts.

I’m not much of a poster on /rp/, but I’ll throw in this suggestion. I noticed that greentext has been the universal tool of choice for both mid-ooc conversation as well as action commands, and ironically, everything that isn’t greentext is assumed to represent dialogue. Considering that this was likely the first imageboard to feature roleplay at a large scale, what’s keeping us from setting the standard for it? What if for this specific board, we adopted IRC’s “emote” command (/me) and used it for declaring actions? It’ll take the poster’s name, including the text decoration followed by the action in “grey text”, or text with an opacity of somewhere around 0.7-ish. I’m thinking that maybe the ooc double parenthesis practice should also have a special role in /rp/ but I can’t think of any ways it could as of now.

I didn’t have any suggestions for /collab/ until I stumbled upon this site (which has its own thread on that board by the way) which despite its almost non-existent name recognition seems to have a sense of utility miles away from that of /collab/ at its current state. No, I’m not suggesting that we replace the board as an application with a project listing site model. I’m suggesting that you adapt the board model to feature a degree of organization that’s compatible for an imageboard. For starts, you could implement tags there. Maybe even some system tags that represent the type of help the user asks for (helper, one-time, feedback) that presents an option to later provide updates as to what is already filled and what is still needed.

I’m sure there are plenty of other suggestions out there to better serve their purpose, but those were mine above. Hopefully, that’ll be enough to “break the ice” so to speak. Maybe even if some of these suggestions become a reality, we could possibly grant more leeway from board specific rules and simply let the user be the judge more often, thus granting the user more freedom without really losing anything in return.

Oh, and lastly, board specific themes! (Okay maybe not board specific, but maybe board category specific?)

Last edited at Wed, Aug 6th, 2014 19:26

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>> No. 159903 ID: e537c3
You have some great ideas I'd like to see implemented and every single one of them seems feasible and not too resource intensive (which I view as a necessity) and could be done with simple html/javascript.

I like every single one of these ideas, and now that we have an active coder we could do them
>> No. 159905 ID: 431baf
File 140740627470.gif - (58.49KB , 233x324 , Productivity.gif )
10/10 post.
Described problems and provided solutions.
Hopefully zeke will be able to start working on it soon.

>And even on /art/, despite it being a board to share, critique and discuss artwork, and despite this being an imageboard, it lacks the support of the svg file format. Though that requires html sanitizing, you’re still missing an opportunity to provide artists with scalable vectors - a feature that’s without a doubt serves a great use for artists (you know, since the whole show’s animation is vector art to begin with).
There's also the option of enabling the Oekaki feature on the board, so people can draw things in-browser.
I tried to do that while i had the admin tag, but something was broken on the code side, probably just a missing script.
>> No. 159910 ID: a6e153
File 140745835276.png - (309.91KB , 666x720 , 132691434891.png )
These are the kinds of things I could only dream of would happen.

One thing I've thought of for pic would be for it to be like a searchable filesharing service, sort of like the old /rs/ board on 4chan. This way people would have a reason to use /pic/ over derpibooru.
Can't comment on the other changes much as I haven't really thought about those boards but they sound fantastic.
>> No. 159911 ID: a6e153
File 140745885377.png - (96.89KB , 311x306 , Screen Shot 2012-11-14 at 9_21_08 PM.png )
>Zeke has done more since he's been a mod than any of the admins have done in over a year
>> No. 159912 ID: 45db28
File 140745962797.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )
All solid ideas that I've been thinking about for a long time, but couldn't really do anything with. Perhaps now, though, they'll be able to be applied.
>> No. 159914 ID: 431baf
File 140746161014.png - (126.41KB , 592x332 , Behold the fruits of my college education_.png )
Doing more than i did isnt exactly a difficult thing, i think he's currently on par with the previous sweetie bot in terms of "Total Shit accomplished."

Scratch that, i just got reminded of all the shit Sweetie bot V1.0 did, which is probably on par with inkwell but it's 3AM and i cant be arsed to actually compare all the total shit that's been accomplished on this site because it tends to depress me if i add timeframes.

Last edited at Thu, Aug 7th, 2014 19:07

>> No. 159916 ID: 82f2ba

no strike to zeke but that's not exactly hard to accomplish
>> No. 159917 ID: a6e153
I know it wasn't difficult, it was more a cur to the admins than a compliment to Zeke, though he has been doing a fantastic job.
>> No. 159963 ID: cfb8a4
File 140769616947.png - (128.55KB , 500x549 , 1392609832864.png )
As soon as my stupid VM starts working, you'll see a lot more improvements, since I'll be able to do things without fear of blowing stuff up.
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