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File 140768755192.png - (1.62KB , 342x117 , huwdert.png )
159956 No. 159956 ID: 93ea14
How do you get a Desktop Pony?
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>> No. 159957 ID: 93ea14
Just on this site? Is this an easter egg or something?
>> No. 159958 ID: 6f818a
Desktop Derpy will show up every once in a while as an easter egg of sorts, not sure if there's a way to force her to appear, though.
>> No. 159959 ID: 6572ab
You have to clap your hands real hard and believe.
>> No. 159960 ID: 93ea14
The best bit was your 'rainbow' text, how do you get this to work?
>> No. 159961 ID: 6f818a
You have to clap your hands real hard and believe.
>> No. 159965 ID: 431baf
File 140769878452.png - (179.74KB , 440x352 , Fucking pegasi showboaters_.png )
Click this to go to the relevant /collab/ thread, you can download them there.
>> No. 159970 ID: 2fc41d
How do you do different text types?
>> No. 159971 ID: 2fc41d
Pushed C40976044 aside because I felt happy with Derpy after refreshing post texts.

Last edited at Sun, Aug 10th, 2014 16:17

>> No. 159974 ID: 2fc41d
CHat, obviously.
>> No. 159975 ID: 2fc41d
Refresh the page is one.
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