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File 140776394543.png - (18.29KB , 220x312 , 21.png )
159979 No. 159979 ID: 950afd
Dear /Meta/

With sorrow I have to report here about increasing amounts of drugs/illegal substances discussions on our beloved board /oat/.

It makes me worry. I heard it's legal to use drugs called as weed on Washington, that's why people consider it's OKAY to talk about coke, LSD and other stuff.

Maybe I can understand why there is weed discussion about tripping , because rules said it's allowed due Washington law. But really. We have underage posters, we have people from other states/countries where weed is not allowed. It disturbing them. (Mostly me)

Can we move weed discussion to >>>/chat/ or to >>>/420blazeit/

And what should we do about LSD, acid, heroin, chem overdose and other drugs discussions? (Not weed)

Last edited at Mon, Aug 11th, 2014 06:53

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>> No. 160076 ID: 82f2ba
File 140778580942.jpg - (340.54KB , 744x1052 , 41c332c59f683869436e77c33b827ce2.jpg )

i sort of get what you're saying, but a "chill ban" isnt going to help someone's drug habit dude. yeah, it'll get them out of your face so you dont have to watch it but they're still gonna be fucked up

i dont like having to see that stuff any more than you do, but banning people isnt a method of solving it
>> No. 160077 ID: 35506f
You both care about Sam in your own way so stop throwing insults at each other and do whatever you want to do about it.

I think we all agree that what we want is not just straight out ban people in situations like these, but make sure that they happen as little as they can, try to speak them into acting rationally, and then keeping themselves in an appropriate place while they partake in whatever drug usage they're taking part in.

I mean shit, both of you are wanting to help Sam -and- accusing the other side of not wanting to help her out. Can't you see that?
>> No. 160078 ID: 2beab5
No honestly I think MBP is worth less than the shit I took this morning and yelling more about rules than Sam, and when someone's having issues like this and all they can think of is shoving it to the side then I start wondering how they don't puke when they see a mirror.

Anyway, I think I said everything I have to say and calling a worthless piece of shit a worthless piece of shit isn't going to do much, especially when the dumb slav can't comprehend a sentence I say. Also god damn digging through all these old contacts is a pain, I can't even remember who used to go by what.
>> No. 160079 ID: 3bb89e
File 140778671714.png - (156.63KB , 453x451 , now.png )
I know it's pretty useless to tell you this, but please focus on getting in contact with Sam and if you want to add to a discussion, stick to the discussion itself.

Flailing at OP with insults doesn't add anything useful. Stick to your arguments on topic and if you're getting pissed off, take a break from the thread.

Anyways. I agree for my own, bans in this can never be the right answer. Though I do hope we won't keep getting druggie thread after druggie thread.
>> No. 160080 ID: 35506f
Oh gee fuckin' whizz, I sure love when one friend of mine throws a heavy insult at another friend of mine.
You -can- talk about the issue at hand -and- try to help Sam out at the same time. My guess though is that she doesn't know Sam as well as you do, so it makes sense that you're acting closer to Sam than MBP is. It's the same reason I drew myself away from the situation; because I realized it's better to let others with better connections handle it.
>> No. 160081 ID: fc79f3
File 140778740268.png - (93.35KB , 388x316 , 48.png )
well, sorrrrry
>> No. 160082 ID: 2beab5
Skype is being a cunt and I have a headache, working on it.
>> No. 160083 ID: d2e7ed
File 140778758943.png - (564.71KB , 1092x1052 , 1198.png )
You need to stop with the insults, m8

We take that sort of action in case of suicide threads comming up.
But i was talking about warning mostly.
You probably forgot the direction of the thread.
It's not just few days in a row. It's daily
It's bothering me.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 11th, 2014 13:11

>> No. 160084 ID: 581daa
Yeah I get that you're frustrated but calling people worthless is kinda uncalled for.

This thread does suck though, it's our semi-regular "please remove thing I don't like/understand" thread.

The morals of having a site open for kids but meant for adults to be able to discuss adult things freely are definitely not right when stuff like this comes up, so we really should just stop allowing kids to post here. I honestly think that's the best solution. But then that would also open this whole other Pandora's Box of "Ok now why can't we post porn?" that nobody wants.
>> No. 160085 ID: 82f2ba

A suicide threat is universally bad and you can give people easy access to materials that help them immediately with hotlines, etc. it being closed it primarily because we as people are not qualified to help anyone in such an unstable condition

we cannot send drugposters to rehab or get them to detox. the two situations are not even close to comparable and it's admittedly a little bit disgusting that you're comparing someone on the verge of putting a bullet in their brain to someone who's high on whatever the fuck.
>> No. 160086 ID: 82f2ba

if you made this site 18+ and actually went about enforcing it then you'd probably lose a massive chunk of your traffic. that's a horrible idea
>> No. 160087 ID: 3bb89e
File 140778794799.png - (114.45KB , 316x351 , let's play ball.png )
You probably could give me a list of threads that have explicitly handled the use of hard drugs?

Meh, I think kids should be welcome anyways, but at their own discretion as they will be faced with "adult talk".
>> No. 160088 ID: fc79f3
is this because of starshines AMA yesterday?
>> No. 160089 ID: 35506f
No, Sam is tripping balls as we speak
>> No. 160090 ID: fc79f3
File 140778832924.png - (147.40KB , 288x588 , 125.png )
oh, well my opinion on that is, if its a thread specially about drug use. like the topic itself being that, i can see the issue

but if it's just casual talk (in a regular thread) about smoking a blunt or drinking, i dont see the big deal
>> No. 160091 ID: 2beab5
Thread where we talked about drugs for a couple of posts before MBP whined, we mentioned it wasn't against the rules, thread happened and something about a battlefield invitation.

Honestly, jousting would have been way cooler.

Oh, and anyone have Sam's skype? I don't know if I cleared it out when I cleaned up like a year ago but I can't tell who the shit's who in my old skype. I'm on bubble.berry right now
>> No. 160092 ID: d2e7ed
We get threads saged really quickly. I can't bring back them from list 12 or so.
Going to bed for now. See you here tomorrow

Last edited at Mon, Aug 11th, 2014 13:24

>> No. 160093 ID: 89c198
File 140778853532.jpg - (57.16KB , 1041x993 , 147.jpg )
The only one who is worthless in this whole situation is you. Really first of all you doesn't even consider other feelings then Sam...She or he isn't the only person with freaking problems in the world you know. MBP had a lot of her own problems so don't you even dare talking shit like that ever again to her when you don't even know anything.

Second learn some empathy for everyone not the only person you care about cus really that just make you look like a huge dick.

Third I didn't see MBP even said single insult to anyone, She is always polite and has a lot of empathy so really learn from her.
>> No. 160094 ID: 35506f
I have her but not sure if she still uses or anything, not talked with her for a long while
>> No. 160095 ID: 35506f
Also she is offline
>> No. 160096 ID: fc79f3
lol that thread

<look kewl i am guise, i am trippin' bawls hahaha xD
>> No. 160097 ID: 89c198
File 140778871874.png - (342.69KB , 1683x931 , 127953 - Artist Shamrock Dapper distinguished monocle pinkie_pie.png )
>> No. 160098 ID: 82f2ba
File 140778877352.jpg - (269.28KB , 953x744 , 862bc6b1d2a5c08c879773d7fcadc8ab.jpg )

she is, however, the only person whose problems are actually tangential to the thread that is currently taking place.

he was mean to berry punch and stuff and that was uncalled for, but dont perpetuate it and actually focus on what is going on
>> No. 160099 ID: d2e7ed
It's not because of your or starshine's ama. I made this thread after I found another drugs generals. Sadly shortly after it our oat poster started overdosing meds.
>> No. 160100 ID: fc79f3
File 140778895706.png - (84.53KB , 218x452 , 280.png )
yeah i just saw. fair enough. i feel ya, buddy

heres my opinion on the matter >>160090
>> No. 160102 ID: 89c198
File 140778921829.jpg - (37.06KB , 811x816 , 117.jpg )
Truth enough thought you don't really know is she write truth or just seek attention cus really if someone would triping I am pretty sure it would be too hard to write stuff like
"I am vibrating
Everything is shaking "
So yeah.... my second thought is what can you really do about it? If she want do it she will do it and talking won't change anything. You guys are not professional psychologies or anything....
so answer is nothing so yeah....
Sorry for being so honest but really worrying about someone thought internet is kind pointless unless you have her/his address and you can call someone to get them help.
>> No. 160104 ID: 431baf
File 140779104473.png - (97.49KB , 386x238 , Miss Dash, I am neither a stallion, nor a brony, so though I appreciate your offer, I cannot cum.png )
Here's a personal opinion:

Ponychan, and it's moderators by extension, are not your mother.

The site is not responsible for the shit you do as a result of interacting with it.

Sexual threads are moved because reasons.

Threads about drug use are not moved because they do not break the rules as explained by people more knowledgeable than me about the fact, in this very thread.

If a child see's people talking about drugs on here and decides to try some, i can understand the viewpoint of ponychan being at fault for that.
However, i also reserve the right to call and/or think of you as a dingbat for sincerely having that viewpoint, when the actual people at fault are the child's parents and/or guardians.

If a child hears a news story about the effects of drug use and decides to try drugs based on that, is the news station at fault?
>> No. 160106 ID: 82f2ba
File 140779266708.jpg - (316.62KB , 877x620 , 9f2f0e8ff35c9b5a4c38c266d96c0fc6.jpg )

I dunno if people were arguing about the accountability of ponychan so much as "I don't want people to be doing this in general on here"

It's a bit different than a news station in that this is supposed to be a pretty close-knit group of dudes on here. In a lot of cases, I've seen it displayed that people will indeed follow the leader when it comes to a situation like that, as "friends" on the internet are a lot more interpersonal a source than say, a news station, or a movie, or a video game. It just comes down to "real people" that you know saying things always seeming a lot more enticing and acceptable than a random stranger or whatever

I still don't support banning it because I think it's a lost cause and to effectively do it you'd have to ban a ton of other stuff, but I totally see where people are coming from
>> No. 160107 ID: 522231
File 140779273397.png - (269.12KB , 614x429 , freedomwheels.png )
In Suemerica? Maybe.
>> No. 160108 ID: 431baf
File 140779305009.gif - (3.39MB , 1280x720 , Are you seriously practicing your yoga in front of the fillies.gif )
>"I don't want people to be doing this in general on here"
Well sucks to be them then, as it's entirely up to the admins what happens on here and to that i simply respond
>Admins caring about the site.

As for your other point;
I guess, but i once again point out the fact that it's not the responsibility of ponychan to look after 'the children' who should have been instilled with enough sense of self that they wont succumb to peer pressure over the Internet.

Spurdo pls.
>> No. 160111 ID: a6e153
I think banning discussion of drugs is silly, but for the love of god can we please get rid of the "Ghey pony stoner" threads? Can we move that to /gala/ or any place else? That would be wonderful.
>> No. 160112 ID: 82f2ba

they were gala-ified for awhile and im not entirely sure why that changed
>> No. 160113 ID: d2e7ed
File 140782450205.gif - (545.73KB , 500x400 , 1.gif )
>Ponychan will never rise you as her own dauther

We talked not only about kids! There is lot more of people that finds this subject disturbing.
op said not about banning them, just moving thread to more proper broard.
I still not sure where whole idea of banning goes. Here we only been discussing moving of threads
>> No. 160114 ID: d2e7ed
and we will be the one to blame if situation as yesterday repeats and the person that having overdose will not survive
>> No. 160115 ID: a6e153
Ponychan did not convince Sam to use drugs, I can pretty much guarantee that.
>> No. 160116 ID: d2e7ed
File 140782599331.gif - (1.88MB , 256x192 , MUHWVV4.gif )
ponychan could stop her. and make her think twice before doing it again here.

And still it's topic for other thread. Right now we are dealing with drugs generals.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 11th, 2014 23:57

>> No. 160117 ID: a6e153
She had been doing drugs before ponychan I'm pretty sure. Also I don't think it's Ponychan's job to stop her from using drugs.
>> No. 160118 ID: d2e7ed
File 140782678212.png - (23.90KB , 377x302 , shh.png )
Make a new thread about this and i'd gladly explain you what could ponychan do and why would it be ponychan's fault if anything bad happens
>> No. 160119 ID: 9e34d5
File 140783128326.jpg - (50.96KB , 703x395 , image.jpg )
... oh- i-i'm sorry guys.
I guess I'll clarify a few things and put a few of my opinions out there.
•I've been having a pretty rough past two years, from completely shitty health, moving far from friends/family, trying to cope with bad coping skills by using even worse coping skills, and (what caused the more recent over-the-top drug use) a sad mutually unwanted breakup.
•I don't think anyone should do the stupid shit I've done. Drugs or otherwise. It's dangerous and scary and drains fun out of doing anything while sober.
•I'm a girl. I've even got the little ♀ symbol. C'mon. srs guis.
•I was so completely out of it I didn't even know I had posted on the chan anytime after that thread on /oat/ about college books.
•I typically don't post and spout the "lol im high doodz" mentality because I hate it myself. I think I'd been doing so recently because I wanted to be a petty bitch and "get back" at sssssssomeone who hadn't wronged me in the first place. And prob'ly to find other people to have conversations with about this stuff.
•I don't use Skype anymore. I might someday, and if I do it'll be under a new name and all. Just so ya know.
•I never intentionally tried to kill myself with drugs, but I've hoped before. A couple times. and the recent trip i way over did it, went on for two days and this morning took +1,000mg with over 18,000mg guaf so... i was hoping a little more than usual.
•I'd like to say I'm done for good because of a realization/epiphany I had. I'm not addicted and my stubbornness/determination is pretty strong and even annoying at times. Mind over matter and all that. i know everyone says that but i don't have physical dependence and any mental dependence was from supreme boredom/depression. i've done hard runs like this before though not quite the same and been fine for months after
•I know I sounded like a total jackass and I wish I hadn't have posted it for the sake of others not being worried.
•I think drug discussion is fine, so long as it's primarily a sober conversation and not glorifying using drugs. Being a douchey person and posting "lel im high so fun" should warrant enough criticism and disdain from the posters that mods wouldn't need to control it. Mmhm.
•and thank you, to all you guys, caring and being concerned. I didn't mean to worry anyone.

If anyone still wants to contact me, I'll leave my email.
>> No. 160120 ID: 3bb89e
File 140783371975.png - (183.91KB , 384x383 , interesting.png )
I moved a bunch of those, especially when they were reported.

I probably would do this more often still if I find a thread labelled "ghey stoner thread".
I don't think it would be fair to simply remove all of Fleur's threads cause they're implied ghey stoner threads.

Meh, the messy thing is that if I do that it would be necessary, to be fair, to remove all social threads to /gala/. And I don't wanna go there to make a caricature of the rules.

If you see a ghey stoner thread that's not been moved, you can report it still.
>> No. 160121 ID: ceea5f
...oh my god is there seriously a symbol for female posters
I cant even
>> No. 160123 ID: 431baf
File 140784461774.png - (126.41KB , 592x332 , Behold the fruits of my college education_.png )
Hey, >>160122

♂ ♀
Alt + Numpad 11 / Alt + Numpad 12

Google "alt codes." they've been around for years.
>> No. 160124 ID: a098c9
holy shit on my phone it shows up as like, an image - not a text character. It shows up almost like the mod icons next to a mod tag.
>> No. 160133 ID: 8e68fb
File 140788668926.png - (387.69KB , 695x900 , Screenshot from 2013-10-12 15:04:55.png )
Haha wow, that'd be hilarious and amazingly disturbing. Can you cap it? I kinda wanna see.
>> No. 160134 ID: a098c9
File 140788801352.png - (324.55KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_2014-08-12-18-55-48.png )
>> No. 160135 ID: 6572ab
File 140788959216.png - (67.76KB , 894x894 , shaggy_dan_by_circusjirkus-d5agho9.png )
Yeah, everyone does stupid shit.
I have a hard time hopping on the intervention bandwagon because of all the shit I've personally done. It's your own body and you can do with it what you want.

I've had friends who have committed suicide for realzies. There isn't much you can do about it if they are dead set.
The only thing you can do is be there for them if they want to talk. I get that it might be annoying to listen to someone high, but if you're really concerned about someone killing themselves, it seems like the type of thing you would be willing to momentarily put up with.
>> No. 160158 ID: 2053e1
> It's your own body and you can do with it what you want.

Not to derail, but I would add that despite your body being your own, your life is intertwined with anyone you interact with and with people who also invested in you.

When you ruin yourself, you're bound to drag others with you and that is something you shouldn't overlook.
>> No. 160162 ID: 6572ab
File 140796453983.jpg - (49.20KB , 496x496 , imgmod_dan_0011_mr_mumbles_scared_with_dan.jpg )
>you're bound to drag others with you and that is something you shouldn't overlook.

Maybe to an extent emotionally, but
if someone is determined to spiral out into oblivion, there isn't a lot you or I can do to stop them. At some point, you got to let them do what they got to do.
If there's one thing you own in this life, its your own bag of meat. I can say "be careful, I care about you" if I'm assuming you haven't thought about the consequences, but the final choice is in the individual's hands.
>> No. 160166 ID: 3bb89e
File 140800561591.png - (265.11KB , 456x461 , I see that.png )
And as easy as it sounds to say "throw my body in a ditch", but people will likely want to pay for your funeral too. And if you don't got insurance for that, crudely stated, your death will be a real financial doozy.
>> No. 160423 ID: 45db28
File 140816105556.png - (55.15KB , 606x592 , Absolutely!.png )

If I drown myself in the river the police will have to come find me. The work they put forth will justify their jobs and make them money!
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