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160122 No. 160122 ID: 431baf
>"Make a new thread about this and i'd gladly explain you what could ponychan do and why would it be ponychan's fault if anything bad happens "

Okay, here you go.
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>> No. 160125 ID: a098c9
incidentally I actually did remember something recently about a kid some years ago who was taking drugs on cam and the viewers and people chatting were all like 'yeah cool lol do it mang' and he OD'd and his family sued
>> No. 160126 ID: a098c9
Oh shit I actually remember the story now.
My memory was fuzzy though, specific details there.

Man that was a much longer time ago than I thought. I feel old.
>> No. 160127 ID: a098c9
>invalid password
I thought for sure some of the controversy was some of the viewers encouraging him..
>> No. 160129 ID: 8e68fb
File 140787659086.png - (370.69KB , 834x900 , Screenshot from 2013-10-12 15:21:40.png )
whoa he ded on my birthday
>> No. 160130 ID: 2beab5
File 140787734412.png - (150.52KB , 402x371 , 5.png )
Oh god this is going to be hilarious.
>> No. 160183 ID: 18c212
MBP pls deliver
>> No. 160184 ID: 4d4f13
File 140808395433.png - (250.66KB , 800x800 , img21_wip_1.png )
People doing this "As Me Anything" kind of threads as suicide or I'm intoxicated just for the attention. As they tripping balls or bleeding they are making posts just to add some pressure on people that cares.
If person gets cut-off from the attention source whole thing goes off. And in the future would never make such thing on website again.
>> No. 160185 ID: 9e34d5
File 140809746550.jpg - (116.53KB , 770x678 , image.jpg )
... was... was that English?
>> No. 160195 ID: 3bb89e
File 140811693835.png - (121.34KB , 341x352 , did you know.png )
If posters are prevented to make threads/posts calling their intoxication to attention, they won't be able to mine the attention for themselves.

As such, since those threads would be removed, people will be less incited to get drunk and post about it, or even get drunk at all.


Drunken threads => attention
Ban drunken threads => no attention=> people will get drunk less

Or intoxicated.
>> No. 160200 ID: 2d2054
>Ban drunken threads => no attention=> people will get drunk less

I seriously doubt that banning those threads would cause people to get drunk less often. And I also doubt that they get drunk for the sole purpose of getting attention on the internet.
>> No. 160201 ID: 3bb89e
Probably not. It might help, though.

Meh, I don't think it would, really.
>> No. 160203 ID: 9d2f90
Drunk people should just go to >>/berry/
>> No. 160205 ID: f4c6f5

>that linked thread
>"ban/move the threads that I, and only I personally don't like plz!"

Or, OP (in that thread) could actually use this lovely feature this site has called the 'hide' feature.
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