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File 140790634891.png - (1.61MB , 680x701 , 90735__UNOPT__.png )
160140 No. 160140 ID: 35acf9
From now on, Orange will be serving the site in his preferred role as a dev.

This past year has been insane for me in real life. I apologize for never being around. In the coming days, I will be working on a plan to reorganize the site's administration so that my frequent and prolonged absences will not stand in the way of the site moving forward. (Hopefully at some point my absences will be less frequent and prolonged, too.) I will post more details once I have everything worked out.
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>> No. 160141 ID: 4b9ad2
File 140790685658.jpg - (116.85KB , 945x945 , 138737100823.jpg )
>## Owner ##
>not ## Co Owner ##
>> No. 160142 ID: 4c5a46
File 140790716843.png - (369.44KB , 1842x1500 , I see what you did there.png )
Dear Princess Celest-

>> No. 160143 ID: a6e153
>!!Luna and !!Twilight in the same thread
I feel as though Haley's Comet just passed through.
>> No. 160144 ID: 82f2ba
i'll believe it when i see it
>> No. 160145 ID: fcdc26
File 140790895427.gif - (108.04KB , 420x360 , zzzz.gif )
>> No. 160147 ID: 741c40
>> No. 160148 ID: 8e68fb
File 140790919335.png - (379.55KB , 650x900 , Screenshot from 2013-10-12 16:03:28.png )
>doing dev things
>> No. 160149 ID: e7b99c
File 140791315714.png - (756.18KB , 5000x3939 , scootaloo_vector_by_scrimpeh-d5m7tyb.png )
oh.. Astra switched to twolot

Mein mod when?
>> No. 160150 ID: 82f2ba
oh, thats astra? thank god, i thought flutterguy came back
>> No. 160151 ID: 45db28
File 140791361588.png - (22.93KB , 521x385 , 91882__safe_rule%252B63_sad_artist-colon-the%252Bweaver_snails_spice.png )

I haven't heard from Flutterguy in months now, and I'm unfortunately starting to assume the worst.

Also, there's basically literally no chance of Inkwell and Flutterguy randomly showing up on the same night.
>> No. 160152 ID: d6fe50
Thank you for acknowledging that. And as the "owner", you don't necessarily have to play a very active role - if there are others who do. It looks like things are promising on the technical side. Will there be a new admin to look after community management and moderation then?
>> No. 160153 ID: 883a8d
File 140791540652.png - (606.03KB , 1000x1000 , 140727196531.png )
>spacebar in trip
>18 characters in trip
Can you stick to !!Twilight? That looks better. Or at least go the !!TwilightSparkle route, it's more "classic" so to speak.
>> No. 160154 ID: 18c212
File 140792505722.png - (422.49KB , 680x472 , ayy 3.png )
>> No. 160155 ID: 4c5a46
File 140792809178.jpg - (300.30KB , 800x900 , Trilla Bout my scrilla.jpg )
No idea what happened to Flutterguy, hopefully he isn't dead or something else terrible.

Inkwell isn't around to answer this question, but the new changes in management will involve an active admin to manage both the community and moderators.

No, Classic or not the lack of space always annoys the shit out of me almost as much as not having full names does.
>> No. 160156 ID: 2053e1
File 140792979037.png - (188.67KB , 1024x925 , sad_twilight_by_uxyd-d5x4lyl.png )
>tfw no one will reply to your post with a textwall about psychology and neurobiology, containing no less than 3 links to scientific articles
>> No. 160157 ID: 3dc3c9
File 140793004493.jpg - (117.73KB , 1024x768 , Ship's_going_down.jpg )
>tfw /dis/ is a dying art
>> No. 160159 ID: ef443b

I really do want to know where he is
>> No. 160160 ID: 431baf
File 140793395099.jpg - (54.19KB , 472x512 , 136240173513.jpg )
>mfw i still have the highest number of tag changes.
Bitches aint got shit on my schizophrenia.
>> No. 160161 ID: 3a192a
File 140795137483.gif - (1.22MB , 360x240 , 1404203133071.gif )
>Inkwell post
#based #rare
>> No. 160163 ID: 3bb89e
File 140796471646.png - (110.65KB , 352x318 , everything is wonderful yay.png )
i hope... everything will be okay.
>> No. 160164 ID: 014a71
File 140796542259.jpg - (114.84KB , 515x626 , this is why you're wrong.jpg )
So long as something appropriately Nightmare Moon-ey happens on Halloween, I will be pleased.
>> No. 160165 ID: 8ccb8a
File 140797878722.png - (188.99KB , 1440x1920 , InCaseOfCrown_LQ.png )
>> No. 160167 ID: 3867aa
File 140802102573.png - (59.53KB , 362x360 , DJ-+-ILikeWhatISee.png )
I hope this works out for you all. Maybe we can start some cool projects!
>> No. 160179 ID: 45db28
File 140804871052.png - (176.75KB , 533x520 , 135000072306.png )

>Nightmare Moon-ey
>> No. 160181 ID: a6e153
File 140805822011.png - (414.97KB , 1280x720 , 132690691494.png )
u cheeky cunt
>> No. 160187 ID: 3bb89e
Youtube embed play button
We are gonna have to be planning fun things more often if we have some folks to code it.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 15th, 2014 05:51

>> No. 160188 ID: d2e7ed
File 140810914254.gif - (1.72MB , 300x170 , 140807557134.gif )
O hey this is awesome.
>> No. 160189 ID: 757b26
File 140810971725.png - (31.17KB , 159x156 , Screen Shot 2012-09-17 at 5_45_19 PM.png )
>We are gonna have to be planning fun things more often if we have some folks to code it.
ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEKE make fun things happen
>> No. 160191 ID: 9d2f90
File 140811346103.jpg - (80.77KB , 1024x1365 , berry_punch_on_the_right_by_brony_in_the_shadows-d5zzrst.jpg )
Nah. Orange is finally finishing his project that he created on Feb. 27, 2011. He didn't realize after he activated the kill switch, his code would get buried and wrapped in a pile of auto-generated pasta code from Kusaba X. It's literally taken him this long to sort through all of the pasta code and get his kill switch into working order again. So basically, we're all fucked.
>> No. 160193 ID: 3bb89e
File 140811673814.png - (199.16KB , 421x460 , go on.png )
So, I read Orange, fucking and all of us in the same sentence.

Ponychan international orgy?
>> No. 160194 ID: 9d2f90
File 140811679793.jpg - (139.51KB , 786x1017 , berry_punch_by_equestria_art_studio-d7ilau9_png.jpg )
Let's do it.
>> No. 160196 ID: a098c9
man if said staff change isn't fen being made admin again i'll be sorely disappointed.
>> No. 160197 ID: 3bb89e
File 140813219934.png - (266.38KB , 725x1190 , owlboner.png )
>> No. 160198 ID: ef443b
Honestly fen isn't around as much as I'd want the admin to be.

Though I'd like it for it to be that if that was changed
>> No. 160204 ID: a098c9
Nah man, I usually see him once a day or so.
And I mean, in any event, regardless it's infinitely more present than the current situation.
>> No. 160208 ID: 431baf
File 140815117523.png - (445.10KB , 580x700 , 132691231981.png )
Even if i were admin there's not much that requires me to be around 24/7, i'm not capable of fixing any code emergencies that crop up or doing fun little things like adding a new wordfilter for an hour or so.
That was actually a pretty big problem during the brief time i was admin last, since things would just get bottlenecked due to orange not doing anything or by him not agreeing with me, so i pretty much just disappeared instead of being the easy target for "Why isnt shit getting done?" questions.
I also tried to word that as polite as possible, but i'm sick and tired (Literally, not the expression for once) so eh.
That was a part of the reason i was happy inkwell got hired, since a code-monkey with time on their hands was a god-send at that point.
Then shit happened and here we are again.
I swear to god if Sweetie bot 2.0 becomes Cadence and joins the cult of reclusive admins i declare this site cursed, will exorcise my computer of it's resident demons and go join a monastery in the Himalayas.
>> No. 160210 ID: ef443b
Yeah, its unnecessary at times to be here when you have zeke to do the big coding jobs. I'll agree.
>> No. 160396 ID: 45db28
File 140815933529.png - (37.79KB , 274x303 , Oh it's this again.png )

There isn't a change that could be made that won't sorely disappoint at least a few people, if not many. There is not a single configuration that will please even a real majority.


The question comes up of what an admin's really supposed to do in the first place. Answers may vary.

Personally, I think admins should be around for the majority of the site's decision making. A solitary defining force that comes down whenever a contested question appears. It is useful in that sense to be here as often as possible, since some of said disputes will crop up and need immediate attention. Really, though, as has been said, anyone who can at least respond to emails every day would be an improvement.
>> No. 160426 ID: 4e78f3
File 140816135729.png - (356.70KB , 454x603 , xg7HaX8s.png )
It can be argued that it's bad for a leader to be around all the time, that is to say, around for the initial arguments. Once the fight dwindled and people are just waiting to hear their "final-form"/refined arguments, there's much less arguments.

Also, the decision-maker is less bias because he wasn't invested in either argument during the initial brainstorm process.
>> No. 160433 ID: 45db28
File 140816210423.png - (30.34KB , 200x303 , Five dollars.png )

That's certainly a valid opinion. I think my largest issue with that approach is that it's hard to set up. For it to really work, you'd have to have someone who's never here, ever, and only shows up on rare occasions to check an inbox of complaints that popped up while they were gone. Otherwise there's gonna be times that they're accidentally around for an argument from beginning to end, negating the benefit. What's important is having someone who can successfully remove themselves from bias and objectively examine both sides of a situation, and then deliver a swift verdict so that the issue gets resolved, rather than coming back later and slamming down an answer after the proverbial damage has been done.
>> No. 160443 ID: 4e78f3
File 140816297193.png - (489.31KB , 1000x1080 , 140727438697.png )
Or just somebody who comes online for an hour or two a night. Plenty of time to digest the information and whatnot.
>> No. 160445 ID: 45db28
File 140816314228.png - (38.78KB , 400x390 , I thought that was the point.png )

I would count that as never here.
>> No. 160504 ID: 9d1287
File 140822177669.png - (238.95KB , 900x700 , 1407951329949.png )
>every day for an hour or two
>never here
Do you have to live on Ponychan in order to be considered a part of it nowadays?
>> No. 160506 ID: 4e78f3
File 140822219354.png - (76.91KB , 262x221 , 140727939974.png )
Yeah you don't need to be online any more than two hours a day. As long as you do have the time to address everything that happened today - private messages, decision-making, concerns, etc - there is really nothing more that a non-technical admin would need to do. Which is usually two hours a day, but that's really the minimum.
>> No. 160508 ID: 45db28
File 140824394189.png - (57.90KB , 330x347 , I'm not so sure this was a good idea.png )

I'm just sayin', if you only step in for an hour or two a day, and you spend all that time going over reports and arguments, when are you ever going to see and use the board? If my boss at work only came in two hours a day and spent all their time up in their office and never saw any customers or actually observed what we were doing, I'd be pretty underwhelmed, to say the least.


I maintain that anyone on staff, and especially the admins, should be someone who uses the board. I mean, if we're really only requiring them to come on for an hour a day so we can force them to work, we should just outsource the whole job to India. What's even the point anymore?

No, for the administrator to make the decisions and choices they need to make, they need to spend time mingling with the users, not just come on and fix problems once a day. This isn't something that just anyone can decide to do in their free time, it's a major comittment, it's gonna take effort and you're gonna have to put some time in. If you've got a job and a life and you're gonna spend all your time working on that then...isn't Inkwell just fine? Would anyone have ever even asked for a change? I'd say, at minimum, everyone on the staff should really be around for at least four hours a day, if not eight or more. Barring special occasions, of course. You get sick, your grandma dies, you want to go to the movies with your friends, shit happens, but I'm talking on average, here. If on average you're busy for 22 hours of the day, you ain't got the free time to try to run a website. Just lay that out flat right now.
>> No. 160510 ID: e3f87a
>absentee adminship is actually a good thing
>> No. 160511 ID: cfb8a4
The admin, not the mods
>> No. 160521 ID: d6fe50
The admin still needs to be around regularly, though, which hasn't been the case. Ponychan has long had a problem with not being able to get things done because the admin isn't around.

It feels like it shouldn't require as much time as that, but it was certainly more time than I could afford myself. Splitting off the technical responsibilities should help though, and hopefully things are a bit more settled now than they were, on the whole.
>> No. 160522 ID: 4e78f3
I don't recall there ever being a problem in your case, since you were online daily even if barely, no?
>> No. 160524 ID: 45db28
File 140828307614.png - (30.34KB , 200x303 , Five dollars.png )

I'd say it's less that it requires that much time, because I think the minimum really is just showing up every day and making sure nothing burned down. I think more in an ideal sense, though, you can't really go wrong with more time. And I might be projecting a little, but I don't think four hours is a whole lot to ask for. Personally, I get home from work, hit Ponychan, and then I'm here for probably six hours straight. On my days off, barring a lunch with some friends or something, I'm probably just on Ponychan for 16 hours of the day. Sometimes fitting some video games in here and there, but other times just caught up in a bunch of different threads that entertain me for the whole evening.

Now I don't expect people to do that, I don't expect people to be me, but that doesn't even require real effort on my part, that's just a baseline thing that happens. Being on Ponychan is my default state, it's where I go when things are not interfering. What I'm saying is an admin should want to be here. They should want to spend as much time on the site as possible, and I'm not sure what people do with their lives where they couldn't be online and probably posting somewhere for at least a few hours a day. Again, not counting some off days where they've got random important stuff that pops up, but just on their usual 9-5 workdays.

If the admins don't want to be here, then they won't be. It'll just be a side project that they check in on sometimes to keep it going. And as far as minimums go, maybe that's okay and that's all a site needs, but I think we should expect more than the minimum from people.
>> No. 160525 ID: d6fe50
Helping the team to get things done was the motivation, yes. I was around every day, but it took more time than I could afford with other commitments, which became a problem.

I agree that, particularly to be good at community management, you ought to have time to spend as part of the community rather than just checking in, yes. That works for keeping things running, but the disconnect isn't great for making decisions that affect the community. It was certainly a weak point of mine.
>> No. 160535 ID: 3867aa
File 140831303357.png - (259.24KB , 1131x1130 , DJ-+-Nerd.png )
I volunteer!!!!!
>> No. 160538 ID: 6d5c8d
File 140833367937.png - (158.79KB , 481x466 , 131431765997.png )
>I swear to god if Sweetie bot 2.0 becomes Cadence and joins the cult of reclusive admins i declare this site cursed, will exorcise my computer of it's resident demons and go join a monastery in the Himalayas.
Alcohol works, too.
>> No. 160539 ID: 45db28
File 140833689481.png - (24.71KB , 665x868 , 327712__safe_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack.png )

Well yeah, that's what they do in Himalayan monasteries, right?
>> No. 160540 ID: 6d5c8d
Given that it drops your core body temperature significantly, that sounds dangerous to do in the Himalayas.
>> No. 160651 ID: 49b5fb
File 140849800341.png - (142.47KB , 444x442 , 133088843972.png )
I keep forgetting that's a thing. Everytime I would step in there I always found myself severely outclassed. I should hold myself to like, at least one post per week and see where that gets me.

I'm down
>> No. 160654 ID: 45db28
File 140849879610.png - (49.75KB , 599x600 , 114897__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_zebra_ice+pack.png )

I kinda stepped out of /dis/ because most of the posts were in 100 post threads.

And this isn't like other boards where the posts were a sentence long, each one was a few paragraphs with some links to scientific articles for extra reading.

If I want to discuss things, I just hit up /chat/ or /oat/. It's easier and more fun to get the brief opinions of the masses, and it's not impossible to still have a nice in depth discussion with someone if they're around for it.

There was a point when /dis/ was my main board, though. Rough times, but still fond memories.
>> No. 160680 ID: 424c41
>> No. 160771 ID: 35acf9
File 140910900262.png - (94.71KB , 458x471 , 132623316592.png )
Just an update. The staff reorganization was a bit less cut-and-dry than I had expected, but discussions to finalize the plan are ongoing and almost settled.
>> No. 160781 ID: 45db28
File 140910977164.gif - (23.06KB , 143x130 , 138345697073.gif )

[Anticipation Intensifies]
>> No. 161507 ID: ef443b
[Anticipation Wanes]
>> No. 161509 ID: 5033cd
File 141101542307.gif - (758.69KB , 300x373 , HarmonicOscillatorAnimation.gif )
[Anticipation Oscillates Rhythmically]
>> No. 161510 ID: 45db28
File 141102653472.gif - (9.97KB , 247x235 , 133715907599.gif )

[Anticipation Provides a Beat]
>> No. 161511 ID: 3bb89e
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 161518 ID: 99e5f8
File 141117661887.png - (681.37KB , 644x671 , FEPptog[1].png )
>> No. 161523 ID: 05748d
Is that a real picture from the book?
>> No. 161524 ID: ce6132
File 141122653321.jpg - (185.08KB , 930x421 , 3411376-inkwell+09.jpg )
>> No. 161525 ID: 05748d
Wow I wonder how long he waited to get to post that picture
>> No. 161537 ID: 99e5f8
File 141159333088.gif - (186.34KB , 479x500 , dash mmmmfffffgggmmm.gif )
I showed extreme self-restraint for a long time, but nothing lasts forever
>> No. 161538 ID: 82f2ba
In the coming days,
>> No. 161539 ID: 431baf
File 141159960047.png - (1.68MB , 2338x1700 , 133089172554.png )
Several thousand days are coming, so he's technically correct.
>> No. 161594 ID: a13ba7
I'm proud of you, it must have been really tempting
>> No. 161599 ID: 45db28
File 141161001113.png - (15.53KB , 565x512 , This is the part where we throw our heads back and laugh_.png )

He really thinks for the big picture and plans ahead. And what's a couple months compared to the lifespan of the universe?
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