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161478 No. 161478 ID: b5a0ef
Okay, so I know I'm probably missing something incredibly obvious here, but images are not expanding when I hover the mouse over them.

I've clicked that little tickbox any number of times and refreshed even more pages and... Nothing. I don't think anything on pX is affecting it, and I don't have that many Chrome extensions.

What's causing this?
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>> No. 161479 ID: 45db28
File 141089341910.png - (48.74KB , 479x433 , Hehe.png )
My first suggestion, from experience, would be to see if it works in Firefox.
>> No. 161482 ID: b5a0ef
File 141090466956.png - (25.29KB , 219x262 , VSL9.png )
Huh. Seems to work just fine in Firefox.

Dunno what it could be though.
>> No. 161492 ID: 45db28
File 141092635408.png - (18.81KB , 376x376 , 317802__safe_solo_reaction%252Bimage_artist-colon-the%252Bweaver_snails_thousand%252Byard%252Bst.png )

Yeah, I don't actually know, either, I just have a lot of problems with this site and it usually only happens in Chrome rather than in Firefox. Which is definitely weird,
>> No. 161508 ID: af273c
File 141100343361.png - (2.45MB , 2000x2000 , 616980__safe_solo_princess+luna_clothes_floppy+ears_derp_spread+wings_hoodie_pyjamas_stretching.png )
I've encountered this issue multiple times and am in firm belief that it's caused by a webkit bug. The event name that is triggered is called 'mouseenter', which was founded by Microsoft, while mainstream webkit (at the time) was run by Apple. Apple Webkit was the very last of the main browsers to adopt the specification and kind of did so haphazardly. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer have the implementation correct but webkit very likely still has issues.

That being said, the only way I know to fix the bug, is to restart your computer for some reason. If that doesn't work, then unfortunately you're probably out of luck.
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