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File 141890587734.png - (578.85KB , 924x540 , twibookgrass.png )
162887 No. 162887 ID: 99bf32
I would like to propose a feature where ban evading causes the offender's computer to explode.
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>> No. 162888 ID: c625fa
File 141890692914.jpg - (115.58KB , 500x540 , WKNXUPT.jpg )
It should also delete their video game files/saves/achievements/whathaveyou
>> No. 162889 ID: 99bf32
File 141891040660.png - (128.35KB , 362x318 , twimagic.png )

>> No. 162890 ID: fc79f3
File 141892283104.png - (440.03KB , 556x673 , 473.png )
some ban evaders mostly just evade by changing their dynamic IP

sometimes a rangeban is the best course of action. sadly its really hard to keep ban evaders banned

which is funny... because some of the worst and the most vile kind of posters can be bothered to evade their bans.

i remember i used to evade bans in the old /b/ pony threads. but only because i just wanted to post ponies!!!

idk how people can be even bothered to ban evade with a proxy. thats such a pain in the ass
>> No. 162891 ID: 3bb89e
File 141892971309.png - (216.88KB , 326x378 , joy 2.png )
In Techiebelle we trust
>> No. 162894 ID: 68ad35
A lot of people sit by there computer.

>posting clop
>not even once
>ok maybe once but never again
>> No. 162901 ID: 2b9f76
File 141897583282.png - (240.09KB , 894x894 , discord_is_ok_by_csimadmax-d4cekar.png )
I would like to propose a feature where ban evading causes the offender to explode.

Actually, let's include other rule violations.

Actually, let's just include everyone.
>> No. 162925 ID: 556a0f
I would like us to employ a feature where the offenders computer spews plague ensuring a not so quick demise.
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