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File 141904417307.png - (51.89KB , 794x163 , again.png )
162920 No. 162920 ID: 410c2e
Can we do something about this "pork" guy? He's been spamming /pony/ (and sometimes /oat/ too) just about every single Friday for over a year. Like literally over a year he's been doing this, every Friday night. And nothing seems to be done about it except deleting the thread every time.

y u no IP ban or spam filter certain words/phrases from the post?
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>> No. 162921 ID: e5186f
We do IP ban him.

>> No. 162922 ID: 410c2e
Then how does he keep coming back every week? Does he really have that many proxies?

And if IP bans don't work, then why not make parts of his usual post trigger the spam/auto-ban filter? He always puts "9LIVES" at the bottom of his post. That'd be a place to start.
>> No. 162923 ID: e5186f
Yes he probably does, there are hundreds of thousands of proxies and new ones open up all the time.

Because I can't, and that seems excessive.
>> No. 162924 ID: 410c2e
Well there seems to be no other way to stop him from spamming, if he's going to keep using a new proxy every single week.
>> No. 162926 ID: b70d6e
We could, but when we banned his trip he took off his trip. When we banned his name, he changed it. If we ban 9LIVES, he'll change that too. Not to mention we'd all be banned just because we're discussing it now. And that it can be dodged in the same way any muffinshuffler can.
>> No. 162927 ID: 3bb89e
File 141907200601.jpg - (136.86KB , 428x483 , SkySkimmer_solongca04.jpg )
I've always found Pork one of the lesser nuissances.
It's only one not even that rulebreaking thread every Friday.
There's far bigger ban evading assholes on the site.

Last edited at Sat, Dec 20th, 2014 03:40

>> No. 162928 ID: c625fa
File 141907437336.png - (133.18KB , 300x330 , tumblr_nfp1ia7GoL1tlqckyo1_1280.png )
>He's been spamming /pony/ (and sometimes /oat/ too)
Meanwhile there are two threads on /pic/ and no one cares

just sayin'

I find him less annoying than some real posters who make basically the same thread over and over
he really likes sky skimmer, it seems
>> No. 162929 ID: 410c2e
It's more the fact that he's been posting a spam thread literally every single Friday for over a year. What the hell even drives a person to do that, anyways? What motivates someone to show up every single week and post a spam thread that just gets deleted within the hour?

Well, word triggers are just about all we have, if IP bans don't do anything.

Either that, or make it so that on Fridays only, new threads in /pony/ require moderator approval or something. A bit extreme, but it would work to an extent. Not like /pony/ gets many new threads anyways.
>> No. 162930 ID: c625fa
>A bit extreme
exactly, a bit TOO extreme for a single thread that does nothing

report, hide, and move on
>but he does it every week!11
then filter him
>> No. 162931 ID: 3bb89e
File 141909169246.png - (200.18KB , 336x388 , 61.png )
> spam thread

To be fair, I find spam threads obnoxious if they are spammed to fill a board with jibberish. 1 single thread every week doesn't push away all the active threads from the front page. it's just 1 thread that doesn't get bumped up beyond the people who want to reply to it. And you say it yourself, after a mere hour it's gone and /pony/ returns to its natural state for the rest of the week.

It's probably his way to leave a mark on ponychan.

I find the worst you can take him for is ban evasion, which I always find not an unimportant, but a formal ban, rather than a necessary one for spamming.

Just relax and watch the threads being shipped away every friday. When the spamming gets more intense, I agree we could use more severe measures.
Though, mods have tried to keep out a guy spamming actual child porn and if it's gone, that's most likely because the guy just got bored of it or hopefully he's somewhere being molested in a jail cell now or something.
>> No. 162933 ID: 410c2e
I wish I could, but if I filter "anonymous", it'll filter anyone that posts without a name as well.

It's not spam in the traditional sense, it's "spam" in that he's been doing it for over a year.
>> No. 162934 ID: c625fa
File 141909880888.png - (18.85KB , 186x112 , ss.png )
Here's a name you can try
>> No. 162935 ID: af273c
Try filtering by filename.
>> No. 162946 ID: 2ba216
Will do.

On /pony/ he always uses a different image every week.

Last edited at Sat, Dec 20th, 2014 16:43

>> No. 162960 ID: beb0cd
He's a good luck sprite as far as I'm concerned. If you see him, good things will come. Just let him do his thing.
>> No. 162967 ID: b6a735
Filter posts containing the text "9LIVES" or something.
>> No. 163024 ID: 2ba216
You can't filter a post based on the text it contains, as far as I know. You can only filter by:

-File name
>> No. 163169 ID: 680fb8
God bless Pork Slopeboy :')

>> No. 163843 ID: 410c2e
So...are the mods going to do anything about this guy or not?

You keep saying "we ban him, we ban him" but bans do nothing because he just uses a new proxy every week. (even openly admitted that he "ban evades")

So if IP bans don't work, something else needs to be used, like auto-ban word triggers or perhaps making new threads in /pony/ require moderator approval on Fridays only.

Another suggestion would be, if possible, working some kind of Browser Fingerprint detection ( ), which seems to be a pretty reliable way of identifying someone even if they use a different IP address, because it tracks things like what browser you're using, plus what fonts you have installed, plus what extensions you have installed, says my fingerprint is unique out of the 2.4 million they've tested so far.

Also, why do the staff seem to not care about this issue and brush it off? Like !!Rarity being so quick to ignore the issue, as seen by "/thread"ing in the first post, and locking threads complaining about the spammer?

I know, I know, "it's just one spam thread every week, report it and move on" you're going to say, and normally I'd agree, but this guy has literally been spamming for like two years now and the mods refuse to do anything about it.
>> No. 163844 ID: 410c2e
Also, browser fingerprint banning would most likely allow us to put an end to the child porn spammer as well.
>> No. 163845 ID: 3bb89e
File 142154140338.png - (187.14KB , 421x460 , care to elaborate.png )
Why are people so dead set on getting rid of him completely?

All things considered, I can only understand why mods want to get rid of him. But that's it.
>> No. 163846 ID: e7b99c
File 142154153976.gif - (593.63KB , 500x400 , 140202716458.gif )
because it's important that all fun is removed from horse website
>> No. 163847 ID: 82f2ba

its not proper to vandalize graveyards
>> No. 163848 ID: 410c2e
>Why are people so dead set on getting rid of him completely?

Because he's kinda breaking the rules? A lot? Over long periods of time? The only reason nobody seems to care is because his messages are relatively harmless, outside of a few targeted insults at /pony/'s users.

If he was posting gore or CP, I can guarantee the mods/admins would have already taken further measures to prevent him from posting.

Also, it seems people are encouraging him to do so by replying to his threads with positive messages. Not really helping.
>> No. 163849 ID: a1845d
Youtube embed play button
That is why some cemeteries are locked at night.
>> No. 163850 ID: a098c9
File 142154975711.gif - (23.81KB , 124x124 , 2617422ReNeziaF.gif )
That and zombies.

And skeletons.
>> No. 163851 ID: abf920
File 142155332946.jpg - (51.74KB , 476x510 , Disappointed.jpg )
>one thread
>once a week
>a huge fucking deal
Come on now. Let's not make mountains out of molehills. Especially since it seems most people don't really give a shit.

>fingerprint banning
But then /mlp/ will bitch about Ponychan "installing malware on their computers" or "illegal fingerprinting" or whatever again. That drama's been dead for two years, leave it dead.
>> No. 163852 ID: fc79f3
File 142155736954.png - (415.52KB , 850x1029 , 229.png )
>But then /mlp/ will bitch about Ponychan "installing malware on their computers" or "illegal fingerprinting" or whatever again.

w-wait... i... how... WHAT?



that is by far the stupidest thing i heard in a long time!!!

holy shit

"hey, ill just visit site this site called ponychan and see what this site is about, heh. OMG i got a fucking TROJAN and it's eating ALL my FILES!!! WAS THERE A JAVA EXPLOIT HERE???"
>> No. 163853 ID: abf920
File 142155749443.jpg - (136.85KB , 1111x1010 , OhDear.jpg )
It's a thing that really happened. Orange made a post in /meta/ saying, and these were his exact words, "we use a form of fingerprinting", and it somehow exploded into ZOMG KEYLOGGERS SUPERCOOKIES REPORT THIS SITE ENJOY UR MALWARE PONYCHAN FAGS
>> No. 163854 ID: fc79f3
huh, id be surprised to find a site that doesn't do that
>> No. 163855 ID: 82f2ba
it wasnt /mlp/ that came up with that, im pretty sure it was gunthor. and cross breeze perpetuated it
>> No. 163856 ID: 410c2e
Nobody ever said this was a "huge fucking deal". But enough of an annoyance that it would be great if the mods actually did something about it.

And...since when do we care what /mlp/ thinks of us? Since when does anyone care what /mlp/ thinks of anything?
>> No. 163857 ID: fa89b1
I agree, if the mods won't do anything, maybe we can? Like set a trap for him or something: we can say there's going to be a big get-together on /pony/ this Friday...then no one show up!

Then he'll get all frustrated and move on.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 18th, 2015 10:34

>> No. 163858 ID: 82f2ba
File 142160258291.jpg - (397.34KB , 724x1024 , 9a11b6a173ace01e4df12909f063c0ba.jpg )
trick him by leaving /pony/ after filling it with dummy posts, and while he continues to post on that board everyone else will be safely located on a new one called "/show"
>> No. 163859 ID: 410c2e
I still don't understand why people got so butthurt over /pony/ being renamed to /show/, to the point of whining to the mods about it until it got changed back.

I mean literally nothing changed except the text at on the link. The board was the same. The general theme of the board was the same. Everything was the exact same........except the bar at the top-left of the page now says "/show/" instead of "/pony". such a giant change oh wow holy shit change it back now mods
>> No. 163860 ID: abf920
File 142160539140.png - (238.05KB , 524x534 , Looking.png )
If we really didn't care at all what /mlp/ or 4chan in general thinks of us, chances are we would still be a "hugbox" like pretty much every other non-imageboard pony site out there. Only a small minority wanted to loosen the rules on conduct before people figured out /co/ thought we were autistic faggots for it.

Not saying it's necessarily a bad thing, but...muh chan culture.
>> No. 163861 ID: 86ddcb
File 142160861379.png - (189.63KB , 402x472 , 141387396235.png )
>Don't care about what other people think of you, especially when those other people are more than likely dicks.
>> No. 163862 ID: 3bb89e
It was from a modchat that an ex-mod somehow had access to. Or something.
It was a sentence kind of taken out of context, devoid of all following explanations.
People talked about contacting the Webhost to inform ponychan was having shady dealings and people were kind of discussing if they could send personal details of Orange to federal police instances for these practices.
It was pretty tense.
>> No. 163863 ID: a098c9
Primarily this: that it was done without any input or consensus. A unilateral change for really very little good reason (and one which arguably was not accurate - since it's not just for the 'show' - but also the comics, movis, writers, VAs, etc). People were upset that they had no say and it was a sudden and needless change of the board name/sense of identity they'd enjoyed for so long, and got no say in. To add insult to injury was the backpeddling 'poll' ex post facto about it, in which they weren't allowed to vote for/put support for not changing the name. It further perpetuated the idea that management at that time didn't care what they thought. As several other posts have brought up, like >>163860 >>163861 about not caring what outside entities think about this community, that inherently implies that the people whose opinions should be cared about are those are are in the community - and the name issue was an example of doing the exact opposite. Now, no one is disputing that some of the response was exaggerated, but there were also very level-headed attempts to reason the issue out and resolving it, particularly the thread which did eventually lead to the reversal of the decision.
>> No. 163864 ID: 86ddcb
File 142161214681.png - (735.51KB , 840x952 , cup_o_dash_by_knifeh-d7gz81y.png )
I seriously don't get why they were listening to /mlp/ and /co/, where by listening to them we've lost soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people and lost what made this place unique.
>> No. 163865 ID: fc79f3
File 142161524310.png - (367.96KB , 670x685 , 339.png )
because it's so cool and edgy to be a hardcore internet tough guys defending their boards about a show for little girls. guess some have to feel masculine in some way? maybe making nazi ponies helps them? idk.

like calling people "autistic" or "faggots'. coming from those places like that it's literally a case of the pot calling the kettle black

whatever... i said this a million times. the fandom is stuck the way it is

always will be

i feel the most unique thing about the fandom will be its loving community that used to be strong. atleast it's a distant memory we hardly forget. so theres that

Last edited at Sun, Jan 18th, 2015 14:08

>> No. 163866 ID: d69c2a
Well no. Just Ponychan, /mlp/, and all other associated communities.

>atleast it's a distant memory we hardly forget. so theres that
Ponychan != fandom
>> No. 163867 ID: 6eb7fc
>mfw this isn't the real porkslope
>> No. 163868 ID: 9c5cdd
>like calling people "autistic" or "faggots'. coming from those places like that it's literally a case of the pot calling the kettle black

And now you're doing the exact thing. The only difference is you decided there motivation for doing so
>> No. 163869 ID: fc79f3
i didnt call anyone anything

wtf are you talking about?
>> No. 163870 ID: bacc7b
File 142161883516.jpg - (66.12KB , 800x600 , wishing_of_spring.jpg )
Hello, friend. I was just thinking about you and praying for your family.

>> No. 163871 ID: 40a1fc
File 142161977179.png - (426.10KB , 700x840 , I'll punch a cloud, this plan can't fail.png )
>If he was posting gore or CP, I can guarantee the mods/admins would have already taken further measures to prevent him from posting.

Yep, thats exactly why we still get advertisements for CP, we just neglect to use our magical "fuck off forever" button on them.

We're doing all we can short of being on 24/7 watch for the guy, i apologise about him being such an inconvenience to you.

Locking thread because there isnt anything to discuss that hasnt already been said.
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