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File 141970812268.png - (84.60KB , 864x937 , Ember Storm - Ewwwww - Mellowbloom.png )
163193 No. 163193 ID: 72a4ea
Can we not have forced anon on this site anywhere? It goes blatantly against the culture of this place. I request that the forced anon state is removed from /oat/ and any other board you've put it on, as, not only does it prevent filters from working, but it also promotes the spread of idiocy, hate, and bigotry due to the lack of consequence that would normally occur with the presence of a name field.
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>> No. 163194 ID: c625fa
>> No. 163197 ID: 8e91d7
I request that you stop hating everything fun that happens on /oat/
You always do it and it is annoying.
>> No. 163198 ID: 9c04e5
oh god what

what has science wrought
>> No. 163199 ID: 31b110
File 141970851505.gif - (444.62KB , 205x199 , give your meat a good old rub.gif )
(Temporary) anonymous is the hero /oat/ deserves

also this >>163197
I can't take a complaint from someone who only posts on the board once in a blue moon seriously
>> No. 163200 ID: 72a4ea
That's not fun. Go back to 4chan where you can thrive on your cancerous anon community.

I would post there more if there was more actual good content to post there. But no, we have to pull shit like forced anon to starve the community and thus destroy things even more. 'Cause we're mods and we hate having a good community.
>> No. 163201 ID: 82f2ba
if you're not enjoying it, go away until its over or go on /gala/ for a day.

stop trying to ruin other people's fun so that you can occasionally post something about tf2 or post that same reaction image of ember raising his eyebrow when someone mentions twilight or whatever, jesus. you do this EVERY time and its not even funny anymore
>> No. 163203 ID: 01cbb4
Can we get Samonuh making one of these threads too? I feel like that's what's missing right now.
>> No. 163204 ID: 8e91d7
Being cancer and anon I will allow myself to say these words: GO DIE IN A FIRE!

But seriously. Stop being a downer just because things get shaken up for a day or two.
>> No. 163205 ID: 82f2ba
i literally dont understand the reasoning behind this because i barely even see ember post at all on /oat/. its like a man who has never eaten fast food angrily waving his arms outside the window of a mcdonalds and demanding that they stop selling chicken nuggets
>> No. 163207 ID: 8e91d7
No no. This man also goes into the Mcdonalds once in a while to throw "salad" at the customers.
>> No. 163208 ID: cdf33c
File 141970902550.png - (29.65KB , 400x400 , 131467453321.png )
Complaint registered, have a nice day.
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