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163234 No. 163234 ID: 3bb89e
So, if we also get anonymous posting embraced, can we also get a Catalog function?

It seems pretty nifty, if we aim to be more like 4chan.
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>> No. 163235 ID: 40a1fc
Look to the top right and hit "Search [board] threads"

Literally a catalog.
>> No. 163236 ID: 3bb89e
File 141972200302.png - (136.90KB , 384x383 , do tell.png )
Well, it is a simple archaic replacement.

You only get the OP image, if it has any, and a thread title on hover, if it has any.

You can't just pop in and figure out what the threads are about without trial and loading.
>> No. 163254 ID: 40a1fc
Oh, you want a better catalog, gotcha.

Probably going to be a "Just wait for gochan" thing, but i'll toss this at zeke anyway.
>> No. 163333 ID: c15bc4
There actually are excerpts from the OPs (if there's no title) on the page, for use with the search feature. If you just click Search Threads without entering anything, all of them appear.

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