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No. 163720 ID: 333557
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  How about a fun /meta/ thread for a change?

I'm thinking about my mod tag. I'm the sort of person who probably lets his expression viewer sway his behavior a little. When I was a Pinkie poster I earned that "Penitent Parasprite". I picked Flutterguy because I like Fluttershy.

So now I get to try something new for fun. I'm thinking !!Flufflepuff. !!Discord is tempting, but that has the potential to be riskier than Pinkie.

Thoughts? I'm going to do a background pony analysis soon.

I'll let replies build for a bit before I say anything.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 8th, 2015 15:22

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>> No. 163721 ID: 3bb89e
File 142075581066.jpg - (331.34KB , 520x830 , minty mod.jpg )
>> No. 163724 ID: 3bb89e
File 142075622688.png - (133.66KB , 900x675 , doctor_whooves_by_the_divine_demon-d553ohl.png )
Or you could be !!TheDoctor that Astra never wanted to be.
>> No. 163725 ID: 3bb89e
File 142075631051.png - (111.37KB , 400x400 , Spike Meme 10.png )
Finally, we have also been without !!Spike for too long.
>> No. 163728 ID: ce6132
File 142075661300.jpg - (504.60KB , 890x898 , golden_age_mare_do_well_by_celestial298-d4hi4th.jpg )
How is it the joke goes?

Pick one.

Haven't you been away for something like a year?
Didn't you leave without a word?

Are you the !!Mare Do Well that Ponychan deserve?
>> No. 163737 ID: 428138
File 142075879675.gif - (49.67KB , 250x250 , pusheen_flower.gif )
I desperately need my fix of rhyming zebra mod
>> No. 163738 ID: 333557
File 142076430347.png - (162.92KB , 995x802 , 131042127893.png )
>Pick one.
That's not fair! That's a challenge to take !!Discord right there!

>Haven't you been away for something like a year?
Not a year. I need to look more closely but I think around six months. I might be a bit off. ADHD is annoying like that what with the exaggerations. .

>Didn't you leave without a word?
Yes. I regret that. But things got complicated as far as psychology goes. I know what happened now, but at the time I was a substitute teacher in Texas. That is not simple for all involved. I needed to separate and considerate things carefully. Think "scientific control" except I'm still an anecdote.

>Are you the !!Mare Do Well that Ponychan deserve?
That's also not fair! Those tend to be decided after the fact.
>> No. 163739 ID: 333557
File 142076477848.png - (442.64KB , 700x1500 , zecora orange.png )
Zecora is intimidating. I think that it's because I have weird language issues. I'm not against it on principle, it's just a tourette's thing. Anything could happen.
>> No. 163740 ID: cdf33c
Please not Flufflepuff. Let's keep it to show canon characters? (IE no Sunset Shimmer)
>> No. 163741 ID: 333557
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  I was a bit too casual about the ADHD a moment ago. It can be associated with exaggerating but that's more of a defense mechanism. It is associated with less working memory for names and numbers often.

I feel similarly. !!Derpy is tempting but I'm not sure I would do that well. I have a soft spot for !!Flufflepuff. It's was one of my favorite parts of this video. But that's probably a good idea. I think I was mostly testing that one above.
>> No. 163743 ID: e7b99c
File 142077876785.gif - (1.61MB , 320x235 , tumblr_inline_nfxthptTRs1r7qofm.gif )
>show canon characters
!!Flash Sentry
>> No. 163745 ID: ce6132
>That's not fair! That's a challenge to take !!Discord right there!
If you do I hope you're ready to spread chaos in every thread you enter. If not... What's the point?

>Not a year. + >>163741
No worries. I just said a year because it was the first thing that came to mind. Nothing implied, nothing you need to feel defensive because of. Sorry.

>Yes. I regret that.
Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it's better now then.

>That's also not fair! Those tend to be decided after the fact.
Throwback to a quote from The Dark Knight.
The hero Ponychan deserves, but not the one it needs right now.
Seeing as you disappeared and came back I find it to be somewhat fitting.

In any case. Hope you find a tag you can be happy with. And welcome back!
>> No. 163746 ID: b70d6e
File 142079234345.jpg - (59.42KB , 547x609 , image.jpg )
>being intimidated by !!Zecora
>> No. 163747 ID: 6aeb46
File 142079546558.jpg - (79.05KB , 527x400 , tumblr_m855p3c4M91r7m1gto2_1280.jpg )
>Zecora is intimidating
It's because she's a zebra, isn't it?
>> No. 163748 ID: 45db28
File 142079559455.png - (40.43KB , 741x487 , 78912__safe_solo_oc_comic_artist-colon-the+weaver_zebra_ball_ice+pack_racism_ask+ice+pack.png )
>> No. 163749 ID: 3bb89e
File 142079691544.jpg - (29.79KB , 960x540 , wrecking ball.jpg )

If you break the rules, you're in for a caning.

Last edited at Fri, Jan 9th, 2015 02:49

>> No. 163750 ID: 333557
File 142081404797.gif - (1.38MB , 250x166 , 485696__safe_twilight+sparkle_animated_meme_princess+twilight_wat_3d_twilight+scepter_sfm_loop.gif )
Owch! I left myself open for that one.

It's kind of funny because I'm actually temped on some levels. It really is because of tourettic language issues that I pause at the thought. TS is full of examples of language weirdness. Not only the stereotypical issue with profanity (Copralalia), but also a problem with being "captured" by patterns. Repeating speech or parts of speech (echolalia) and mimicking the speech of others (echopraxia) are also common. I'm a bit concerned by something like being unable to stop rhyming as weird as that sounds. But then again there are musicians with TS. I may think about it more carefully.

If I wanted to be a trolling asshole I would take !!Nyx ;) (I still don't get that situation)

After thinking about it I don't think either of those would fit with my personality. I don't think I could do a good !!Spike, and !!TheDoctor does not "click" for reasons that I'm unsure of.

That's tempting too! It's cannon. But anthropomorphizing could be a lot of fun... I'll have to think about that too.
>> No. 163751 ID: 333557
Let me correct myself. The cane is cannon. The !!Twicane is a bit fuzzy but might be justifiable. It's still playing with what the people making the show are doing.
>> No. 163752 ID: 82f2ba
so when is fun stuff gonna happen in teh thread
>> No. 163753 ID: 3bb89e
File 142081951406.gif - (152.56KB , 400x283 , 480003__safe_solo_animated_meme_vulgar_reaction+image_spoiler-colon-s04e02_princess+twilight+spa.gif )
It's not cannon, it's caneon
>> No. 163754 ID: 45db28
File 142082696655.png - (13.75KB , 345x382 , I feel the cosmos.png )

You could always take Zecora and not rhyme. Attempting to rhyme all your mod posts will only end in sadness and failure.
>> No. 163755 ID: 428138
File 142082792174.gif - (30.51KB , 300x300 , pusheen_scratchin'.gif )
Come on, what kind of dirty cuck would post as Zecora and not rh-oh...
>> No. 163758 ID: 333557
File 142091362167.png - (130.00KB , 543x1700 , ca6.png )
I'm going to start trying on some of these things shortly.

I'm going to try Zecora and Twicane. Zecora because it's challenge with language that I should not run away from, and the Twicane because I'm curious about how to make that work.
>> No. 163766 ID: af273c
The term "canon" actually goes back to the ancient greek term "kanun", which literally means measuring rod. Compares with cane.
>> No. 163769 ID: 83e768
File 142103510899.jpg - (18.77KB , 469x481 , Holy Twilight.jpg )
It speaks

>> No. 163772 ID: 333557
Me or the video?

I'll try on some rhyming as a possible mod tag just as soon as I grab a collection of images good enough.
>> No. 163773 ID: 83e768
I haven't seen you say anything since... I think when you were first modded. Iike, it's been forever.

If you do !!Zecora well enough I'd be astounded. Yang actually did a really good job with that.
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