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163774 No. 163774 ID: 156564
It's not that I personally care about this, but I would like to point out that there is no mod name attached to this, and I would like to ask why there isn't one.

Considering what I have heard about staff not being able to keep much track of each other, I think have the name of the mod who did it next to the post is important for things like complaints, and reporting unwarranted warnings and bans.
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>> No. 163775 ID: 428138
File 142120464250.png - (85.09KB , 512x512 , 141859605000.png )
I clicked the link to that hidden board and it changed my patrician theme to Colgate. I think it's total bullshit that you'd force everybody who visits that hidden board to have to look at that horrible autistic theme for a few seconds, and I'd like it to be fixed.
>> No. 163776 ID: a3b145
File 142120474283.png - (114.19KB , 664x730 , Checking In.png )
As far as I know, it's set up so that staff names automatically appear next to the ban messages, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't do that. My best guess would be that it was either because it was a warning or somebody did something wonky with their login. The former seems unlikely, and I'm unsure about the latter.

Either way, there should be a name there. I'll see if the others might know more.

It did that to me, too. It's not the worst thing in the world, surely, but I wouldn't be able to fix it anyway. That'd be something for an admin or a dev to do. That's their call.
>> No. 163778 ID: edd5ad
File 142120608121.jpg - (195.01KB , 797x641 , ___ luna_afterdark.jpg )
Isn't it likely that they just edited the photo so that the mod name isn't visible. Out of consideration?
>> No. 163786 ID: ef230a
There's a box we have to check for it to display, which is supposed to be checked automatically. However it randomly seems not to be, I have noticed.

!!Twilight says he placed this ban and it was a case of the box not automatically checking itself. Maybe he was on mobile or something, I'm not sure. Either way, it wasn't intentional.
>> No. 163788 ID: 31b110
Actually, I modified the ban thing a bit so instead of manually putting in your name, you can just check a box. That box is checked by default, so they might have-

fucking mobile browsers.
>> No. 163876 ID: aa4152
well !!twilight is a fucking clown
>> No. 163877 ID: 8db568
Youtube embed play button
She is a Spook.
>> No. 163878 ID: e0b160
You are a fucking clown :^)
Also tell Audrey a new replacement charger should get there within the next couple days
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