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File 142120615242.png - (855.32KB , 765x1254 , 364796__safe_solo_princess+luna_armor_night+guard_artist-colon-herny_luna-dash-afterdark.png )
163779 No. 163779 ID: edd5ad
So, that image I just posted that got the warning...

Was that breaking the visible genitalia rule or another rule?
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>> No. 163780 ID: 3e761a
File 142120739738.png - (122.08KB , 195x366 , YWGYQ.png )
It wasn't breaking any rule.
>> No. 163781 ID: edd5ad
File 142120771721.jpg - (98.60KB , 1087x841 , lulu lying down___ luna_afterdark (1).jpg )
So it was just... too lewd, but not exactly lewd enough?
>> No. 163782 ID: edd5ad
File 142120819807.png - (266.78KB , 794x762 , 'new' luna afterdark.png )
I'm not upset. I just want to be sure so that I don't post any other images like it if they're not okay.

There weren't any visible genitalia, but it wasn't breaking any of the other rules for Adult Content as far as I can see. The next closest one is "description, allusion, or depiction of sexual acts in dialogue, text, or images", but I'm pretty sure it wasn't showing a sexual act either.
>> No. 163783 ID: 3e761a
File 142120822157.png - (176.12KB , 317x414 , Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8_49_44 PM.png )
The warning said it was close to crossing the line, but it didn't say it crossed the line.
>> No. 163784 ID: edd5ad
File 142120852734.jpg - (41.05KB , 390x465 , are you real_luna_afterdark.jpg )
So I can keep posting it in the future, or is it too risque? Is getting close to the line, by itself, a bannable offense?
>> No. 163785 ID: 3e761a
File 142120885099.png - (130.09KB , 285x346 , Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8_44_46 PM.png )
Yes, no and no.
>> No. 163787 ID: 3bb89e
File 142122607116.jpg - (54.26KB , 361x421 , fastest hat.jpg )
What image was it?
>> No. 163789 ID: c280ba
What is a point of a warning if user didn't break any rules and they are allowed to keep posting the image they were warned for.

My braaain.
>> No. 163790 ID: 1e0f43
Probably this one.

Just to say "hey, you're getting close to the edge there, you're fine but don't go further".
>> No. 163791 ID: b70d6e
How should I know?
>> No. 163819 ID: 3e761a
File 142135798996.png - (147.24KB , 311x379 , Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 9_32_41 PM.png )
Also note that while getting close to the line is not a bannable offense in the sense that posting something against the rules is not against the rules, purposefully pushing the line is heavily discouraged. You may be asked to stop. Failing to stop at that point is a bannable offense.

Remember. If you have to ask, you probably shouldn't be posting it anyways.
>> No. 163838 ID: edd5ad
File 142147021437.jpg - (48.42KB , 388x615 , meh luna_afterdark.jpg )
Uh oh. Is the verdict changing?

Well, if the court sees the picture again, I hope they take into account that I thought it was okay at the time.
>> No. 163839 ID: fc79f3
File 142147123601.png - (419.76KB , 713x692 , 378.png )
"well that image isn't quite breaking the rules nor is it crossing the line, but it kinda is, lol ill just warn him anyway"
>> No. 163840 ID: c6831f
>posting something against the rules is not against the rules
>> No. 163841 ID: 82f2ba

normally i am of the opinion that these pictures dont need to be posted anyway because i dont comprehend why a person just -has- to post this one gray area picture or else their shitty existence will come to an end or something

but "maybe it is ok and maybe it is not, gaze into my crystal ball" is a horrible position to take on things. a discrepancy between what mods do what shit made sense long ago when ponychan actually had a decent population and there were too many people to keep up with and police, but you've currently got few enough people that that should not be an issue that comes up anymore

if something is ok, it needs to be ok regardless of whether (insert mod) is having a bad day or doesnt personally like something
>> No. 163842 ID: 40a1fc
File 142153360616.gif - (242.25KB , 600x800 , 211502__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_animated_filly_princess-cadance_shining-armor_coffee_gif.gif )
What he means is, going near the line occasionally is okay since i'll be emperor of earth before everyone will be on the same page with that.
But what is not okay is constantly posting things that are are near the line since at that point you're just taking the piss out of the rules based on a technicality.

Or to keep it extremely simple:

If a mod asks you to stop doing something, stop doing that thing or you may get banned.
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