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File 142145980980.png - (68.19KB , 774x541 , Untitled.png )
163828 No. 163828 ID: bd6696
Um, hi, soooo why is this 'Pork' guy allowed to spam /pony/ and /pic/ every week, again?

You'd think he'd be banned by now. Just axin'.
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>> No. 163829 ID: ef230a
>> No. 163830 ID: 410c2e
File 142146073739.png - (126.01KB , 640x720 , 1350874063071.png )
Admins do ban him every week, but he keeps using proxies.

I suggested putting "9LIVES" as an auto-ban trigger word because he uses that word every time, but admins didn't seem to want to do it.

This guy has been spamming /pony/ and /pic/ for a year now, and the mods/admins don't do anything about it because "oh it's just one thread every week".
>> No. 163831 ID: bd6696
Well I think more should be done. I shouldn't have to look at this crap every week. And what the heck does '9lives' mean, anyway? Anyone know?
>> No. 163832 ID: ef230a
>banning him repeatedly
>not doing anything

Pick one.
>> No. 163833 ID: e48af5
File 142146316028.png - (72.49KB , 474x322 , pork.png )
Also, he's been at it longer than a year. Enough's enough already.
>> No. 163834 ID: 410c2e
The IP bans don't do anything because he just uses a different proxy every week.

So no, they're not really doing anything about him.
>> No. 163835 ID: e7b99c
File 142146986997.png - (167.06KB , 766x546 , 137956299699.png )
i want his babies
>> No. 163836 ID: e48af5
File 142147015183.png - (68.37KB , 684x383 , pork2.png )
Looks like he's been around longer than we know...

Banhammr plz.
>> No. 163837 ID: ef230a
We have been banning him. >>162920
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