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File 142213913307.png - (212.39KB , 1024x1095 , fluttershy_cannot_unhear____by_flutterguy317-d57vs40.png )
163927 No. 163927 ID: e6b3d5
Sorry Mods! I posted a picture which was deemed inappropriate. Really I didn't think it was against the rules to link a picture of a medical device used to stimulate the prostate, but I mentioned it as a sex toy and not a medical device (despite it literally linking to medical wellness site) and I'm not trying to argue with the mod decision, it makes sense given how I described the link. I won't post things like that again, I am sorry, I just wanted to offer an explanation so you knew it wasn't a phallic representation but a medical device which is FDA approved for some types of ED.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 24th, 2015 15:39

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>> No. 163928 ID: 45db28
File 142213926373.png - (162.79KB , 1100x1264 , 135286789703.png )
This offense can never be forgiven. 20 years dungeon.
>> No. 163931 ID: 734001
File 142214001137.png - (113.42KB , 941x638 , Cadence Daring Do.png )
I didn't delete the link, and I wouldn't have deleted the image. You just implied that you thought that linking a NSFW pic would be somehow more permissible than uploading it to the site and I wanted to correct that mistake without raising much of a fuss.
>> No. 163937 ID: e6b3d5
Oh! I misunderstood ^^ My bad
>> No. 165040 ID: e6b3d5
Okay so, part 2... well unrelated part 2

So apparently I triggered the spam filter this morning, and became banned? I don't know how this would have happened a la generating spam, I did however post a picture of nutella and was making a nutella thread in /oat/ that seemed to be the trigger.

Can anyone look at this for me and tell me what it was that I did that got me banned, exactly?

I've never run into the administration team but once before I've made this thread. Now its been twice in a few days. Are administrative actions up or am I out of line lately?
>> No. 165041 ID: 734001
You posted "socialist" which had the word "cialis" in it, which broke our new spam filter list that was recently implemented. Lots of people have run into this, and overall we're working to revert many of the filters and refine it so shenanigans like this doesn't happen.
>> No. 165044 ID: e6b3d5
File 142247002156.jpg - (13.31KB , 235x220 , 141851008835.jpg )
Okay thanks for letting me know!
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