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File 142214018905.png - (126.40KB , 352x390 , 134402355260.png )
163933 No. 163933 ID: e7b99c
/pony/ keeps getting lots of bad stuff posted
so let's delete /pony/ and it'll solve the problem
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>> No. 163935 ID: d4c3fd
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It is bad stuff because it is illegal,it means that person posting it....shouldn't be posting much longer.
>> No. 164098 ID: 2af415
+1 make it happen mods
>> No. 164102 ID: 1a97ef
Only humans post bad stuff.
Ban all hulans and it will solve the problem.
>> No. 164204 ID: 35506f
good idea
>> No. 164206 ID: 35506f
what are you supposed to even discuss on that board? i dont get it, like, fucking horseback riding or something. idk.
>> No. 164482 ID: cd396b
Animal husbandry
>> No. 165021 ID: dfce1d
File 142241349138.png - (337.25KB , 507x570 , 133844301480.png )
I've seen that CP porn spam on /pic,/ too, so deleting /pony/ won't make it go away.

Besides, the spam bot is probably just attracted to /pony/ because it's the first postable board it polls, so the bulk of the spam goes there. If /pony/ was gone, it'd be some other board.

You're supposed to discuss the show and related official works on /pony/. Of course, since the show hasn't aired an episode in 8 months, give or take, things are a little slow right now...

Last edited at Tue, Jan 27th, 2015 19:55

>> No. 165034 ID: e7b99c
File 142245118657.jpg - (161.20KB , 1000x514 , Purge_in_the_holy_flame_by_defcombeta.jpg )
well let's just keep deleting every board it posts to
he can't spam cp if there's no place to post it
>> No. 165045 ID: 22aa52
File 142247122776.jpg - (259.22KB , 960x800 , Hear my prayers.jpg )
Well hopefully the Emperor will hear your prayers.
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