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163936 No. 163936 ID: 536505
You know,... /collab/ is actually not dead at the moment. I'm tempted to post my project update there. Given that, I have a better idea:

Since /fic/ is so dead (mostly due to the burn out on the part of the particular ex-participants who used to hang out there), and /art/ and /collab/ seemed to "meh" at the idea of a merger -- whereas the /fic/ people are pretty tired and need a severe dose of cheering up --

Why not create a new /fan/ board but have it be (or include) a combination of all threads from /art/ /fic/ /collab/ and /merch/, which would be regrouped, as mini-boards, under /fan/.

When people post in /fan/ they would have an extra choice in the post form:

Post in: • art • fic • collab • merch • fan only (radio button)

Additionally, when people visit /fan/ they would have an extra link to the right of "Search /fan/ threads":

Display threads: [ ] /art/ [ ] /fic/ [ ] /collab/ [ ] /merch/ [ ] fan only (multiple choice)

The Internet is scalable and space on the Internet is
fungible, it's all about boiling things down to a social
space that is easy to find and where people can find each other.

For instance, I learned about the latest probs in /fic/ because I went there to ask a pragmatic question about how Fimfiction's boards are equally atomized and hard to communicate, since there's no one board where one can crosspost groups to. Ironically, that's my idea! Had it already been in place, I would have posted my Fimfic question to /fan/ and hit the "crosspost to /fic/" button. /fic/ dead? No problem! Post in /fan/ and crosspost to the relevant sub-topic.

One more thing: In order to ensure that /fan/ would get used under this scenario, by everyone visiting the other four mini-boards, I'd group them in the header bar together like so (hidden, default display modifiable by Ponychan X):

/pony/ /pic/ /oat/ ... /fan/ sub-topics

(on any board other than those boards themselves.)

Clicking on sub-topics on the header bar of any page not on those boards themselves would reveal: (css)

/fan/ /art/ /fic/ /collab/ /merch/ ... of course.

On the boards themselves they would be default visible of course, and you could even add a yellow slider bar in /fan/ (like the board selector) showing which sub-boards (in the header bar) were showing the user threads (in fact I'd advise it.)

This would signal to new users that /fan/ is the primary board, and the other four are sub-topics. All of this can probably be done pretty easily since most of it is simply a display issue where /fan/ simply grabs the relevant threads similar to /all/.

At one point folks were thinking about trying to do something similar with both /fan/ boards after the split, this idea of mine would be far less drastic. Although the idea of an /all/ board on Ponychan that included threads from various boards all spawned from it appeals to me, with the user getting to decide which boards to show posts from, and could be done in-house using similar method so long as the boards in question have similar moderation guidelines and an api for grabbing the post.

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>> No. 163939 ID: 536505
File 142215362375.png - (137.76KB , 467x348 , bold curiosity for the adventure ahead.png )
The best part about my idea is that it doesn't matter how active the constituent boards remain. They'd become sub-groups of /fan/ providing the user with the instant added feature of topical filtering on a new /fan/ board.

All this would be done by each new OP on /fan/ being targeted to the relevant sub-group or to /fan/ itself (Post in: "fan only"), with all of them displayed in /fan/ by default (using a mechanism similar to /all/) and then the user can filter out so s/he chooses. Users will be encouraged to provide relevant content by treating the tiny boards as topic filters when they post in /fan/, and instead of us always mealy-mouthing and lamenting how this or that board is dead, etc. we can encourage new users to post in /fan/ for any and all fanworks, merch, projects, and be a clearinghouse for whomever wants to visit.
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>> No. 163941 ID: 536505
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