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163943 No. 163943 ID: 734001
TLDR: This website is potentially changing, and you should read the entire post before commenting on this proposal.

First off, don't panic and kill us.

The Ponychan and MLPchan staffs are proposing a merger between the two sites. MLPchan was created in response to Ponychan policies of the time. We believe that since then, our differences have decreased, and those that remain are worth setting aside to unify the community.

The following is a proposal written up by the staff members of both Ponychan and MLPchan, everyone had equal say and ample opportunity to discuss or suggest the things that went into this proposal.
Everything in this proposal is subject to change based on discussion, but the degree of possible changes varies.
For example, the website being called "Ponychan" and having a /pony/ board is not likely to change unless somebody brings up an extremely good reason for it.
On the other hand, the splitting of /rp/ into /rp/ and /ooc/ is something very easily done.

Please remember to keep things in this thread civil and thought provoking, a "happening" thread may be created on /oat/ if you wish to post such apocolyptic tomfoolery.

The details of the proposal as written by the staffs:

Site structure
"" would still be the name of the site.
The site's current servers and webhost will be retired, and MLPchan's current set up would become ours.
Kusaba will be slain, and MLPchan's Tinyboard setup will be implemented, with all of Ponychan's current themes and functionality added.
Both Ponychan and MLPchan archives saved and merged.
Site funding by Anonthony, has no official status, position or authority within the staff beyond that of a regular user who decides to donate their life savings to a horse website.
A fresh slate will be given for current bans for all but the most serious cases.

Position Name Tag
Community Admin Fenolio !!Shining Armor
Systems Admin Macil !!Luna
Moderator Admiral Yang !!Tag
Moderator Astra Bolt !!Twilight Sparkle
Moderator Crimson Risk !!Rarity
Moderator Ghosties !!Gilda
Moderator Mellowbloom !!Tag
Moderator Nimble !!Pinkie Pie
Moderator Rainbro !!Rainbow Dash
Moderator TPWPF !!Fluttershy
Moderator Soarin/HB !!Soarin
Developer Zeke !!Sweetie Bot

An administration of Macil and Fenolio, both highly respected and extremely capable, would wield full authority, with no ownership issues above them, would be well positioned to caretake for the community and lead it into the future.
The moderation team, comprised of a mix of both sites’ current moderators, is experienced and even-keeled.
While you may notice several existing staff from both sites are not listed, it was to maintain an appropriate mod-team size, have timezone coverage, and be comprised of the more active and experienced individuals.
Inkwell has chosen to step down for reasons unrelated to this merger, although his departure has highlighted the need for a changeup in the how the site is run.

Board layout
Board Type Name Description
Infrastructure /site/ site issues and questions
Infrastructure /arch/ chan archive (both sites merged)
Infrastructure /all/ combination of all boards on a single page
Discussion /pony/ mlp related discussion
Discussion /oat/ any topic
Discussion /anon/ any topic, anonymous-based - mature-content tagged, hidden by default threads allowed
Discussion /chat/ off-topic sfw serial threads
Creative /rp/ roleplay
Creative /pic/ pic galleries, dumps and so on
Creative /fan/ 'fanwork' board; writing, collaboration, art, etc
Hidden /moon/ Ban-ishment board (linked in banpage and rules page)
Hidden /test/ for testan

Completely clean slate, added as demand warrants and the number kept to a strict minimum that is yet to be determined.

Global rules (violation will result in a site-wide ban)
Disruptive behaviors that prevent others from engaging in a thread are prohibited.
Stalking, harassment, or posting of others' personal information are prohibited.
Do not post anything illegal under U.S. or U.K. law
No pornography or overtly sexual images outside of /anon/
Pornography and overtly sexual images depicting minors (including drawings) are not allowed anywhere on the site.
No gore or images of extreme violence outside of /anon/
No spamming of this site or any other
No malicious impersonation of other users
The moderation staff reserves the right to enforce both the letter and
the spirit of these rules.

Board rules (violation may result in a ban from the corresponding board)
On-topic board about the site itself.

All threads on this board are to be related to ponies, the show, the films, comics and so on in some way.
Do not derail threads tagged as "Serious" or "Show Discussion".

Do not derail threads tagged as "Serious".

This is MLPchan’s anonymous culture board. Names are generally discouraged.
NSFW threads and images must be posted under a “Mature” tag, a feature unique to this board.
Underage NSFW content (including loli and foalcon) is not allowed even under a mature tag

This is a board for serial threads (threads with more-or-less static groups of posters that are frequently remade). Non-serial threads should be posted on /oat/, /anon/, or /pony/ as appropriate. Use of the [#cyclic] tag in the OP will enable your thread to delete old posts when it goes over 500 and last indefinitely without hitting a limit.
Keep the drama to a minimum.

No ERP/cybering.
Do not post in RP threads that you are not a part of without the permission of the OP, unless they are tagged as "Open".
If a thread is marked "Closed", do not post in it for any reason unless you are a part of that RP
Please adhere to the rules of the particular RP that you are in.
Roleplay canons are allowed to create their own rules and police members as long as they follow the site rules.

All image dumps should be MLP-related.
NSFW images are not allowed on this board. All NSFW content should be posted in /anon/ with the “Mature” tag. (Or do people want #mature tags on /pic/?)
Before posting new threads, please make sure there is not already an existing thread on the same topic. Duplicate threads make the board disorganized and redundant.

Please post only fan-created works on this board. Official show content (videos, writing, etc...) should be posted on /pony/. Official show merchandise may be posted/discussed here.

/vinyl/, /g/
Should they exist, or just be subsumed into /oat/? We feel the above structure would be best for the community, but we are looking for the community’s input.
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>> No. 163944 ID: 50df4a
>Completely clean slate, added as demand warrants and the number kept to a strict minimum that is yet to be determined.

But I like the word filters we have here.
>> No. 163945 ID: 3763a7
File 142215885133.jpg - (13.97KB , 268x322 , 132395900881.jpg )
This doesn't sound all that bad, I'm impressed.
>> No. 163946 ID: 61c81a
Yes please let it happen!
1010 g8 change!
But we still need CAPCHIA though to get rid of the scam bots

Last edited at Sat, Jan 24th, 2015 21:13

>> No. 163947 ID: d27c62
File 142215898618.png - (112.67KB , 300x303 , 1347300325046.png )
Sounds perfect.
>> No. 163948 ID: d27c62
Wait wait wait wait wait
>/chat/ - This is a board for serial threads
Yeah no. We need to either get rid of serial threads or put them on the same board as /oat/ so that they get new traffic. Otherwise it's going to be the same shit.

Other than that, I'm down for this.
>> No. 163949 ID: a098c9
I feel like with the combined /oat/s, and the smaller boards being merged into it, that /oat/ will be fast on it's own accord and having serials in there plus that would just make it confusing for everyone.. Or at least, that would be my concern with having literally everything + serials in one board. I'm actually intrigued that there's someone who wants them reintegrated into everything else, I didn't expect that.
>> No. 163950 ID: fc79f3
sounds good to me

posting this on mlpchan
>> No. 163951 ID: d27c62
I'm for that because that's how it used to be, and it worked. Serials had a changing community and it's members posted on the rest of the site. If you isolate them they're going to just stay there and contribute nothing.
>> No. 163952 ID: 8eb271
File 142215941140.jpg - (42.21KB , 400x300 , athf_ep055_05.jpg )
Hey I lik-
Oi wait just a moment, where's /gala/?
>> No. 163953 ID: a098c9
I can't disagree with that necessarily, as I was a staunch opponent of a serial board back in the day. I'd just hate to have it come back full circle to people constantly complaining about serials-in-muh-board again. But again I can't argue with you about it, especially considering how MLPchan handles serial threads with it's serial-tag.
It would be /chat/ (basically just /gala/ renamed to /chat/.)
>> No. 163954 ID: d27c62
I mean you could also get rid of them. But then you run the risk of possibly deleting a large section of the site. Then again, they don't really post anywhere else anyway, so is it really a loss?
>> No. 163955 ID: a098c9
Well, some of them do - and they might feel less reason to come around often if their usual hangout is gone. Either way, it's an alienation risk somewhat.
>> No. 163956 ID: 734001
File 142215956893.png - (468.22KB , 646x646 , 140718540574.png )
Personally, I'd be open to opening /chat/ up to regular posts as well as serials if there's enough demand for that instead of a renamed /gala/.
>> No. 163957 ID: 3d403b
File 142215958077.png - (32.91KB , 1000x1000 , 140286046504.png )
>But I like the word filters we have here.
I would only mind if we lost Gaston and Expression Viewer. The other wordfilters aren't that important imo.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 24th, 2015 21:19

>> No. 163958 ID: ef443b
Sounds good

I agree with this anon completely
>>163948 tho
>> No. 163959 ID: a098c9
Specific ones people like, I'm sure, can be discussed again. I'd presume that all the serious boards - /site/, /pony/, /anon/, /rp/, would be free of them, but for the general discussion board of /oat/ I'm for having a few.
>> No. 163960 ID: d27c62
>having /chat/ and /oat/ both have regular postng allowed
pls no, if you're going to make a serial board, make a serial board, don't do the whole boards with the same purpose thing again.
>> No. 163961 ID: 35506f
seems good
>> No. 163962 ID: 3d403b
File 142215966241.png - (1.17MB , 2580x1940 , Penny playing cards.png )
Wouldn't that lead to the same situation of having too much overlap between /oat/ and /chat/?
>> No. 163963 ID: 428138
File 142215974715.gif - (10.88KB , 240x200 , pusheen_hungover games.gif )
That's all I need to know. Sounds great.
>> No. 163964 ID: 4cafbc
it's been renamed to /chat/
>> No. 163965 ID: a098c9
The Grand Galloping Gala ended years ago, man. How drunk did you get at the gala?
>> No. 163966 ID: 5caed4
File 142215997175.png - (550.39KB , 685x755 , sunil105.png )
Hm...about /pony/, I do like its current state, in that it's only for discussion of the show and its canon, not just threads about "rainbow dash is next to you, wat do?" and such. Is it going to remain that way?

If not, more hidden threads for me.

The wordfilters, like most other jokes, were cute and silly at first, but now they're just stale and annoying.

For the most part, only things like "fag" and other common internet insults should remain wordfiltered.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 24th, 2015 21:26

>> No. 163967 ID: 8a0b93
>axing /gala/ and kusaba x
>remaking /chat/
today could not get better if i tried. yay /chat/ is back. you have my full support for this change godspeed ponychan staff.
>> No. 163968 ID: a098c9
I would prefer /pony/ stay in its state, yes. I think that's the plan. For that matter, it makes sense, since it gives more content for /oat/. /oat/ should be the broad, faster paced, lots of stuff to talk about and do board, and /pony/ for the show, canon, writers, stories, movies, comics, theories, characters, VAs, show songs, etc.
>> No. 163969 ID: 4cafbc
>Hm...about /pony/, I do like its current state, in that it's only for discussion of the show and its canon, not just threads about "rainbow dash is next to you, wat do?" and such. Is it going to remain that way?
>> No. 163970 ID: ef443b
We totally should've had /gala/ being a yearly "phoenix" like board for no real reason than to pone
>> No. 163971 ID: cb99cb
File 142216017566.png - (133.23KB , 500x464 , ask_forty_winks_by_ponywise-d5ijkj4.png )
u wot m8

if you merge this, i come back

mark my words

i will come back if you merge

i will start posting as Scootaloo again and not 40 Winks

i will stop pretending people remember who i am

and i will come back 5eva

merge faggots
>> No. 163972 ID: 32789b
On MLPchan, I was a huge fan of the "no serial board; let them be in /oat/" idea for the reasons you mentioned. I made it so threads with over 200 posts could only be bumped once every 6-12 hours so that the serials wouldn't hog the top of the board, and it's worked out well for us. Though we only have a couple active serial threads. I'm not too sure how much our solution would scale to many more serials, or how much Ponychan users like having a separate serial board. I'm interested in hearing how much people like or dislike the idea of a separate serials board.
>> No. 163973 ID: 5caed4
File 142216022910.png - (963.96KB , 1508x846 , sunil76.png )
Oh, and

>Kusaba will be slain, and MLPchan's Tinyboard setup will be implemented, with all of Ponychan's current themes and functionality added.

Does this mean Ponychan X is going to break?
>> No. 163974 ID: a098c9
Ponychan X would no longer be necessary.
>> No. 163975 ID: 734001
File 142216031769.png - (113.36KB , 350x277 , turtle.png )
Since MLPchan's /pony/ has essentially no users... it's basically whatever our /pony/ decides. Ball's in our court, really. To be moved over unchanged or opened up a bit, it's up to /pony/.
>> No. 163976 ID: 5caed4
File 142216034464.png - (57.11KB , 448x577 , Capture.png )

Can this "tinyboard" thing can do all the same things pX does? I suppose filtering is really the only major thing from pX that I care about.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 24th, 2015 21:32

>> No. 163977 ID: 5caed4
File 142216043191.png - (693.17KB , 895x818 , sunil72.png )
Well I would like /pony/ to stay as it is; a board dedicated to (varying levels of) serious discussion about the show, while all of the random/silly/chatty threads remain in /oat/.
>> No. 163978 ID: ef443b
So how are we going to handle the tougher issues relating to how it is run?

For example, MLPchan didn't want to implement a filter and turned a blind eye to foalcon and has some porn allowed in some serials.

How are we going to handle those types of things? I don't use MLPchan much anymore so if changes to those things happened I probably wouldn't know.
>> No. 163979 ID: 8a0b93
I dont know about that. im just glad they nuked kielbasa x LITERALLY OUR LEAST FAVORITE SOFTWARE FOR IMAGEBOARDS ohmyfuckinggoditschristmasmorning.jpg
>> No. 163980 ID: 5caed4
File 142216053396.png - (449.29KB , 723x612 , sunil24.png )
>No pornography or overtly sexual images outside of /anon/
>This is MLPchan’s anonymous culture board. Names are generally discouraged.
>NSFW threads and images must be posted under a “Mature” tag, a feature unique to this board.
>Underage NSFW content (including loli and foalcon) is not allowed even under a mature tag
>> No. 163981 ID: a098c9
>Enable thread update
>Find Deleted post
I've never heard of that actually
>scroll on new post
>show spoilered images
>animate gif thumbnails
Forgot about that.
>inline replies
what is the menu?
>quote annotation
>thread favicons
dunno what these are either
>thread information in title
you mean the numbers showing new posts? yes
>time correction
that fixes an error in pchan I think; wouldnt be necessary
>organized tagging
not sure what is
>update watched threads
>+50 catalog results links
i think it does that
dunno what that pagination stuff is

if you check a thread there, this one for instance, and click settings, you will see what is currently enabled by default.

yes to a filter I would imagine; mlpchan has one as a userscript, just not in-site. anything underage is a no go, same with in serials. its the same as it is here in some serials, people post it deep in serials and it kinda gets under the radar. *shrug.*
>> No. 163982 ID: ef443b
well yeah, that's how its "implemented" on MLPchan too

Quotes for the site's actual policy being different than what is said to make people happy. Since we have a lot of moderators from there coming I was wondering if their style would assimilate or meet in the middle or stay their own.
>> No. 163983 ID: a098c9
I wouldn't even say it's a "lot" of mods from there. 3, actually, and the Sysadmin. Those three mods include Mellowbloom, who is probably about as "Ponychan" as they come (and is basically the "heavy" of the mlpchan mods.)
>> No. 163984 ID: 32789b
A filter feature, Ponychan's themes, and /all/ would be implemented before the merger happened.
>> No. 163985 ID: 5caed4
File 142216088523.png - (678.52KB , 801x691 , sunil17.png )
Filtering in pX is not about mature content, it's basically a user blocklist. You put a name on the list, and any post with that name is automatically hidden. (it can also filter by tripcode, email address, subject, and filename)

Despite the number of people I have filtered being countable on just my fingers, it's still a nice feature to have.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 24th, 2015 21:42

>> No. 163986 ID: a098c9
ninjad lel
>> No. 163987 ID: 1d8c8a
File 142216119696.jpg - (374.36KB , 1366x768 , Cue Borderlands character introduction freezeframe.jpg )
So, uh. I didn't really read it in the OP or anywhere else in the thread about /ooc/ and /rp/?

I'm assuming we're all gonna keep those two boards split? I know MLPchan has their two boards together and such.
>> No. 163988 ID: 8a0b93
WE DONT NEED NO STINKIN PCHANX although i wish it was futaba, i hope this tinyboard shit is ok.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 24th, 2015 21:49

>> No. 163989 ID: a098c9
I presume the idea is to reunite them and use the tinyboard [#tag] ability to separate ooc/planning threads from actual roleplay threads.
>> No. 163990 ID: ef443b
thanks for explaining.

yeah, that's true, I thought it was more in my one-pass-lookthrough-then-post-from-memory post.

So, assuming this is happening, is there a timeframe set for it?
>> No. 163991 ID: 6ce0aa
>/chat/ starts out as just /chat/
>split it to /chat/ and /everfree/
>took out /everfree/
>Split it into /chat/ and /gala/
>Got rid of /chat/ and left /gala/
>turning it back into /chat/
Why does this amuse me so?
>> No. 163992 ID: ef443b
Also, is gochan kill from ponychan's perspective at least?

I was really wanting to see how that matured
>> No. 163993 ID: a098c9
Since Ponychan would now have a dedicated sysadmin, Zeke would have all that more time to work on gochan and see if it matured into something even better.
>> No. 163994 ID: 1d8c8a
File 142216163653.gif - (4.39MB , 300x284 , PET ME YOU FUCKER.gif )
I'd personally like to see them stay split so that way it's easier for roleplayers to skim through sign up threads and other forms of OOC threads. Keeps it a bit more organized.

Atleast that's my opinion. We've had this discussion before on this site anyways. Recently too.
>> No. 163995 ID: ef443b
Oh it could, I know he's still working on it for lunachan.

But I meant does this mean that our plans for having it be ponychan's software are dead for the moment at least
>> No. 163996 ID: 446e0b
You say fresh starts for current bans,
What are these extreme cases you mention?

Last edited at Sat, Jan 24th, 2015 21:56

>> No. 163997 ID: 734001
No. What >>163993 said is true. Gochan is set up for a potential replacement of Tinyboard, what with Zeke being free and all.
>> No. 163998 ID: 734001
Currently Swiper, Zamoonda, TOSSF, and StevAn as well as Manley and Dulset from /pony/.
>> No. 163999 ID: 446e0b
File 142216200497.gif - (1.08MB , 640x480 , HCqM0AL.gif )
Okey dokey tibbers.
Sounds fine to me.
Carry on
>> No. 164000 ID: 18c212
File 142216202787.png - (167.03KB , 377x439 , Protactor!.png )
I like everything except bringing /anon/ in here, but that's not a big enough thing to keep me from supporting this. Go for it, I guess.
>> No. 164001 ID: ef443b
gotcha, yeah, sounds good.
>> No. 164002 ID: 2db160
File 142216219434.png - (365.29KB , 717x606 , 418.png )
I've got no complaints. Let's do it.
>> No. 164003 ID: c6831f
File 142216219501.gif - (49.90KB , 300x300 , 138151439463.gif )
Fucking finally. Please let this happen.

Pls do not do this. You finally put /chat/ out of it's misery. We really don't need redundant boards again.
>> No. 164004 ID: e7a4d5
File 142216234092.png - (130.85KB , 401x433 , Happy shy 4.png )
Advance the flag of /trixie/!! /chat/ shall rise again!

it looks good. c: i'm all for it... i hear it was discussed from the get go by all staff, too. this all bodes well. some genuine harmony will do everypony good, i suspect
>> No. 164005 ID: 446e0b
If when this happens, how long will it take?
>> No. 164006 ID: cb99cb
File 142216246446.png - (104.11KB , 900x675 , forty_winks__by_themochapony-d5lncp5.png )
Aw, c'mon, why Zamoonda? Why can't we let bygones be bygones? And why is Manley not allowed on /pony/? Is he not /pony/ enough for them?

I'm joking, don't ban plz.
>> No. 164007 ID: 8a0b93
File 142216250532.png - (30.93KB , 799x532 , 140993695013.png )
ponychans serials system needs an overhaul. /gala/ is the board that is suffering. by putting it out of its misery and renaming it (i dont see why the name would impact much) and opening to serial /chat/ to regular posts as well we might get something good. i think we will keep mlpchans tags as well which cause serials to be bumped if they get too far behind page 1. i am in favor.

/chat/ will rize again.
>> No. 164008 ID: e7a4d5
File 142216262478.png - (792.69KB , 1500x1028 , I love Trixie.png )

i am glad you are joking. i felt my heart skip.
>> No. 164009 ID: b8e40a
File 142216268892.png - (411.44KB , 642x990 , Lucario - Heck yes_.png )
I mainly post on one of the serial threads, and since I have not seen what things were like back when the serials were part of /oat/ I don't have an opinion on this.

If my opinion does mean anything here though, I see no reason not to proceed.
>> No. 164010 ID: c6831f
File 142216270357.png - (128.37KB , 894x894 , pinkie___cuteness_overload_by_austiniousi-d5b9m6c.png )
Who is realistically going to post in non-serial threads on a serial board? The best case scenario is that no one does and the worst case scenario is that just enough do to leech traffic from /oat/ for no good reason.
>> No. 164011 ID: 60c733
File 142216272095.jpg - (32.41KB , 228x169 , Cookies are love, cookies are life.jpg )
Success! Now if only we could bring /ef/ back into the fold too...
>> No. 164012 ID: 3caa94
File 142216283421.jpg - (157.08KB , 894x894 , DJ-+-FancyOJ.jpg )
>A fresh slate will be given for current bans for all but the most serious cases.
I approve. A short message to the unbanned: For your sake, please don't do stupid stuff.

>Wordfilters: Completely clean slate
Not for long.

>...outside of /anon/
Wait... so inside /anon/ there will be explicit stuff? That's...
>NSFW must be posted under a “Mature” tag
...oh, okay then.

>Use of the [#cyclic] tag in the OP will enable your thread to delete old posts when it goes over 500 and last indefinitely without hitting a limit.
Now that's a feature I like.

>Or do people want #mature tags on /pic/?
No. While sure, it can be allowed to exist, please keep it contained to one area of the site.

>Should [/vinyl/ and /g/] exist, or just be subsumed into /oat/?
/vinyl/ should be combined with /oat/. /g/ seems active enough to continue on it's own.

That's where he went! I've been lookin' all over for that dude!
>> No. 164013 ID: cb99cb
File 142216287269.png - (1.23MB , 1280x720 , Gt+stalin+gt+not+lenin+or+trotskji+_78ef71c495412e9cfac6b8220265bbe9.png )
>> No. 164014 ID: 8a0b93
Youtube embed play button
oh my god i know why you call it trixieland because it sounds like dixie. i am slow O_O. ayy lmao.

i dont know i mean i would. it would be more or less like /gala/ with a few more hangout threads and "how is your day" type stuff.
>> No. 164015 ID: e7b99c
File 142216310517.jpg - (115.04KB , 550x1079 , 134579662446.jpg )
i don't look at /vinyl/ so iunno
but /g/ should be smushed into /oat/ or whatever the general board will be

it's kinda dead
>> No. 164016 ID: 6ce0aa
It shall return, and then the cycle will begin again
>> No. 164017 ID: 45db28
File 142216351724.png - (31.74KB , 332x435 , We do sell that in a large size, yes.png )
>ModeratorAdmiral Yang!!Tag

Won't it be kind of awkward having two people with the same name?
>> No. 164018 ID: 41811b
File 142216390056.png - (170.04KB , 560x600 , 1420663199381.png )
About damn time guys.

I'm not sure how I feel about having /chat/ being serials. You'll have people from this /chat/ wanting to go there and be /chat/. Also the problem with the separate serial board. It would be a lot of serials to be on /oat/ though.

Is there some way to just make the serials sit on the last page? It wouldn't get bumped and people could find their thread if they wanted.

Also can we keep /meta/? I like that name more. /site/ is boring.
>> No. 164019 ID: 6b9748
Didn't we discuss this, and decide that the sites were too different, like a year and a half ago or something?

What changed?
>> No. 164020 ID: b980b1
File 142216395187.png - (151.16KB , 627x1024 , 142043712400.png )
Question, what happened to potentially putting serials back with the general discussions? I really don't believe keeping them in a quarantine zone is the best option, especially for those of us in them. Unless you you keep this less of a quarantine zone, and more of a "If you want to be segregated you can choose to be, otherwise post your serial in your area of choice". Some serials work better when they're out amongst everything else, while others may work better being in their own area.

OR, implement a tag system, so that those who don't want to see serials don't see them, along with a specific amount of time they can stay on the front page. Some of them may need to be on the front page for a little while, so that intermingling happens. This also would help threads like that "Wastelands" serial that just went to /gala/ to die.
Otherwise you force them all to circle jerk or die out, even those that don't want to be that way.

Other than that... I like, I think at least.
>> No. 164021 ID: 41811b
No, what happened last time was misunderstandings and then Orange came back and people said fuck it we'll wait.
>> No. 164022 ID: 45db28
File 142216422901.png - (8.48KB , 431x289 , Well that's just adorable.png )
>people from this /chat/

Ha ha! Oh, you.
>> No. 164023 ID: d27c62
So just as a show of hands, how many people would be cool with merging serials back into /oat with the general posting populace?
>> No. 164024 ID: 35506f
File 142216434962.png - (24.30KB , 667x796 , Chrysalis_ 686.png )
I don't mind either way.
Useful vote!
>> No. 164025 ID: 6b9748
No thanks. Rather enjoy being left alone.
>> No. 164026 ID: b980b1
File 142216440551.jpg - (296.51KB , 1000x800 , 707833__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_lying_playing_artist-colon-joycall3_behaving+like+a+cat.jpg )
Me (albeit, with rules obviously so that no one steps on one anothers' feet)
>> No. 164027 ID: 45db28
File 142216446120.png - (62.65KB , 343x326 , Now See Here.png )

I think /gala/ /newchat/ is still pretty nice for the slower serials that would get instaburied on a board like /oat/. It's like, we separate boards for the reason of there being too much traffic, and that's pretty much the definition.

That said, I wouldn't actually be too opposed, I'd see how it went.
>> No. 164028 ID: 41811b
File 142216460046.jpg - (78.27KB , 321x450 , 212001043436a.jpg )
There were like, 5 people that were upset when it got killed. I could see them wanting to use it again just because it has the name.
I don't think serials should be on a separate board, you can't have it clogging up /oat/ either though.
I think we should try what MLPchan does and then if that doesn't work then talk about pushing them off to another board.
>> No. 164029 ID: 18c212
File 142216462226.png - (293.98KB , 579x572 , Goddamn it.png )
You can quote rules all you want but it doesn't change the fact that they were frequently going unenforced over on MLPchan in their serials.

mfw go to TKC on MLPchan
mfw yiffshit every fucking time
mfw mods turned a blind eye

Their site, though, so if they want that garbage, whatevs. I just don't want it going unenforced if we actually merge.
>> No. 164030 ID: a098c9
TKC is TKC man. It's its own force of nature, whatever site it's on. Can't really be taken for a representative sample of anything.
>> No. 164031 ID: 41811b
File 142216470917.jpg - (62.98KB , 448x480 , 1422043663005.jpg )
Is the TKC still that active? Last I checked it was pretty dead.
Let it die already guys, please.
>> No. 164032 ID: 18c212
File 142216479997.png - (470.50KB , 674x686 , Yui22.png )
I dunno, I don't go there anymore. I was talking past tense, anyhow.
>> No. 164033 ID: d1b137
File 142216503852.jpg - (317.86KB , 764x608 , lkueyjrthaf.jpg )
Everything sounds fantastic

But I don't agree with where the serials will end up either.

I, myself, mostly keep to a serial thread and I know it would be irritating for them to be in the same place as /chat/ or /oat/ or whatever

/chat/ should be left to chat in and serials should be left to /gala/ or what have you

this is what started the drama in the first place for /gala/ to be created anyways
>> No. 164034 ID: a098c9
/chat/ would just be /gala/ with a less asperger-sounding name.
>> No. 164035 ID: d1b137
File 142216516917.jpg - (177.39KB , 640x480 , Edd_rock.jpg )
my apologies, I misunderstood

carry on then
>> No. 164036 ID: 61c81a
>"PonyChan a shit"
Thank you Capper General!
>> No. 164037 ID: a098c9
but really; capper's a personal friend and he's just echoing the sentiments of the rest of the ponynet that there's negative perceptions involved for ponychan. many of which, while they've been worked on a lot since the bad old days, can be remedied even further with these changes and improvements to some of the systemic issues the site has had.
>> No. 164038 ID: fe104b
File 142216718465.jpg - (329.08KB , 700x1300 , ussr_tan__by_anyan_fhs-d70rd1c.jpg )
This thread was linked on GETchan, so I just stopped by to wish both chans the best!

t. KoG
>> No. 164039 ID: 1bb653
File 142216730054.jpg - (121.04KB , 359x305 , 1348847730443_194.jpg )
>They finally took a stand on Manley

Ponychan mods confirmed for actually knowing what they're doing.
>> No. 164040 ID: 45db28
File 142216736455.png - (24.71KB , 665x868 , 327712__safe_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack.png )

Manley's been banned from /pony/ for years, though.
>> No. 164041 ID: 1bb653
File 142216748673.png - (236.42KB , 500x651 , tumblr_mnh5hgGcmY1s2f367o1_500.png )
I haven't looked in years, though, so this is news to me.

Also,hi Mondo <3
>> No. 164042 ID: 9c04e5
- The new staff list does not include lemming.
- Macil.
- Removal of wordfilters.
- Bigger community, whole is larger than the sum of its parts.
- I can think of at least one person for whom this free ban forgiveness would be greatly appreciated, and whom I'd like to see posting again.
- Getting rid of the name /meta/. The name has a horrible taste associated with it.

>We believe that since then, our differences have decreased, and those that remain are worth setting aside to unify the community.
No they fuckin' haven't. /meta/ is still filled with threads about how ___ shouldn't have been banned and "I object to how this ban/warning was handled". /site/ has none of this. Clearly there's a major difference in how things are run around each site. And since there will still be a Fen and a Yang in this new site, the two of them are just going to have more people to ban, and more people to complain about it.

Ponychan hasn't changed. I haven't lurked MLPchan thoroughly enough to tell if it has changed or not, but if it did I highly doubt it would become more like Ponychan.

This really just amounts to shuffling people around when they could just go to whichever site if they really wanted to.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 24th, 2015 23:33

>> No. 164043 ID: b980b1
File 142216770783.png - (211.75KB , 633x685 , 774081__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_screencap_cute_season+4_rainbow+falls.png )
I've been thinking this over and I don't think that'd be too bad to have on here (maybe some tweaking with the times if it gets too much). If too many serials is a problem, why not allow board specific serials back to their specific boards with the same coding as the /oat/ serials?
>> No. 164044 ID: 61c81a
This board has been filled with "we should add this or remove that just to improve the chan"
>> No. 164045 ID: af273c
File 142216944627.png - (915.99KB , 1090x1080 , smuggysmugdash.png )
I don't just approve of the merge, I've anticipated it.

For those that were concerned about serials choking out traffic, I feel that it should be clarified that MLPchan's /oat/ board has no bump limit. After a certain number of posts, a thread can get bumped if there was at some point a timespan between 7-13 hours between posts. This lets serials fall down to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th page without choking out the first page, yet without 404ing out of hitting an arbitrary bump ceiling.

And that reminds me. Please please please open source the merged site. The sheer existence of this site despite all the shit we've gone through without admin involvement alone is enough proof to say that the community is to be trusted with the site's own source code.

In reality, lemming hasn't been actually modding this site in almost two years. The reasons as for why he is officially still on the contacts list as opposed to Flutterguy's removal within three months is well beyond me.
>> No. 164046 ID: 62e9b3
File 142217006888.png - (60.86KB , 477x558 , 4.png )
Hi, I'm from the other side of the tracks. What sort of bans are you talking about? I don't want bans. Or maybe I do... I'm unsure. Why you all getting banned?
>> No. 164047 ID: 45db28
File 142217026986.png - (21.25KB , 384x401 , Mistakes were made, regrets are had.png )

I think there was a ban on Dulset recently and that's about all I can remember. Nothing long lasting or serious, though. Just a couple people with tall horses trying to shout really loud about minor issues.
>> No. 164048 ID: 62e9b3
File 142217046350.png - (60.86KB , 477x558 , 4.png )
Well, I don't mind merging, but I don't want to be banned. I'm a good pony who can be excitable. No banning.
>> No. 164049 ID: 45db28
File 142217051062.png - (29.32KB , 247x223 , Nervousness sets in.png )

Oh, well, we're automatically banning everyone from MLPchan to make the merge easier, so you're kinda out of luck there.

Don't worry, though, there's a whole internet out there waiting for you.
>> No. 164050 ID: 62e9b3
File 142217060655.png - (225.60KB , 767x588 , Sweetie59.png )
Oh yeah? Well we'll just rebel and make our own site then. With laxer rules.
>> No. 164051 ID: 45db28
File 142217063152.png - (15.53KB , 565x512 , This is the part where we throw our heads back and laugh_.png )

Yeah, right, like that'll ever work.
>> No. 164052 ID: 1bb653
File 142217063573.gif - (410.13KB , 221x196 , 1422055442790.gif )
>Post on both
>> No. 164053 ID: 1a97ef
Seems pretty much as a good idea.
The serials may be too much, but I guess it is something that can be changed pretty fast if it happen.
>> No. 164054 ID: d27c62
>mods propose something on /meta/
>about 95% of the people agree with it
I think we should like, celebrate or something this is fucking historic.
>> No. 164055 ID: 45db28
File 142217082634.gif - (128.04KB , 500x550 , 138345935242.gif )

It feels so nice.
>> No. 164056 ID: 734001
Seems pretty unpopular on MLPchan though.

Which is odd because it was Thony's brainchild, and I wasn't for it, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
>> No. 164057 ID: 734001
>don't make any anon posts
>name falls off anyways.
I don't understand.
>> No. 164059 ID: d27c62
Reading the thread it looks more like 50% or so.
>> No. 164060 ID: 1bb653
File 142217111512.jpg - (134.15KB , 600x466 , blondes tea coffee tables mahou shoujo madoka magica tomoe mami bows golden eyes cuffs anime gir.jpg )
Eh, I can assure you that... Five(?) of those people I know, and they're just voicing concerns, not being overly critical or claiming they're gonna abandon ship.

Anons are really the only ones saying "No, fuck this"
>> No. 164061 ID: 9968b4
Maybe, it just seems like there's too much opposition on that side of things.
>> No. 164062 ID: 41811b
From the thread I'm in only one person was like "no way fuck that" but I didn't read the whole thing. Most the other stuff was >>164060
>> No. 164063 ID: 45db28
File 142217123779.png - (13.73KB , 444x514 , 138d3eb10d3e72d97e57314ca562115d-d490kss.png )

I think, from our side at least, it's a step forward in a lot of ways. One that's possibly necessary, even. And while I'd be opposed if someone came up to me all like "Hey, time for a merger.", the way it's actually written out assuages any concerns I might have. I just hope that the majority of users are okay with it and do get along.


Shit's weird sometimes. Drives me nuts.
>> No. 164064 ID: 62e9b3
File 142217124861.jpg - (50.15KB , 576x590 , sweete.jpg )
Hi Mr. Wang!

They'll get over it.
>> No. 164065 ID: 9968b4
I'm not opposed to this at all, I really like the idea, and i'd be sad to see all this effort come to nothing.
I dunno, that's just my take on it and I'm being pessimistic...
>> No. 164066 ID: 31b110
File 142217207770.png - (156.34KB , 334x374 , 1403442130490.png )
>major changes, possibly one of the biggest changes Ponychan has ever had
>everyone seems happy, no riots
Very nice!
>> No. 164067 ID: 9c04e5
What about all of MLPchan's banners? Wouldn't it be better to keep the name MLPchan, so we can keep using the banners?
>> No. 164068 ID: 31b110
File 142217220250.jpg - (46.45KB , 238x517 , 13.jpg )
But Ponychan isn't merging with MLPchan, MLPchan is merging with Ponychan
>> No. 164069 ID: 1bb653
File 142217223630.gif - (510.99KB , 300x166 , Well+what+is+it+_f6c8f41f0c38cf3212431aa099f256b1.gif )
Even the people on MLPchan that seem to disagree are just saying "Nah I don't agree" instead of "Fuck da police"
>> No. 164070 ID: 31b110
File 142217231867.png - (519.42KB , 720x539 , WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE.png )
No kidding. This is like some serious bizarro shit
>> No. 164071 ID: 85d29e
>MLPchan's current set up would become ours.
>Kusaba will be slain, and MLPchan's Tinyboard setup will be implemented
>Site funding by Anonthony
>> No. 164072 ID: af273c
File 142217254350.jpg - (82.38KB , 612x612 , smashing.jpg )
The banners still have the MLPchan name on them. I assume that's the concern he was addressing. But that being said, we can always just remake more banners.
>> No. 164073 ID: 50df4a
I must disagree, I find that the more common ones add a certain charm to the place.
>> No. 164074 ID: 31b110
File 142217258575.png - (88.45KB , 550x375 , computer on fire.png )
And when it's stable, Gochan [] shall dominate
>> No. 164075 ID: 9968b4
>> No. 164076 ID: 61c81a
The OP says it's keeping the PonyChan domain so I don't know about the banners thing
>> No. 164077 ID: 31b110
File 142217274588.png - (13.69KB , 168x292 , yu89y80.png )
Tinyboard isn't limited to MLPchan. It's a framework, like Kusaba X, Gochan, Futaba, etc
Ponychan would be adopting MLPchan's modifications to Tinyboard
>> No. 164078 ID: 9968b4
This has been posted on mlpchan and Ponychan, I'll post results in an hour.
>> No. 164079 ID: 9c04e5
But...all that work...
the countless minutes, the legally-obtained MS Paint licenses...
all of it going to waste, all because we were foolish enough to forgive.
>> No. 164080 ID: 62e9b3
File 142217282310.jpg - (138.01KB , 900x900 , sweetie31.jpg )
Let ponies wake up first. It's the middle of the night...
>> No. 164081 ID: 9968b4
That's just round one I guess
I suppose the mods will come up with a more official method anyhow,
>> No. 164082 ID: 734001
File 142217299668.png - (251.27KB , 1600x584 , prone_princess_cadance_by_90sigma-d7y9omo.png )
Those are the same thing, doofus.


I like the banners. We should have banners.
>> No. 164083 ID: 31b110
File 142217311446.png - (162.42KB , 550x900 , spilled milk.png )
He doesn't seem to understand what I'm talking about either way. It sounds like he didn't understand (or read) what Macil said.
And agreed. We should have a banner contest after the merge
>> No. 164084 ID: 9968b4
Speaking of, how will the mods determine the reaction beyond just feeling out the thread?
>> No. 164085 ID: 61c81a
Is this domain under US law or UK law because in UK Law states that no lolicon / foulcon is allowed? Just a quick note you mods and admins should take

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 01:09

>> No. 164086 ID: b980b1
>Do not post anything illegal under U.S. or U.K. law
>> No. 164087 ID: 428138
>Pornography and overtly sexual images depicting minors (including drawings) are not allowed anywhere on the site
>> No. 164088 ID: eb5acd
File 142217371054.jpg - (39.08KB , 400x500 , mohammed-turban-bomb.jpg )
>Do not post anything illegal under U.S. or U.K. law
Why UK law? Doesn't UK has some freedom-infringing laws banning so-called "hate speech" and other stuff that is Constitutionally protected in the US?
>> No. 164089 ID: 2af415
as a CYA up to mod discretion. don't worry about that rule being taken too literally.
>> No. 164090 ID: 41811b
I'd assume the UK part is more so you don't post lolicon because thats legal in the US.
>> No. 164091 ID: 9968b4
File 142217396101.gif - (893.61KB , 500x286 , SdTZuEP.gif )
>> No. 164092 ID: 1a97ef
I would assume that the server is hosted in uk?
>> No. 164093 ID: 41811b
Yeah, naked 2D lolis are legal. Thats a big reason /GET/ is hosted in the US.
>> No. 164094 ID: 587e5f
File 142217412074.png - (18.28KB , 295x175 , 141040807174.png )
im against this because yang isnt cadence if this happens also do i still get to be honorary spike?
>> No. 164095 ID: 2af415
actually, that varies by state. people in the US have been prosecuted over loli hentai before (which is fucking retarded but it happened)
>> No. 164096 ID: 35506f
but they are pedos, why shouldnt we arrest them?
>> No. 164097 ID: 2af415
I dont know something about human rights. People keep yelling similar things at me when I advocate exterminating various racial minorities as well.
>> No. 164099 ID: 35506f
plz keep responses 2 my posts serious thank u
>> No. 164100 ID: 41811b
File 142217437485.png - (110.50KB , 2500x1500 , 141446023675.png )
Federally its legal though. So you'd just need to appeal.
I don't know of any specific cases but you're way better off here than Canada or the UK.
>> No. 164101 ID: 85d29e
No squirting allowed.
>> No. 164103 ID: 587e5f
Youtube embed play button
you could say canada really needs to get off its high horse
>> No. 164104 ID: 2af415
File 142217466416.png - (64.61KB , 693x571 , 133538015959.png )
"high" horse

>> No. 164105 ID: 9c04e5
I'm just gonna clarify my position here...

I personally would like to see this happen, but objectively I know that it is a bad idea. I believe that Fen, Yang, and Thony are all showing very poor judgment right now, but you three may proceed with your dumb idea for my amusement.
>> No. 164106 ID: 734001
>asking people if they would like to do a thing is poor judgement
I personally don't really want to see it happen too much, but it seems like a super popular idea over here.
>> No. 164107 ID: 587e5f
File 142217526638.png - (456.99KB , 1024x768 , 54927.png )
thank you thank you dont do drugs and also dont wake up as me
>> No. 164108 ID: 35506f
nobody cares what u want tho
>> No. 164109 ID: 734001
File 142217543162.png - (310.53KB , 650x1181 , Feel Ball Run.png )
It's true.
>> No. 164110 ID: 587e5f
File 142217608951.png - (572.81KB , 2840x3000 , 142135687648.png )
i care wat you want
>> No. 164111 ID: 6ac3e8
File 142217612884.jpg - (35.21KB , 246x172 , 1383536416715.jpg )
Never thought I would see the day when ponychan and mlpchan would forget the butthurt and merge. I welcome this.
>> No. 164112 ID: 62e9b3
File 142217621248.png - (79.12KB , 900x563 , sweetie386.png )
We (mlpchan) stole all the butthurt. It's over on our side, if you're looking for it.

Please validate my existence...
>> No. 164113 ID: 9c04e5
Hold the fucking phone. I just noticed that MLPchan's copy of this post lists Soarin' as a mod for the new site, but this one doesn't.

One of them is wrong. FIX IT.
>> No. 164114 ID: 1a97ef
Today mlpchan, next week /ef/.
>> No. 164115 ID: 587e5f
File 142217624478.gif - (25.37KB , 210x210 , 138643529265.gif )
heresy heresy this will not happen yang will stay admin
>> No. 164116 ID: 35506f
i thought u died
>> No. 164117 ID: 61c81a
The PChan and MLPChan merge is happening and it will happen in a few hours
>Yes: 17 votes
>No: 9 votes
> I'm skeptical: 3 votes
>> No. 164118 ID: 6ac3e8
File 142217652447.jpg - (148.57KB , 710x423 , 1346508261578.jpg )
Nah, ya'll can keep it.
lel that site is shit.
>> No. 164119 ID: 9968b4
Because an unofficial poll means anything...
It means nothing, I made it to gauge the general consensus on both sites, it means literally nothing, only the mods will decide if this is happening.
>> No. 164120 ID: 9f6006
File 142217661864.png - (34.22KB , 226x179 , grr.png )
Oh. We haven't forgotten.

At all.

We're just apparently not getting a choice.
>> No. 164121 ID: 9c04e5
File 142217665395.png - (88.84KB , 294x386 , COCKSUCKER.png )
I want an aaaaaaaaaansweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer...
>> No. 164122 ID: 62e9b3
File 142217670330.jpg - (4.03KB , 192x107 , sweetie461.jpg )
Calm yourself, Toy. Nothing has happened yet. There is still a chance that the massive ball of negativity will turn this all around for you.
>> No. 164123 ID: 2279c0

Well, what are your concerns?
>> No. 164124 ID: 6ac3e8
File 142217680172.jpg - (62.60KB , 768x576 , tumblr_n8kw8zGBoO1to9zzdo1_1280.jpg )
Then I recommend this m8.

It will soothe it.
>> No. 164125 ID: 9f6006
File 142217697069.png - (15.85KB , 112x131 , 37.png )
God, I keep forgetting I have to manually reload this page.
I can almost hear the dialup noises from here.

My concern is that I don't want to have a bunch of overly soccer-mom staff come over to our /oat/ and start setting up ovens and gas chambers.
>> No. 164126 ID: 734001
File 142217701305.jpg - (25.86KB , 400x562 , WHY.jpg )
>not using Pchan X
>> No. 164127 ID: 35506f
ur nazi imagery gets more and more charming and makes u seem much less crazy

jk ur fucking dumb xD
>> No. 164128 ID: 31b110
>I can almost hear the dialup noises from here.
Ponychan-X is pretty useless with a horrible connection
>> No. 164129 ID: 734001
Ah. What a pity.
>> No. 164130 ID: 1bb653
File 142217711131.gif - (399.67KB , 488x519 , rip and tear.gif )

My long departed favorite drunk man.
>> No. 164131 ID: 2279c0

We enforce the rules we have set, if any ponychan mods fail to enforce the merged site's rules, I don't imagine they'd last very long. The 'new' rules are much much closer to MLPchan's than Ponychan's.
>> No. 164132 ID: 9f6006
File 142217724193.png - (23.18KB , 133x151 , 33.png )
I don't have your crutch because I don't post here. I don't need that stuff with the way mlpchan works. It just works fine without me having to download extra things I don't need.

And I'm not downloading it just to make 4 or 5 posts here.
>> No. 164133 ID: 734001
File 142217728504.jpg - (90.38KB , 454x248 , Kira bowie.jpg )
>downloading it
Go into settings. Check the box. There is no download. It's built into the site.
>> No. 164134 ID: 6ac3e8
File 142217728659.png - (62.76KB , 295x184 , pointing.png )
Yo man. It's been awhile.
>> No. 164135 ID: 9968b4
I totally agree with you...
Except for the part where it's built into the site and all you have to do is enable it in the settings,
>> No. 164136 ID: 35506f
ur gonna be posting here soon when ur pathetic site becomes assimilated to the collective conscience.
>> No. 164137 ID: 9f6006
File 142217732878.png - (55.27KB , 231x189 , 40.png )
>built into the site
>not on by default

>> No. 164138 ID: 06687e

We are having the same argument at MLPChan
>> No. 164139 ID: 62e9b3
File 142217755683.png - (188.51KB , 640x708 , sweetie175.png )
I vote that we begin the merger by merging the threads discussing the merger.
>> No. 164140 ID: 734001
File 142217757159.png - (257.94KB , 793x754 , Dandy smooth.png )
With the same people!
>> No. 164141 ID: 6ac3e8
File 142217760764.png - (0.95MB , 1481x1355 , ready.png )
>> No. 164142 ID: 31b110
File 142217761219.png - (162.42KB , 550x900 , spilled milk.png )
Why stop there? Let's merge every thread into one mega thread, but still allow people to make new threads
>> No. 164143 ID: 62e9b3
File 142217767422.png - (60.23KB , 204x247 , sweetie605.png )
This is the official pony thread! If you see another pony thread, merge it!
>> No. 164144 ID: 06687e

Seriously, i like you guys. But your way to PC for MLPchan
>> No. 164145 ID: 31b110
File 142217774415.png - (352.91KB , 698x617 , 07a.png )
If you see another pony thread*
>> No. 164146 ID: 4c5a46
File 142217803022.gif - (51.62KB , 600x699 , 460715__safe_solo_animated_tumblr_sunglasses_deal+with+it_artist-colon-wildberry-dash-poptart.gif )
If anyone who posts there has an opinion on /rp/ /ooc/ and the merger proposal, PM me on skype/steam or email me your thoughts so I don't have to dig them out of this thread if you can

much appreciated
>> No. 164147 ID: 428138
File 142217803600.gif - (34.65KB , 300x300 , pusheen_allied scum.gif )
Guys, I really want to talk about fucking dogs without anybody giving me any weird looks. If I can't do that then this merger is an awful idea.
>> No. 164148 ID: 35506f
i would like to address that astra is super creepy and we should fire him
>> No. 164149 ID: 9f6006
File 142217815928.png - (33.67KB , 190x154 , 05.png )
I don't give a shit about the weird looks.

I don't want a fucking warning or ban for it.
>> No. 164150 ID: 734001
Oh, I thought you didn't want a single person to bitch.
>> No. 164151 ID: 9f6006
File 142217837876.png - (32.01KB , 118x225 , 48.png )
No. I don't give a shit what people say about it, as long as a mod isn't telling me to stop saying it.
>> No. 164152 ID: 734001
Oh, ha, that's a completely different cup of tea, then.
>> No. 164153 ID: 35506f
im a mod and i want u to stop
>> No. 164154 ID: 9f6006
File 142217860442.png - (69.51KB , 166x317 , 10.png )
I think so far the worst part of this merger is the prospect of seeing more of you.
>> No. 164155 ID: 35506f
thats funny, because i was thinking that the best part of this merger is that i can see more of ur posts and respond to every single one of them :^)
>> No. 164156 ID: 61c81a
>PChan posts Yes
>MLPChan posts No
It's time to panic and kill the admins
>> No. 164157 ID: 9f6006
File 142217874875.png - (33.67KB , 190x154 , 05.png )
Good, you and Grimes can go jerk each other off.
>> No. 164158 ID: 35506f
or we can just cut the foreplay and we could jerk each other off, right?
>> No. 164159 ID: 6ac3e8
File 142217889374.jpg - (25.75KB , 500x375 , 1403215221547.jpg )
The butthurt is still alive
>> No. 164160 ID: 06687e

So do you have an opinion on this cage?
>> No. 164161 ID: 35506f
im for it because there will be more threads for me to shitpost in
>> No. 164162 ID: 9f6006
File 142217911497.png - (23.18KB , 133x151 , 33.png )
Yeah. You and Grimes are going to get along great.
>> No. 164163 ID: 35506f
i dont know who that is, but im going to premptively say hes a fucking clown
>> No. 164164 ID: 9f6006
File 142217922965.png - (97.63KB , 268x361 , 11.png )
He's a shitposter from our oat. You sound just like him.
>> No. 164165 ID: 35506f
i just want to be ur friend but i dont know how to express my deep and complicated emotions
>> No. 164166 ID: 9f6006
File 142217939297.png - (98.30KB , 335x264 , 08.png )
If I didn't know who you were I would honestly think you were the same person.

That's kinda creepy, to be honest.
>> No. 164167 ID: 35506f
add me on skype


pls respond
>> No. 164168 ID: 45db28
File 142217954441.jpg - (20.20KB , 440x474 , 280237__safe_oc_meme_edit_team+fortress+2_ice+pack_demopan.jpg )
I am literally eating popcorn right now. Please continue the entertaining rabble.
>> No. 164169 ID: 1bb653
add me ign: ImThem
>> No. 164170 ID: 35506f
wtf is ign, scram kid, im tryna get laid
>> No. 164171 ID: 62e9b3
File 142217964287.jpg - (10.58KB , 671x450 , sweetie389.jpg )
Too tired...
Can't keep.. stirring pot..
>> No. 164172 ID: 1bb653
File 142217975786.jpg - (107.63KB , 442x253 , Ayy+lmao+_57cd6eb24ec6197209714b4d5b837f43.jpg )
>Implying I haven't already cuck'd you
>> No. 164173 ID: 35506f
bro, i just wanna see what toybox keeps under them jeans, back the fuck off.
>> No. 164174 ID: 35506f
like i know everybody has been there, but just lemme get mine. damn.
>> No. 164175 ID: 35506f
toybox, 4 real, get at me, i got that good dick 4 u
>> No. 164176 ID: 35506f
did u get my skype info toybox?
>> No. 164177 ID: 2af415
I can to vouch for Cage's sexxiness. Toybox, you want this boy's skype
>> No. 164178 ID: 9f6006
File 142218003982.png - (59.80KB , 297x209 , 03.png )
I've seen Cage.

Granted, he was in a dress and had a ton of makeup on at the time, but still.
>> No. 164179 ID: 06687e

Ok, now im curious. What does Cage look like?
>> No. 164180 ID: d27c62
>lolg friend
>> No. 164181 ID: 9f6006
File 142218018715.png - (30.13KB , 188x143 , 46.png )
Actually from what I remember he looks a lot like Mickey.

Not the mouse. The drug addict poster on our site.
>> No. 164182 ID: 35506f
File 142218018847.jpg - (122.07KB , 1280x720 , picture019.jpg )
>> No. 164183 ID: 35506f
toybox look at my ripped chest
>> No. 164184 ID: 428138
Get silencers for your tags, like wtf
>> No. 164185 ID: 31b110
File 142218026604.png - (786.02KB , 800x600 , let's do it then.png )
I've seen both IRL, I can confirm
>> No. 164186 ID: 734001
The dorkiest goffninja you've ever seen. Like, holy shit, have you seen his shoes?
>> No. 164187 ID: 06687e

Were you in the army?
>> No. 164188 ID: 35506f
i actually kept them in my pocket because i didnt like them and nobody cared
>> No. 164189 ID: 9f6006
File 142218031949.png - (32.22KB , 120x202 , 06.png )
I wouldn't really say that's ripped.
>> No. 164190 ID: 1bb653
File 142218033760.jpg - (31.67KB , 500x325 , CasualPjFridays.jpg )
>> No. 164191 ID: 35506f
do u wanna see my dick? i can garuntee it's nice


fuck off with ur tucked in ass jeans bitch nigga
>> No. 164192 ID: d27c62
>> No. 164193 ID: 3bb89e
File 142218036874.png - (251.66KB , 446x430 , huh 5.png )
I think that sounds great.

Well, as long as MLPchan folks are up to it and no one wants to start a crusade to rid the board of the ponychan autists.
I hope mods can be fair in that and intervene if necessary.
>> No. 164194 ID: 428138
That's what happens when you meme too hard
>> No. 164195 ID: 06687e

Rank, squad, leader, location of base, duration of recruitment
>> No. 164196 ID: 35506f

nigga, i was in a signal unit
my leader was the fucking president? im not gonna name every sergeant i was under
like, 2 years, then i left because crazy
>> No. 164197 ID: 9f6006
File 142218054609.png - (23.18KB , 133x151 , 33.png )
I most likely have at some point. You and I used to talk a lot back when you were suicidal and generally confused about everything.

You seem a bit more mellow, but aggressive now.
>> No. 164198 ID: 1bb653
l-liandry's is a bad item...

N-No bully ; ~;
>> No. 164199 ID: d27c62
healthy assassin
>> No. 164200 ID: 45db28
File 142218061928.jpg - (62.18KB , 640x390 , tumblr_ni6uw9ihXp1qzectbo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 164201 ID: d27c62
>> No. 164202 ID: 35506f
so is that a yes? i'll write ur name on it for u
>> No. 164203 ID: 1bb653
Just pink her shroud
>> No. 164205 ID: d27c62
File 142218078008.png - (187.42KB , 610x471 , 1420726569661.png )
>> No. 164207 ID: 35506f
>no one wants to start a crusade to rid the board of the ponychan autists.
Would it really be that bad without Big T?
>> No. 164208 ID: cd53e3
File 142218093661.png - (423.42KB , 1000x2507 , 139716407217.png )
>> No. 164209 ID: d27c62
For real renekton has cool as fuck skins.
>> No. 164210 ID: 35506f
wut do u fagit lol nerd think about heros of the storm?

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 03:19

>> No. 164211 ID: 3bb89e
File 142218118404.png - (95.81KB , 339x338 , !!!.png )
I would be flattered if they think Big T is the only autist here.
Besides, I haven't seen him post here anymore in a while.
>> No. 164212 ID: 4897be
All this change...
I'm scarred.
>> No. 164213 ID: d27c62
I've got the hots for it.
He goes by meisterburg now and posts regularly.
>> No. 164214 ID: 45db28
File 142218127644.png - (30.99KB , 323x292 , This is going to require an explanation.png )

It's the hot dog G shizzle.

For reals.
>> No. 164215 ID: 35506f
should i buy a founders pack or whatever that is?
>> No. 164216 ID: d27c62
I don't play hots, I just wanted to make a pun.
>> No. 164217 ID: 35506f

>> No. 164218 ID: cd53e3
File 142218135495.jpg - (121.02KB , 580x332 , 1407027223793.jpg )
I havent played it personally, but everyone I know who has says it SUCKS

the only top laner i can play is maokai ;~;
>> No. 164219 ID: 35506f
i dont want mondo on my team, tell him i cant be on a team with him but make up an excuse.
>> No. 164220 ID: 35506f
i dont noe who 2 trust

mondo ur penis is 2 smal
>> No. 164221 ID: 45db28
File 142218169817.jpg - (13.33KB , 335x335 , Despair.jpg )

>> No. 164222 ID: 3bb89e
File 142218186079.png - (110.84KB , 245x246 , +1 woohoo.png )
Also, I guess ponychan can use to lower its standard when it comes to suggestive content.
>> No. 164223 ID: 20e0f1
File 142218330024.png - (305.43KB , 860x787 , fürchteteuch.png )
Interesting, looks alright to me. Questions and remarks as following.

Any crazy additional UK laws? Can we not insult the Queen or something? (>Implying I know the US and local laws I been posting under).
I'm not sure about having a serial board right away. The stuff I read about serial/cyclic tags sounds pretty sweet actually. /chat/ doesn't fit as a name I think.
"Encouraged anon board" reads really odd. I'd probably either make it forced anon or rename it (creatively, like we did once with /ef/)
The banners on mlpchan are fun. If we do merge, we should make some banners after everything has stabilized.
I like the name /meta/, but /site/ is cool too
Rips /int/
>> No. 164224 ID: 20e0f1
File 142218341563.jpg - (111.77KB , 999x714 , lewd3.jpg )
Also get a seperate room for cybering, ya mugs.
>> No. 164225 ID: c6831f
File 142218367443.png - (194.89KB , 1024x631 , balancing_act_by_abion47-d71vpnu.png )
>"Encouraged anon board" reads really odd. I'd probably either make it forced anon or rename it (creatively, like we did once with /ef/)
I believe the reason it wouldn't be forced anon is so content creators that actually need to use a trip could do so.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 04:01

>> No. 164226 ID: 9968b4
It seems like the support for the merger here is waning.
and on mlpchan there's nothing but trolling.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 04:03

>> No. 164227 ID: 05a958
>It seems like the support for the merger here is waning.
Where are you getting this from?
>> No. 164228 ID: c6831f
File 142218440095.png - (318.62KB , 1600x1562 , happy_pinkie_pie_by_thatguy1945-d6rctaq.png )
Huh? The vast majority in this thread seem to be okay with it.
>> No. 164229 ID: 20e0f1
File 142218453633.png - (403.75KB , 720x720 , anonistderbeste.png )
That's what I figured. Really depends how it plays out and if people would adhere to the anon encouragement I guess. The /anon/ name without it being technically anon is just misleading.
>> No. 164230 ID: 32789b
File 142218457315.png - (915.37KB , 2443x2443 , chromium.png )
I mentioned this in the MLPchan thread, but figured it should be repeated here.
>>so when exactly is this going to happen?
>Oh, a timeline was never mentioned. Nothing is possibly happening in under a few weeks.

/anon/'s name is a historical thing we've stuck with. It used to be forced anon, until /mlp/ had an exodus into it and decided they did actually want names and tripcodes every once in a while. The board's name is unique and part of its identity now, and I think it's very important some part of MLPchan retains its unique identity like that.

>and on mlpchan there's nothing but trolling.
The MLPchan thread has many people concerned about changes to MLPchan, but I believe our plan already addresses their concerns and it will take some time for people to get used to it. I've not yet seen any substantial issues that we weren't expecting to address. We'll continue to follow and respond to the thread before coming to any conclusions of course.

The MLPchan does have a few people trying to misrepresent the consensus by posting conflicting things anonymously.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 04:18

>> No. 164231 ID: 9968b4
I'm seeing the actual concerns but i'm also seeing the league of legends and dick posts.
>> No. 164232 ID: 35506f
macil, why r u talking down to me like ur dick is bigger than mine when we both know it aint?
>> No. 164233 ID: c6831f
File 142218542270.png - (131.83KB , 384x383 , 142135335398.png )
I'm pretty sure anyone who would want to post there is going to comply. It's a culture thing.
>> No. 164234 ID: 32789b
I've been cleaning it up a bit since.
>> No. 164235 ID: 9968b4
File 142218566306.jpg - (253.22KB , 392x538 , tumblr_nin5io6iio1qcf65wo3_400.jpg )
It's not an attack, just an observation, I honestly can't tell what mlpchan wants given I haven't seen a lot of conversation that is relevant past the early posts that consisted of concern that turned to support.
>> No. 164236 ID: 1a97ef
Just an idea, what about having a test-thread in MLPchans /oat/ where both ponichanners and mlpchanners can test the water and see that ponichanners aint that strict up and evil?
>> No. 164237 ID: c6831f
Why not. Make it so.
>> No. 164238 ID: de0f3e
Hi, I'm a local resident from mlpchan and I've made a trial/water testing thread to see if the merge could works, we need data.

This is an invitation, to see how serious you guys are about this.

Who knows, it might be fun ?
>> No. 164239 ID: 156564
File 142218702870.jpg - (255.87KB , 985x720 , fark_7t_N1b3bT6ZT3nVLWcv3upeILDA.jpg )
No. No. This shit doesn't go together. These userbases don't go together. They'll start clashing with each other and you know it. These rules and mods don't go together. I can see confused MLPchan staff abusing the vague rules from Ponychan's side of things whenever you see a post they don't particularly care for.

Since when did Inkwell or Orange approve of nsfw content?
>> No. 164240 ID: 1a97ef
Aint the nsfw rule mostly for the webhosting rules?
>> No. 164241 ID: 1d8778
Computer Misuse Act, possibly. In regards to this site, people would be prohibited from
1. Accessing confidential information without permission (i.e. IP addresses and private mod sections)
2. Using the site to commit a crime (i.e. hacking into the site even if you fail to do so, supplying drugs, murder and stuff like that. I also heard it was an offence to post harrassive messages and comments, although the law itself isn't worded well enough.)
3. Altering data without permission (viruses, malware and breaking in to servers and modifying/deleting data.)
>> No. 164242 ID: 40a1fc
File 142218943649.png - (346.95KB , 683x1024 , Merging websites.png )
This was supposed to be in the OP, editing it in now because yang posted a slightly older version from god knows where.
An administration of Macil and Fenolio, both highly respected and extremely capable, would wield full authority, with no ownership issues above them, would be well positioned to caretake for the community and lead it into the future. The moderation team, comprised of a mix of both sites’ current moderators, is experienced and even-keeled. While you may notice several existing staff from both sites are not listed, it was to maintain an appropriate mod-team size, have timezone coverage, and be comprised of the more active and experienced individuals.

Inkwell has chosen to step down for reasons unrelated to this merger, although his departure has highlighted the need for a changeup in the how the site is run.

No other changes to it beyond adding this.
>> No. 164243 ID: e6bc43
File 142219036257.jpg - (27.02KB , 365x377 , 1415213264396.jpg )
nor/mlp/erson speaking.

What you're suggesting is like a country in Civilization 5 offering a peace treaty in exchange for all your remaining cities.

Fuck. You. I have no doubt that the runners of MLPchan, distant from me though they may be, are not retarded enough to ever agree to such a horseshit offer.

MLPchan might not be my home, but at LEAST it's not fucking PONYCHAN.
>> No. 164244 ID: 1a97ef
>approved by Macil

I guess you can always start a new mlpchan?
>> No. 164245 ID: 40a1fc
File 142219110048.png - (147.08KB , 620x1024 , Let me axe you a question.png )
We're coming for /mlp/ next.
The fandom shall be whole once more whether people like it or not.

In all seriousness though, its 'thony who originally thought this up and is spearheading it, and this isnt going to be a completely one sided takeover since

A) I wouldnt approve of that shit despite being a boss of it.
B) Macil wouldnt approve of that shit despite being a boss of it.
>> No. 164246 ID: 05a958
You know, to make it not seem like such a onesided takeover, how about a totally new name for the chan? I don't know what it would be called, but I think it would symbolize a new beginning for both chans rather than just the death of mlpchan.
>> No. 164247 ID: 3e9353

Sounds like a pretty solid plan to be honest, i'd advise to keep /g/ and /vinyl/ in the /oat/ board, perhaps introduce a filtering option that shows threads particularly marked as such for those solely interested in those, but keeping them in /oat/ will keep them alive and relevant at least.

The change to the way serials are handled sounds good too, in line with my own wishes and suggestions so i'd definitely be happy with that.

And creating an /anon/ board to limit such stuff to a single board sounds like a pretty acceptable solution too.

7.8/10 too much ponechan politics
>> No. 164248 ID: d6fe50
I have to admit, I'm pretty surprised at the positive response this is getting here. This could have happened well over a year ago, but certain parties wouldn't even countenance talks then, and the owner was absent. I'm glad that this could now be discussed more coolly and authoritatively, as much as it would have been nice to have sorted this all out long ago.

I can certainly imagine friction around /anon/, but things seem to have settled in at MLPchan, so I suppose there's no reason that that shouldn't be the case in the case of a merged site. (I suppose I look askance at people expecting moderation action against people using names if it's not actually clear in the rules when that is and is not allowed, but that culture isn't really my gig anyway, even if I do post anon these days.)
>> No. 164249 ID: 3e9353
Though i've gotta ask: What happens to the peeps permabanned here / there?
And on banning in general: Here i've always found the banning to be pretty no-nonsense drawing a line with a pretty merciful mind behind it, with mlpchan i have different experiences.
(not that i've gotten banned on either before... or wait there was that one time here but that was due to a legitimate mistake and it was revoked quickly)
>> No. 164250 ID: 9968b4
They've already said there's only a few cases that wont get another chance.

it was zamoonda and someone else and a few board specific bans
>> No. 164251 ID: 40a1fc
>Banned peeps.
Completely clean slate apart from a few special cases like Zamoonda from everywhere and manley / dulset from /pony/.

>Banning in general
Reposting from /site/

>People thinking ponychan mods will go full facist the minute we're at the controls.
We're going to have to work out what is and isnt appropriate ourselves, so there is likely to be some intial "what do" moments, not denying that.

I'm assuming that everymod will be talking with each other to determine the best way to handle things. (and if i'm wrong in assuming this then i'll use the position of admin to tell them to do it instead, huzzah for perks of admin)

Essentially, we wont turn into the SS unless former ponychan and mlpchan mods agree with hitler.
>> No. 164252 ID: d6fe50
Oh, yes, this needs to be answered. Is Soarin on the staff or not? Not that I have any problems either way myself, but it's just not clear at the moment.
>> No. 164253 ID: 40a1fc
File 142219234425.png - (297.14KB , 711x800 , 133099471264.png )
Faggots going to get chained to the post if he thinks about leaving again.

But yes, if the merger happens then !!Soarin will be a thing once more.

Editing it in, wish i knew where the hell yang got this copy of the post.
>> No. 164254 ID: 3e9353

Hmm, fair enough.

I think it is something that's worth talking about with your fellow mods though, it was what once helped cause the split and i see little already practically decided about it here.
>> No. 164255 ID: 40a1fc
File 142219274859.gif - (0.97MB , 360x190 , Baby dont hurt me.gif )
It has been talked about and that was what we came up with.

If it's in the proposal, assume everymod is okay with it unless otherwise stated.
>> No. 164256 ID: 1a97ef
Yang is secretly plotting a hostile takeover!
>> No. 164257 ID: 3e9353

Well yes, but what you came up with is a bit too little in my eyes, hence my mention that it should perhaps be discussed some more, given that all that has been discussed has been written down.

This can lead to quite a bit of tension, confusion and disapproval if not done clearly and right after all, possibly killing both sites in the process if done terribly wrong.

And no worries, not doubting that that what's written doesn't have full support.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 06:35

>> No. 164258 ID: 5caed4
File 142219290319.png - (189.08KB , 394x393 , Ooooo.png )
Well, this thread certainly exploded overnight.
>> No. 164259 ID: 6b9748
File 142219441673.png - (119.53KB , 1024x1024 , Not At All Lewd.png )
I'm more or less just waiting until there's a vote or a poll or something and we can all drama about that and how close it was and how bad the wording in some of the options was. That's how these types of things usually end, isn't it?
>> No. 164260 ID: 82f2ba
i'm fine with everything except nsfw content. nsfw content draws a lot of undesirable types of people with it, and even when it's centralized to one board they spread themselves out most everywhere as you can see on mlpchan itself. i consider that to be what basically turned the board in to /mlp/-lite and i am not really sure i want to see that haphazardly jammed into this website as well
>> No. 164261 ID: a098c9
I would advise you to actually look at it now compared to it 1-2 years ago when you were last there.

Ponychan has changed as much as MLPchan. I would welcome you to show specific instance of your concern in the last few months available to see there.
>> No. 164262 ID: c280ba
File 142219476274.png - (277.13KB , 720x720 , 134214864893.png )
So you are going to change the codebase, shuffle the staff around a bit and add a porn board.

Cool, thanks for the heads up.
>> No. 164263 ID: 82f2ba

>last time you were there

i dont post on mlpchan because i dont really care for much of the people there anymore, but i do go over there to browse and read at least one every few days when nothing's happening here or on /wooo/

once anon exploded due to /mlp/ being angry at their janitor, the shift in culture was more or less permanent. lots of /k/ type stuff, racism, pushing-the-line-with sexuality (the last of which is already here enough as it is), etc. It basically reads like a generic 4chan board, but if you go to /oat/ there are more trips than usual. admittedly a lot of these trips like toybox, desert pony and lemon loaf, are not on tihs website for a reason though so that i guess makes it not all that much different/

i dont like the baggage or attitude porn brings when it is implemented in a website because it often brings really weird and/or really awful people for whatever reason into the community. and they don't just stay where the porn is either, they start leaking everywhere and intermingling and soon we have a bunch of EOAs or lemon loafs or people unboxing their dildos everywhere. i dun want that
>> No. 164264 ID: a098c9
I can't argue with you, but that's because you're just wrong and there's no way to definitely show you that /anon/'s impact was a zero factor in any of the way the board is, whatsoever, and that the very small handful of specifically anons who do actually post outside of /anon/ are actually far superior posters to talk to than like, 99% of either ponychan or mlpchan's /oat/. So I guess we're at an impasse.
>> No. 164265 ID: 82f2ba
File 142219623320.jpg - (35.88KB , 300x300 , 762e17df884a7fcffb7b58e85059abcc59f36349.jpg )

>I can't argue with you because you're wrong, but there is no way to show you you are wrong

consequently its pretty easy to see how i was right because the massive shift in board atmosphere was what made me stop posting there in the first place and not even read it for a long time because it was so depressing to see what it became. and even now that i browse it i still don't want to interact with the community really at all, because the shadows of all of that still remain. and even if a lot of those people who started trickling out of /anon/ onto /oat/ are gone, /oat/ is basically a nonentity at this point and anon is the only board on the site with a decent clip of traffic at all. i have no reason to believe that the process would not start anew, or new weirdos would be drawn to us through the tantalizing offer of now being able to look at horse cunts on ponychan

i am happy with the merger proposal otherwise. everyone proposed to be a mod in the op are good choices in my mind except maybe astra. this would also mean that the administration of the board would be a lot more proactive! but nsfw is something i cannot support. i sat and begrudged it when i was a mod on mlpchan for the promise of "revitalizing the board". but when that didnt happen and in fact made things worse in its own way, i cannot and likely will never support it being here
>> No. 164266 ID: 3e9353
Gotta agree with marcy here, it's not a positive influence.
>> No. 164267 ID: a098c9
I suppose I can be glad that /anon/ as-is is a dealbreaker so it isn't one of the issues up for debate.
>> No. 164268 ID: 3e9353

Eh, as you say it's a dealbreaker, so it might indeed break the deal one way or another if not agreed upon properly.
>> No. 164269 ID: 82f2ba

i'm not concerned about /anon/ on its own, /anon/ was made before the big /mlp/ implosion and it was basically a ghost town. im concerned about /anon/ plus added porn

and tbh i would rather the deal broken than that be implemented at all
>> No. 164270 ID: a098c9
Thank god you're in the extreme minority.
>> No. 164271 ID: 82f2ba

if you can't discuss something properly, maybe you should move along
>> No. 164272 ID: a098c9
There's nothing more to discuss. You made your stance, I stated opposition and difference, you didn't budge, made ultimatum and now we're done.
>> No. 164273 ID: 82f2ba
File 142219704201.jpg - (115.04KB , 700x600 , 1398473566793.jpg )

oh, so you're just being shitty and trying to get the last word while making my opinion look unimportant

fair enough
>> No. 164274 ID: a098c9
I'm not the one saying "if X is involved I refuse."
But fair enough.
>> No. 164275 ID: 40a1fc
File 142219710075.jpg - (70.91KB , 500x437 , tumblr_nee54ugCLT1s7h4tzo1_500.jpg )
For what it's worth, i'l try to clamp down on any "leaks" that spill out into the boards where it isnt wanted without going full babysitter on people.
Probably going to be a lil hard to get right initially, but we'll manage.
>> No. 164276 ID: 3e9353

...Actually: >>164267 does boil down to just that.
>> No. 164277 ID: 19fc51
> or new weirdos would be drawn to us through the tantalizing offer of now being able to look at horse cunts on ponychan

You realise how absurd this sounds, right?
There's a zillion porn sites people already go to, and will continue to go to when looking for porn. Nobodies going to wake up on the day of the merger and think 'Wow, ponychan has hidden opt-in porn now? I'd better make that my primary source'.
>> No. 164278 ID: 82f2ba

they're not going to make it their primary source, but people still start going to places where they can do such things, as i have seen in the past

i have never seen the point of posting porn on imageboards or forums or what have you because there are so many better places to do so, but it does draw people, and they do do it for reasons quite beyond my comprehension
>> No. 164279 ID: 0c2ec6
File 142219779946.png - (43.33KB , 398x399 , Obnox Trix.png )
It's not like we couldn't use the newer posters these days, postings have been painfully slow these last few months.
>> No. 164280 ID: 1003ab
File 142219800588.gif - (87.38KB , 643x504 , fwip.gif )
The merger plan itself seems well thought out, at least from the infrastructure part of it. I'm unsure if merging two communities with widly different moods and that range from being indifferent to hating each other is a good idea, though.

At least we'd be getting the better servers and board software, though I'm deathly afraid on how adding Ponychan features to MLPchan's Tinyboard could turn this into a code clusterfuck real quick.

Also, I'd need some clarification on what:

>Disruptive behaviors that prevent others from engaging in a thread are prohibited.

means here exactly.
>> No. 164281 ID: a098c9
I believe that's the catchall 'don't be a dick'. Unless that's enumerated elsewhere I'm forgetting. Would also constitute stuff like derailing a thread or going full Dulset on a topic. Basically, doing things that don't necessarily break other specific rules (porn, spam, etc) but still make it hard/impossible for other people to post in/enjoy said thread or topic.
>> No. 164282 ID: 40a1fc
File 142219820865.png - (46.76KB , 870x270 , 364759__safe_twilight%252Bsparkle_filly_rule%252B63_shining%252Barmor_genderbend_artist-colon-dm.png )
>> No. 164283 ID: 19fc51
I've never seen the point of it either, but it's something a lot of users make use of and it doesn't hurt the site to provide outside of chafed egos and turned up noses.
>> No. 164284 ID: a098c9

>> No. 164285 ID: 0c2ec6
File 142219830919.jpg - (408.40KB , 801x900 , 0090cae05f59aa1af906dd648b3cf0b2.jpg )
/anon/ is going to be my new favorite board.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 08:08

>> No. 164286 ID: 1003ab
File 142219834073.png - (104.17KB , 512x512 , Tangerine has no idea of where that gun came from.png )

Well that would certainly be an upgrade from the current state of affairs. I'm okay with that.
>> No. 164287 ID: 1a97ef
From what Ive seen, mlpers seems to first be scared of the idea, because they are too lazy to read and believes that ponichan nazimods will force them into concentration camps.
Most of them seems to have nothing big against it after reading the announcement.
>> No. 164288 ID: 82f2ba

I totally disagree for the reasons explained above in my previous posts. It has nothing to do with turning up my nose at porn and everything else to do with what comes along with it

I'm slightly softer on the issue due to what Fen said, but no offense to him or the mods, there are a ton of problems already on the site with people constantly dancing on the line. I don't know exactly how much he'll be able to do if people skirt around enough
>> No. 164290 ID: 0c2ec6
File 142219890731.png - (338.77KB , 600x722 , thegreatandpowerfultrix.png )
So what are you worried about exactly?

The culture of the Chan changing because there's a board to post lewds? Is that right?
>> No. 164291 ID: a098c9
You're not going to convince marcy one way or the other. I'd say just wait to see what other issues or concerns people might have and deal with them as they come up.
>> No. 164292 ID: 82f2ba

To put it simply? Yes. Again, I went more in detail in my original posts
>> No. 164293 ID: 19fc51
You can't really call people being on the line a 'problem'. That's the point of there being a line. It's a problem when you cross it, which is something that, atleast on mlpchan, a) rarely happens, and is b) dealt with.

I know exactly what Fen'll be able to do if people skirt around the line. Ban them.
He'll be an admin with a large team of moderators. I think he can deal.
>> No. 164294 ID: 0c2ec6
File 142219923232.png - (42.28KB , 399x399 , Inquisitive Trix.png )

Sorry, I don't post much outside of /rp/ so I don't really have a great idea of what the other posters are like outside of my own board regulars.

I read your original post and that's what I got from it but I think your fears are a bit silly, to be honest.

There are already way more would be lewd posters on the chan than you probably realize. They should have a space to post that kinda stuff.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 08:21

>> No. 164295 ID: 6b9748
File 142219934515.png - (33.92KB , 291x399 , Greylight Arms Crossed.png )
Mostly I just don't see what we have to gain from this.

If mlpchan people wanted to post here, they would and no merger is required. The fact that they don't suggests they don't want to. Forcing people to do stuff they don't want to ends badly.

I think we've all had to come to terms with the fact that the split happened for a reason and the two chans have different cultures and stances on rules. The fact that everyone is so worried about the proposed new rules for the merger board and who's on the mod staff suggests we all expect this to go badly and we need to fall back on that stuff because we don't anticipate getting along.

So, then, why do it at all?
>> No. 164296 ID: ef443b
So...linking NSFW is allowed on MLPchan, will that be allowed here?
>> No. 164297 ID: 3e9353

Will probably be treated the same as posting nsfw pictures spoilered if it's properly marked and all, no?
So limited to /anon/ if i had to guess.
>> No. 164298 ID: 82f2ba
>You can't really call people being on the line a 'problem'.

you can when they learn to stay on the line and constantly flaunt it. when someone learns how to participate in negative behavior but never get banned for it by being careful, i would honestly say that they're probably worse than those people who just tumble in and do dumb shit and immediately get themselves banned, because those people dig in often for the long term and their presence changes the site for the worse

>I know exactly what Fen'll be able to do if people skirt around the line. Ban them.

i hope so. but as of yet i am not so sure, because as stated previously, we already have people that do this regularly. if this means tightening of moderation? then i might actually start coming around to it.


>I think your fears are a bit silly, to be honest.

>> No. 164299 ID: 1003ab
File 142219957384.png - (116.91KB , 1018x1304 , Noble's Face When Tangy~.png )

Mods are bored and need new experiences on their lives.
>> No. 164300 ID: a098c9
And I haven't seen anyone 'worry' about whose on the proposed staff - actually, everyone's been nearly universally happy with the proposed staff.

I can only presume you want to poison the well. Most people seem interested in what there is to gain from re-uniting.

Why do it at all? Because they belong together, and the unified site stands to gain a lot more security and stability and long-term life rather than staying as separate entities.

>when they learn to stay on the line
If they're staying on the line, then the issue you seem to be having is where the line is - not that people stay on it. But most people disagree with where you'd like the line, which more strict then they are even now at Ponychan.
>> No. 164301 ID: 0c2ec6
File 142219978760.png - (46.57KB , 400x399 , Happy Trix.png )
I think having a place to post lewds will change nothing about the chan's culture and won't have any effect on its posters aside from having a place to post that kinda stuff.

Basically I think you're worried over absolutely nothing of any real significance.

It seems to me you just don't want that board there for personal reasons.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 08:33

>> No. 164302 ID: 1003ab
File 142219981645.png - (104.17KB , 512x512 , Tangerine has no idea of where that gun came from.png )

>I can only presume you want to poison the well.

If we're starting to presume ill will on people having doubts about the whole idea out of nowhere, then I see this ending up swimmingly.

Only real advantage I'm seeing here so far is the fact we'd get better tech infrastructure. Rest is pretty much either staying the same with chances or being worse. In my own personal opinion and experience, that is. I'm willing to give it a shot and see it explode, if only to say I lived through it.
>> No. 164303 ID: a098c9
That's good enough for me.
Though a lot more would get overhauled than just tech - i.e., the server and codebase. The package deal includes an actual, dedicated syadmin (probably the best one available anywhere.) It also trims a bunch of boards that have needed overhaul, streamlines the rules and guidelines, and unfractures communities (both intersite and intrasite.)
>> No. 164304 ID: 6b9748
File 142220004914.png - (58.77KB , 404x408 , Greylight Oh You.png )
>I can only presume you want to poison the well.

If that's the only thing you can presume, I imagine this is going to end hilariously.
>> No. 164305 ID: 1003ab
File 142220015508.png - (61.50KB , 512x512 , Mi cara cuando Ponychan.png )

Servers not going WHAT CAN I DO? every two posts is nice, too. Also the client side code not taking like 4 GB of RAM.


>> No. 164306 ID: a098c9
It was a ploy to get your TRIX CEREAL.
>> No. 164307 ID: 1003ab
File 142220028276.png - (87.30KB , 512x512 , Tangerine reacting to getting shipped with Snips.png )

>> No. 164308 ID: 0c2ec6
File 142220029841.jpg - (158.07KB , 1000x1520 , 10327 - cereal parody Trix Trixie.jpg )
>> No. 164309 ID: 94ff25
File 142220132319.png - (124.33KB , 367x367 , 4854746.png )
Why are you guys not in panic?
>> No. 164310 ID: a098c9
Because in this moment, we are euphoric
>> No. 164311 ID: 40a1fc
File 142220186329.gif - (60.44KB , 500x500 , 53743___safe_princess-celestia_animated_meme_sunglasses_trollestia_deal-with-it_pinklestia.gif )
If people post only borderline things or do it just for the 'thrill' or whatever, they'll get bitchslapped.

Constantly pushing the line puts pressure on the people in charge to remove it or tighten it as a result, and i'd rather not change things like that too often.

Theres also the fact that letting people get away with things tends to just make more problems than otherwise since muh entitlement reflex kicks in.

>>164297 Okay (NSFW) Not okay this shit contains NSFW Okay Instant permaban worthy.

First one requires login to see bad shit
Second one doesnt and its right in your face once the page loads.
Third one you need to click somewhere on that page to see bad shit.
Fourth one is a crime against nature.
Basically, if you can do a bait n switch and trick somebody into opening porn by clicking a link, thas a warning

Properly label things and it should be okay.
Key word being should as this is just my personal opinion and i'm unsure where everybody else sits on the issue.
>> No. 164312 ID: a098c9
As long as it's specifically stated what you're linking if it's not sfw, I'd imagine that's fine. Just as you shouldn't spoil something for someone without saying hey here are spoilers.
>> No. 164313 ID: e7b99c
File 142220200430.gif - (713.48KB , 325x203 , there_is_no_need_to_be_upset-4390.gif )
why would we be?
>> No. 164314 ID: 1003ab
File 142220238699.png - (128.33KB , 900x987 , I'm not smug, darling, I'm just better than you!~.png )

NSFW link tag with a warning intersitial splash page?
>> No. 164315 ID: a098c9
Seems good enough for me.
>> No. 164316 ID: 1d8778
File 142220261335.jpg - (16.62KB , 250x250 , 2011.jpg )
IE 11 is going to floor the competition and revolutionize computing. Join us.
>> No. 164317 ID: 45db28
File 142220491364.png - (62.65KB , 343x326 , Now See Here.png )

Then I would have to assume this is your idea in the first place~

>So, then, why do it at all?

As was stated in the thread, Inkwell is stepping down for unrelated reasons, and that requires that the site go through some changes. As far as I know (and I'm no expert) the merger is not actually optional. It is something that will and must happen, and this post was made to inform people and try to make that as smooth as possible.
>> No. 164318 ID: a098c9
Not neccessarily 'not optional', just the best possible idea/outcome the staffs could come together and agree upon. I'm sure they'd figure something else out here if need be, but this does seem to be the most ideal outcome in that context.
>> No. 164319 ID: 45db28
File 142220508261.png - (38.78KB , 400x390 , I thought that was the point.png )
Also, actual concern incoming here.

So /anon/ is not forced anon right now, but tripcodes are saved all over. I've never tripped over on MLPchan so I don't know how it works, but is there a way to voluntarily force anon on myself while I am on /anon/ without having to wipe my tripcode?


Okay, yeah, that's a better way of putting it.
>> No. 164320 ID: 40a1fc
File 142220530907.gif - (505.90KB , 500x500 , Celestia is pretty fit.gif )
> As far as I know (and I'm no expert) the merger is not actually optional.

The only other option right now is for orange, me and yang to share the site but we've not really explored that beyond inkwell himself mentioning it.

And, personally, i dont have high hopes for that option so i'd much rather merge things.

Just save it somewhere?
Although a dev could more than likely add something like that into the post box as an option.
>> No. 164321 ID: 232117
guys i have a question
how big is cadence benis?
>> No. 164322 ID: 0463cd
File 142220744245.jpg - (555.55KB , 1181x1748 , 1419988414553.jpg )
On the matter of porn:

/ef/ recently changed this. You can make an NSFW thread and post your shit there if you're so interested in getting off.
Obviously /ef/ is a significantly smaller sample size, and is more significantly out of the way, but it hasn't changed anything other than one asshole who did something a few days ago that made me want to vomit.

But that's an option. Limit posting to certain threads that require NSFW tags/can be hidden rather than let it be posted everywhere. Some people just aren't interested in that stuff at all.
>> No. 164323 ID: 232117
put your name on cabs
>> No. 164324 ID: a098c9
Um, what? I think /anon/ is sufficient. I think there's ample support for that, but anything more is probably not going to happen.
Also this. No one cares that much, cabs. gb2ef.
>> No. 164325 ID: 0463cd
File 142220765007.gif - (465.66KB , 480x270 , 1420562168764.gif )
Fine! I'll make my own site!
With blackjack!
And hookers!
>> No. 164326 ID: e7b99c
File 142220766618.png - (76.59KB , 603x476 , dimmer_switch_by_xnek0x-d6xp1wg.png )

keeping lewds to /anon/ definitely sounds better to me than having it everywhere
>> No. 164327 ID: 45db28
File 142220769216.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )

And thus, Pedoweebchan was born.
>> No. 164328 ID: 6b9748
It's been that way for a while.
>> No. 164329 ID: 4b9380
File 142220778008.jpg - (443.18KB , 620x666 , filly funtasia.jpg )
Hello there, I am an ambassador of the Filly Funtasia community. Ever since the threads on /mlp/ died, /gala/ has been the main haven for our little mini-fandom. I see that the /gala/ board will be removed during this site merge. If at all possible, we would like to continue our thread in just the same way as we've done in the past. Thank you.

Our thread, "Fillychan": >>/gala/1017058
>> No. 164330 ID: 45db28
File 142220782820.png - (30.34KB , 200x303 , Five dollars.png )

/gala/'s just getting renamed to /chat/, because it kinda fits better and /chat/ as a board has long since died, so the name's open.
>> No. 164331 ID: e8ea4f
File 142220824865.png - (425.56KB , 490x345 , Now I don't look too bad.png )
I've gathered that much, though I'm unsure about the earlier posts in this discussion that seemed wildly against a /gala/-style board, and how much influence those posts would have on the mod decisions.

But if it all goes well according to the original plan, do you happen to have any info on how easy it is for mods to carry existing threads over to the Tinyboard format, as I'd love to continue posting in Fillychan as it is?

(My first post outside /gala/ since early September, and that shows on how warm of nervousity I feel right now.)
>> No. 164332 ID: 232117
File 142220840570.jpg - (9.68KB , 111x119 , aang retarded.jpg )
>> No. 164333 ID: 45db28
File 142220841321.png - (17.31KB , 590x600 , Everything went better than expected.png )

If I remember from the original post, we're not losing any threads that are currently up or any threads from the archive, so everything should be still available.
>> No. 164334 ID: 4b9380
Thank you. We just want to be sure that we can continue our thread in the same manner as before.
>> No. 164335 ID: 232117
File 142220863710.jpg - (16.40KB , 330x417 , EGG EYES.jpg )
>> No. 164336 ID: 19fc51
Ha, ha. Don't be silly anon. Nobody here is Zamoonda, least of all me. He has nothing to do with this. Relax. It's fine.
>> No. 164337 ID: e8ea4f
File 142220875593.png - (26.56KB , 125x145 , Lady Lori.png )
Ah, thank goodness, especially if the:
>we're not losing any threads that are currently up
— is true. Now I also hope that they won't be opening up /chat/ for normal threads widely enough that smaller serials, such as Fillychan, will drown and faint like a two-ton boulder.

Me and Skundi are hoping for mod/admin confirmations on some of our issues with the potential treatment of serials on Ponychan 2.
>> No. 164338 ID: 232117
File 142220882764.jpg - (91.49KB , 394x394 , SPAGHETTI.jpg )
I still wonder what happened to him/they, as autistic as he was you have to admit the guy was determined.
I wonder if he still lurks
>> No. 164339 ID: a098c9
He's been confirmed to still be here, posting and ban evading. I saw him get banned on /meta/ a few weeks ago posting anon.

Truly pitiful.
>> No. 164340 ID: 232117
File 142220901923.jpg - (42.23KB , 499x443 , 1300720177546.jpg )
>he still posts
Wow, that's some next level shit right there.
Do you have a link to that thread, anon?
>> No. 164341 ID: a098c9
>> No. 164342 ID: 31b110
File 142221121508.png - (250.30KB , 800x600 , are you for real.png )
Yeah, it's pretty pathetic.
>> No. 164343 ID: 156564
>implying Zim-Zam isn't Fen
>> No. 164344 ID: 734001
Personally, I'm worried about /anon/ getting flooded by Ponychanners who want to get their rocks off. I'm still in favor of /pic/ being allowed NSFW threads behind a tag, or /anon/ being a hidden board or something.
>> No. 164345 ID: 45db28
File 142221456422.png - (24.71KB , 665x868 , 327712__safe_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack.png )

Like the people who already post here are so desperate for porn that they'll overpower /anon/'s culture?
>> No. 164346 ID: e7b99c
File 142221479885.png - (736.30KB , 1500x1500 , 140817499487.png )
i gots a question
for users that you know are underage, if they post in a porny thread are they going to get banned or something?

ravenfart just popped into my head, so i was wondering
>> No. 164347 ID: 5d67ba
Checking the option in the settings to view mature threads requires checking one of those 'you must be 18' dealies.
As for specific people i dont know really. Even if someone says whatever age they claim you cant really prove that. As long as the site's butt is covered by the setting it should be fine
>> No. 164348 ID: 3bb89e
File 142221501638.png - (220.72KB , 493x453 , can I still wear the moustache.png )
I personally think the staff is not their mother.
If someone is upset with their kid looking at porn, they should monitor their internet activity more closely.
>> No. 164349 ID: e7b99c
File 142221508677.jpg - (555.58KB , 1998x1907 , 208969__safe_scootaloo_apple+bloom_sweetie+belle_smile_cutie+mark+crusaders_night_grin_rope_laug.jpg )
more on topic
just force anonymous on /anon/ and it should be fine i'd think

yeah but like
like on 4chins if someone says they're underage don't they get banned or something?
i was just expecting something like that on here
>> No. 164350 ID: febf77
I am in favor of this obviously, it's a very well-considered plan that respects users of both sites. Seems like the biggest unresolved issue is whether or not serials would have their own board. I would rather have one so they have their own space that isn't encroaching on or being encroached on by regular /oat/ threads. But I don't mind a ton either way. I really don't want /chat/ to have non-serial threads though because Ponychan already tried having /oat/ and /chat/ separate but with basically the same things on both boards. It was a failure, so I'm not sure why we would go back to doing that

Also for the record, I shouldn't be listed as a mod on here because I haven't decided if I want to do it yet, should a merger occur
/anon/ doesn't want forced anon because sometimes people want to drawfag or whatever and it's useful to be able to trip if you're doing that. Plus /anon/'s culture is such that they don't want to be forced to do anything
>> No. 164351 ID: 4c5a46
You're gonna be !!Soarin shut the fuck up.
>> No. 164352 ID: 643a77
I was told that the reason this site doesn't allow porn is because the webhost does not allow sexual content. If that was a lie, then I'm not sure I'm willing to believe porn will not just eventually be banned out-right. And setting just porn aside, what about discussion of sexual topics? Will that too be allowed on /anon/ because as it stands now, it's not allowed ANYWHERE on this site and the mods take a very prudish stance on the matter.
>> No. 164353 ID: 2af415
File 142221793998.jpg - (30.35KB , 438x577 , 130800174615.jpg )
/anon/ won't be forced anon, tripcodes still have a function in anonymous culture and will be enabled.

I posted this in your /oat/ thread as well:

Here, read Webfaction's Acceptable Use Policy yourself if you're so suspicious.
I'll even save you the time:

Prohibited Uses of WebFaction's Systems and Services. The following activities are prohibited:
Transmission, distribution or storage of any adult material. This includes, without limitation, all pornography or otherwise lewd or obscene content.

Wow, that took me about fifteen seconds to find with google.

Yes, we'd be changing server hosts. Now eat your crock, it's good for you.
>> No. 164354 ID: 643a77
So a change of hosts would be necessary. Would that mean discussions of sexual topics would also be allowed? If so, where? Because historically, the mods have always taken a prudish stance on the matter.
>> No. 164355 ID: e8ea4f
File 142221804413.png - (270.26KB , 300x344 , Meeeeep.png )
I'm getting a bit worried when a seemingly-planned-to-be-mod states that it's unresolved whether the serials will even get their own board... Trust me when I say that Fillychan will not last three days outside of a serial board, so I am prepared to go the distance to ensure the rights of the serial threads.
>> No. 164356 ID: 9c04e5
>If that was a lie, then I'm not sure I'm willing to believe porn will not just eventually be banned out-right.
I don't think that was a lie, and we'd be using MLPchan's webhost.

>Also for the record, I shouldn't be listed as a mod on here because I haven't decided if I want to do it yet, should a merger occur
Ah, well that explains why you initially weren't listed in this post, but you were in MLPchan's.
>> No. 164357 ID: 3bb89e
File 142221820903.png - (95.81KB , 339x338 , !!!.png )
I would add my previous post again.
Will anything change on the stance against lewd content for /oat/?

I think MLPchan is more okay with lewdness than ponychan is.
>> No. 164358 ID: febf77
It's not that it's "unresolved", it's that it's something that's being left to the community to decide. I'm not posting that in any sort of implied official capacity (because, y'know, I don't actually have any official role), I'm posting it as what I personally would like to see
Yeah, simply miscommunication, I was out getting shitfaced last night or I would have tried to correct it earlier
>> No. 164359 ID: 2af415
The idea is that it wouldn't, but I can see myself telling people "take it to /anon/" when they are getting too close to the line at some point rather than having to give them warning bans.
>> No. 164360 ID: 643a77
So lewdness would be allowed on /anon/ implicitly? Would this be included in the rules, so as not to cause confusion. And if so, would it allowed on any other boards?
>> No. 164361 ID: e8ea4f
File 142221861918.png - (241.04KB , 366x318 , I won't let you go.png )
Ah, okay! Though that sort-of opens up for another problem, as almost every non-/gala/ poster in the first few hours of the discussion seemed very opposed to a serial board, so I've been really worried all afternoon about whether those people will get their say on the case.
>> No. 164362 ID: 2af415
Read the proposal before you start asking questions please.
>> No. 164363 ID: 428138
If it gets the creepy little molerats away from /oat/ then I can't wait.
>> No. 164364 ID: 643a77
Like hell I'm reading all that. I've done enough homework this week. I skimmed it.

So just on /anon/. I think that will cause more problems than it will fix. This site has been notoriously prudish and their stance has always been "Nothing sexual allowed". If we are changing web hosts, why not allow sexual discussions on /oat/ and /chat/ as well? Especially if /oat/ will be the home of "serious" threads.
>> No. 164365 ID: febf77
If you can't be bothered to read the proposal, why are you even posting? Clearly you don't care that much if you aren't even willing to read a couple paragraphs of text
>> No. 164366 ID: 643a77
I have specific questions about a specific aspect. Why do I need to read the whole thing? What does what happens on /show/ matter to me if I'm not going to be posting there?
>> No. 164367 ID: 5d67ba
Thats TNAF for you.

Please mod,Soarin~~~
>> No. 164368 ID: 45db28
File 142221955293.png - (52.00KB , 404x481 , Maybe he's born with it.png )
>Why do I need to read the whole thing? What does what happens on /show/ matter to me if I'm not going to be posting there?

So skip the part on /show/ and find the bits that you want answered.
>> No. 164369 ID: 6b9748
It's this whole guy, man. You get used to him. Or not, since we tried to have him banned and all.
>> No. 164370 ID: febf77
If you actually read it, it answers your question about NSFW posts on /anon/ and /oat/
>> No. 164371 ID: 45db28
File 142221971731.png - (120.89KB , 739x1024 , large (13).png )

I won't say that you shouldn't, but don't do it because other people are telling you to. Peer pressure is not a good reason for taking on this responsibility. If you do it, do it because you personally want to and because you know you are capable of doing so. It will not end well for you or anyone else otherwise.
>> No. 164372 ID: 643a77
Yeah, in the very post you are complaining about, I found the info I wanted and asked another, separate question.

Which still hasn't been answered. I'll ask again:
So sexual contented would just be allowed on /anon/. I think that will cause more problems than it will fix. This site has been notoriously prudish and their stance has always been "Nothing sexual allowed". If we are changing web hosts, why not allow sexual discussions on /oat/ and /chat/ as well? Especially if /oat/ will be the home of "serious" threads.
>> No. 164373 ID: 5d67ba
>why not allow...
because people dont want it everywhere. They want it contaibed in one spot and hidden by default.
/your question
>> No. 164374 ID: febf77
If a merger does happen, I am going to make a decision on my own terms based on whether it's something I feel comfortable putting my name to the new site and whether I think I will do a good job, not because of any pressure from others.

Saged for not relevant to the thread
>> No. 164375 ID: 45db28
File 142222012143.png - (15.53KB , 565x512 , This is the part where we throw our heads back and laugh_.png )

>saging stickied threads

At least you're being polite.
>> No. 164376 ID: 643a77
But there would be no reason not to have it be allowed other places if we have to change web hosts. Which makes me question why a merger is even necessary. There is already a completely different website to keep the "icky porn and sex" on, but you want to force ALL of it onto one board where people don't want it. What is the point of that?
>> No. 164377 ID: 5d67ba
God you're insufferable

Ponychan can you perma this guy again before we do this
>> No. 164378 ID: 3bb89e
File 142222052392.png - (635.09KB , 1024x701 , 1024px-198227_-_artist_junkiekb_bee_honey_pinkie_pinkie_pie.png )
Oooh, will we keep our ponychan themes?
>> No. 164379 ID: 45db28
File 142222065328.png - (209.77KB , 1600x584 , Something.png )

That was already stated as a yes.
>> No. 164380 ID: 0c2ec6
File 142222086940.png - (45.44KB , 399x399 , thrilled Trix.png )
Greatest and most powerful theme, every single day.
>> No. 164381 ID: 643a77
I thought /meta/ was supposed to be a serious board with a more professional attitude. I can ask any questions I want.

Also, that wasn't an answer to my question.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 14:25

>> No. 164382 ID: 2af415
please no #mature tag on /pic/, I hope you guys feel the same way about this as I do.
>> No. 164383 ID: 734001
File 142222116179.png - (14.64KB , 622x288 , The culmination of predators land and sky.png )
pls no Ponychan on /anon/. I know nobody thinks about this like I do
>> No. 164384 ID: 45db28
File 142222123786.png - (102.25KB , 726x87 , Meta bars.png )
>I thought /meta/ was supposed to be a serious board with a more professional attitude.

Well that was probably your first mistake.
>> No. 164385 ID: 6ac3e8
File 142222128793.png - (0.99MB , 1797x1221 , onthephones.png )
>/vinyl/, /g/
>Should they exist, or just be subsumed into /oat/? We feel the above structure would be best for the community, but we are looking for the community’s input.

Should just be subsumed into /oat/ or /chat/ because in my 4 years of being on this site. Those two have always been dead.
>> No. 164386 ID: 3bb89e
File 142222138248.png - (238.32KB , 446x421 , hi there.png )
I don't give a meadow muffin, as long as it stays under the mature tag.
There could be porn on /oat/ as far as I care. If I get to filter it, it's none of my worries.
>> No. 164387 ID: a098c9
Your question was pretty dumb, admittedly.

>why don't we have it everywhere?
Because almost no one else wants it everywhere.
>why are we FORCING it into one place
Because that's where it already is, and that's what everyone wants it to stay as.

Your 'arguments' and 'questions are so irrational and illogical that I'm stunned you're even able to tie your own shoes in the morning.

The concensus has been that it's best for it to stay as is, since that's what already works for the small amount of people who would enjoy such content. It's about half the threads on /anon/; it doesn't even take up a full board, and you want it everywhere (or at least, are trolling about it so you can act like you're involved in this.) Why you ever got unbanned is so inexplicable and unexplainable that it staggers comprehension.
>> No. 164388 ID: febf77
It could also be a solution for /vinyl/ and /g/ to create serial threads for their respective departed boards, should they be eliminated.

Speaking personally, I don't think there's a need for a separate music board when there are threads from /vinyl/ still on the front page that were last posted in in October, for example
>> No. 164389 ID: 6ac3e8
File 142222191368.png - (92.88KB , 339x292 , 1325609009982.png )
That could be done but the only issue I could see coming out of this is the different topics. Like there could be a discussion about EDM and Metal going on in the same thread in the "/vinyl/ thread" and a discussion about Fallout and WOW in the "/g/ thread" at the same time. It could lead into some mix ups and what not.
>> No. 164390 ID: 643a77
Why are you so mad, and defensive. Also, I would suggest you stop harassing me. Comments about how I tie my shoes would not be allowed if they were directed at anyone else, and it just shows your own bias. If you don't want to answer my question, then don't. But you have no room to take your frustrations about my existence out on me.

My question is simple. If the reason sexual discussion is not allowed on /oat/ and /chat/ is because of our webhost not allowing it, then the necessary host change needed for this merger negates that. So why not allow sexual topics on those boards?
>> No. 164391 ID: 5caed4
File 142222238663.png - (449.29KB , 723x612 , sunil24.png )
Admins said multiple times that "mature" stuff is going to be confined to /anon/
>> No. 164392 ID: a098c9
As I already said - twice now - because no one else wants it to be everywhere. They want and prefer it nicely packaged in one place. You're literally the only person who can't grasp this. Stop trolling.
>> No. 164393 ID: febf77
Just a suggestion. Specific genre music threads are frequently made on /oat/ anyway even with /vinyl/ already existing
>> No. 164394 ID: 41811b
Become a mod Hipster, c'mon, all the cool kids are doing it
>> No. 164395 ID: 643a77
"No one else" is a blanket statement. And is patently false. If you mean to say "the mod staff doesn't want it there", that would be another thing entirely.

And if that's the case, why merge at all? If literally "no one" as you said yourself wants porn in Ponychan, then isn't it better to have two sites, one where porn is allowed and one where it's not. Trying to contain porn on one board while trying to keep the other boards caste just sounds like a quarantine, one we wouldn't need with two sites.
>> No. 164396 ID: a098c9
You are so willfully obtuse it's amazing. The "no one" refers to people who don't want it everywhere, which anyone with a shred of reading comprehension grasped. They *do* like the idea of having it here, just not fucking everywhere you trolling jerkoff. It is *already* exactly this way on mlpchan right now, already proving that 'two sites' aren't a necessity for it to work well. Just stop. Go away, no one wants to listen to your stupid tripe.
>> No. 164397 ID: 1a97ef
What about the ones that only want porn of clothed ponies? A new board just for them?
>> No. 164398 ID: 45db28
File 142222291342.png - (30.34KB , 200x303 , Five dollars.png )

As are various game threads. I can imagine some threads missing replies without a dedicated board in /g/'s case, but perhaps that is rare enough to not split the topics.
>> No. 164399 ID: 3caa94
File 142222295776.jpg - (157.08KB , 894x894 , DJ-+-FancyOJ.jpg )
Paying for more than one URL costs money. It's easier and cheaper to create another board (which technically is another site). And it keeps the community together without shoving undesired things into the faces of people who don't want it.

The simple answer is that some people want it, some people don't. This allows them to choose in a convenient manner.

Your question has now been answered. If you don't like that answer, then well, guess there's nothing we can do to help you.
>> No. 164400 ID: 6ac3e8
That is what I was thinking should happen. If a poster wants to talk "music X" or "video game X" they should just make a thread for it. Having serial threads would be redundant.
>> No. 164401 ID: 643a77
There's really no need to get this upset.

My argument is that if the reason why discussing sexual topics was not allowed on Ponychan was because of the webhost, there's no real reason not to allow them on /oat/ or /chat/ after the merger. As it stands right now, we aren't allowed to discuss sexual topics at all. I can understand porn itself being relegated to one place, but sexual topics as a whole? That rule could stand some amending.

>> No. 164402 ID: 45db28
File 142222340910.png - (17.61KB , 334x317 , 268722__UNOPT__safe_rule-63_reaction-image_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice.png )



Listen to me here.


No one wants that. People don't want that. That is the reason. That is the reason we are not doing that. It is because people don't want that.

I suggest, if you want that, to go make another thread about it, where everyone can tell you that they don't want that.
>> No. 164403 ID: febf77
I was just suggesting it because I know for sure /vinyl/ has their own culture that they might like to preserve, which they could do in a serial
>> No. 164404 ID: 6b9748
So the other site is busy doing comparisons to us of Nazi Germany and the various atrocities committed then and there.

Again, why do we want to merge with these people? Something about unity and friendship?
>> No. 164405 ID: a098c9
Because the (one or two people talking like that) have an apt comparison to how Ponychan and it's reputation used to be (which is specifically what they're referring to, actually - the reputation, which was well earned and still lingers to this day) and there's a legitimate concern that people will still see "" as such.

But it sounds like you'd rather denigrate people with such concerns as unfriendly and unwilling to unify rather than prove them wrong and show how much Ponychan isn't like it's bad reputation anymore....
>> No. 164406 ID: 587e5f
File 142222367630.png - (103.93KB , 278x351 , 140998923674.png )
mlpchan never remembers my trip dont switch to there software its a terrible fucking idea and yang willl stay cadence forever
>> No. 164407 ID: 6b9748
Yes, I would rather do that. They can stay there and think whatever they want of us, and we can stay here and think whatever we want of them, and nobody has to fight. I don't see why we're giving that up.
>> No. 164408 ID: e7b99c
File 142222378900.jpg - (81.97KB , 960x960 , large(4).jpg )

retro plz go
>> No. 164409 ID: 3caa94
File 142222379329.png - (424.08KB , 700x713 , Dj-+-Brohoof.png )
>if the reason why discussing sexual topics was not allowed on Ponychan was because of the webhost...
The reason has almost nothing to do with the webhost. The webhost is the reason why we couldn't have an /anon/. Now we can.

The reason we can't have sexual material everywhere on the site has been explained to you. There are enough people that don't want it to warrant it's isolation to one part of the site. Even if the webhost wasn't an issue, sexual things still would not be allowed everywhere for this reason.
>> No. 164410 ID: a098c9
It saves mine. Maybe your browser isn't configured right. Or you don't let it use cookies there.

It's pretty universally agreed that Tinyboard's world's better, by everyone with a functional understanding of software.

Or we could all agree that people should move past such silly, pointless, and stubborn perceptions and realize that you're all pretty much the same types of people and communities who happen to have a bad opinion of each other. And once you stop holding on to that ill-informed, badly formulated opinion you'll have a much richer and more enjoyable experience, together.

Or you could just keep being selfish.

>> No. 164411 ID: e7b99c
File 142222405671.png - (839.41KB , 1280x1330 , 561953__safe_pencil_mothpony_artist-colon-nobody_notebook.png )
retro/rainbow dash uses the ps3 browser i think
is there even a way to configure it right?
>> No. 164412 ID: 6b9748
Yeah okay, you don't see me calling anyone Nazis. And I don't see how questioning merging with a group that seems to loathe everything about us, including our name, makes me selfish. I just want some proof that this unification is based on some sort of foundation other than bad blood and I ain't seeing it.
>> No. 164413 ID: 587e5f
File 142222412331.png - (111.88KB , 448x377 , 137958929500.png )
illl go when the merger is banned and yang is kept admin and you cant stop me cuz im honorary spike
>> No. 164414 ID: a098c9
..Is this guy like 13?
The name has good reason for people to be wary of it. Everyone knows that. The staff HERE know that.
>> No. 164415 ID: 01d5b1
nobody is calling anybody nazis dude...
>> No. 164416 ID: 65c5f8
File 142222430229.png - (525.85KB , 826x738 , u avvin a laff there m8.png )
Don't get rid of /ooc/
If /ooc/ and /rp/ are merged signup threads will be buried under donut bar and aos threads really quickly.
>> No. 164417 ID: e7b99c
he's like 24
but he's..something
>> No. 164418 ID: 19fc51
File 142222433963.png - (24.36KB , 333x412 , mellowthinking.png )
Literally one person was calling the team nazis, and people completely have a right to dispute the name. It has a lot of history behind it, a lot of which carries very negative connotations, and it makes the merger look a little like a takeover at first glance to people who haven't actually read up on the proposals.
>> No. 164419 ID: 01d5b1
he wasn't even saying that they're like nazis, he was saying that they had a bad reputation like nazis
he was just using a dramatic example lol
>> No. 164420 ID: a098c9
This, thank you.

I see.

Basically, they're asking to *try* it this way, since they'll have a better tagging system in place to separate OOC threads from actual Roleplay threads. But they are entirely open to re-separating them if that ends up not being the best. Would that be okay?
>> No. 164421 ID: 013734
File 142222451974.jpg - (75.47KB , 498x500 , 1421512421278.jpg )
Oh boy a bad start.

Just comming to see, what's the main issue here, it is there one?
>> No. 164422 ID: 45db28
File 142222460461.png - (15.80KB , 452x519 , 5ea4804d07b463af32d144d803619b6c-d490kxp.png )
>people who haven't actually read up on the proposals.

Why isn't anyone reading the goddamn proposal?
>> No. 164423 ID: a098c9
Good question.

It's like Congresspeople who don't even read bills before voting on them.
>> No. 164424 ID: 45db28
File 142222463805.png - (201.74KB , 591x760 , 1.png )

There's no issue, Retro's just a bit challenged.
>> No. 164425 ID: 65c5f8
File 142222465153.png - (412.83KB , 819x661 , bootleg jackson.png )
I know that /ooc/ is rarely used but I can't imagine /rp/ being as ordered without it. Maybe i you kept the tags in place and had a specific #signup it might work.
>> No. 164426 ID: 19fc51
File 142222465450.png - (14.00KB , 125x144 , 1357347055188.png )
Reading is super hard.
>> No. 164427 ID: a098c9
I believe that could easily be done.
>> No. 164428 ID: 65c5f8
File 142222480854.png - (525.85KB , 826x738 , u avvin a laff there m8.png )
I'm not entirely opposed to that system then.
That's really my only concern.
>> No. 164429 ID: 6ac3e8
File 142222506486.png - (249.63KB , 576x329 , 14d.png )
I can see that happening. I dunno it was just a thought in my head. Personally, I think we should do it without serial threads at first and if they are needed then it should be made.
Jesus fuck. I'll make a fucking comparison. On 4chan there are SFW and NSFW boards. Porn isn't allowed on SFW boards even though no one would mind it.

Just like on Ponychan. The /anon/ is our dedicated NSFW board and NSFW shit should just stay on their. Sure, no one would mind NSFW on /oat/ but people use this site at school and work and they don't want to see NSFW stuff while doing that.
They should remain separate because the /rp/ would get cluttered and it already works. Trust me, before the /ooc/ shit was all over the place.
>Don't fix what aint broke
The butthurt is still real.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 15:31

>> No. 164430 ID: 65c5f8
Also, posting this because I like data.
Not that this really means anything.
>> No. 164431 ID: 3caa94
File 142222563354.png - (105.38KB , 440x599 , DJ-+-OhHi!.png )

Unless like... y'know... practice and all that.

Anyway, Hello old friend!
>> No. 164432 ID: 19fc51
File 142222576827.png - (81.47KB , 405x426 , you must talk to the plants.png )
Good evening!
>> No. 164433 ID: 65c5f8
File 142222694736.png - (412.83KB , 819x661 , bootleg jackson.png )
I kinda like the idea a mlpchan user had about calling the new site Equestriachan with as the url.
But i'm not sure a name change is in the books given the cost and availability of buying the url.
>> No. 164434 ID: 2af415
Ponychan is best name

always and forever
>> No. 164435 ID: b980b1
File 142222706796.png - (151.16KB , 627x1024 , 142043712400.png )
I'd rather stick with Ponychan imo.
And... I do believe there already is an Equestriachan.
>> No. 164436 ID: 1003ab
File 142222718792.png - (58.92KB , 512x512 , Tangerine thinks your effort wasn't even real.png )
>>164435 Redux HD Remaster.
>> No. 164437 ID: 3bb89e
File 142222726764.png - (103.50KB , 900x875 , 359391__solo_oc_suggestive_hat_fetish_robe_ponychan_roleplaying_pennychan_penny.png )
Equestriachan was a board intended for adult roleplay.
>> No. 164438 ID: 45db28
File 142222728451.png - (23.13KB , 407x373 , Aw Yiss.png )

Tournament Edition.
>> No. 164439 ID: 9c04e5
And AFAIK it doesn't exist anymore.
>> No. 164440 ID: 65c5f8
File 142222730029.gif - (387.31KB , 500x500 , tumblr_inline_n2x195i6Te1sakuo1.gif )
>> No. 164441 ID: b980b1
File 142222734046.png - (253.66KB , 1024x569 , 736768__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_princess+twilight_wat_boots_high+heels_biting_tiara_a.png )
The book: The Movie: The Game

I thought so.
>> No. 164442 ID: 1003ab
File 142222734637.png - (104.13KB , 375x480 , Tangdevoir.png )

Wait. You mean Ponychan isn't a board for adult roleplay? I have been using it wrong all this time, then!


European Extreme Pro GOTY Edition.
>> No. 164443 ID: b980b1
>>164441 The Book: The Movie: The Game Redux HD Remaster Tournament Edition
>> No. 164444 ID: 65c5f8
File 142222752530.jpg - (117.48KB , 400x350 , 456r7ht7vg0.jpg )
>>164443 the tshirt the coloring book the board game the flamethrower, the kids love this one

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 16:15

>> No. 164445 ID: 40a1fc
File 142222779636.png - (6.11KB , 272x100 , Serious Tag.png )
>> No. 164446 ID: 2af415
I'm all for banning people who abuse tripcodes on /anon/ from that board only, if that makes you feel any better.
>> No. 164447 ID: a098c9
Yeah, that's what they do currently. Occasional use of a trip is acceptable (and there are reasons for using one at times), but abuse of it does lead to warnings, then bans. Not if it's just a one off thing, obviously; the rest of the users 'inform' the trip poster of their cultural faux pas first.
>> No. 164448 ID: 6b9748
Compromise that satisfies nobody, including me.
>> No. 164449 ID: b980b1
File 142222793362.gif - (31.88KB , 160x160 , 734252__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_animated_clothes_cute_dress_adorable_gala+dress_dashabetes.gif )

>> No. 164450 ID: 1003ab
File 142222801905.png - (64.19KB , 1100x900 , THIS IS NOT HOW SHIPPING WORKS!.png )
>> No. 164451 ID: 5ab021
File 142222804257.jpg - (69.18KB , 392x600 , swaggin' it.jpg )
I demand we call it Pimpchan and that all of our speech gets filtered into ebonics.
>> No. 164452 ID: 6ac3e8
File 142222806636.jpg - (13.82KB , 453x381 , ayylmao.jpg )
>> No. 164453 ID: 1003ab
File 142222807667.png - (133.64KB , 512x512 , I'm flipping whales nao!.png )
>> No. 164454 ID: 65c5f8
>> No. 164455 ID: 45db28
File 142222811110.png - (62.65KB , 343x326 , Now See Here.png )

dat sounds like uh great idea peep this shit
>> No. 164456 ID: b980b1
File 142222823064.jpg - (55.86KB , 944x846 , ready_to_fly_by_riouku-d8aozzi.jpg )
PirateChan. Have to talk like a pirate or banned.
>> No. 164457 ID: 5ab021
File 142222828436.jpg - (101.40KB , 1280x800 , sunglasses.jpg )
Yeah boi. It just makes too much sense, my brothas. Don't make me shank yal
>> No. 164458 ID: 071911

I'd like to at least consider the idea.

Edit: We'll see how this goes first, like Fen said. Good luck to you guys.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 16:44

>> No. 164459 ID: 40a1fc
File 142222931848.png - (67.27KB , 600x571 , 133479565711.png )
Probably worth waiting until after "Are we merging or not" is decided between mlpchan and ponychan to start doing that.

Less confusion then.

We could also start moving onto the other chans once we assimilate enough.
>> No. 164460 ID: 6b9748
But why!
>> No. 164461 ID: 40a1fc
File 142222946315.gif - (438.04KB , 200x200 , 131292976905.gif )
Well, horses are naturally herd animals.

Is it really so strange that so many people obsessed with horses want to be part of the same group?
>> No. 164462 ID: 1003ab
File 142222947793.png - (128.11KB , 800x820 , Frickin Adorable Tangy.png )

How is that going to be decided anyway?
>> No. 164463 ID: a098c9
It was said once before,

"macil and fen both get drunk at the same time and say `fuck it, yes/no`"
>> No. 164464 ID: 1003ab
File 142222958709.png - (5.55KB , 237x351 , Tanfsjaline Cookie.png )

So pretty much the same way any other site changing decisions are made?
>> No. 164465 ID: 40a1fc
File 142222959351.png - (69.69KB , 351x331 , A wizard did it, Twi.png )
This, we're half way there tonight so things should be over pretty quickly by all estimates.
>> No. 164466 ID: 45db28
File 142222962916.png - (31.74KB , 332x435 , We do sell that in a large size, yes.png )

>We could also start moving onto the other chans once we assimilate enough.

I hear 4chan needs a buyer...
>> No. 164467 ID: 40a1fc
File 142222974454.jpg - (75.85KB , 1151x1072 , Bitch I'm the queen of England.jpg )
Unfeasible but it would be glorious as fuck.
>> No. 164468 ID: e77756
I liked Unichan. Unicorn and Unity.
>> No. 164469 ID: b980b1
File 142222984912.png - (115.04KB , 486x550 , 681493__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_smile_happy_eating_dashabetes_artist-colon-sion_donut.png )
Then we'd absolutely beat SteveAn then. lol
>> No. 164470 ID: 45db28
File 142222990958.png - (149.46KB , 500x567 , 10e9a0dac0bdbd35d4bd490dd278a559.png )
>Well, horses are naturally herd animals.
>Is it really so strange that so many people obsessed with horses want to be part of the same group?

No one understands us.


It's sort of a vague name, which is good if we at some point distance ourselves from ponies, which will only become more and more likely as time goes on.

But for the time being, that could also be seen as a downside. I dunno.
>> No. 164471 ID: c09979
File 142222994628.jpg - (159.27KB , 600x867 , Nazrin № 143.jpg )
Hello everyone, I'm mainly an mlpchan poster. I've been looking around here, seeing what you all are like (since the last time I went to was years ago). I think Eel linked it earlier, but we're also having a meta thread about the potential merger. It's here:

We sorta realized how little cross-talk there is between threads, so I'd like to recommend we take care of any mutual discussion among posters there (since the board would theoretically operate on mlpchan's system, it'd be a good opportunity to get used to it / request features to be pulled from ponychan).

>> No. 164472 ID: 65c5f8
sod off ya bleedin' wanka.
Good to know.
>> No. 164473 ID: 098aef
File 142223008169.jpg - (91.69KB , 622x722 , DANCING HENRY.jpg )
I liked the thought of Unichan being the name of several microchans coming together in reformation (like ponychan, mlpchan, efchan, etc.)
>> No. 164474 ID: 1003ab
File 142223017243.png - (116.91KB , 1018x1304 , Noble's Face When Tangy~.png )

Not pony-explicit enough for an outsider. People might confuse us with an imageboard about unicycles.
>> No. 164475 ID: 45db28
File 142223020587.jpg - (6.41KB , 292x164 , download.jpg )

So I'm way out of the loop, but didn't EFchan go down in sad flames not long past? Or was it successfully rescued?
>> No. 164476 ID: 65c5f8
>Image board for unicycles
This needs to happen now.
>> No. 164477 ID: 1bb653
File 142223022828.jpg - (198.17KB , 1252x1252 , ayy lmao.jpg )
whas good my little memers
>> No. 164478 ID: 1003ab
File 142223026188.png - (95.40KB , 512x512 , Tangerine is thinking about your plot.png )

We could have a /uni/ board devoted to unicycles.
>> No. 164479 ID: 6b9748
File 142223027396.jpg - (166.77KB , 640x739 , Unicycles Short And Tall 4.jpg )
Get on my fucking level.
>> No. 164480 ID: 65c5f8
and it should consist solely of people typing loudly about how fashion unicycle is best unicycle
>> No. 164481 ID: 1003ab
Youtube embed play button

And Uniracers speedruns.
>> No. 164483 ID: 65c5f8
Make it happen based mods.
>> No. 164484 ID: 0f61a6
It seems to be a much better board structure for the most part. I'm not sure about the lack of an /ooc/ board, but it's been so long since I've RPed, my input may not be that valuable to that. I have always prefered OOC taking place in a separate board or chat in the years that I did RP though.

I like the axing of kusaba. Not using Tinyboard only really appealed to me when there were talks about rewrites, building our own framework for Ponychan, etc...and of course none of those projects ever fully got off of the ground.

>Personally, I'd be open to opening /chat/ up to regular posts as well as serials if there's enough demand for that instead of a renamed /gala/.
I'd personally think that would be better than a pure serial board. Either that or let them be in /oat/ and let /chat/ be its own thing. It's kinda hard to predict where they will naturally appear when merging two communities, and I trust others participating in this thread would understand better than I would.

Anyways, my head hurts. That's about all I'm contributing tonight. I like the concept of this and hope it goes well.
>> No. 164485 ID: 6b9748
File 142223631654.png - (116.53KB , 684x800 , Why Recolor Fluttershy Pics.png )
Did we start dramaing over polls yet or what?
>> No. 164486 ID: 9c04e5
Actually we did, at least a little.
>> No. 164487 ID: de0f3e
The water testing thread is going good on both website but I do have a question, are the secluded group from here aware of the issue ? Is there some word spreading work done, kinda like 'memo' ?

It wouldn't be fair if it was only /oat/ and /meta/ would have their say on it. Our secluded group and other board back on mlpchan are neutral/okish about it.

I still think we lack the input of your other board user.
>> No. 164488 ID: 65c5f8
Should I go grab some /rp/ people and get their input?
>> No. 164489 ID: de0f3e
Sure why not, if the merge is to occur, it must be on open ground where everyone is aware of the issue and have their say on it.
>> No. 164490 ID: 45db28
File 142223769721.png - (30.34KB , 200x303 , Five dollars.png )

Well at least two /gala/ threads seem aware of it, and we've only got maybe six active ones, I think. /pony/ won't care any. The rest of the boards are more for utility than socializing, I'm not sure they have what anyone would call a "community".

/g/ and /vinyl/ might care since we're talking about deleting them, though.
>> No. 164491 ID: cd396b
Might take a few days before they notice an announcement lol
>> No. 164492 ID: a098c9
We could just set up a BOFA for them.
>> No. 164493 ID: 41811b
File 142224180704.jpg - (596.33KB , 1280x1374 , 1422212608529.jpg )
Cross and Lee are the new admins. We upgraded to Vichan and everything. Only problem is Lee is MIA a lot so not much bug fixing going on. /site/ doesn't have many answered threads.

I think it'd be cool to combine everyone again but the problem is /ef/ would be redundant much like /oat/ and /chat/ was here. Unless you wanted to go back to the non-pony random/pony random distinction.
>> No. 164494 ID: ef443b
Honestly I'd agree, I don't see how it will fit except being a middle between /oat/ and /anon/ in pretty much everything (allows trips more liberally, allows NSFW but nothing nearly as weird as some of /anon/'s stuff., etc.)
>> No. 164495 ID: 41811b
It could be the random board that allows porn but also nameposting, but even then its not really needed.
As much as I'd love it theres no reason for it. I doubt most of /ef/ would want to either.
>> No. 164496 ID: 734001
File 142224301435.jpg - (205.06KB , 1000x1000 , Boop.jpg )
It would help with my agenda of protecting /anon/ from a sudden overflow of Ponychan, but that would just mean that /ef/ would be temporarily flooded with Ponychan/MLPchan.
>> No. 164497 ID: febf77
Yeah, I mean, it would be cool to have people from efchan back, but the whole reason for /ef/ was a board with fewer rules than were on ponychan at the time, which would no longer be an issue with these new rules and /anon/, so it wouldn't really make sense to have an /ef/ too. The only people that would post in it would be the /ef/ circlejerk, which would kind of make a merger pointless, since they would still remain separate communities after it
>> No. 164498 ID: 41811b
File 142224332811.jpg - (71.61KB , 500x667 , 1418950245587.jpg )
/ef/ has been pretty good at running off the idiots, the rest of the people would be nice to get more traffic. I think it could deal. But again there really isn't a reason.
Yeah. The only possible way to distinguish it is /oat/ +porn and thats not enough.
>> No. 164499 ID: febf77
Yeah, and I'm not sure how much value there is in posting porn with a name vs posting porn anonymously. It doesn't seem like a name matters all that much for that, not enough to justify the creation of a new board anyway
>> No. 164500 ID: 0f61a6
I really need to visit /ef/ more. I keep forgetting to. I'm too set in my ways and habits to drop by another site. But, it would be nice to...
>> No. 164501 ID: a098c9
>I really need to visit /ef/ more.
Said almost no one ever
>> No. 164502 ID: 41811b
Yeah pretty much, not worth it. Fucking logic man.
I try to visit all the sites. I main /ef/ because more friends and less pony.
>> No. 164503 ID: 1003ab
File 142224372655.gif - (87.38KB , 643x504 , fwip.gif )

>It would help with my agenda of protecting /anon/ from a sudden overflow of Ponychan

What are you even
>> No. 164504 ID: a098c9
He's concerned that there might be an influx of namefriends/tripfriends mucking about in /anon/ because lolwhynot, which wouldn't be fair to /anon/, as they'd mostly just stick to themselves and not be hurting anyone, and to screw around with their established subcommunity culture would be wrong.
>> No. 164505 ID: febf77
File 142224385530.jpg - (147.29KB , 601x601 , costanza.jpg )
>less pony
>a good thing
lol what are you some kind of faggot
>> No. 164506 ID: 41811b
File 142224398086.png - (926.47KB , 758x700 , bridges.png )
>watching a show for little girls that everyone hates
Pssh, you fucking hipster
>> No. 164507 ID: febf77
File 142224418041.png - (585.21KB , 1155x852 , space core is a fag.png )
Someone (Crimson?) mentioned this earlier in the thread, people that are abusing name and trips in /anon/ will probably get banned from /anon/. Preserving /anon/'s culture was a priority from the start, and I know Thony has said that he would kill the merger if he thought it was going to fuck over /anon/
>watching cartoons for chinese people that everyone hates
>> No. 164508 ID: 41811b
File 142224454643.png - (8.69KB , 825x502 , f0520288.png )
>watching cartoons
>> No. 164509 ID: 01a0fb
>> No. 164510 ID: e7b99c
File 142224485189.jpg - (53.51KB , 628x555 , 138644573130.jpg )
>> No. 164511 ID: a098c9
>> No. 164512 ID: 41811b
File 142224490317.png - (381.94KB , 1000x704 , 141074244159.png )
>> No. 164513 ID: 40a1fc
File 142224525731.png - (890.38KB , 1213x787 , Ahh, yes.png )
>> No. 164514 ID: ef443b
>using your eyes
>> No. 164515 ID: 4cafbc
File 142224533815.gif - (535.00KB , 600x324 , yes.gif )
>> No. 164516 ID: 4c5a46
>> No. 164517 ID: b980b1
File 142224537129.jpg - (64.92KB , 1024x576 , daniel__bryan_yes_____wwe_hd___by_bmdesigner__bmd_by_bm_designer-d7jl3sp.jpg )
>> No. 164518 ID: febf77
File 142224542804.gif - (1.67MB , 380x262 , yes.gif )
>> No. 164519 ID: 734001
File 142224547098.png - (258.13KB , 1306x856 , Yes Twilight Sparkle.png )
Yes []
>> No. 164520 ID: 0696be
I'm unsure.

MLPchan has catered to a particular audience--those who disagree with how things were ran here and wanted a less moderated experience with less moderated content--that was born from a desire to be what we weren't. I'm not sure how well it will blend together. What direction will it take and what atmosphere will it have? Community reception is something that worries me more than anything else.

How do you placate both groups? What you have is a solid start, but it's lacking in some of those details, details that are VERY important if this merger happens.

I do have to say that I'm happy with everyone selected to be mods. Couldn't have done better.
>> No. 164521 ID: 0696be

Sorry, I forgot to add this: if it came down to a vote, I'd still ask for mine to be marked as a yes.
>> No. 164522 ID: 734001
File 142224560591.jpg - (72.41KB , 900x615 , Yes!.jpg )
>> No. 164523 ID: b980b1
File 142224563340.png - (169.02KB , 680x440 , daniel_bryan_yes__by_the_jackanapes-d4wvzxm.png )
>> No. 164524 ID: 6ac3e8
File 142224571438.jpg - (14.31KB , 600x450 , 1422067112440.jpg )
>implying anyone cares about your retarded opinion

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 21:15

>> No. 164525 ID: 41811b
>doing things
>> No. 164526 ID: 6ce0aa
>> No. 164527 ID: dfc16a
File 142224615761.jpg - (29.19KB , 599x336 , 1396836402173.jpg )
>> No. 164528 ID: 010999
File 142224623985.jpg - (60.62KB , 668x524 , This Nigger.jpg )
>> No. 164529 ID: ef443b
nice ID trips
>> No. 164530 ID: 010999
File 142224631035.jpg - (52.25KB , 500x296 , shoebike.jpg )
>> No. 164531 ID: ef443b
>> No. 164532 ID: 9c04e5
>> No. 164533 ID: b980b1
>Same ID
>> No. 164534 ID: bb37b5
File 142224642450.jpg - (102.15KB , 640x427 , 1384236307598.jpg )
If this means you leaving the chan for good, then I vote yes.
>> No. 164535 ID: 2af415
>> No. 164536 ID: 010999
my id is trips
>> No. 164537 ID: 2af415
haha you don't even have any letters in your ID, what a pleb
>> No. 164538 ID: 6ac3e8
File 142224667170.png - (441.92KB , 1055x1253 , bitchnigga.png )
Andrew you fucking faggot.
>> No. 164539 ID: 37350c
File 142224669883.jpg - (11.01KB , 289x285 , u srs.jpg )
>> No. 164540 ID: 010999
File 142224670801.gif - (90.78KB , 248x161 , 1397897186888.gif )
>> No. 164541 ID: dfc16a
File 142224674412.jpg - (31.24KB , 184x184 , mlgpro.jpg )
>> No. 164542 ID: 071911

I'm not really sure how to tackle that specific problem of exactly where'd we fit in. Kinda attached to our board name. It's something we're eventually interested in working out, cause god knows we could use the injection of life in our stuffy circlejerk, but it's on the backburner until we see exactly where this ends.
>> No. 164543 ID: 60c733
File 142224676743.png - (184.41KB , 349x470 , Dr Livingstone I presume.png )
Benis in bagina :DDDDDDDD
>> No. 164544 ID: 6ac3e8
File 142224678855.png - (180.80KB , 340x522 , STAPH.png )
>> No. 164545 ID: 6ce0aa
This thread just got very entertaining

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 21:37

>> No. 164546 ID: 41811b
They could just change /oat/'s name to /ef/, but I'm sure /oat/ is attached too. And as much as I want it and we could use the new blood, I don't see a majority of our users being on board.
We'll see how things fall and go from there, but I don't see it happening anytime soon if ever.
>> No. 164547 ID: 1bb653
File 142224714399.jpg - (143.61KB , 803x688 , excellent meme.jpg )
>> No. 164548 ID: 071911

I agree. I am merely cautiously optimistic.
>> No. 164549 ID: febf77
I definitely don't think there's any lack of desire, having efchan back in the fold would be great and I know I'm not the only one that holds that opinion. It's just difficult to figure a logical way of doing it. Importing /ef/ would just be the /ef/ circlejerk on a new domain, and a redundant board at that. Not importing it would be a slap in the face to the efchan community. So I'm hopeful that there's a way of working it out in the future, but personally I can't see any way of doing it that would be beneficial to both groups

Nice to see you, Cross, btw
>> No. 164550 ID: 01d5b1
this thread is making me kek!
>> No. 164551 ID: 41811b
Maybe just put /ef/ at the top bar and have it direct to efchan, and maybe efchan put the other boards on their top bar, maybe off to the other side or something.
It wouldn't really be a merger but it would make it seem like we're closer, and then the next time /ef/'s hosting runs out or the admins quit we could revist the idea.

It'd also encourage crossposting more and would solve the issue of redundant board since its more like just linking a sister site.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 21:54

>> No. 164552 ID: 6dbd79
File 142224816765.jpg - (28.13KB , 346x479 , 346px-Character_large.jpg )
Nigga' just let us envelope /anon/ or some shit.

Fuck, free for all. Anything goes.

Also note I'm fucking hammered as shit, per usual.
>> No. 164553 ID: 071911

I'm positive a solution is possible given time. As long as the community felt included and valued, I think a majority of us realize we're on a dead end trajectory. I definitely don't want more useless boards. Activity drives inclusion which drives a happy and creative community. The least number of boards is the best number of boards. If /ef/ did anything right, it was keeping itself to a single board for it's small size. Obvs that's not tenable with PC, but it illustrates the point. Like you said, the future will see it worked out.

Just like old times. Good to have you back where you belong.
>> No. 164554 ID: ef443b
I just wanna see people come back personally. I miss some people and this is bring feels back.
>> No. 164555 ID: febf77
File 142224909763.jpg - (35.86KB , 500x677 , 1374273372418.jpg )
I know that feel. I wish things hadn't gotten fucked in the first place so splitting into 3 sites wasn't even necessary. But communities have grown on those other sites in the interim and it's hard to find a way to give concessions to those communities and not disrespect them while still maintaining an optimal site structure
>> No. 164556 ID: 9c04e5
The only person I want back turned out to have no interest in coming back. :((((((((((((((((((((((
>> No. 164557 ID: ef443b
Its like, I can still see most of them, I just like the idea of coming back together. Not caring if you are horsepervy, hugbox a lot, use trips or anon, etc., and just moving closer for the sake of the community I dunno i'm sappy like that.

Last edited at Sun, Jan 25th, 2015 22:39

>> No. 164558 ID: 071911
File 142225083090.png - (250.92KB , 500x375 , tumblr_inline_mh807rHGY51qz4rgp.png )
>> No. 164559 ID: a5a018
File 142225250144.png - (76.12KB , 472x472 , Akagi Approves.png )

I hope I'm not late to say...
>> No. 164560 ID: a6be0c
File 142225264891.jpg - (61.51KB , 600x450 , B8LK7SfCEAAU-Q9.jpg )
>> No. 164561 ID: e06b71
File 142225289646.png - (484.29KB , 711x720 , 10647128_983876804972882_8856446472508203639_n.png )
>> No. 164562 ID: e5c44b
File 142225307136.jpg - (36.92KB , 450x238 , avatar-034-Vialated-Quinch.jpg )
>No gore or images of extreme violence outside of /anon/

If this rule sticks as it is, well, I'll be out {not that it would change anything}.

No images of gore anywhere, please.
>> No. 164563 ID: 0d97d4
File 142225375306.png - (113.36KB , 618x506 , 17.png )
But what about /moon/?
>> No. 164564 ID: 37350c
File 142225412553.png - (164.90KB , 385x493 , Yui24.png )
You mean, "/ef/ has been pretty good at running off new users." :^)
>> No. 164565 ID: 41811b
No, I was referring to people like Loaf
>> No. 164566 ID: 6aeb46
File 142225440009.png - (62.74KB , 224x221 , Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 6_26_50 PM.png )
So does this mean I lose my /pic/ directory editing rights?
>> No. 164567 ID: 45db28
File 142225466200.png - (30.99KB , 323x292 , This is going to require an explanation.png )

I would assume/hope that goes on unaffected, unless /pic/ is getting deleted or something, which I'm pretty sure it isn't.
>> No. 164568 ID: 9c04e5
<quickly checks for people like Loaf on /ef/

NOEP, u still got plenty of those.
>> No. 164569 ID: 41811b
Just Swiper, which is arguably worse but he doesn't post that much and is fun when he asks us to piss on him and call his mom a slut
>> No. 164570 ID: 734001
File 142225511512.png - (30.08KB , 665x275 , Nope nope nope.png )
It's on the list.

>/ef/ has Swiper
Alright, merger cancelled.
>> No. 164571 ID: 41811b
He just hasn't done anything there to get banned. If /ef/ was included in some type of merger I'm sure we'd be happy to ban him. Not like he has anyone on his side.
>> No. 164572 ID: 6aeb46
File 142225557726.png - (62.74KB , 224x221 , Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 6_26_50 PM.png )
If that's the case, I just hope sign in will be the same
>> No. 164573 ID: 45db28
File 142225562061.png - (30.34KB , 200x303 , Five dollars.png )

Sign in for mods under the Tinyboard software is done primarily via biometric verification. So as long as you've got a fingerprint scanner and eye reader on your machine you should be good.
>> No. 164574 ID: e7b99c
apparently mlpchan has Swiper too
someone was just saying he was Swiper earlier in the thread on mlpchan
>> No. 164575 ID: 1bb653
File 142225578889.jpg - (84.15KB , 695x382 , danger zone.jpg )
Are we still memeing?
>> No. 164576 ID: 45db28
File 142225590806.png - (37.79KB , 274x303 , Oh it's this again.png )

Well they also have TOPF, but I think it's already been mentioned that he's not getting unbanned.
>> No. 164577 ID: 6aeb46
File 142225596559.png - (55.19KB , 233x259 , Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 6_11_34 PM.png )
But it's not compatible with windows 3.0…

And I just realized my thread checking program may not be compatible with the new side. Dammit. I guess I'm back to doing that manually.
>> No. 164578 ID: 1bb653
File 142225608183.jpg - (38.63KB , 667x450 , 9esWKH0.jpg )
It's fine.
>> No. 164579 ID: af273c
File 142225644773.png - (308.54KB , 608x588 , myminicity.png )
Nah, they banned swiper before even Ponychan did.
>> No. 164580 ID: 9c04e5
What the fuck is that. Is that an infant pony disguised as an adult human? The eyeballs sure look that way.
>> No. 164581 ID: 1bb653
File 142225676125.jpg - (5.54KB , 200x200 , alien.jpg )
He's an angry ginger leprechaun.
>> No. 164582 ID: 1bb653
File 142225766663.jpg - (335.26KB , 1920x1080 , take it back.jpg )
For what it's worth, that's 2snack's animation.
>> No. 164583 ID: de0f3e
This need to be repeated and even sticky once the merge occur, some kind of general guide for all board ?

Or simply /home/ or /site/ as default page where FAQ is displayed first hand.
>> No. 164584 ID: 9c04e5
Youtube embed play button
Ah, right. Pat. Got it.
>> No. 164585 ID: c6831f
File 142226606920.png - (20.57KB , 150x132 , 142135754583.png )
So there seems to be quite a few people on MLPchan's end who'd like the new site to not be named Ponychan. Can't say I disagree, really. It seems a bit odd for the merged site to use one of the old names instead of a completely new one IMO. What do y'all think about it? How many of pchan's posters would care if the name was changed?
>> No. 164586 ID: d2e7ed
File 142226720891.jpg - (63.94KB , 1024x768 , 14202854101260.jpg )
Pls no porn on
>> No. 164587 ID: 45db28
File 142226741280.png - (29.32KB , 247x223 , Nervousness sets in.png )

I think MLPchan was originally on Ponychan and they were sort of unfortunately forced to choose a different name when they left because we still had ours. I think since MLPchan was 'thony's site and he's funding the new one, naming falls on him.

Really, though, Ponychan is a pretty great name. I don't know why anyone would not want it.
>> No. 164588 ID: 6b9748
File 142226849644.png - (116.53KB , 684x800 , Why Recolor Fluttershy Pics.png )
Changing the name goes too far. If Anonthony is the one that controls the hosting, thus if the site lives or dies, and we're more-or-less adopting all of MLPchan's rules no matter if they're for the good of our community or not, AND we're changing the name to something MLPchan wants... then this isn't a merger, it's MLPchan creating a new site and us being forced into joining it.

I'm lukewarm about everything else about this whole merger idea. I think we stand to lose much more than we have to gain, but I'm willing to ignore that in favor of other people's optimism, even if I feel its misplaced. But the name matters to me quite a bit. Leave it alone.
>> No. 164589 ID: 62e9b3
File 142226883564.png - (122.74KB , 361x404 , sweetie128.png )
We're actually going to be SFW on all boards otherside /anon/ though. That's different from the mlpchan I live on today, despite what the rules say. So mlpchan is changing some of their behaviors too, or will be expected to at least.

For the record, I personally hope we use your name.
>> No. 164590 ID: 7268e1
File 142226923214.jpg - (82.93KB , 1280x720 , sword_art_online07-22.jpg )
So what now we will change also the name of the site?
This is unacceptable.

This thing isn't merger anymore but a minority that wants to radically change everything in their new home.

Say what you want, but people are afraid and confused. Merger might be the nail to the coffin of the last ponychan's active communitites.

I'm overall against the merger.
>> No. 164591 ID: c6831f
File 142227095473.png - (376.27KB , 940x1400 , 142086813505.png )
Publicity issues, mostly.The reason I keep hearing over there is that the name ponychan has a lot of baggage and adopting a different name would be easier than convincing people that we're not awful anymore.

I think the idea is that we would come up with a possible new name together, not for them to pick it without our input. I wouldn't really mind having the site called MLPonychan or something similar. That's just me though.
>> No. 164592 ID: 45db28
File 142227102020.png - (52.00KB , 404x481 , Maybe he's born with it.png )

Nah. Coming up with a new name isn't going to erase our past. Everyone'll just see Unichan or whatever we're calling it and go "Oh, that's just Ponychan with a new name, it's still shit."
>> No. 164593 ID: c6831f
File 142227143601.jpg - (16.84KB , 290x269 , 1420821081614.jpg )
That's pretty much what I think is going to happen too, but if it makes them feel better about merging I think we might as well go along with it. The name isn't that important to me, but I suspect I might be in the minority on that. Which is why I brought it up here.
>> No. 164594 ID: a098c9
>So now we...

No one said that. Man you people are quick to jump to it and make mountains out of flippant comments.

It'll be Ponychan. Don't you people read the OPs.
>> No. 164595 ID: 089610
Well the OP says proposal, there are no "would certainly happen in case of merge" and "would certainly not happen in case of merge" points indicated. Am i wrong?
>> No. 164596 ID: bd2797
>For example, the website being called "Ponychan" and having a /pony/ board is not likely to change 
Unless someone had an amazing epiphany for some other title that just blows everyone away and everyone loves it on all sides, that won't change.
>> No. 164597 ID: 5caed4
File 142227969162.png - (622.01KB , 658x814 , What's his problem.png )
We already tried that; it failed spectacularly even though literally nothing changed except the name of the board.
>> No. 164598 ID: fc79f3
File 142228340296.gif - (4.43MB , 480x270 , yee.gif )
>> No. 164599 ID: 9d2f90
File 142228386259.jpg - (789.86KB , 1200x900 , report-aaron-rodgers-injury-isnt-as-bad-as-first-feared-could-be-out-three-weeks.jpg )
Ouch, right in the feels.
>> No. 164600 ID: 99bf32
More traffic is good. Not too fond of MLPchan but I'm sure it'll be fine for most
>> No. 164601 ID: 37350c
Ponychan came first so our name is more important. :^)
>> No. 164602 ID: 1003ab
File 142228874467.gif - (87.38KB , 643x504 , fwip.gif )
Losing Ponychan's name is going to affect the site's SEO rankings.
>> No. 164603 ID: a098c9
Ponychan's SEO rankings are actually pretty shit. I don't really know why; according to Alexa, mlpchan's global rank is 95,158, and ponychan's is 312,581.

Either way, I think we kinda know that ponychan side considers the name a dealbreaker, just as mlpchan side considers /anon/ a dealbreaker. I think we can both accommodate each other.
>> No. 164604 ID: 1003ab
File 142228899476.png - (78.62KB , 512x512 , So that's Bitchdancer's special talent!.png )

Huh. Someone in here doesn't know how to positioning.
>> No. 164605 ID: 984b16
File 142228977078.png - (27.33KB , 230x249 , 139451624803.png )
Please don't make porn board. Keep this website SFW pls
>> No. 164606 ID: a098c9
Sure thing. Since it's not a porn board, and the site itself will remain SFW, you were going to get your wish regardless.
>> No. 164607 ID: 19fc51
File 142228988841.png - (116.43KB , 948x1401 , herd u talkin shit.png )
There isn't going to be a porn board, and the site is still going to be sfw for the vast majority.
If you don't want to see nsfw, you never will.
It doesn't affect people against it in the slightest.
>> No. 164608 ID: 984b16
File 142229003383.png - (317.00KB , 1175x1024 , 1384184065999.png )
Please don't allow any kind of gore/ porn content on ponychan.
>> No. 164609 ID: a098c9
Oh. Sorry then, can't help you there. Have a nice day.
>> No. 164610 ID: 19fc51
File 142229009529.png - (29.87KB , 223x264 , seriously (2).png )
You will never see it. It does not affect you at all.
>> No. 164611 ID: 984b16
File 142229026906.png - (794.84KB , 734x927 , 1404042902906.png )
It's night.
Pls. Let's keep pony away from naughty things. We love this place and atmosphere
>> No. 164612 ID: a098c9
Oh shit I didn't even realize this was mbp. Hah, yeah...
>> No. 164613 ID: 013734
go on...
>> No. 164614 ID: d3515d
File 142229081303.jpg - (132.82KB , 254x276 , Fluttershy_Is_now_really_the_time.jpg )
>the name ponychan has a lot of baggage
>convincing people that we're not awful anymore

I must have missed something that happened before I started coming to this site in Summer 2011. What was the baggage, and how are we awful?

And just for the record, I would very much like to keep the porn and gore off this site. Anybody who wants that stuff knows where to find it. Playing with some restrictive rules and dancing along the edge of the abyss is part of the charm of /ponychan/.
>> No. 164615 ID: 9c04e5
>> No. 164616 ID: 518714
You have to affirmatively go into the Settings panel, check a box that says you want to see porn, and then go to /anon/. Anyone that doesnt do both of those things will never see porn anywhere on the site (except for people posting it in violation of the rules, in which case report it and it will be taken down)
>> No. 164617 ID: a098c9
Could someone please, other than marcy's pretty stretched argument about 'leak' and 'attraction', how having a single board, with only half it's threads, automatically and by default hidden from the rest of the entire site, allowing adult content, makes a handful of you so upset that you literally can't ignore it despite the complete and total and permanent invisibility to you it will automatically have?

It's seriously mindboggling. It defies comprehension. I can't grasp the kind of mental gymnastics and rigid thinking it takes.
>> No. 164618 ID: 5802da
I'll just say this.

The no porn rule, probably more than any other single policy, has been instrumental over the years in shaping ponychan's culture into what it has become.

I realize that the mlpchan crew think of nothing but horse pussy all day and will demand a place to post it. So, if a merger is really desirable, then containment might be the best option. But, even so, allowing porn on one board... it's like bringing a viper into your house to keep as a pet. Just make sure, make damn sure, that you keep it in its cage.

I advise you to be very aggressive about moderating any violations of the containment policy, because this issue really strikes to the heart of ponychan's culture.
>> No. 164619 ID: a098c9
That seems to have always and already been the plan.

In fact that's already the way it is there now and working in practice.

I wish people would educate themselves on this whole issue before making serious sounding commentary on stuff they have a passing understanding of at best.
>> No. 164620 ID: 984b16
File 142229126944.png - (21.18KB , 200x100 , 139608139905.png )
Hi Mike!
>> No. 164621 ID: 984b16
>> No. 164622 ID: 01d5b1
THIS, im starting to think this is some big ponychan conspiracy
a name superior in every way has already been found...
>> No. 164623 ID: 5802da

Look, the reason is pretty simple: A lot of people here love ponies like daughters or sisters.

Having just one board where people can post pics (which are hidden by default and have to be opted into by clicking a "View Mature" box) of your daughter getting anally gangraped doesn't make it any less nausea-inducing.
>> No. 164624 ID: a098c9

If people here have a LITERAL mental perception of a cartoon character as their daughter, they need to be in a mental institution - not posting on an imageboard. I don't mean that in a rude way, but in the actual, legitimate, they need to be getting serious therapy and medication. And that still doesn't change the fact that these same people who are supposedly that sensitive also utilize derpibooru, ponibooru, reddit, and so on and so forth with the *exact* same setup, but somehow here it's a radically different story. No, that just doesn't jive with any kind of conscious awareness.
>> No. 164625 ID: 19fc51
File 142229180375.png - (75.53KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mbp9ds18h01qfh25oo1_500.png )
People can already do all that without jumping through hoops on a billion websites a few seconds away.
We can't build site functions around a minority with crazy attachments to imaginary characters. They'd never know the content was there unless they specifically looked for it.
>> No. 164626 ID: 984b16
File 142229189262.png - (284.29KB , 820x1400 , 137386301173.png )
Strict rules that MADE the culture of ponychan so attractive and welcoming for newcomers, this place was clean and jerks-free. Now with new EF 2.0 we will get that part of fandom that got banned from 4chn and being exile due to death of 8chn.
>> No. 164627 ID: 984b16
File 142229202115.jpg - (4.53KB , 148x190 , images (3).jpg )
>if they have fealings to things they love they need serious medical help, don't want to be rude.
>> No. 164628 ID: ea2a94

Besides I am yet to see a single sound reason why this smut would be needed here of all places to start with.
>> No. 164629 ID: 9c04e5
>Strict rules that MADE the culture of ponychan so attractive and welcoming for newcomers

<sets computer chair on fire
>> No. 164630 ID: a098c9
lol. If this is the opposition to the idea, I think we're alright to proceed really.
>strict rules made ponychan good
Said no one interesting or good here ever. Certainly not how and when ponychan first started out and in it's best days.
>jerks free
>ponychan jerks free at the moment
I can't even make a joke for this.
>attractive ... to newcomers
oh lawd
>death of 8chan
I guess when the only vocal opposition is ill informed so be it
>> No. 164631 ID: 013734
I'm just visiting ponychan to see the other side of the fence but something brings me doubt, why are some people so nazi about the porn?
>> No. 164632 ID: 984b16
Everyday coming here was sure I'll not see some horse puss , trolls or jerks.
Only ponychan could provide such due to hardcore moderation, wordfilters and strict rules
>> No. 164633 ID: 089610
File 142229241639.png - (285.16KB , 860x754 , datasskondomundcornettoheidelbeer.png )
>Strict rules that MADE the culture of ponychan so attractive and welcoming for newcomers
Doubt we really need to drag speculations about the past into this.
The question is whether and how the "unified ponychan" can make an attractive and welcoming culture towards both chans as of now for the most part and possible newcomers.

Last edited at Mon, Jan 26th, 2015 10:14

>> No. 164634 ID: d3515d
File 142229242405.jpg - (52.88KB , 209x324 , Mr_Horse_alarmed2.jpg )
I have no objections to people masturbating in private. Everybody does it. Nevertheless, I would prefer not to eat in a restaurant that I knew had a discreet private room in the back devoted to masturbation, used periodically by my fellow diners. Is the analogy clear?
>> No. 164635 ID: 5802da

Who said anything about literally? It's just how the emotions work out. You claim to be trying to understand people who worry about the porn, but you don't sound to me like you're trying very hard at all. Or rather, you're trying to understand emotions in terms of rational reasons. But you'll never get anywhere that way.

Besides, couldn't I say, with exactly as strong an argument as the one you're making: "If people LITERALLY find cartoon horses sexually attractive, they need to be in a mental institution, etc."? Just saying, it cuts both ways.

>these same people who are supposedly that sensitive also utilize derpibooru, ponibooru, reddit, and so on and so forth with the *exact* same setup, but somehow here it's a radically different story

Those sites were never SFW. Becoming NSFW does not represent a change from the norm for them. Further, using a site does not mean integrating into its community and thinking of it as a sort of home. You can use those sites without ego-investing into their communities.

What's more, I think you already know all of this, and you're just ignoring it. So, it seems to me that you're trying to paper over legitimate disagreements on this issue by pretending that there's an obvious "rational" way to do things, nuances be damned.

If you take a damn minute and just try to think about these things from someone else's point of view, you'll get the answers you claim you're looking for.
>> No. 164636 ID: 19fc51
File 142229265838.png - (81.47KB , 405x426 , you must talk to the plants.png )
Utter, absolute conjecture.
This community was built by people banned from 4chan, 8chan isn't dead, you'll find plenty of opposition for 'clean and jerk free' and there ARE still going to be strict rules.

/anon/ does not remotely affect you unless you want to post there. Throwing a fit over it is like religious folk throwing a fit over gay couples.

It doesn't affect you in the slightest, and you have no reason for it to not be her than 'I don't like this thing'.

Because shock horror, some people like it.
The thing about running websites is that you have an entire community to provide for, not just vocal minorities.

Most restaurants have discreet private rooms where people piss and shit, including the staff. Your analogy is absurd.
>> No. 164637 ID: a098c9
For that matter, when they never even have to see it, acknowledge it, or know it's existing, at all, ever.

My guess is that there's a small but dedicated and vocal community of grown men who pretend and act like they're kids and think of cartoons as their children. Which is cringeworthy, yes, but also really, really sad in a way that's hard to describe.
And yet you seem to have no objections to sites like reddit, derpibooru and the like. And your analogy is erronious anyways since it compares "posting stuff I like" to something benign like eating, and "posting stuff I don't like" (when I never even have to acknowledge or see it) to something unseemly.

Jeez. Why can't you people realize you're grown men (and maybe some women) and stop the grandstanding.

I'm not looking for 'answers' from you; you've already acknowledge that it isn't about reason, rationality or logic at all, but ego driven emotions.

>Most restaurants have discreet private rooms where people piss and shit, including the staff. Your analogy is absurd.
lol'd, nice.