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File 142257642429.png - (22.42KB , 429x499 , OhGodWat.png )
165156 No. 165156 ID: 40a1fc
I've been trying to think of something witty and failing so here it is in boring fashion.

Officially decided to do it, all that's left is for macil to set things up which could take a few weeks.

You may now panic at your leisure.

Previous thread.>>163943

MLPchan /site/ Thread
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>> No. 165334 ID: adcb3d
File 142324279399.png - (2.80KB , 32x32 , favicon65.png )
Posted, I still have all 140 original favicons.

The cycle has always been a little slow. If we look at the page source we can see they are hosted within
with the index number cycling randomly. If you play with it you can see most of the ones that made the final cut.
(There's not over 83k favicons, it repeats, EX 83843 and 83987 are an apple)

Edit: opening multiple boards on multiples tabs seems to stimulate it more, at least for me.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 6th, 2015 10:27

>> No. 165335 ID: d719a0
Weird, I unchecked it and just got a gyro bowl. I think maybe you're just getting unlucky.
>> No. 165338 ID: 5caed4
File 142327537346.png - (524.95KB , 864x747 , sunil68.png )
Looking at the mouse-over info of "Enable Favicons", it says that enabling it will change the title bar icon to butterflies, so...yeah, disabling it should return the favicons to their normal functionality.
>> No. 165342 ID: 768fc0
File 142333408026.png - (195.33KB , 853x480 , my kyon-sense is tingling.png )
Yeah, I spoke too soon, it seems to just take a while to cycle, and I was thinking I was getting repeats.

Man, that's a blast from the past...

Huh, okay, so really the option is to enable Pchan X's favicons, which is just the butterflies. Good to know. Also, I don't get any mouse-over tooltips on my settings window for some reason, maybe that's an issue with Chrome or something. I turned the favicon option back on though, since I actually got pretty used to a consistent icon for all of my ponychan tabs, haha!
>> No. 165343 ID: 5caed4
File 142333421663.png - (6.25KB , 366x102 , Untitled.png )
I'm in Chrome as well. Just mouse over the checkbox and it should pop up the information.
>> No. 165344 ID: 768fc0
File 142333459846.png - (211.95KB , 569x480 , are you a wizard.png )
Nope, doesn't appear at all when I mouse-over anything. Weird. Are you using the site built-in version? It won't matter once the move to Tinyboard is complete, but I'm surprised I went this whole time not knowing there was built in help on the settings.
>> No. 165346 ID: 6f0c29
pX anon here, and yeah, the update with the tooltips in the settings was never made native on the site. A couple of features only existed in the extension actually, like /pic/'s "gallery mode" and live duplicate image detection. I could imagine that it would not be an issue to have them implemented in the merged site because in all honesty I think /pic/ threads look hideous with all of that unused whitespace everywhere without it.

I'm pretty sure that the favicons are manually curated when a post goes through and forces the page to be regenerated. That's usually the standard procedure for anything involving static html (as opposed to dynamic).

Perhaps the best way to set up the favicons in the merged site is to use the curated favicons in the board indexes, then only have them overridden with the color-coded notification favicons when you're in a thread. That way you can tell whether you're in an index or a thread without actually opening it up.
>> No. 165380 ID: 5d5a7e
Are the rules going to be tightened on /oat/? I've seen a lot of that "no fun, no lewd, enforce the hugbox" types saying anything they dislike on /oat/ will now belong on /anon/. I'm fine with /oats/ rules or at least how they're enforced, as is.
>> No. 165381 ID: dcfd3c
I was under the impression they'd be loosened.
>> No. 165382 ID: fc79f3
So ummm. Any updates?
>> No. 165384 ID: 4526c5
Ah good. I just wanted to know if that was coming from mod statements or wishful thinking.
>> No. 165386 ID: eb5acd
On the new site, I'd like to see the word filter "7" -> "over 9000".

>> No. 165389 ID: 104d80
Macil and zeke and shutterbox(pchanXanon) are working on the tech-related aspects of the merger for the time being. that's what'll take the most time of this, integrating everything code-wise together. the roughest estimate i guess could be given is around start of march for the new beginning for us all.
>> No. 165392 ID: 7704f1
>word filter "7" -> "over 9000"

I hope /pic/ will still exist.
>> No. 165410 ID: e0fd56
>> No. 165411 ID: f69e9d
I'll admit, prefer Ponychans Kubasa X over MLPchans format TinyBoard which seems to lead to some sort of anti-autism site. Be nice if Ponychan forum styles are optional.
>> No. 165412 ID: 9c04e5
What does the code base have to do with autism??
>> No. 165423 ID: 32789b
>I'll admit, prefer Ponychans Kubasa X over MLPchans format TinyBoard which seems to lead to some sort of anti-autism site.
Oh, it looks like Tinyboard's website shut down and someone else bought the domain and made it link to a troll page. I removed the broken links from MLPchan's copyright notices.

MLPchan's software was forked from Tinyboard years ago, so the Tinyboard project being discontinued is not a loss to us.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015 19:04

>> No. 165444 ID: 61c81a
Day #100: still no merge
>> No. 165446 ID: 0d9cb8
Macils a faggot, "Late march maybe"
>> No. 165447 ID: 0ea46e
File 142524848214.jpg - (320.85KB , 850x1202 , 8.jpg )
>happening never
It needs to hurry up so I feel compelled to show up again for reason other than fucking with people for being idiots.
>> No. 165451 ID: e5c44b
File 142526507528.jpg - (76.66KB , 687x1000 , Christmas_Quinch_by_GumbaMasta.jpg )
I can live with that.
>> No. 165491 ID: eb5acd
File 142570339203.jpg - (85.39KB , 757x452 , 1425667849070.jpg )
> a dealbreaker for you?
> for you
You're a big guy.
>> No. 165492 ID: 40bcaf
And so the last entirely SFW pony imageboard shall become corrupted.

I am disappointed.
>> No. 165493 ID: 6f0c29
File 142570912704.png - (120.66KB , 500x600 , 697711__safe_solo_portrait_artist-colon-stoic5_oc-colon-marker+pony.png )
Well, technically /mlp/ is still a work-safe board left. Oh the irony.
>> No. 165496 ID: 5caed4
File 142575255862.png - (767.93KB , 819x762 , sunil12.png )
Only the /anon/ board will have NSFW allowed.

And even then, only in threads tagged as such.

I'm still wondering why /mlp/ is blue-background in the first place. Especially seeing as half the threads are fetish generals, greentext porn threads, or both.
>> No. 165497 ID: 3d403b
File 142575280726.png - (89.17KB , 512x512 , 834821__safe_solo_pinkie+pie_tumblr_ask_pinkamena+diane+pie_artist-colon-frankier77_ask+pinkamen.png )
>I'm still wondering why /mlp/ is blue-background in the first place.
4chan admin/mods love trolling their user base.
>> No. 165498 ID: 6741de
File 142575408379.png - (118.44KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset laugh.png )
Don't forget Flutterrape daily!
>> No. 165500 ID: ef443b
Lunachan still exists!
>> No. 165501 ID: 40bcaf
File 142579646470.gif - (65.30KB , 339x363 , 131255747759.gif )
I've never heard of Lunachan before.

I don't know. I joined this site a month after it came up, and since then, I liked the fact that it was a haven from all the clop and things that would degrade the fandom within the public's eyes. It was a very nice example of what the brony community was; a tight knit family that cared deeply for one another, and was very open and, most importantly, family friendly. Even if it is just ONE board, the thought that people can get a porn fix THROUGH ponychan now hurts me. I remember when this site was made, that was one of the defining rules; No sexually explicit images. Anywhere. There were other places for that, and you should go there for it, not here.

I'm very deeply connected with the brony fanbase. It literally changed my entire outlook on life, but more and more it seems like it's just becoming some fetish thing, that the definition of brony is changing from 'Adults who watch My Little Pony," to "Adults who masturbate to My Little Pony." I don't want to have to stop calling myself a brony because people want to degrade its image through their fetishistic fantasies and not having the least bit of discretion about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging anyone, but more and more I see clop becoming widespread, something that people don't even try to hide anymore. There are just some things you shouldn't go blaring into a megaphone. I'm not saying we should be ashamed of clop, I'm just saying we shouldn't wave it around like a flag. Children still watch My Little Pony, and even browse Ponychan, and I do not want to be part of a site that makes porn readily available to minors. That is what hurts the most, to be honest.

Last edited at Sat, Mar 7th, 2015 23:52

>> No. 165502 ID: 9c04e5
The early days of Flutterrape were the best /mlp/ had to offer. Back when they were a cute and simple 10-20 lines, before /mlp/'s greentext stories became sprawling months-long projects with repositories to rival FO:E.
>> No. 165503 ID: ef443b
I wasn't in on the merger, but I'm pretty sure we're keeping it because it was a previous community we don't want to dismantle, not to make sure everyone can get their clop fix on or to make it known we support clop.

I don't like the idea of ponychan having clop either, but /anon/ was established way before the merger and I don't want to kill them off just because of my ideals which is why I'm kinda fine with it.
>> No. 165505 ID: 4471c4
> I don't want to have to stop calling myself a brony
The fact that you do at all is somewhat astounding. But more to the point, the image of 'bronies' in every single person's eyes outside of the fandom, is far, far worse than what anyone thinks of Ponychan, or will think of it in the future post-merger. That is, of course, besides the point anyways, since no one outside of the fandom knows what Ponychan is regardless, and the image people have of 'brony' is so far beyond any influence that Ponychan could ever hope to have that your concern regarding your image, and what people think of 'bronies', that I have to question your seriousness. Well, that and the fact that you say you've been here 'since a month after the site came up' (and somehow have never heard of Lunachan, either.)
>> No. 165506 ID: 4db648
File 142585612991.png - (214.18KB , 500x345 , whore school.png )
>> No. 165507 ID: 40bcaf
File 142585674087.png - (934.22KB , 1447x798 , 1312341900588.png )
Well, I can't really say I'm part of this site anymore, I quit a few months back. Only reason I'm here now is because I needed help with something and I knew I could trust people here and I saw this post. Regardless, the merger killed any desire I had of coming back because of /anon/. I can't deal with it. It's just really painful to see a place I once called my home for so long become... something else.
>> No. 165509 ID: ef443b
Well I hope you can find solace I guess. /anon/ isn't a clop board, so I think you may be thinking of it somewhat wrong. Checking the big majority of the threads are unrelated to porn and only a few that could probably casually allow it.

I'd give it a try at least. I really doubt that the core of the site will change much just because its got an addon. The users control the atmosphere of the site more than anything and there were people who would have posted on a NSFW board from day 1.

also, I really don't think that we have a worse reputation now and I don't think clop damages it or makes us "Adults who masturbate to My Little Pony". Statistically the fandom has grown bigger and clop is made at the same rate. From this, its actually slowing down its percentage of art apparently as there are more SFW drawings for example. People wrongly thought clop was the core of the fandom then from the outside and I think many wrongly think clop is the core of the fandom now from the inside. Its really not grown as much as people think it has. Its always been there.

So, just try it I guess, maybe it will change the site more than I think maybe it won't.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 8th, 2015 16:33

>> No. 165541 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142599559525.png - (78.38KB , 238x372 , 134154516006.png )
>Regardless, the merger killed any desire I had of coming back because of /anon/.
But it's going to effect our site just as much when we merge as it does now, I.e: Hardly anything.

/anon/ isnt going to spread to all corners of the site, they dont want to, they mostly just want to be left alone to do their thing since they've been fucked over by admins quite a few times.

To see anything NSFW, you have to first go to /anon/ itself, then turn on "View mature threads" in the settings.

For a comparison that's similar, it's like an /oat/ regular worried that the donut bar thread in /rp/ will take over the site and require people to use tags in every thread.
>> No. 165543 ID: ef443b
the question is tho, do they? Honestly I'd like to see how many ips primarally from /anon/ regularly post on mlpchan's /oat/. I know at least one.

I'd assume its pretty low because I see no reason to disbelieve, and I also assume its mainly horny /oat/people, but its not like I think it will have as little an influence as /pic/ or the donut bar

Last edited at Tue, Mar 10th, 2015 08:02

>> No. 165569 ID: f71cb2
>I know at least one.
Is that including Thony?
>> No. 165578 ID: ef443b
no. But I'm not sure thony considers himself an "/anon/ poster" first
>> No. 165587 ID: 40bcaf
Sorry for the late response.

I just wanted to add that somehow I feel this is a result of the admin change (When and how the hell did Admiral Yang become admin? Last I remember he was !Zecora). Though I should probably stop thinking about it and leave ponychan like I said I would back in September.

I find it very sad that ponychan will allow clop before /mlp/ does.
>> No. 165599 ID: b11956
File 142638848957.jpg - (551.26KB , 800x1000 , tamamo29.jpg )
>I just wanted to add that somehow I feel this is a result of the admin change (When and how the hell did Admiral Yang become admin?
Yang isn't that gung ho about this. Him being an admin has nothing to do with this.

>I find it very sad that ponychan will allow clop before /mlp/ does.
>hidden away on a board where it has to be tagged and will be autohidden until you say you want to see it
It will still be way easier to find clop on /mlp/ than it will be to find it here.
I'd also like to point out it isn't clop specific. If no one else does I will totally make a normal people thread with no bestiality allowed.
>> No. 165604 ID: 2fef4e
Hey fen, I have a request if you guys ever do merge: Can you guys not use a shitty background theme like that pinkie pie one? kthx
>> No. 165611 ID: 930635
Figured it sounds like a !!Shining Armor thing.
>> No. 165784 ID: 8eb271
File 142783483490.gif - (100.80KB , 540x360 , The Situation Room.gif )
Mods, when the merge happens, and please do respond to to question, can I still have fun in great land of Ponychan?
>> No. 165785 ID: aa4152
ponychan death when?
>> No. 165787 ID: 16818e
Saikar, I haven't seen you in fooor ever...
>> No. 165891 ID: 6b9748
File 142818540110.png - (740.69KB , 5000x5682 , Filly Greylight Happy.png )
I'm still a thing. I just don't normally hang around the hive of scum and villainy that is /meta/ too much any more.
>> No. 166013 ID: cb223a
File 142873642032.png - (116.23KB , 1166x656 , Default_pic_2.png )
Since this is the merger thread, I would just point out that the following userstyle originally made for the mlpchan site, will continue to be supported on the new merged site.
>pic related
So if anyone is interested, you can check it out at
>> No. 166062 ID: 2fef4e
I fully support the merger.
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