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File 142681431966.jpg - (6.94KB , 160x160 , 1472795_408687352567512_1738656328_n.jpg )
165635 No. 165635 ID: 156564
They all deserve another chance and they can be banned on the spot if they mess up anyway. Also

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>> No. 165705 ID: 156564
Either way, people like Yapity, PSP, Maroon Auburn, that vici or whatever and others and the very existence of Manleychan (now dead) showed that he was not simply a problem poster and that people liked him and his threads. Which is why I think the ones who felt uneasy about him should of just hid the thread, or avoided him or SOMETHING rather than it earning him a ban.
>> No. 165706 ID: ff41f1
I should lurk meta more often
>> No. 165707 ID: 0ea46e
Not just a problem poster, but still a problem poster. Every single person doesn't have to hate someone for them to be a problem.

Last edited at Fri, Mar 20th, 2015 20:00

>> No. 165708 ID: 156564
Fine. But I still can't condone it. I suppose there's nothing left to be said.
>> No. 165709 ID: 0ea46e
Yep, when most people are better off without him they don't care that it contradicts your values.
>> No. 165718 ID: 2b9f76
File 142709108503.png - (934.06KB , 4440x3488 , discord_vector_by_c_h_loboguerrero_c-d4m2ppw.png )
Say, when exactly will these bans be removed?

I have some things that I've been wanting to do for some time now.
>> No. 165719 ID: 0ea46e
When I bang your mom.
>> No. 165720 ID: 3bb89e
The one thing for TOSSF's case that I could wonder about is whether he's currently allowed to post on MLPchan.
People perma'd from Ponychan who stay on mlpchan shouldn't be suddenly banned from MLPchan after the merger for no other reason than because they're unwanted on ponychan.
>> No. 165721 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142711458827.gif - (122.85KB , 480x270 , derpi_641438.gif )
You realise that every person on the "Do not unban" list was looked over by mlpchan staff as well, right?
As in, they agree that those people are staying banned from the combined site.
Its not because "They are unwanted on ponychan" as you try to put it.
>> No. 165722 ID: f59082
If thats the case , why am i unbanned ? . I mean i was perma banned several times in the past, and unbanned after talking to mods or the (old?) Admin . Then after the last set of Moony Fluttershy Guro scat whatever it was, i got permabanned again.

Now im not ban evading, i just , seem to be unbanned for some reason, this ip is the same ive had for like forever, and i have no intention of being a complete asshat and giving them reason to reban me , but im curious, did they change the entire staff while i was gone for a year ? . I hate to sound egotistical but i highly doubt i was forgotten about by EVERY member of staff unless theyve all been replaced since lol.

Heck ive been banned from pretty much every pony site there is in the past, mlpchan, fimchan, ponychan , efchan , lunachan , u name it , im quite saddened that ive been forgotten.

Now dont get me wrong, this might look like im pushing for a reban, which im not, although im pretty sure id live with it if you did, but im happy to play ball this time, ive got over a lot of the old shit that caused me to be such a cnut , but i am still curious,

Also keep Manley banned please, if for the lulz if nothing more
>> No. 165723 ID: ad56ea
File 142712346021.jpg - (87.53KB , 907x629 , image.jpg )
It's a new IP, actually. That said, I officially unban you until the merged site, how about that? Actually we undid all permas outside a tiny list a few months ago to no fanfare, since everyone who would celebrate wasn't there. Apparently you didn't make the short list. I guess time cures most wounds.
>> No. 165724 ID: bd7252
File 142714449054.png - (569.63KB , 1280x720 , Lurk.png )
Manley shouldn't have been banned if he wasn't breaking rules. The fact that he was is indicative of the problems people have been complaining about with regards to Ponychan moderation since day one; favoritism, banning people for being unpopular, etc.

Nevermind TOSSF, he was a shitter and very open about only being around to cause strife for his own amusement. But Manley was just a lonely and damaged individual who took his rantings and (understandable, albeit biased and frequently offensive and ignorant) opinions too far at times.

>tfw I smoked pot with Black Mage once and it was pretty chill

>The one person i have banned that this could be argued the case for is manley, and thats only because of my massive bias against him, which also contributed to his lack of punishment in the first place since any reason i did have was previously required (by myself) to be ironclad in order to counteract said bias.
>But then i told myself to go fuck myself, blacked out for a second and discovered he was banned and that i needed new pants.
Does nothing about this story sound wrong or unfair to you? You basically impulse banned him after months of doing nothing because you didn't feel it would be right. Did he even get an ultimatum, a "one more thread about pokefucking and you're outta here", anything?
>> No. 165725 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142714637397.png - (850.34KB , 1920x1080 , derpi_487227.png )
>Manely basically is though,
He isn't, and while i'm sure you're fully capable of listing a ton of anecdotes as to why he actually is, i'm not going to budge on the matter.

>But his threads were very active.
>Manley sparks conversation and active threads.
>But obviously people liked posting in if they didn't "learn their lesson" by them.
Compare "The fish obviously liked the bait if they got themselves caught by the fisherman"

>too far at times.
"at times" implies there was ever an instance where he didnt go too far.
His threads were being reported at least daily, maybe even multiple times per day but i cant confirm that because i work most days.

He's had multiple ultimatums about the things he does.
And like i've said multiple times, what he did in the thread on it's own, wasnt that bad.
Its the fact that thread was just such a stereotypical "Manley thread" that it was the straw that broke my camels back and made me stop giving a fuck about my bias.

I'm biased against him, i know that, but fuck if i dont believe i made the right choice in getting rid of him.
The only thing i believe i've done wrong here is not reapplying his permaban sooner, considering how bullshit the lifting of that was.
>> No. 165726 ID: 82f2ba
manley was doing the same thing he used to do constantly that got him permabanned in the first place, getting under people's skin by constantly bringing up subjects that he knew bothered them. the only difference was he realized that talking about how much he disliked gays and trannies was gonna get him in trouble right out of the gate, so he shifted to topics that he could use to get away with the same behavior easier
>> No. 165729 ID: f59082
File 142718146933.jpg - (73.65KB , 600x554 , Kuroki_Tomoko_600_1559983.jpg )
Yay, wub <3
>> No. 165730 ID: 40bcaf
You've slumped to a level even farther than his. I once respected you, but I see your true colors now. You're just as childish as he is. You are not fit to be a moderator, much less an admin.
>> No. 165731 ID: 47803e
File 142721758344.png - (23.54KB , 120x120 , Unidentified Rodian with Jacket.png )
Uh oh, blanks fired.
>> No. 165732 ID: ef8aa0
Nigga you even fit to live rofl
>> No. 165733 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142723642526.png - (486.71KB , 1440x810 , derpi_479715.png )
I can see your post history.

Stones, glass houses.
>> No. 165734 ID: ef0996
I'm not saying I don't have faults of my own, realizing that is why I stopped trying to be a mod early on. I know I'd make a bad one with my temper. But what you did was childish, and I'm sorry that sounds as harsh as it does but that's the gospel truth.

Believe me, I can see where your coming from. I know just as well as you, fen, what Manley was like. I'm sure you saw our debates. But those last few months before I left seemed to be fine. He was respectful, and although he still liked to pick controversial topics, he at least kept it tame.

But when I came back to check up on things and saw he was gone, it really hurt. It's like you ignored all the work he put into being better and tore it all down for things he'd already been punished for, mistakes he'd already learned from. You literally double jeopardized him. I know there's no point in it now, as he's made up his mind, but I couldn't just say nothing. I really hope that one day we can all learn to forgive and forget.
>> No. 165735 ID: 156564
File 142724248778.png - (9.13KB , 378x194 , poo.png )
Nice Tu quoque, Non Sequitur, Argumentum ad Hominem as well as potential Argumentum ad baculum, Hasty Generalization, and Moral Equivalence.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 24th, 2015 17:24

>> No. 165736 ID: 547b00

Real talk

Get a life
>> No. 165737 ID: 428138
File 142724455261.png - (346.98KB , 1218x772 , dodger_computing.png )
I don't like this "I'm responding to you without referencing your post" meme. It just reeks of a retarded passive aggressive superiority complex, like "your post isn't worth responding to even though that's exactly what I'm doing."

It's really not that hard to just click some numbers.
>> No. 165738 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142724506103.gif - (1.05MB , 576x324 , derpi_559376.gif )
Are we talking roughly... june-september?
Because if so, i believe orange had only just lifted manley's second permaban
I dont know the exact date since i had to reset my skype a month ago and lost my logs, but i'm pretty sure it was around then.
If the times right, then no duh he wouldnt be as blatent.
He's not an idiot, he's just an extremely toxic person since all he does is cause arguments for attention.
>Ignored all the work.
I consider this extremely insulting to the people who have far more serious social and mental issues than him and were able to improve themselves to the point where you wont even realise they are any different in less than half the time it's taken him to change even the slightest bit.
People praise him for not immediately jumping to conclusions in an argument while simultaneously ignoring the fact a borderline suicidal person decided to find an outlet in physical exercise instead of cutting themselves.

You only had to see him... what, once every couple of days or something when you had the time to look at his threads? Followed by a pretty large hiatus?

I've had to read through almost each and every one of his threads because of some shit that happened in there, whether it be lewds, drama, harrassment (Of anyone, including towards him), you name it.
He made at least one thread on a daily basis.
Reading through that much data, you start to notice patterns, just little things here and there, he probably doesn't realise himself that he's doing it but they all add up to the same thing.

He almost literally fishes for attention.
He gives a controversial topic for the masses.
He gives completely boneheaded responses for the argumentative people.
He gives the same tried and true calls for sympathy when he's called out on things.
He retreats to his echo chamber if things get bad who tell him that he's just misunderstood, the other people are just mean, etc.
He then returns to step one and the process repeats.

Now, this wouldnt be as big a deal as i'm making it to be if it weren't for a few things.

He knows the topics he picks are controversial.
He knows that the responses he gives will cause people to call him retarded and such.
He knows what words will gather sympathy.
He knows that the same people will still support him no matter what he does, because it's simply that persons nature.

I've seen him, repeat word for word, things he's been asked not to say, for reasons that were carefully explained to him until he said he understood and agreed with.

TLDR: His actions and behavior are not the type of somebody looking to improve themselves, they are the type of somebody who simply seeks validation / attention.

>Forgive and forget.
Will just lead to the same mistakes happening again and again.

The proper phrase should be "Forgive, never Forget."

There is only so many times you can forgive something before you simply have to stop giving the person the capacity to wrong you.

Not really bro, i didn't want to drag his identity out into the public while still pointing out the fact that he doesn't really have any grounds to be calling anyone childish based on the things he's posted.
>> No. 165739 ID: 2fef4e
...why the fuck do I still come on to this website?

inb4 moony comes.
>> No. 165740 ID: e7b99c
>moony comes

and it's because you hate yourself
>> No. 165741 ID: 2fef4e
I haven't been here for as long as some people here have been and I'm already sick of this bullshit.

1. Delete /meta/
2. Ban every single user for a month.

In that order.
>> No. 165742 ID: 2fef4e
>He knows the topics he picks are controversial.
>He knows that the responses he gives will cause people to call him retarded and such.
>He knows what words will gather sympathy.
>He knows that the same people will still support him no matter what he does, because it's simply that persons nature.
Manley is retarded for thinking he can get away with that shit. Everyone else is also retarded for continually falling for manley's shit.

Enforce the rules the way you must, but please don't defend the general population - that goes for everyone else as well. You're all retarded if you seriously believe manley was the only cause of this.
>> No. 165743 ID: 40bcaf
File 142725886887.png - (135.80KB , 241x430 , Kindle regret.png )
Yeah, I left mid September, so I've missed a lot. I think I finally understand your reasoning, though I still don't entirely agree with it. I remember it was small things that kept bothering me when I still argued with him.

I honestly shouldn't be arguing with as much missing information as I have, but I just panicked a little bit, as it appeared that the first thing you did as admin was repeal one of the last things Orange did. I'd never really known you too well as a moderator, and coming back to see you as admin was... scary. I didn't know what to expect, people kept talking about a merge, an explicit content board, and, of course, this.

I apologize for the things I said. I jumped to conclusions and let my anger get the better of me. I know you've probably had to have this same argument a hundred times already, so thanks for taking the time to explain things to me, and for not 'dragging my identity out into the public'.
>> No. 165744 ID: f59082
Internet drama
>> No. 165746 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142732920752.png - (506.64KB , 1365x767 , derpi_609258.png )
Didnt mean to imply that the general population aren't also idiots for taking his bait and letting him leech off their tolerance.

It's all good man, i know for a fact how much and how quickly bullshit gets spread around if i so much as sneeze, let alone do something that annoys somebody, so i always at the very least attempt to make sure people understand whats happening.

The merger threads where we broached and talked about the topic should still be on /meta/ if you want to read through it and get a clearer picture of things.
The explicit content board is only there because we'd otherwise be kicking out a community that's been shafted by admins far too many times already, with the side reason being that a few ponychan'ers like the idea of being able to post lewds without mods breathing down their necks.
Not to mention that said explicit content is behind a filter thats on by default, so theres not much chance of things bleeding out to the rest of the site much.

If anything, the main concern is /oat/ bleeding into /anon/.

Drama llama.
>> No. 165747 ID: 156564
For the record, I don't have particularly anything against you or your decision-making. It's just that we ended up at an odds on this, but for now, for now I've stopped caring.
>> No. 165748 ID: 6bd986
File 142733210496.jpg - (29.03KB , 277x248 , 1353232177416.jpg )
Crimson Risk for admin
>> No. 165749 ID: 083343
File 142733285354.png - (4.99KB , 356x23 , 2015-03-25-202030_356x23_scrot.png )
The takeover is happening
>> No. 165750 ID: f8dedc
Why not just make /anon/ /oat/? If their so similar just put the lewd filter into oat. There's already a lot of anons on oat so /anon/ users shouldn't feel out of place.

on the topic of lewds, what will be the stance on photography? Personally, and not to give TMI, I'm into bestiallity, but I know a lot of places ban it and I don't yet know the specifics of the explicit content
>> No. 165751 ID: 083343
/anon/ allows that and has at least one general for it. I think you'll be fine to post it. I'd personally generally not spam it everywhere and keep it in your own threads.

And /anon/ to me really isn't like /oat/. Completely different culture.
>> No. 165752 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142733585835.jpg - (140.96KB , 700x700 , 1363075097041.jpg )
>If their so similar.

If you're talking about /anon/ specifically, it's not going to change at all unless theres a massive outcry from /anon/ itself, so go have a look on mlpchan to see what it'll be like once macil and orange get off their arses.
>> No. 165753 ID: 2fef4e
Might as well use my name at this point.

Every single fucking time. People bitch about manley being a jackass in some way. Mods permaban him. People bitch about manley being permabanned. Mods unpermaban him. It's seriously annoying. Keep him permad' and make everyone stfu already, and then ban anyone who brings this up again, because the manley topic only ends up as a disaster.

Lock this thread too while you're at it.
>> No. 165754 ID: 083343
Like, look at the reasons given. Its not mods listening to the users "bitch" either way. He was unperma'd once legitimately because he made an appeal and was given a second chance, and the second on something that the mods I talk to have expressed disapproval with.

But yeah, I wish people would stop talking about it. People can talk to manley still
>> No. 165755 ID: 2fef4e
I sincerely believe in second chances. I also sincerely believe that if you still consciously behave like an ass after given one, you should be outta here. This is why this discussion is stupid.
>> No. 165756 ID: 083343
Which is why most mods didn't agree to letting him back in? I'm not sure your point.

The mods didn't let him in a second time. It was an executive action.
>> No. 165757 ID: 2fef4e
My point is to lock this thread because this topic has already been talked to death before and overdramatized.
>> No. 165758 ID: 40bcaf
File 142734257640.jpg - (82.93KB , 789x768 , 139973342264.jpg )
>> No. 165759 ID: bd7252
File 142734263370.png - (682.11KB , 825x711 , Hmm.png )
Why are you so British, Fen?
>> No. 165760 ID: 156564
But why?
>> No. 165761 ID: 156564
> and then ban anyone who brings this up again, because the manley topic only ends up as a disaster.

That's taking it way too far. If you hate it, avoid it, but don't go trying to do that. One of the better things about this place is that better can still state their opinions freely. You can't just try to go and take that way because you're sick of something can ignore.
>> No. 165763 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142739315562.png - (13.92KB , 127x163 , EnglandTea.png )
Better to keep it to one thread and let people get it out of their systems rather than multiple threads on the subject that would need locking and would only foster resentment.

Because rule Britannia.
>> No. 165764 ID: 2fef4e
Normally I'd agree but time and time again, Manley discussions only turn into disasters, just like how sexual discussions on /oat/ always edinto disasters.
>> No. 165782 ID: 52a731
File 142771175007.jpg - (157.72KB , 650x400 , Billy-Mays1.jpg )
>I'm gonna talk down to you and think I'm right despite the many, many people disagreeing with me

By all means, stay friends with him.

The majority of people just don't want him back and actively have a nicer place to hang out because he's gone.

If you think he's cool and a good friend, good on you.

We just don't want him here.
>> No. 165783 ID: e7b99c
File 142775861835.png - (19.26KB , 300x300 , 4.png )
i happen to think that
Hitler is doing a fine job as Führer

he just needs to merge with neopets finally
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