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File 142685524152.png - (56.69KB , 195x266 , sad shy 3.png )
165643 No. 165643 ID: 552f25
Two days ago, a thread was made on /oat/ asking me to post as Gilda for a week. to play along, i posted as her for an evening, but resumed regular posting the next day; i didn't feel comfortable with it, and felt pressured into it.

In response, Fenolio said, more or less, that he felt disappointed, and that he would change the theme in /oat/ to Gilda the next day. i figured this was a joke, but it appears not to be.

i do not know whether this is a joke or not, but if it is, i politely ask that it not be at my expense. if it's okay, maybe we could not do the theme anymore? Thank you for your understanding.
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>> No. 165647 ID: 5b0f06
Don't bother, Fen basically owns the place now and he'll do whatever he wants despite whatever airs he puts on.
>> No. 165648 ID: ef443b
I really really really think you are taking this way harder than it was actually intended. Its just a playful jab at most.

But yeah, its been long enough I think
>> No. 165652 ID: 82f2ba
im all for messing with oat when its funny but we just had a "lol im making you use a shitty theme no one witha brain would ever use" day like just last week.
>> No. 165653 ID: 82f2ba
but on the flipside "i didnt feel comfortable with it" rofl. hwo do the pictures make you feel uncomfortable
>> No. 165656 ID: 05bf04
I find it a pain to keep changing the theme back to "Colgate." I've done that eight times so far today.
>> No. 165661 ID: 428138
File 142686840723.png - (216.15KB , 680x449 , dodger_ahma getcha.png )
Yeah these sensitive nerds complaining about child porn should get bent. They're just pictures.
>> No. 165679 ID: f5fb80
i wasn't comfortable with the gilda thing to begin with... but i mean, it just seems this is a little unnecessary.

i understand it is meant to be a joke. but, can the joke be done soon? :c
>> No. 165680 ID: 82f2ba
Cartoon gryphon is not child porn you dumb nigga
>> No. 165681 ID: ce6132
[obvious but lame joke about griffons being worse than cp]
>> No. 165683 ID: 618424
File 142688665340.jpg - (92.96KB , 700x900 , image.jpg )
Done. Would have done it five, six hours sooner, but I slept in. Spring break has wreaked havoc on my sleep schedule.
>> No. 165685 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142689083035.png - (340.36KB , 700x700 , sa (232).png )
I said in the thread where you agreed to do it that i'd change the theme to gilda if you didn't last the whole week, thats my first post in that thread.
You were being all :c about it but you didn't really say anything about feeling pressured into doing it at the time or that you'd only do it for the evening.
So, sorry i guess.

>Feeling pressured about pictures.
Take a step back, and realise that nobody cares that much about what you post and anyone who seems to is more than likely just messing with you because its fun to be serious about silly things.

Quiet you, the overlord is speaking.

I sort of expected him to last longer than a day.

And i was at work.

Last edited at Fri, Mar 20th, 2015 15:34

>> No. 165697 ID: 0ea46e
>felt pressured into posting pics
Moony, you're a cool guy and all. But holy shit at times I think you're incapable of handling human interaction.

Know who you should post? Spiderman. Do it, Moony. Do it. Do it!

Actually it's kinda of a petty pointless thing so it doesn't really matter and there's no pressure since it's not really gonna do anything.
>> No. 165710 ID: 3bb89e
Not to kill all the fun, but I will add it's kind of like your boss finding out you like MLP and telling your group that he'll have everyone wear a badge of MLP to make you feel more comfortable. then the next day he actually has an MLP pin put on everyone's working outfit.

Silly on one hand, but since it's kind of forced on everyone to your expense and it will be a very uncomfortable day for you.

When you're among friends it's easier to cope with such tomfoolery, but when the pranker actually has the power to make this a very public act, it's not really the same.

Not that I want to complain about the forced theme itself, since it's nice that Ponychan gets to pick one for me for the day.
>> No. 165711 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142697585678.gif - (7.42MB , 1036x663 , derpi_648662.gif )
Not really, you're misunderstanding the situation a bit.
It's more like you were challenged to watch all of FiM by your friends, and then your landlord joins in by saying he'll redecorate your hallway if you dont finish every episode.
Only reason the gilda theme happened was because moony didnt keep posting gilda after he said he would because it was just a penalty to the challenge he was given.
Hell, most people probably didnt / still dont even know why the gilda theme happened and just assume one of us just has a fetish for griffons.

If he just flat out said, "no, i dont want to do this" or "I'll only do it for tonight, i dont like this." then i would have gone "Awww" and promptly forgot about the whole thing.

All he said was "I might only do this for tonight, i dont know."

And well, to be frank, i thought he was just being all :c on purpose to ham it up a little, since i didnt really think moony would find it that depressing or that he'd be that pressured by this silly thing.

I feel bad about making him feel negative, but i also feel that this whole thing is just ever so slightly completely ridiculous to drama over.
>> No. 165712 ID: 0ea46e
You should do what Lem did to /gala/ that one time and crash people's computers by putting 50000 sparkles on the page.
Not even sarcasm or snark, that was fucking hilarious.
>> No. 165713 ID: 9c50d2
File 142698098450.png - (1.06MB , 1089x880 , sunil64.png )
Expression Viewers are serious business.

Last edited at Sat, Mar 21st, 2015 16:39

>> No. 165714 ID: 3bb89e
File 142698355427.png - (227.76KB , 638x358 , Pinkie-Pie-and-Gilda-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-28315720-638-358.png )
>just assume one of us just has a fetish for griffons.
I admit, it would have been pretty neat to assume Admiral was doing something fun for once.
>> No. 165715 ID: 6bd986
I was the one who enabled it. I would have considered it a success if I had remembered to turn it off before bed.
>> No. 165717 ID: 2b9f76
File 142709092241.gif - (412.93KB , 320x240 , Grandpa_e3efae_976974.gif )
Hey, what's going on in this thr...

Hm. Mhm.

Well, alrighty then.
>> No. 165727 ID: 8cd844
File 142716255602.png - (2.18MB , 1561x1116 , Gilda got da booty.png )
>Hell, most people probably didnt / still dont even know why the gilda theme happened and just assume one of us just has a fetish for griffons.
Wasn't that the real reason?
>> No. 165762 ID: 3bb89e
File 142736459467.png - (261.21KB , 446x430 , what ya holdin.png )
In the aftermath of the debate, I'll add one thing and I hope admins/mods should look after this.

I think it was pretty fun to discover Gilda day and the theme and I don't think such "events" should never happen.

But if you work on the idea of changing the theme back after a little while, please make sure that not everyone is away at the moment it should have been changed back. Only make changes for jokes and plan to undo them if ypou're sure this can happen in a timely fashion.
If not really possible, try to get someone else to do this for you. Because the current way seems sloppy and actually makes a point why these events are not really a good idea.
>> No. 165780 ID: 644bd4
File 142766995092.png - (148.57KB , 900x873 , 133385464020.png )
How did I miss this juicy drama?
>> No. 165781 ID: ce6132
File 142767080505.png - (1.00MB , 1280x720 , Rarity_cute_face_idea_S1E20.png )
Im going to guess that it was because you weren't around when it happened.
>> No. 165786 ID: f591cd
What a shame!
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