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165766 No. 165766 ID: cd3b43
Was wondering if a mod could tell me when my last ban was. I think I should be coming up on a year some time in April or early May. Thanks.
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>> No. 165767 ID: cb6e05
I dont actually see any bans on your current IP. You've only been using this IP since October, so it's a bit too short.

On the IP you used until September 2014, so in your estimated range, your last listed ban was 5 minute ban on 1/5/14 asking you to be a nicer when trying to make your points.

The post is long gone, so I cant link you to it, sorry.

It's possible there was another on another IP; admittedly I didn't put a lot of work into your post history right now
>> No. 165768 ID: cd3b43
File 142747625562.png - (10.73KB , 378x294 , 132649592851.png )
That sounds about right for what the ban was for. I was being a bit of a dick. I thought it was in the Spring, though. Thanks, Lem :)
>> No. 165769 ID: cb6e05
Not a problem at all
>> No. 165770 ID: bd7252
File 142751555273.png - (569.63KB , 1280x720 , Lurk.png )
>lemming is still around
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