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File 142801021695.png - (229.05KB , 800x640 , 141601752693.png )
165789 No. 165789 ID: 443ae5
that beta area doesnt automatically give me a password or remember my name
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>> No. 165790 ID: 32789b
What browser and version of the browser are you using?
>> No. 165791 ID: 0463cd
File 142803579149.png - (47.46KB , 291x245 , 1423800384114.png )
Since my request isn't important enough to warrant an entirely new thread.

Allow slightly larger posting size for Webms and enable sound?
>> No. 165792 ID: 443ae5
File 142804072366.png - (283.13KB , 750x850 , 141790900556.png )
whatever ps3 uses
>> No. 165793 ID: 6f0c29
Oh, unfortunately that's probably because PS3 doesn't support local storage. Though that's peculiar that it's breaking the front end code as a whole. That kind of stuff only warrants the use of cookies.
>> No. 165794 ID: 443ae5
File 142815304352.png - (128.55KB , 351x416 , 141789613870.png )
cookies are enabled and ps3 allows storage
>> No. 165798 ID: f02294
File 142816487487.jpg - (322.60KB , 700x664 , 9c645db0503ad7ae8bffe6e405ee09b8.jpg )
This site feels like MLPchan now.
Ponychan X doesn't even work like it used to. Which was, in my opinion, better. Sometimes a thread 404's even though it's still there, the site gets confused on what board to send me to example. Or it will just randomly change it's url to something like., dropping the chan.

I honestly don't get why anything had to change if their small userbase was coming back over here.
>> No. 165834 ID: 32789b
Step 1 of the MLPchan merger was happening (switch ponychan to use the same MLPchan software and the beta.ponychan subdomain; step 2 was to merge MLPchan posts in here), but some glitches came up (mistaken 404s) and we decided to revert it for the time being for better or worse. That redirection issue had to do with the software being switched and is dealt with.

I'm interested in what features of PonychanX you were missing so I can fix that before we resume this.
>> No. 165835 ID: f02294
File 142817049866.png - (330.47KB , 3632x3976 , 27.png )
>I'm interested in what features of PonychanX you were missing so I can fix that before we resume this.

I wasn't really missing any, I just found it to be better. I mean, they both pretty much are the same. But I don't like how I delete an image from the post, and it deletes the entire post. If that can be fixed, it would be infinitely. better.
Like, as I'm typing this, and I decide I didn't want to use a certain image for the post, and I hit the X, the entire thing I typed up vanishes, if that can be fixed. That would be golden.
>> No. 165836 ID: 4c5a46
If you shift click the image you don't want, it removes it so you can select another one.

With the new qr box, that is
>> No. 165837 ID: 4c5a46
File 142817060780.gif - (17.88KB , 256x256 , _____.gif )
I think that works for Pchan X as well.

Yea it does.
>> No. 165838 ID: f02294
File 142817063128.png - (200.69KB , 512x369 , vlcsnap-2013-03-09-20h02m51s230.png )
Yet clicking the X on the image, deletes everything in the QR box.

Yes, but clicking the X on the image on PchanX, doesn't erase all of your text.
>> No. 165840 ID: 4c5a46
Huh. I didn't even notice that
>> No. 165841 ID: f02294
File 142817079087.png - (154.32KB , 475x318 , Well hello there.png )
Yeah, that's been a problem on MLPchan too. Hopefully it can be fixed here.
>> No. 165843 ID: 2cf981
File 142817101881.png - (735.51KB , 840x952 , cup_o_dash_by_knifeh-d7gz81y.png )
Would it be possible to have a setting to remove the [ - ] on the side of every post or at least have a setting to move it where the current Pchan X thing is? (at the end of each post number)
>> No. 165849 ID: 2cf981
File 142817451285.png - (151.16KB , 627x1024 , 142043712400.png )
Another thing...

Pchan X has a much deeper search in the catalog than the new site has. It's able to search the subject line, general text, and names/tripcodes separately.
>> No. 165850 ID: f02294
File 142817479092.png - (124.01KB , 475x318 , It's only ketchup.png )
It also gave us the option to google search images if we wanted to find more of them that some user posted.
>> No. 165851 ID: 2cf981
File 142817536570.png - (48.60KB , 757x180 , pchanxxx.png )
Yeah, these things.
>> No. 165852 ID: f02294
File 142817554269.png - (146.29KB , 475x318 , Love and peace.png )
>> No. 165955 ID: 443ae5
>> No. 165986 ID: 83d68c
Why make it harder to hide posts?
I agree with the google search though
>> No. 165988 ID: 2a7fef
File 142836678829.png - (57.56KB , 943x943 , 130170959482.png )
Cuz some people don't hide posts and it looks fugly that way. I'd rather have what he have now.

I'm asking for a way to have a setting to change it, not a default.
>> No. 165989 ID: 9c04e5
File 142836853467.png - (171.96KB , 900x1014 , happy6.png )
That's already a thing in the new site. It's near the end of the settings menu.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 6th, 2015 18:02

>> No. 165990 ID: 2a7fef
File 142837271308.jpg - (296.51KB , 1000x800 , 707833__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_lying_playing_artist-colon-joycall3_behaving+like+a+cat.jpg )
Oh, wow, I didn't even see that! Thanks!
Disregard me then. ^_^;
>> No. 165991 ID: 443ae5
File 142839539285.jpg - (63.16KB , 449x593 , 142010839351.jpg )
getting back to the main point mlpchans thing broke for me its a broken thing that shouldnt exist i think mlpchan should merge with ponychan with pchan remaining the same ponychan isnt broke so why mess with it? the beta site is broken so why break ponychan mlpchan doesnt auto give me a password or remember my poster name
>> No. 165993 ID: 8cd844
There is already a setting to hide post hiding.
>> No. 166010 ID: ae83f9
Punctuation is a beautiful thing, you know.
>> No. 166012 ID: 0ea46e
Sometimes it helps to read over your post and check it before you post. You're kinda blurting crap out like a toddler. Also pchan is built on a crap system that's held together with duct tape and a pain in the ass to do anything with tech-wise, and this isn't the only site full of people involved in the merge.
>> No. 166024 ID: 32789b
Should be fixed now.

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