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File 142816548037.png - (60.35KB , 908x869 , shining_armor_by_haloreplicas-d5afqu8.png )
165799 No. 165799 ID: 0d9cb8
Code ponies are butts and working on fixing things.

More updates as they come.
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>> No. 166044 ID: d6fe50
I have no idea about MLPchan's spam protection, or what is up on the merged site, but Ponychan's at least used to stop hundreds of random bot spam posts a day (designer handbags, diet pills, male enhancement etc.). Targeted, low-volume CP spam is different, and can't easily be stopped by an automated system. Of course, I would be surprised if there wasn't already something similar in place for MLPchan.
>> No. 166045 ID: a8f6e3
Yeah. Today would be great. But it probably won't because lol ¯_(ツ)_/¯
>> No. 166046 ID: 4c5a46
>Mod tools.

That's not a valid concern when all of the mods can work with what MLPchan has for mod tools, and more features can be added back in later.

I've actually used both sites mod tools, and it's by no means unusable.
>> No. 166047 ID: 45db28
File 142903119336.jpg - (249.60KB , 700x800 , 870478__safe_solo_spoiler-colon-s05e01_spoiler-colon-s05e02_artist-colon-joycall3_double+diamond.jpg )

A couple people were complaining about them, though, I thought.
>> No. 166048 ID: afa673
I think they were being facetious, as in, 'how do you keep the prisoners in line with so few weapons?!' Again, mlpchan hasn't had a need for so much as ponychan has; hopefully the 'new' ponychan won't have that much need either due to the rule and policy reforms.
>> No. 166049 ID: 45db28
File 142903179293.jpg - (436.70KB , 996x1024 , large (6).jpg )

I think you might be right, I know a couple of my complaints were of a joking nature. Though I don't really know what's missing from MLPchan's tools, even, so I couldn't say.

Either way, from what it sounds like, Macil's just been busy with personal stuff and this is some really easy stuff to do once they get around to it. Yeah, there's been a couple more delays, but just chillax and we'll have stuff soon(tm).
>> No. 166050 ID: 83d68c
>3 months later spongebob image.jpg
>> No. 166051 ID: 4c5a46
File 142903255304.png - (220.62KB , 512x249 , bd151525ff227d4c943aa90760127124.png )
OKay. Don't get me wrong here.

Ponychans modtools are way fucking nicer then MLPchans.

Like holy shit I can do so much less on MLPchan then I can do here.

But it's not anything important enough that the merger needs to be delayed. I can still ban people, do IP searches, the report list works fine.

Most of the things missing are shit like, Mods can't put up blotter messages, undelete things, be it posts or threads, we can't see deleted posts and threads unless it's through an IP search. There's no lockdown mode like what Pchan has in case of spam the filters aren't catching. There's no Name/tripcode searching for users that have changing IPs. There's no Ban-by-name option. We can't set up our own image bans, we can't rebuild boards on our own.

There's no one menu for all the stickied/locked threads. All of those have to be done manually if we want to change them.

Again, a lot of the really nice features that can be added in later when all the user-side features are up to date.

None of that is worth holding up for, since most of it would probably take some time to get working.
>> No. 166052 ID: fc79f3
File 142903332186.png - (227.20KB , 238x620 , 420.png )
>Like holy shit I can do so much less on MLPchan then I can do here.

not only that they can be integrated at any time

all this stuff can be... this merger delay is stupid
>> No. 166053 ID: 4c5a46
File 142903356843.png - (7.49KB , 371x415 , 41.png )
Pretty much.
>> No. 166054 ID: b70d6e
I'm 98% sure that nothing is being delayed because of mod tools.
>> No. 166055 ID: fc79f3
i guess will just have to wait another month or so lol
>> No. 166056 ID: 089610
File 142904208776.png - (8.35KB , 294x167 , skullin.png )
>> No. 166057 ID: a8f6e3
I will kill myself (and others) before it gets to that point.
>> No. 166058 ID: fc79f3
File 142904455570.png - (299.81KB , 740x626 , 10.png )
okay... so a year?
>> No. 166059 ID: 4c5a46
File 142905189084.jpg - (10.65KB , 236x358 , 516aa6822cf57f94bc80226aa44a4012.jpg )
Anytime between right now.

And the heat death of the universe.
>> No. 166060 ID: b70d6e
So what you're telling me is... that it is happening, right?
>> No. 166061 ID: 4c5a46
File 142905203517.png - (200.83KB , 969x1417 , dave pc50.png )
Yes exactly.
>> No. 166063 ID: 27350d
File 142923332107.jpg - (5.81KB , 300x168 , thefuckisthis.jpg )
Jesus. Orange is being a responsible developer and site owner and you're all just pissing all over him for it. It genuinely looks like nobody bitching in this thread knows the first thing about software or web development. You rushed the merge, he trusted your word on it, and it broke the shit out of everything. So surprise! He's not trusting your fucking word anymore, and is going to make sure it's done right, or at least not catastrophically wrong this time.

If I were him I would nuke the whole place and tell you whiners to make your own.
>> No. 166065 ID: fc79f3
File 142923397778.png - (334.16KB , 540x490 , 425.png )
it's fine for orange to believe in whatever he wants

thats all cool. i have no issues with orange

but FFS, if you say you're gonna do something. do it. or at the very least' give an update about it

but doing literally nothing is counter-productive and honestly it's a huge dick move. the merge was going fantastic before orange decided to roll-back. we had maybe two or three UNIMPORTANT bugs that were fixed before he even rolled back

honestly with all the bugs we have here now, the lessor evil is STILL tinyboard lmao

shit, it's so stuck in the stone age, it requires another upload site to run webm's

Last edited at Thu, Apr 16th, 2015 18:27

>> No. 166066 ID: fc79f3
oh and as for
>If I were him I would nuke the whole place and tell you whiners to make your own.

i wish he would. then shit would actually get done LOL
>> No. 166067 ID: b70d6e
File 142923749485.gif - (158.58KB , 748x519 , 266517__safe_oc_animated_cute_upvotes+galore_adorable_adorable+as+fuck_wall+of+faves_falling_dis.gif )
It's funny that it's not even that, though. Orange has actually been present and fairly responsive. Checks to see if anyone needs him every day. When Macil is ready to push the button, I don't doubt that Orange will flip the switch he needs to. Despite kicking this off with what I think was a mistake with the rollback, it's not like he's holding up the merge at this point.
>> No. 166068 ID: 453f20
File 142924079259.png - (1.25MB , 1500x918 , slowpoke.png )

>tell you whiners to make your own

>> No. 166069 ID: e4800b
File 142929683715.png - (955.91KB , 628x1100 , 1427926187_grau_1spron.png )
>> No. 166071 ID: 01d5b1
go to bed orange
>> No. 166072 ID: 9e91dc
File 142930841291.jpg - (59.18KB , 300x240 , 8083837[1].jpg )
The problem with the merge stemmed from a slight difference in the structure of the urls (ponychan has a /chan/ and mlpchan doesn't), which made things 404 when pchan threads were transferred over.

IT was a messy bug but was easy to fix, and was fixed by the time the plug got pulled.
The rest is just mod features >>166051 which the pchan mod staff has agreed they don't really need anyway.

It works and we have what we need: that's been the status for near two weeks and nothing has happened. We haven't even been given any sort of guidelines on what more is expected.
>> No. 166073 ID: 6b9748
File 142940619070.png - (14.46KB , 210x210 , Maximum Oversmug.png )
What makes you think we wanted the merge in the first place, let alone wanted it to be rushed on premier day?

I'm holding on to hope that the fiasco two weeks ago means that it won't happen at all.
>> No. 166074 ID: fc79f3
File 142940660932.png - (92.60KB , 158x454 , 433.png )
>What makes you think we wanted the merge in the first place

uhhhhhhh, you know. the great majority who is for it during the merge discussions? like... the greater majority
>> No. 166075 ID: 6b9748
I remember no such majority. In fact, if we wanted it wasn't even an option. We were told we were going to get it and that was that.
>> No. 166076 ID: fc79f3
where were you during the merge discussion we had going for literally weeks?

it was decided long ago lol
>> No. 166077 ID: a8f6e3
>I remember no such...
>I just don't normally hang around the hive of scum and villainy that is /meta/ too much
Seems you missed it, then.

>using "we"
>like sports fans who refer to their favorite team as "we"
>implying you speak for anyone but yourself

Go back to the Ark, Sai.
>> No. 166078 ID: 6b9748
I was there. It was mostly about mlpchan trying to change the name.
>> No. 166079 ID: fc79f3
File 142940695615.png - (168.36KB , 356x471 , 483.png )
no there was far more going on than that

evidently you werent even there lmao
>> No. 166080 ID: a8f6e3
>it was about mlpchan trying to change the name
Oh, good. For a second there I thought you might be serious. Now that I know you're simply deliberately lying to misconstrue events to satiate your intense and neverending butthurt about not being made a mod all those years ago, you can be safely disregarded.
>> No. 166081 ID: fc79f3
File 142940734835.gif - (1.30MB , 392x400 , 1402001280106.gif )
see thing is

with the merge, you guys can continue your autistic circlejerk and mane 6 recolors and maybe ruin another serial while you're at it

so all is well and remains the same. so there you go rofl

but THIS TIME, you get more stable and faster software :^)
>> No. 166082 ID: 01d5b1
mikie you are the fucking man
>> No. 166083 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142948033981.png - (0.96MB , 1200x927 , Makeovers.png )
>Orange is being a responsible developer and site owner and you're all just pissing all over him for it.
A responsible developer and site owner would give regular updates to his site staff on the condition of important topics.
A responsible developer and site owner would know when pulling or going ahead with a change would be more appropriate.
A responsible developer and site owner would not purposely antagonise the other staff members when they have legitimate grievances.
A responsible developer and site owner would not completely ignore the opinions of the rest of his staff.

>You rushed the merge.
No, he, macil and I did, since the three of us knew it would happening that day.
Although in my defence, i didn't know it would happen almost literally as the episode started.

>And it broke the shit out of everything.
There was a minor url error and all of the boards did not rebuild initially due to the server trying to rebuild the entire site at once.
These were both fixed before or within the hour of the merge being rolled back, the only thing wrong with the merge at that point is the lack of features such as ponychans themes, specific markup such as ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE and the edit / deletion of posts by users.

And orange knew this, he knew exactly what was missing from the merge and he considered that reason enough to pull it.

From what i can gather, that plus the reactions of a few people in the chaos of the merger has spooked macil enough that he wants everything perfect before things merge for real.

This, orange has been present and responsive, albeit there is nothing for him to do right now until macil gives the go ahead.

>In fact, if we wanted it wasn't even an option. We were told we were going to get it and that was that.
There were like, at least two huge threads on ponychan alone just discussing the topic.
It was never a "We're doing this, suck it faggots." but instead a "We want to do this, what do you think faggots?" and i tried to make that as clear as possible every time i talked with people.

If we'd been told to fuck off en-masse, it wouldn't have been done, simple as that.

Oi, is that crap really needed?

Last edited at Sun, Apr 19th, 2015 14:53

>> No. 166085 ID: 62e9b3
File 142948861367.gif - (213.94KB , 197x231 , sweetie338.gif )
Ban by name option? Who are you going to ban? Ponychan plans to ban specific users after merge! You heard it here first. Hot scoop!
>> No. 166086 ID: 3988d5
>banning specific users
Unacceptable, please ban every user equally.
>> No. 166090 ID: 40bcaf
File 142967848243.jpg - (105.50KB , 400x480 , 734668d82df4674c9bcd7626fea4fcee.jpg )
The way things are going I'm expecting a release around the time they announce Half Life 3.
>> No. 166091 ID: 8e91d7
Progress is being made.
>We got a little update on progress.
>The bbcode tags are done, themes are 95% done, ajax edit button's done, spoiler entire thread is done, bugs with the post form not fetching the post info is fixed, the issues with the highlighted text not working in the old form is fixed, the chimes were thrown in, help bubbles are done, local storage was given better backwards compatibility, and a bunch of other things.
>Current project is an external link window which may be put off till afters.
>> No. 166092 ID: 45db28
File 142970701821.jpg - (96.47KB , 1024x1024 , large (3).jpg )
>From what i can gather, that plus the reactions of a few people in the chaos of the merger has spooked macil enough that he wants everything perfect before things merge for real.

I think most of that was a result of the pretty abysmal timing on implementation, though. If you launched it, say, today, rather than at the beginning of the season premier, people wouldn't get any more upset than they do when the site's completely down from random bugs or there's some forced theme change on /oat/.
>> No. 166099 ID: a8f6e3
File 142980059944.png - (138.72KB , 309x336 , 01.png )
At this moment, we have simply been waiting for Macil and Orange to be online at the same time so the changeover and handover can occur. You can expect this unfortunate hold time to be over the very next time Macil gets a hold of Orange and they are both online to do it.

Thank you.
>> No. 166105 ID: c412c5
Pardon my ignorance, but who exactly is Macil? Is he really trustworthy? I've heard some rumors that someone is trying to get rights to the domain and then shit all over everything.
>> No. 166106 ID: a8f6e3
Macil is the current system administrator and co-owner of mlpchan and the future co-owner and system administrator of the merged site along with Fenolio as co-admin/co-owner. Macil may in fact be the one person of all the current owners/admins who is most above and beyond all reproach. I'm not even sure how one would 'shit all over everything' any more than has already been done over the years anyways.
>> No. 166110 ID: 4922d1
File 142983786179.png - (582.15KB , 4000x3302 , twilight_and_angel_by_doctorraz-d5ykmw8.png )
Person spreading those rumors seems a bit misinformed.

But yeah, aside from this recent communication clusterfuck, macil has a spotless record for admining so it's not like he's going to suddenly shit all over everything.
>> No. 166111 ID: c412c5
File 142983948704.jpg - (53.30KB , 585x700 , image.jpg )
>inb4 Zamoonda all along
>> No. 166113 ID: 83d68c
File 142985554856.jpg - (97.48KB , 686x800 , 1429708038524.jpg )
I heard some rumors that Fen eats pizza with a fork. Do we really trust someone like that to run the site?
>> No. 166115 ID: 3988d5
I heard he got some bronies to DDOS the FBI.

Do we really want that sort of DANGEROUS CRIMINAL at the helm of our fandom?
>> No. 166116 ID: 8e91d7
Wasn't that Macil?

I thought it was pretty cool +1 would vote for president.
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