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File 142816548037.png - (60.35KB , 908x869 , shining_armor_by_haloreplicas-d5afqu8.png )
165799 No. 165799 ID: 0d9cb8
Code ponies are butts and working on fixing things.

More updates as they come.
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>> No. 165801 ID: 9c04e5
File 142816560952.png - (199.29KB , 729x838 , wobble.png )
>> No. 165802 ID: f02294
File 142816569626.jpg - (186.34KB , 700x700 , Megaman_Zero_by_Veni_Mortem.jpg )
Here's a thought. Don't fix what isn't broken. The site's fine with Ponychan X. Not MLPchan's coding.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 4th, 2015 09:43

>> No. 165803 ID: 6b9748
What the literal fuck is going on
>> No. 165804 ID: 82f2ba
heres a thought:

fix what is broken but dont do it on the fuckin premier of the new episode after a long ass hiatus while people are trying to use the site to discuss it

literally any day ever would have been better
>> No. 165805 ID: aa7f2d
File 142816616324.png - (115.42KB , 512x512 , I'm flippin' tables nao.png )
I missed ponies thanks to the merger.

And now the site isn't even merged.

I want my ponies back.
>> No. 165806 ID: f02294
File 142816622540.jpg - (322.60KB , 700x664 , 9c645db0503ad7ae8bffe6e405ee09b8.jpg )
They're fixing what's not broken.

Merger does not imply the site has to have a DRASTIC change.
>> No. 165807 ID: 9c04e5
File 142816641525.png - (118.65KB , 471x522 , looking up.png )
>>165805 couldn't watch a stream because Ponychan was being weird?
>> No. 165808 ID: 5caed4
File 142816645938.jpg - (39.92KB , 960x540 , CaEAqUK.jpg )

The new site design seemed to work a lot faster and more efficient than the current one.

It had most of the same things that pX had, as well.

The problem is they decided to launch it in the middle of the day, right as the episode was airing, and kept switching it back and forth, causing posts to disappear.

There's a whole bunch of discussion in a thread on the new site design that is currently inaccessible.

Mods, stahp.
>> No. 165809 ID: f02294
File 142816660245.jpg - (16.32KB , 500x281 , 500px-Ep11-ragyoclose.jpg )
Ran fine for me as is. I just don't get why we have to change to exactly what MLPchan is currently. That to me, doesn't feel like a merger, feels more like a takover.
>> No. 165810 ID: 5caed4
File 142816669418.png - (151.25KB , 288x329 , And then there's THIS pet!.png )
>I just don't get why we have to change to exactly what MLPchan is currently

Because the current board software is outdated as hell, IIRC.

There is no "takeover". Quit yer drama'ing.
>> No. 165811 ID: f02294
File 142816675280.png - (159.25KB , 894x894 , 1410039487697.png )
>> No. 165812 ID: 9c04e5
File 142816676136.jpg - (31.88KB , 640x573 , ____.jpg )
You do realize that to the MLPchanners, being forced to use Kusaba would have the same problem?
>> No. 165813 ID: 0d9cb8
Orange is responsible for the site reverting back.
He will post shortly explaining why.
>> No. 165814 ID: aa7f2d
File 142816687869.png - (128.11KB , 800x820 , Frickin Adorable Tangy.png )

MLPchan's code is a lot better than Ponychan. I'm okay with switching to that, but not this way, seriously.

I think you're placing your feelings (Perfectly respectable, though!) about the issue, over a simple software matter.


I couldn't get to my home thread as the stream was started, missed a link to the stream, also couldn't rant about the stream and couldn't find a link, and other shit.

I could probably still have watched ponies, but eh.


>> No. 165815 ID: f02294
File 142816697347.jpg - (255.89KB , 800x640 , Dates back.jpg )
It's not that different.

Well it's just suddenly everything's changing. ALL AT ONCE. And I'm here thinking... What the fuck is going on? Is this MLPchan?
>> No. 165816 ID: 4c5a46
File 142816713406.jpg - (15.28KB , 180x325 , 273955_100001381082692_1356751703_n.jpg )
Tangy is right on the software, but also most of the new site mods are Ponychan mods by a margin, It's a totally diffrent structure. And it's easier to start with MLPchans codebase and add on any missing features from there.
>> No. 165817 ID: 45db28
File 142816725449.png - (30.99KB , 323x292 , This is going to require an explanation.png )
MLPchan's code is straight up better. If you wanted to call it anything it would be a generous gift, not a takeover. The complete abandonment of KusabaX is a good thing no matter what.
>> No. 165818 ID: f02294
File 142816732532.jpg - (136.50KB , 894x894 , ragyo_kiryuin__world_s_best_mother___by_boom_shake_the_room-d76wo5m_png.jpg )
>I like Astra.
Alright then. I'll be shutting up now.
>> No. 165819 ID: fc79f3
File 142816740777.png - (299.81KB , 740x626 , 10.png )
im happy to see that people agree that MLPchan's coding is better

it'll be worth it in the end.

but i do agree it's p dumb to do it on the premier of a new episode of all days lol

i wanna see what orange says for sure
>> No. 165820 ID: 4c5a46
File 142816744804.gif - (943.21KB , 500x400 , 138290306051.gif )

Thank you, I really appreciate that. I mean you don't have to shut up, asking questions about things like features and what's missing in MLPchans feature list that Ponychan has will only be helpful for us when we get around to adding in new things after the merger.
>> No. 165821 ID: 6b9748
File 142816760567.png - (47.37KB , 638x700 , Greylight I Don't Follow.png )
> liking Astra
>> No. 165822 ID: 4c5a46
File 142816772753.gif - (34.86KB , 240x180 , AHHHHHHHHH.gif )
Wow okay.
>> No. 165823 ID: aa7f2d
File 142816780232.png - (539.97KB , 2500x2500 , Maidstra Bolt.png )

He does a pretty nice maid.
>> No. 165824 ID: 82f2ba
shut up bitches, i want to hear what orange says
>> No. 165825 ID: f02294
File 142816784207.png - (163.67KB , 475x318 , Don't worry, I got it_.png )
Hey common! Astra is a pretty cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything!
>> No. 165826 ID: 6b9748
File 142816790414.png - (135.84KB , 690x396 , Sai's flipping Astras nao.png )
>> No. 165827 ID: f02294
File 142816795543.png - (152.28KB , 475x318 , Aaaah.png )
Wait a second, I know that tripcode.
>> No. 165828 ID: 5caed4
File 142816797541.jpg - (20.81KB , 360x360 , echs internally.jpg )
Orange pls
>> No. 165829 ID: aa7f2d
File 142816798678.png - (214.43KB , 1290x893 , I want to visit Saikar's dungeon.png )

More AstraXSai pictures? More AstraXSai pictures.
>> No. 165830 ID: 4c5a46
File 142816800912.gif - (36.29KB , 135x150 , 138258256233.gif )
Guys, threads not really meant for chatting here.

Please stop.
>> No. 165831 ID: 6b9748
File 142816803141.png - (139.64KB , 1014x700 , Greylight Adwin's Name For This Is Way Better.png )
I'm borrowing it from AppleDashWINS because my own tripcode is strangely a victim of this whole merger mess.
>> No. 165832 ID: f02294
File 142816808978.png - (232.47KB , 512x369 , vlcsnap-2013-03-09-20h03m03s95.png )
>> No. 165833 ID: aa7f2d
File 142816817714.png - (122.13KB , 641x800 , It tickles.png )

>> No. 165839 ID: cc147b
File 142817068511.png - (23.84KB , 945x945 , 3_ Dulset Shrug by shado.png )
If this is the merger, does that mean I can go back to /pony/?
>> No. 165842 ID: 4c5a46
File 142817095383.png - (761.52KB , 900x1125 , 138491309832.png )
No. You arn't being unbanned from /pony/
>> No. 165844 ID: 19fc51
File 142817103358.gif - (89.38KB , 764x875 , CLOP CLOP CLOP.gif )
>> No. 165845 ID: cc147b
>> No. 165846 ID: 4c5a46
File 142817126724.png - (1.53MB , 2215x1728 , 1312971714394.png )
For the same reasons you were banned for, also not what this thread is about.

If you want to talk about a ban on the new site you can feel free to make a /site/ thread there, or pm Fenolio about it.
>> No. 165847 ID: cc147b
Where is the new site?
Also what WAS I banned for?

Last edited at Sat, Apr 4th, 2015 11:16

>> No. 165848 ID: 4c5a46
File 142817140110.png - (608.98KB , 2746x3225 , 1343447957769.png )
It has not happened yet.
>> No. 165854 ID: 82f2ba
File 142817842182.png - (379.62KB , 612x792 , tumblr_nm7pjyTxLx1s1mj92o3_1280.png )
>Orange is responsible for the site reverting back.
>He will post shortly explaining why.

>> No. 165855 ID: 3c0756
File 142817852767.gif - (99.65KB , 450x280 , dash newton.gif )
Alrighty then, you want it, you got it.

The staff's goal was for this merge to be done by time the premiere aired. Unfortunately (and I was not aware of this until today), that meant it would have to be rushed out the door faster than was realistically practical, and too many corners were cut trying to make this happen.

This morning I got a message saying the new server was ready to go. I pointed the dns at the new server, but there were bugs and many missing features. When I became aware of that fact and saw people complaining and we were still fighting fires with the Tinyboard code an hour later, I switched the site back to what works.

I've been pretty hands-off with the nitty-gritty tech details of this merge, but I still should have done more due diligence before pushing the big red button. From here on out, I'll test and verify things more thoroughly, to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

We don't have to cut corners or rush things. Yes, it's too bad we couldn't hit this big deadline, but it isn't the end of the world. I'm not going to stick everyone on an unfinished server while the kinks are still being worked out. The time to fix bugs is before a launch, not after. OG Ponychan has served us reliably for close to 5 years now. It can last us a few more days until the new stuff is ready for prime time.

Slow and steady wins the race.
>> No. 165856 ID: 45db28
File 142817968879.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )

Yes, I agree. Thank you.
>> No. 165857 ID: ea375e
File 142817984349.jpg - (93.39KB , 600x800 , 139767815756.jpg )
Mondo why do you post with such weird names?
>> No. 165858 ID: 45db28
File 142817988812.png - (26.70KB , 584x488 , I cry every time.png )

Weird? I thought my names were cool...
>> No. 165859 ID: ea375e
File 142818006038.png - (2.08MB , 1367x1159 , 76016.png )
>> No. 165860 ID: fc79f3
>>165855 another year from now it will be finished?

>> No. 165861 ID: 3c0756
File 142818099176.gif - (1.40MB , 698x872 , dash jamming.gif )
No need for thanks, citizen. I'm just doing my job.

Give the new staff a little more credit. There's a good chance it'll be ready in the next week. I'd speed things up if I could.
>> No. 165862 ID: 45db28
File 142818112803.png - (18.17KB , 249x290 , Cornered.png )

Yeah, there were bugs, but it was far from a disaster. It shouldn't take long to clean up for a proper launch.

Which should be in the early morning hours, so we can all make sure everything works fine and people should be on call to make sure it all goes smoothly.
>> No. 165863 ID: fc79f3
File 142818127198.png - (334.16KB , 540x490 , 425.png )
i have faith in them

but, i want to make sure.

pls ask them if they will implement orange text

it's needed for stupid reasons

and these stupid reasons are needed
>> No. 165864 ID: 3c0756
File 142818143814.png - (177.08KB , 398x319 , dash flattered.png )
<to keep my legacy alive?
>> No. 165865 ID: fc79f3
File 142818152506.png - (190.78KB , 550x421 , orange text.png )

AND because its crazy enough to potato
>> No. 165866 ID: 3c0756
File 142818175080.png - (41.50KB , 256x256 , dash waldo.png )
I'll light up the mac signal so you can get a response straight from the source. I'll make sure he knows how urgent it is
>> No. 165867 ID: 4c5a46
What bugs? A list of things that were buggy would be helpful.
>> No. 165868 ID: 45db28
File 142818206197.png - (37.79KB , 274x303 , Oh it's this again.png )

Well the main thing is that a bunch of /gala/ threads randomly 404'd. Not all of them, though, some of them still worked. And Story popped up again partway through, but the rest were still missing.

Embeds were weird, I know, and I was getting connection errors throughout, though that might have been attempts to fix stuff.

Probably should've made a list while stuff was happening.
>> No. 165869 ID: 4c5a46
The 404 issues were just the threads rebuilding on the new server. Those along with the connection errors were fixed.
>> No. 165870 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142818215627.jpg - (240.80KB , 700x495 , It's uncanny.jpg )
>few more days
>within the next week
I was under the impression that the technical problems with the launch were mostly dealt with by the time you rolled things back, with the only detail being missing features like an edit function on posts.
As you evidently seem to know more than i, please explain what still needs to be fixed.

See >>165869
>> No. 165871 ID: 45db28
File 142818226263.png - (49.75KB , 599x600 , 114897__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_zebra_ice+pack.png )

Also, we need all the themes. None left behind!
>> No. 165872 ID: 4c5a46
>> No. 165873 ID: 45db28
File 142818238042.png - (30.78KB , 224x438 , Politely but Firmly Decline.png )

Well my main point is that it wasn't unusable. Launching again (at an appropriate time) would let us iron out any bugs that were around.
>> No. 165874 ID: 2cf981
File 142818240829.png - (735.51KB , 840x952 , cup_o_dash_by_knifeh-d7gz81y.png )
Pressing X on an image in the quick reply deleting all your text along with the image, when it should JUST be the image.
>> No. 165875 ID: 1a6121
>insists code is better

>mentions a whole bunch of problems with code
>> No. 165876 ID: 2db7cf
>> No. 165877 ID: 45db28
File 142818286244.jpg - (36.34KB , 450x331 , tumblr_n0gf73KvQ61qcd6bko1_500.jpg )

I'm not a code monkey. It's hard enough for me to understand, explaining it would be even more difficult. But the basic structures of Macil's code are far superior and more workable than Kusaba. A couple glitches at implementation doesn't mean we have to throw out the baby.
>> No. 165878 ID: 1a6121
You're right, it just gets annoying how people who aren't coders and haven't seen the code keep insisting the mlpchan's code is so much better because they were told that at some point. Orange did a lot of custom work on our's. A LOT. And we're losing it all.

oh well.
>> No. 165879 ID: 45db28
File 142818317289.png - (52.00KB , 404x481 , Maybe he's born with it.png )
>Orange did a lot of custom work on our's. A LOT.

A sunk cost.
>> No. 165880 ID: a23330
Youtube embed play button
The mod tools are way, way worse.

Like, so much worse. I want Ponychan mod tools back. They make it so easy to stalk everyone.

How do MLPchan mods do anything?
>> No. 165882 ID: 376fe0
Correct, but the only subjective aspect is how much better the new one is however.
>> No. 165883 ID: 1a6121
I know right? Those mod tools are complete shit.

Putting my trip back on because fuck you Fen.
>> No. 165884 ID: 19fc51
File 142818385956.jpg - (36.00KB , 355x429 , 03 - u5Qmqam.jpg )
'cause we didn't need a shitzillion random ass tools to moderate
>> No. 165885 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142818398801.png - (100.17KB , 500x469 , Step it up.png )
The themes were in the process of being added.
The themes that were available "Straight out of the box" were the ones built for tiny-board.
Our current themes are not compatible because they use different terms and values, they have been translated as far as i am aware, just not implemented yet.

By "Technical problem" i meant something that prevented regular functioning of the site, such as threads 404ing, being unable to post or images not appearing and what not.
Sorry for not being clear and seeming to move the goalposts right now.

Bugs like that, while annoying, are liveable and personally a lot more preferable to rolling things back and causing straight up 404's everywhere, which is only going to happen again when the switch happens again.
At which point, a bug will occur that the coders didn't catch and will have to deal with then and there or rolling things back a second time.

Its my opinion that the site should not have been reverted and we should have gathered the list of bugs and suggestions from users right then and there instead of faffing about and wasting everybody's time with these roll backs.

The switch shouldn't have happened then and i take partial blame for that since i was told it was happening beforehand, but believed it would be done in time for the premier instead of happening almost literally as it started.
But we orange also shouldn't have figuratively flipped the table on the whole thing simply because things didnt work right 100% off the bat.
Things will never work right 100% straight away, especially for a relatively big project like this and to expect such is just ridiculous.

Rolling things back essentially made the entire bullshit entirely pointless except to show everyone how incompetent the site staff are since we didn't get the chance to try and deal with things before orange pulled the plug on it despite everyone telling him that rolling back was a dumb idea.

Oh relax nigga.
>> No. 165886 ID: fc79f3
so far everything is looking good

i cant even see any bugs for that matter...

just a missing post edit button that was asked for

other than that it seems fine

eh, what do i know. im no code monkey myself
>> No. 165887 ID: 376fe0
Let's just get this over with by the end of the day or tomorrow and move forward, everyone. For everyone's saken and it will work out fine. :)
Namaste and all that.
>> No. 165888 ID: 098aef
File 142818482057.png - (129.32KB , 296x283 , yu.png )
This guy has the right idea
>> No. 165889 ID: 2cf981
File 142818505441.png - (433.61KB , 1119x1024 , dashie.png )
That's alright, just trying to contribute.
>> No. 165890 ID: 9c04e5
File 142818506578.jpg - (17.49KB , 256x320 , 2cool.jpg )
I think that was the intention.
>> No. 165892 ID: 3c0756
File 142818563357.png - (229.47KB , 1024x819 , dash looking at you.png )
I've dove deep into both Tinyboard's code and Ponychan's. Tinyboard has the better architecture, but only slightly so. It makes sense, if either ponychan or mlpchan has to lose their code, for the new site to use the codebase with the stronger foundation. On the features side though, ponychan is way ahead. Like, there's not even a contest. A good size chunk of that is in the moderation tools and spam-fighting code and such. If the mods want to make themselves suffer, I don't really care, but I think we can wait for the bugs to be fixed and for some of the more prominent user-facing features I've seen mentioned to be implemented. Macil's good at what he does, the new code will be ready before you know it. And when the switch happens for real, we won't be racing the clock and cutting corners everywhere, so we won't have random 404s and broken links and glitches and the server will be tested beforehand and everything will just work 100% straight out of the gate and it will be glorious. Getting huge projects like this done right takes time and patience, but it's definitely doable and the market pays very well for it. There's no need to rush through this. The internet will still be here tomorrow.
>> No. 165894 ID: 0d9cb8
>so we won't have random 404s and broken links and glitches
Except we know what caused those, and it was fixed.

But hey, just ignore me like always, why change what works.
>> No. 165895 ID: ea375e
File 142818652064.png - (180.98KB , 900x900 , 0d3a31f3ad190794fc1d96de45e9a77b.png )
Geez do you guys really not get along this much?
>> No. 165896 ID: 0d9cb8
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 165897 ID: 9c04e5
File 142818669354.gif - (220.90KB , 432x458 , bbbouuuncnne.gif )
clicky no worky
>> No. 165898 ID: 0d9cb8
Youtube embed play button
God fucking damn it
>> No. 165900 ID: 3c0756
File 142818703372.png - (198.11KB , 441x506 , dash smiles.png )
>why change what works
You can change what works, as long as what you're changing to also works. Ideally you would make that change in a well-paced, controlled manner and test it out beforehand so you know for sure.

He likes picking fights, but you can tell he's tsundere deep down. [<3]
>> No. 165901 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142818729068.jpg - (134.87KB , 730x1095 , 1362701258645.jpg )
You need to speak up, i cant hear you over your indifference to everybody else's opinion.
I know it's a little hard to see over your massive ego, but there was a little question i asked earlier that needs answering.

I thought the technical problems were fixed, what needs to be done?
>> No. 165902 ID: ea375e
File 142818745057.jpg - (51.92KB , 250x276 , tumblr_mm3q8miqXy1qft8zfo5_250.jpg )
I don't know whether to be amused by this or to be worried that you guys are like this. How can anything get done if Admin don't get along?
>> No. 165903 ID: 1a6121
Why's it matter? Are you a coder? Be patient, you're starting to give me a bad impression with the whole "Do it now" attitude.
>> No. 165904 ID: aa7f2d
File 142818784571.png - (304.64KB , 1280x633 , Typical Blunilda, really.png )
>> No. 165905 ID: ea375e
File 142818799648.gif - (2.84KB , 210x210 , Smug Smile.gif )
>> No. 165906 ID: aa7f2d
File 142818805961.png - (31.04KB , 480x480 , Smug Tangysmile.png )
>> No. 165907 ID: 6b9748
File 142818807717.png - (14.46KB , 210x210 , Maximum Oversmug.png )
>> No. 165909 ID: 3c0756
File 142818913107.gif - (554.11KB , 600x338 , dash bothering twilight.gif )
Yes, the /chan/ bug was fixed, but only after I reverted back to the working site. It was there for over an hour. You can't tell me you honestly wanted to hang the userbase out to dry on a buggy (or worse - inconsistently, unpredictably buggy) site on season premiere day. Jesus Christ. Be thankful you have a reliable site to whine at me on.

I don't admin anymore. I haven't for years. I'm the owner and founder. I only step in if I happen to see an extraordinary gaffe in progress.
>> No. 165910 ID: 6b9748
File 142818923454.png - (256.53KB , 774x769 , Greylight Popcorn 6.png )
>I only step in if I happen to see an extraordinary gaffe in progress.

Yeah that's more or less why I come to /meta/ too.
>> No. 165911 ID: ea375e
File 142818936937.jpg - (26.43KB , 466x559 , 137556286571.jpg )
I come for cheap laughs. Which might be a part of that gaffe thing.

I dunno what gaffe even means though.
>> No. 165912 ID: 3c0756
File 142818949377.jpg - (181.20KB , 900x1006 , dash coffee.jpg )
It's sort of like a cross between taffy and peanut brittle
>> No. 165913 ID: ea375e
File 142818954659.gif - (1.50MB , 640x360 , 137997364431.gif )
Thank you kind sir, now I feel a bit more educated
>> No. 165914 ID: a77cba
File 142818957877.png - (395.34KB , 800x800 , triple cute.png )
That sounds delicious.
>> No. 165915 ID: 8cd844
>> No. 165916 ID: ea375e
File 142818976865.png - (394.80KB , 1000x1000 , B-but Saikar Senpai___.png )
B-but, those are free online.
>> No. 165917 ID: 3c0756
File 142818983756.png - (188.04KB , 801x997 , dash disheveled.png )
Whenever you learn a new word, try to use it out loud in a conversation. That'll help it stick in your memory better.

You have no idea. I got some once at this build your own ice cream buffet place, with caramel syrup and cherries. It was like literal heaven in a bowl
>> No. 165918 ID: ea375e
File 142818989780.jpg - (213.43KB , 1597x1309 , 101180 - artist-phauxmlp rarity.jpg )
Is it pronounced [gaff] or like [gaff ee]
>> No. 165919 ID: 3c0756
File 142819004091.png - (0.97MB , 2737x5407 , dash performing.png )
Saying [gaff ee] would be a major gaffe. It's [gaff].
>> No. 165920 ID: 47803e
It's pronounced "fuck"
>> No. 165921 ID: 6b9748
File 142819015395.png - (79.48KB , 584x700 , Greylight Wink (2).png )
But just as entertaining
>> No. 165922 ID: 8cd844
"Seabreeze, captain of the breezy expedition, helped me understand the joy of sounding."
>> No. 165923 ID: ea375e
File 142819052430.png - (195.36KB , 466x559 , My-Little-Pony-Friendship-is-Magic-image-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-36292902-466-559.png )
Oh okie I think I've heard it said once before

Top kek
>> No. 165924 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142819063731.png - (475.09KB , 586x768 , Whooves - 7.png )
Are we talking about the same bug?
I'm talking about threads 404ing despite being shown on the board page.

Because macil literally fixed that once he became aware of it, threads stopped 404'ing and people could post again.
Aside from that, no serious bugs were reported in the short time the switch had happened.
I was in the process of making bugfix and suggestion threads before you rolled things back despite everyone elses protests.

And you still havent answered the question.

What still needs to be done?

You also need to answer macil's PM's instead of faffing about on meta.
>> No. 165925 ID: ea375e
File 142819071657.png - (90.14KB , 530x568 , Niggers.png )
I think all of this should have always been PMs because now it's just a fest of fucking around
>> No. 165926 ID: aa7f2d
File 142819074001.png - (124.60KB , 1200x579 , Shipping Foxxy and Blazing.png )
Fenorange OTP
>> No. 165927 ID: 2db7cf
File 142819092043.png - (347.81KB , 1280x1436 , rarity_by_redpandapony-d5qe1v5.png )
But then we wouldn't be able to enjoy any of it.
>> No. 165928 ID: fc79f3
i dont think this thread is intended to be a circlejerk to be fair
>> No. 165929 ID: 9c04e5
File 142819125130.png - (157.26KB , 742x784 , oh my god what is that.png )
>two raranons
>> No. 165930 ID: ea375e
File 142819132554.jpg - (150.08KB , 600x818 , 138121244137.jpg )
Oh Darling you are so right.
>> No. 165931 ID: 2db7cf
File 142819144902.png - (500.38KB , 1366x768 , 225595__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_screencap_scrunchy-face_spoiler-s03e11_png.png )
How in Equestria are we going to tell them apart?!
>> No. 165932 ID: 2db7cf
File 142819158206.png - (1.00MB , 1280x720 , Rarity_cute_face_idea_S1E20.png )
I am? I mean, yes!I am!
>> No. 165933 ID: 9c04e5
File 142819160199.gif - (189.98KB , 327x347 , ahem.gif )
Well for me at least, I'm going to assume that the ones with DeviantArt-looking filenames are Drayenn, and filenames that don't look like that are the other one.
>> No. 165934 ID: ea375e
File 142819167277.jpg - (355.31KB , 1600x1600 , 559927__safe_solo_rarity_smile_upvotes+galore_pillow_dark_artist-colon-kp-dash-shadowsquirrel_dr.jpg )
Oh Raranon you are so perfect!

I'm actually a tripfag from /gala/ I just ain't using my name right now
>> No. 165935 ID: 4c5a46
Guys. Not a thread for chatting.

I already asked once for people to stop, if it's not about the merger please take it elsewhere.
>> No. 165936 ID: 2db7cf
File 142819187280.png - (1.33MB , 6000x6000 , rarity_worried_by_otfor2-d54b97x.png )
You know what they say about assumptions?
I forgot, but I think it was bad somehow.

Not nearly as perfect as you.
>> No. 165937 ID: 2db7cf
File 142819198521.png - (466.80KB , 1024x1155 , crystal_rarity_by_theshadowstone-d701sin.png )
Should we take it to /metachat/?
>> No. 165938 ID: 8e00e2
Everybody take a breathe and go to your corners.
we all want the same result. Putdown the pride and work to get it done and then live in peace. Everybody.
orange, macil, it isnt goin to be pulling teeth to talk the next two days and finish this off, technical and administrative, based on where it is. Fen and other staff keep it positice and set an example; Please just do it, forget all this other distraction, dont snark about it one way or the other and thus will all ve sorted soon.
Cmon man. This is important. What can i do to make thus work for everyone
>> No. 165939 ID: 3c0756
File 142819245904.png - (138.74KB , 901x887 , dash fourth wall.png )
Maybe we're talking about two different bugs. Doesn't matter. What matters is, they existed, and macil was still finding more even after I switched the site back to the working one. No doubt there are more where those came from. And they will be found and fixed, and a properly paced deployment and beta period will occur so we can catch the unknowns that can't be found without, you know, actually testing things out a bit before jumping in headfirst without properly preparing. Now that there's no self-imposed deadline, what needs to be done is a good old fashioned smoke test, as well as catching up on some of the functionality gaps people have been mentioning such as the ones around 12:20 in the skype chat. I mean seriously buddy quit worrying, the merge will still happen. It's not like people are going to suddenly forget about it if it doesn't happen RIGHT NOW. This has been planned for months. A few more days won't kill you

My april fools day joke was probably a mistake. I should have posted the beta link for real a few days later than april 1, and then people would have tried it out and we would have had more eyeballs on the new site and we could have caught these show-stoppers earlier and avoided having a non-working site during the premiere.

I PM'd him more than 4 hours ago. No response. And it's saturday night so I'm going out soon, but that's okay, the merge is not cancelled and macil is probably coding and making progress as we speak and the internet will still be here tomorrow and we don't need to rush things and everything will be okay
>> No. 165940 ID: 19fc51
File 142819269944.jpg - (36.00KB , 355x429 , 03 - u5Qmqam.jpg )
Takin' a few extra days to get everything together and working a little smoother before we push it through properly isn't gonna hurt.

Give people a few more days of respite before I start wrapping the goold old long arm of the law around 'em.
>> No. 165942 ID: 1a6121
File 142819323247.png - (361.50KB , 700x700 , 131200186277.png )
Macil is heading out to BABScon for the weekend, so won't be able to work on merge stuff until Monday, but says it will have his focus then.
>> No. 165943 ID: ea375e
File 142819340092.png - (309.32KB , 485x600 , 56c6cb9ee6d43fd15c0b3032c0a7dd2d.png )
Thank you Rarity, you are always my favorite
>> No. 165944 ID: 5caed4
Youtube embed play button
  So...from what I understand, the "bugs" (I didn't really see any when the new site was implemented?) and some features will be implemented into the new code before the site will change again?

When's that going to happen?

>"laugh harder remix"
>not its original title, "Osmium Alloy Bomb"
>also seems to be lower quality


Last edited at Sat, Apr 4th, 2015 17:32

>> No. 165945 ID: 3c0756
File 142819406143.png - (222.39KB , 1027x778 , dash fangs.png )
Well said.

Just to make things abundantly clear, my criteria for moving ahead is a reasonably working site that isn't a significant downgrade in functionality from what we have now. As long as I'm still the owner, that's the next bar to hit, and it's a goal I think it's reasonable to wait for and that I believe/hope can be hit within a week, which should be plenty soon enough for anyone, especially considering how long this has been in the works before today.

And now I take off.
>> No. 165947 ID: 9c04e5
File 142819466697.png - (387.33KB , 531x512 , AND I SAY,.png )
"within a week" sounds like it's dangerously close to causing the same deadline panic of getting it out before (or just as) the new episode is starting. So if you have it ready next Saturday, maybe just wait until Sunday?
>> No. 165948 ID: 6b9748
File 142819475916.gif - (12.25KB , 213x213 , Fwiffo.gif )
>> No. 165949 ID: aa7f2d
>> No. 165950 ID: 6b9748
File 142819493424.png - (125.65KB , 611x586 , Greylight LOLs at your Pain.png )
>> No. 165951 ID: a23330
File 142819491975.png - (868.07KB , 5000x4406 , Rarity Vector 14.png )
I don't doubt that it will be done before then.
>> No. 165952 ID: 5caed4
File 142819597440.jpg - (43.76KB , 400x400 , 1424639376693.jpg )
Exactly whose idea was it to launch the new site right at about 11:02am, anyways?
>> No. 165953 ID: a23330
From what I understand, Macil and Orange had some misunderstandings on when it should be done. I'm out of the loop on that one, though.
>> No. 165954 ID: 5caed4
File 142819728318.jpg - (73.85KB , 1280x720 , god damnit ross.jpg )
God damnit Ross Macil and Orange...
>> No. 165957 ID: c32ec2
Well the goal for a while had been "before the new season", even before we knew when that would be.
>> No. 165958 ID: 01d5b1
File 142826933820.gif - (959.04KB , 230x173 , 1428267961074.gif )
>orange purposely fucking with the merger because he's a massive sperg who can't handle not having his e-power
what a shock!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn't expect this to happen at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 165959 ID: 1f9c74
It's been a long time since I've been to ponychan but if I remember posts used to link to their replies. Is this a bug or is there a different functionality for this? pls help i am dumb with technical stuff
>> No. 165960 ID: 45db28

Nah, it still does that. That problem must be on your end.

Unless you mean in the beta site, in which case I haven't checked for that.
>> No. 165961 ID: a23330
You probably have to enable Pchan X in the settings area.
>> No. 165962 ID: 1f9c74
Oh wow I totally forgot about that. It works now. Thanks!
>> No. 165987 ID: fc79f3
based haHAh
>> No. 165992 ID: 0ea46e
File 142840152849.jpg - (185.46KB , 2298x1286 , 3676453562456.jpg )
>fen not slavedriving hard enough
This is what happens when you relax, someone forgets to be useful and sites break. Classic Orange.
>> No. 165994 ID: 82f2ba
make the font better
>> No. 165995 ID: a8f6e3
hurr obligatory 'how exactly', size, what font, color
sometimes your persona sucks
>> No. 165996 ID: 82f2ba
File 142841601574.png - (587.36KB , 1000x1104 , ee4aa778bab284f8b7d2f6c0712a4cac.png )

i dont have a persona bt i hope to one day

the size is about a step too big. i'm not a huge fan of the actual font used either but that's less of an issue than the size
>> No. 165997 ID: a8f6e3
cool now you can specify which theme you mean
all you could have done right off the bat
>> No. 165998 ID: 82f2ba

you dont have to be bitchy dude. im using twilight tackle
>> No. 165999 ID: a8f6e3
alright. so now, is it the text for all parts, or just the body text? the subjects? the names?
>> No. 166000 ID: 82f2ba
File 142841670964.gif - (442.73KB , 400x480 , 41f6a387ff7a25a481aa4a1566851c16.gif )

Just the body text. Names look fine
>> No. 166001 ID: a8f6e3
cool. so now we know,
'please make the body text, of the twilight tackle theme, 1 pt smaller.' because 'hurr make font better' makes you sound like a troglodyte or that sylveon-posting autist Rainbow Dash. you've been on meta way long enough to know better. actually say what you mean and want.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 7th, 2015 07:30

>> No. 166002 ID: 82f2ba

actually you know "make the size 1 step smaller". not bigger.

there's no reason to get so pissy about something so inconsequential either
>> No. 166003 ID: a8f6e3
no need to be an unhelpful turd either. what were expecting to 'make font better'? someone to go 'ok' and read your mind? i bet you'd react a whole lot better, im sure, to someone posting in a thread 'make rules better' or 'make boards better.'
you know better.
>> No. 166004 ID: 82f2ba

actually both of those things would probably either make me laugh or shrug my shoulders and move on, instead of starting to pout about the poster

but for real, who cares. why are you still posting about this
>> No. 166005 ID: a8f6e3
>who cares
apparently you did, since it was important enough to post (but not actually say anything.) guess we're done, glad I could help you communicate what you specifically wanted. i know it can be hard for the handicapped sometimes.
>> No. 166006 ID: 1041bf
File 142845967918.png - (304.64KB , 1280x633 , Typical Blunilda, really.png )
Man I post this a lot in this thread.
>> No. 166007 ID: b67bcd
Penny Death When?
>> No. 166008 ID: fc79f3
Youtube embed play button
right here

brand new track the jenny death mixtape
>> No. 166009 ID: b67bcd

But Fantano will never rate it that high.
>> No. 166011 ID: 3528f1
File 142863059880.jpg - (426.80KB , 1367x1809 , Juana_Inés_de_la_Cruz.jpg )
Soon this board will be complete.
>> No. 166014 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142887916974.jpg - (59.55KB , 853x1024 , PleaseDontKillMe.jpg )
Sorry about the lack of updates.
We're in the dark as much as everyone else is unfortunately.
>> No. 166015 ID: 8e91d7
File 142887930790.png - (185.98KB , 900x1234 , apple_bloom___oh_hai_by_uxyd-d5mqa1f.png )
It's so unlike you guys not to post updates.
>> No. 166016 ID: a8f6e3
Every second that passes without the merge happening is attributable to Orange dragging his feet, jerking around or just not being around to hand off to Fenolio & Macil - either willfully or just because he's Orange. That's where we are at this point, and that should be a pretty strong indicator (for Ponychan's side at least) of one huge reason this merge is so badly needed.
>> No. 166017 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142887977788.png - (281.28KB , 743x623 , derpi_776152.png )
See >>166016
It looks like we're just throwing all the blame onto orange, but it literally is entirely his fault we're not merged right now and have nothing to say about it.

He's apparently spending the week with his cousin, and i hope he had fun, but it's horseshit to leave us hanging like this without even a proper ETA or "List of shit that needs doing."
>> No. 166018 ID: 8e91d7
File 142888043278.png - (181.24KB , 900x1099 , apple_bloom_by_lilcinnamon-d5isxxa.png )
That sounds awfully salty.

Wasn't it shifted back due to some issues? Even if they've all been fixed it looks like there are still minor issues that can be worked on even if the merge hasn't happened yet, such as adding themes and whatnot.

I thought Zeke could change the domain too? I think he mentioned that he had access to that too at some point.
>> No. 166019 ID: 8e91d7
File 142888134781.png - (180.05KB , 900x1246 , 186838.png )
But yeah. I guess Orange is just being Orange too.
>> No. 166020 ID: a8f6e3
Even last week, all of the themes but 2 were done. Within a day or two, they were done as well. Salty is a perfectly reasonable state of being in response to this.
>> No. 166021 ID: 8e91d7
File 142888220840.png - (346.65KB , 1600x2059 , apple_bloom_cute_by_myardius-d57k6zx.png )
Oh, ok. I just haven't seen them on beta. I assumed it would hold the latest stuff.

I take it the thing with Zeke having access to the DNS stuff is not a thing that's actually a thing then?
>> No. 166022 ID: b70d6e
File 142888879446.png - (389.17KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2013-03-12-16h00m22s197.png )
Actually, it's Macil. Features are/were simply not ready and as such, Macil never contacted Orange saying things were ready. Macil kinda took a break on working on the merge for a week.

Yeah, they weren't on beta. They're coded to work properly on Tinyboard (with minor changes to some less used themes) but haven't been added to the beta site yet.
>> No. 166023 ID: a8f6e3
He flat out said the only 'issues' were those themes, the one or two ponychan specific 'text markups' (aka the rcv and shit) and a password-importing issue that was non-critical. The only reason he didn't want to go again was due to the original spergout-rollback last Saturday since that seemed to indicate that OJ wasn't going to go for it unless everything was perfect and on his schedule. I can see why mac would feel that way given how it went down.
>> No. 166026 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142893151734.gif - (1.62MB , 329x400 , derpi_840948.gif )
Here's how i understand things after i've slept on it.

Orange wants everything to be perfect.
So does Macil, either because of the former or because he wants things to be perfect himself.

It's been argued that we should we merge asap and sort out those minor bugs afterwards, and the rebuttal was "Chill out, a few days waiting wont kill us."

Which wouldn't be so bad except we're waiting on "The ability for users to edit and delete their own posts.", "implementing themes." "Ponychan specific markup like orange/purple text, rcv, shy and sar."
Thats literally it, that's been literally it since last week since neither of them apparently worked on it this past week due to personal issues.

When asked for a final word on when things would merge, macil said:
"The things I listed aren't going to take so long. Probably a comparable amount of time as it takes to actually do the merger again."
I asked if that was roughly 4-5 hours of work and he didn't get back to me, so assume it will happen any time between now and the universe's heat death.

TLDR: Nothings changed, programmers are still buttheads, i'm still a bag of salt.
>> No. 166027 ID: afa673
does zeke have *access*? probably. does he have the authority to hand over ownership of the domain to fen&mac as new owners? probably not. thats where that part is currently.
>> No. 166029 ID: b70d6e
Youtube embed play button
That said, PchanX anon has been a saint. Did the edit button and fixed a mess of issues with the themes as well as transferring most of the themes in the first place. They actully used this week to get things done.
>> No. 166030 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142895644942.png - (463.56KB , 908x1024 , AnonDoesntHurtPonies.png )
Anon is indeed best pony.
>> No. 166031 ID: edc8c2
File 142895976544.jpg - (8.50KB , 250x187 , image.jpg )
So...if you take off that mask...?
>> No. 166032 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142895990643.png - (697.74KB , 800x3600 , 1363077442520.png )
It would be very hot__
>> No. 166033 ID: 45db28
File 142896163022.jpg - (128.87KB , 631x620 , 866536__safe_traditional+art_simple+background_scarf_messy+mane_spoiler-colon-s05e02_artist-colo.jpg )

Programmers, man. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.
>> No. 166034 ID: 5caed4
File 142896447948.png - (156.31KB , 331x425 , shahrukh44.png )
>Which wouldn't be so bad except we're waiting on "The ability for users to edit and delete their own posts.", "implementing themes."

Seems reasonable enough

>"Ponychan specific markup like orange/purple text, rcv, shy and sar."

People actually care about those being implemented before the merge is re-applied?
>> No. 166035 ID: 8e91d7
File 142896531738.gif - (186.21KB , 500x281 , Pinkiepie_popcorn.gif )
I care about animated thumbnails for gifs!
That should be the number one priority!

I'd also like to see the others implemented. But personally I'd be fine with them not being there for a while instead of them blocking the merger.
>> No. 166036 ID: fc79f3
File 142896709597.png - (437.55KB , 582x621 , keyboard slide.png )
if you ever want the merger to work, you're gonna have to make the merger go on and run its course.

yes, im looking at you, orange.

changes can always be made and fixes can always be done.

but sitting here dragging your feet is completely counterproductive. not only that how are we suppose to even discover these bugs if were not merged?

it's like getting keys to test drive a new car, but just leaving it there for weeks

the merger is very much ready at this point.

but doing this because -YOU- feel it isnt perfect, is selfish and not only that, a complete slap in the face of the people who spent months on end of work trying to make this work

i fully get it's a double-edge sword. we either get stuck with kotsuba's shitty outdated software or based tinyboards software with a few unimportant bugs that can be fixed in no time (which macil has already corrected one stupid bug retro brought up just today).

idk about you. but i think more people wanna see this thing underway

just my two-cents on the matter
>> No. 166037 ID: 94db52
Ok, just throwing that out there, the way I'm reading it orange wants it to be more feature-rich under the hood. With spam protection and mod tools and that just as much if not more than user tools.

I really don't know what our code is like other than not-kusaba so I can't say anything.
>> No. 166038 ID: a8f6e3
Judging by the /meta/ threads throughout the last whenever bringing up the CP spam and whatnot, I don't see how 'spam protection' is an issue regardless, or that has ever been brought up in reference to the merge. Ponychan's clearly no better than anywhere else and Ive seen no comparison by anyone saying another code is worse.
As for mod tools, I think that's more a consequence of Ponychan's history - the simple fact is, ponychan has had a long and documented history of rigid rules, harsh ban practices and overzealous use of those bans, which has ended up requiring numerous means of enforcing all those rules and bans. It's required an arsenal of 'weapons'. That's probably the one area in which orange spent a good deal of time developing, as opposed to whatever else. Whereas the documented and accepted enforcement elsewhere has been relaxed, with actual bans being few and far between, resulting in and requiring far less insofar as 'weapons' for enforcement, leaving the development to pretty much every other aspect of the site.
Regardless of this, I can only say that if inconsequential and non-critical things like one or two themes or royal canterlot voice is what's truly holding this back, that's beyond stupid and I feel like macil is just trying to be deferent to orange until this actually happens, because we're pretty much where we were last time, except macil is reticent to say 'ok' due to the way orange made his 'executive decision' and pulled us back before, and now he probably feels like he can't do it unless everything is 'perfect' (as if any coding project is perfect out of the gate) because it'll risk another spergout and pull back which would piss everyone off even more. And as far as I know, he hasn't finalized whatever deal orange wants to hand off the domain ownership, or if orange is going to or has asked for any money or what that amount is going to be.
So basically that's what's preventing it at this point it seems. We could theoretically go *right now* if they would both accept 'this isn't a million dollar software launch, it's not going to be a million percent perfect' and 'yes, you and fenolio are now owners of the domain, go ahead and change the account/password and i will bow out.'
>> No. 166039 ID: fc79f3
who the fuck owns this site anyway?
>> No. 166040 ID: a8f6e3
Inkwell, after paying Orange 3,000 dollars to buy it, gave it back to him when he left. Technically Orange 'owns' it again.
>> No. 166041 ID: fc79f3
File 142897062010.png - (228.72KB , 320x659 , 413.png )
holy shit...
>> No. 166042 ID: 0dede1
Well, I know MLPchan has just as bad of problems with this. I don't know though. I think he may be referring to <insert male enhancement product name> and things like that more than the CP spammers which have unique IPs and unique images every time.

Either way, I personally agree. I actually like sartalics sometimes when I'm trying to make it extraclear that I'm not serious, but it isn't anything to worry over.

I want the merger already personally. This is probably just because I care way more than I should and not indicative of the state of the whole thing and is just anticipation, but it still is my personal preference.

Absolutely no problems with orange as a guy nor do I find it absolutely abhorrent that he is keeping the site for now since it was inkwell's decision to give it back, but it seems like its time if what everyone is saying is to be believed
>> No. 166043 ID: 83d68c
File 142897763119.jpg - (251.58KB , 1280x720 , 1428854675475.jpg )
Lets start the merger right now. Just do it. Like ripping off a bandaid or jumping in the pool. Stop being bitches.

I'm off work tomorrow so its the perfect time.
>> No. 166044 ID: d6fe50
I have no idea about MLPchan's spam protection, or what is up on the merged site, but Ponychan's at least used to stop hundreds of random bot spam posts a day (designer handbags, diet pills, male enhancement etc.). Targeted, low-volume CP spam is different, and can't easily be stopped by an automated system. Of course, I would be surprised if there wasn't already something similar in place for MLPchan.
>> No. 166045 ID: a8f6e3
Yeah. Today would be great. But it probably won't because lol ¯_(ツ)_/¯
>> No. 166046 ID: 4c5a46
>Mod tools.

That's not a valid concern when all of the mods can work with what MLPchan has for mod tools, and more features can be added back in later.

I've actually used both sites mod tools, and it's by no means unusable.
>> No. 166047 ID: 45db28
File 142903119336.jpg - (249.60KB , 700x800 , 870478__safe_solo_spoiler-colon-s05e01_spoiler-colon-s05e02_artist-colon-joycall3_double+diamond.jpg )

A couple people were complaining about them, though, I thought.
>> No. 166048 ID: afa673
I think they were being facetious, as in, 'how do you keep the prisoners in line with so few weapons?!' Again, mlpchan hasn't had a need for so much as ponychan has; hopefully the 'new' ponychan won't have that much need either due to the rule and policy reforms.
>> No. 166049 ID: 45db28
File 142903179293.jpg - (436.70KB , 996x1024 , large (6).jpg )

I think you might be right, I know a couple of my complaints were of a joking nature. Though I don't really know what's missing from MLPchan's tools, even, so I couldn't say.

Either way, from what it sounds like, Macil's just been busy with personal stuff and this is some really easy stuff to do once they get around to it. Yeah, there's been a couple more delays, but just chillax and we'll have stuff soon(tm).
>> No. 166050 ID: 83d68c
>3 months later spongebob image.jpg
>> No. 166051 ID: 4c5a46
File 142903255304.png - (220.62KB , 512x249 , bd151525ff227d4c943aa90760127124.png )
OKay. Don't get me wrong here.

Ponychans modtools are way fucking nicer then MLPchans.

Like holy shit I can do so much less on MLPchan then I can do here.

But it's not anything important enough that the merger needs to be delayed. I can still ban people, do IP searches, the report list works fine.

Most of the things missing are shit like, Mods can't put up blotter messages, undelete things, be it posts or threads, we can't see deleted posts and threads unless it's through an IP search. There's no lockdown mode like what Pchan has in case of spam the filters aren't catching. There's no Name/tripcode searching for users that have changing IPs. There's no Ban-by-name option. We can't set up our own image bans, we can't rebuild boards on our own.

There's no one menu for all the stickied/locked threads. All of those have to be done manually if we want to change them.

Again, a lot of the really nice features that can be added in later when all the user-side features are up to date.

None of that is worth holding up for, since most of it would probably take some time to get working.
>> No. 166052 ID: fc79f3
File 142903332186.png - (227.20KB , 238x620 , 420.png )
>Like holy shit I can do so much less on MLPchan then I can do here.

not only that they can be integrated at any time

all this stuff can be... this merger delay is stupid
>> No. 166053 ID: 4c5a46
File 142903356843.png - (7.49KB , 371x415 , 41.png )
Pretty much.
>> No. 166054 ID: b70d6e
I'm 98% sure that nothing is being delayed because of mod tools.
>> No. 166055 ID: fc79f3
i guess will just have to wait another month or so lol
>> No. 166056 ID: 089610
File 142904208776.png - (8.35KB , 294x167 , skullin.png )
>> No. 166057 ID: a8f6e3
I will kill myself (and others) before it gets to that point.
>> No. 166058 ID: fc79f3
File 142904455570.png - (299.81KB , 740x626 , 10.png )
okay... so a year?
>> No. 166059 ID: 4c5a46
File 142905189084.jpg - (10.65KB , 236x358 , 516aa6822cf57f94bc80226aa44a4012.jpg )
Anytime between right now.

And the heat death of the universe.
>> No. 166060 ID: b70d6e
So what you're telling me is... that it is happening, right?
>> No. 166061 ID: 4c5a46
File 142905203517.png - (200.83KB , 969x1417 , dave pc50.png )
Yes exactly.
>> No. 166063 ID: 27350d
File 142923332107.jpg - (5.81KB , 300x168 , thefuckisthis.jpg )
Jesus. Orange is being a responsible developer and site owner and you're all just pissing all over him for it. It genuinely looks like nobody bitching in this thread knows the first thing about software or web development. You rushed the merge, he trusted your word on it, and it broke the shit out of everything. So surprise! He's not trusting your fucking word anymore, and is going to make sure it's done right, or at least not catastrophically wrong this time.

If I were him I would nuke the whole place and tell you whiners to make your own.
>> No. 166065 ID: fc79f3
File 142923397778.png - (334.16KB , 540x490 , 425.png )
it's fine for orange to believe in whatever he wants

thats all cool. i have no issues with orange

but FFS, if you say you're gonna do something. do it. or at the very least' give an update about it

but doing literally nothing is counter-productive and honestly it's a huge dick move. the merge was going fantastic before orange decided to roll-back. we had maybe two or three UNIMPORTANT bugs that were fixed before he even rolled back

honestly with all the bugs we have here now, the lessor evil is STILL tinyboard lmao

shit, it's so stuck in the stone age, it requires another upload site to run webm's

Last edited at Thu, Apr 16th, 2015 18:27

>> No. 166066 ID: fc79f3
oh and as for
>If I were him I would nuke the whole place and tell you whiners to make your own.

i wish he would. then shit would actually get done LOL
>> No. 166067 ID: b70d6e
File 142923749485.gif - (158.58KB , 748x519 , 266517__safe_oc_animated_cute_upvotes+galore_adorable_adorable+as+fuck_wall+of+faves_falling_dis.gif )
It's funny that it's not even that, though. Orange has actually been present and fairly responsive. Checks to see if anyone needs him every day. When Macil is ready to push the button, I don't doubt that Orange will flip the switch he needs to. Despite kicking this off with what I think was a mistake with the rollback, it's not like he's holding up the merge at this point.
>> No. 166068 ID: 453f20
File 142924079259.png - (1.25MB , 1500x918 , slowpoke.png )

>tell you whiners to make your own

>> No. 166069 ID: e4800b
File 142929683715.png - (955.91KB , 628x1100 , 1427926187_grau_1spron.png )
>> No. 166071 ID: 01d5b1
go to bed orange
>> No. 166072 ID: 9e91dc
File 142930841291.jpg - (59.18KB , 300x240 , 8083837[1].jpg )
The problem with the merge stemmed from a slight difference in the structure of the urls (ponychan has a /chan/ and mlpchan doesn't), which made things 404 when pchan threads were transferred over.

IT was a messy bug but was easy to fix, and was fixed by the time the plug got pulled.
The rest is just mod features >>166051 which the pchan mod staff has agreed they don't really need anyway.

It works and we have what we need: that's been the status for near two weeks and nothing has happened. We haven't even been given any sort of guidelines on what more is expected.
>> No. 166073 ID: 6b9748
File 142940619070.png - (14.46KB , 210x210 , Maximum Oversmug.png )
What makes you think we wanted the merge in the first place, let alone wanted it to be rushed on premier day?

I'm holding on to hope that the fiasco two weeks ago means that it won't happen at all.
>> No. 166074 ID: fc79f3
File 142940660932.png - (92.60KB , 158x454 , 433.png )
>What makes you think we wanted the merge in the first place

uhhhhhhh, you know. the great majority who is for it during the merge discussions? like... the greater majority
>> No. 166075 ID: 6b9748
I remember no such majority. In fact, if we wanted it wasn't even an option. We were told we were going to get it and that was that.
>> No. 166076 ID: fc79f3
where were you during the merge discussion we had going for literally weeks?

it was decided long ago lol
>> No. 166077 ID: a8f6e3
>I remember no such...
>I just don't normally hang around the hive of scum and villainy that is /meta/ too much
Seems you missed it, then.

>using "we"
>like sports fans who refer to their favorite team as "we"
>implying you speak for anyone but yourself

Go back to the Ark, Sai.
>> No. 166078 ID: 6b9748
I was there. It was mostly about mlpchan trying to change the name.
>> No. 166079 ID: fc79f3
File 142940695615.png - (168.36KB , 356x471 , 483.png )
no there was far more going on than that

evidently you werent even there lmao
>> No. 166080 ID: a8f6e3
>it was about mlpchan trying to change the name
Oh, good. For a second there I thought you might be serious. Now that I know you're simply deliberately lying to misconstrue events to satiate your intense and neverending butthurt about not being made a mod all those years ago, you can be safely disregarded.
>> No. 166081 ID: fc79f3
File 142940734835.gif - (1.30MB , 392x400 , 1402001280106.gif )
see thing is

with the merge, you guys can continue your autistic circlejerk and mane 6 recolors and maybe ruin another serial while you're at it

so all is well and remains the same. so there you go rofl

but THIS TIME, you get more stable and faster software :^)
>> No. 166082 ID: 01d5b1
mikie you are the fucking man
>> No. 166083 ID: 0d9cb8
File 142948033981.png - (0.96MB , 1200x927 , Makeovers.png )
>Orange is being a responsible developer and site owner and you're all just pissing all over him for it.
A responsible developer and site owner would give regular updates to his site staff on the condition of important topics.
A responsible developer and site owner would know when pulling or going ahead with a change would be more appropriate.
A responsible developer and site owner would not purposely antagonise the other staff members when they have legitimate grievances.
A responsible developer and site owner would not completely ignore the opinions of the rest of his staff.

>You rushed the merge.
No, he, macil and I did, since the three of us knew it would happening that day.
Although in my defence, i didn't know it would happen almost literally as the episode started.

>And it broke the shit out of everything.
There was a minor url error and all of the boards did not rebuild initially due to the server trying to rebuild the entire site at once.
These were both fixed before or within the hour of the merge being rolled back, the only thing wrong with the merge at that point is the lack of features such as ponychans themes, specific markup such as ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE and the edit / deletion of posts by users.

And orange knew this, he knew exactly what was missing from the merge and he considered that reason enough to pull it.

From what i can gather, that plus the reactions of a few people in the chaos of the merger has spooked macil enough that he wants everything perfect before things merge for real.

This, orange has been present and responsive, albeit there is nothing for him to do right now until macil gives the go ahead.

>In fact, if we wanted it wasn't even an option. We were told we were going to get it and that was that.
There were like, at least two huge threads on ponychan alone just discussing the topic.
It was never a "We're doing this, suck it faggots." but instead a "We want to do this, what do you think faggots?" and i tried to make that as clear as possible every time i talked with people.

If we'd been told to fuck off en-masse, it wouldn't have been done, simple as that.

Oi, is that crap really needed?

Last edited at Sun, Apr 19th, 2015 14:53

>> No. 166085 ID: 62e9b3
File 142948861367.gif - (213.94KB , 197x231 , sweetie338.gif )
Ban by name option? Who are you going to ban? Ponychan plans to ban specific users after merge! You heard it here first. Hot scoop!
>> No. 166086 ID: 3988d5
>banning specific users
Unacceptable, please ban every user equally.
>> No. 166090 ID: 40bcaf
File 142967848243.jpg - (105.50KB , 400x480 , 734668d82df4674c9bcd7626fea4fcee.jpg )
The way things are going I'm expecting a release around the time they announce Half Life 3.
>> No. 166091 ID: 8e91d7
Progress is being made.
>We got a little update on progress.
>The bbcode tags are done, themes are 95% done, ajax edit button's done, spoiler entire thread is done, bugs with the post form not fetching the post info is fixed, the issues with the highlighted text not working in the old form is fixed, the chimes were thrown in, help bubbles are done, local storage was given better backwards compatibility, and a bunch of other things.
>Current project is an external link window which may be put off till afters.
>> No. 166092 ID: 45db28
File 142970701821.jpg - (96.47KB , 1024x1024 , large (3).jpg )
>From what i can gather, that plus the reactions of a few people in the chaos of the merger has spooked macil enough that he wants everything perfect before things merge for real.

I think most of that was a result of the pretty abysmal timing on implementation, though. If you launched it, say, today, rather than at the beginning of the season premier, people wouldn't get any more upset than they do when the site's completely down from random bugs or there's some forced theme change on /oat/.
>> No. 166099 ID: a8f6e3
File 142980059944.png - (138.72KB , 309x336 , 01.png )
At this moment, we have simply been waiting for Macil and Orange to be online at the same time so the changeover and handover can occur. You can expect this unfortunate hold time to be over the very next time Macil gets a hold of Orange and they are both online to do it.

Thank you.
>> No. 166105 ID: c412c5
Pardon my ignorance, but who exactly is Macil? Is he really trustworthy? I've heard some rumors that someone is trying to get rights to the domain and then shit all over everything.
>> No. 166106 ID: a8f6e3
Macil is the current system administrator and co-owner of mlpchan and the future co-owner and system administrator of the merged site along with Fenolio as co-admin/co-owner. Macil may in fact be the one person of all the current owners/admins who is most above and beyond all reproach. I'm not even sure how one would 'shit all over everything' any more than has already been done over the years anyways.
>> No. 166110 ID: 4922d1
File 142983786179.png - (582.15KB , 4000x3302 , twilight_and_angel_by_doctorraz-d5ykmw8.png )
Person spreading those rumors seems a bit misinformed.

But yeah, aside from this recent communication clusterfuck, macil has a spotless record for admining so it's not like he's going to suddenly shit all over everything.
>> No. 166111 ID: c412c5
File 142983948704.jpg - (53.30KB , 585x700 , image.jpg )
>inb4 Zamoonda all along
>> No. 166113 ID: 83d68c
File 142985554856.jpg - (97.48KB , 686x800 , 1429708038524.jpg )
I heard some rumors that Fen eats pizza with a fork. Do we really trust someone like that to run the site?
>> No. 166115 ID: 3988d5
I heard he got some bronies to DDOS the FBI.

Do we really want that sort of DANGEROUS CRIMINAL at the helm of our fandom?
>> No. 166116 ID: 8e91d7
Wasn't that Macil?

I thought it was pretty cool +1 would vote for president.

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