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Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost
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File 142955769096.jpg - (136.31KB , 1920x1080 , Deadpool in a baret.jpg )
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Quickly, give me ideas what to do in Minnesota (or american things in general) for today!
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File 142955809688.jpg - (84.24KB , 478x478 , Pikadeadpool.jpg )
My twins aren't fan of baseball sadly :c but nice for your cousin.

Been there 3 times now so unfortunately that's a no :c but thank you though!
>> No. 39802234



Bike ride

Train ride

thas all I gots
>> No. 39802259
File 142956118118.png - (176.17KB , 1190x760 , ameribärprofil.png )
Get shod :DDD

File 142953941633.jpg - (43.23KB , 481x360 , IMG_1881.jpg )
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Why playing the healer is the worst?
if you are good, and your team bad, you cant do anything.
if you are bad and your team good, everybody dies.
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>> No. 39802232
File 142955804412.png - (127.74KB , 408x310 , Twilight - But I don't wanna study!.png )

Except it's a video game and people are throwing magic at each other while fighting dragons and shit, so what's your point?
>> No. 39802239
File 142955864368.jpg - (31.80KB , 362x471 , tumblr_mcufbvsNyH1rcy28bo2_1280.jpg )

I don't think that's really accurate. It's not like basketball players can't play baseball, or an accountant can't learn how to cook, or a police officer doesn't understand cars.

In fact, I think it would be more realistic if MMO classes diversified a bit. Learning basic spells and healing would probably be an ordinary thing for most children. It probably wouldn't even seriously imbalance things to give DPS classes all the abilities they need to heal if the player puts in the time for it. They're still primarily limited by time, and if they want to maximize their damage then they can't stop to heal anyway. Similarly, healers are usually restricted by manager, so they can't spend it on damage, and in games where they could, they might also be strapped for time.
>> No. 39802242
File 142955928553.jpg - (621.60KB , 1280x1024 , screenshot_110104-03-44-16.jpg )
Quads for tragedy.

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1. Pizza
2. Hamburger
3. Pancake

1d3 = 1
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>> No. 39802129

Yeah, seen that happen to third parties but never to myself thankfully.
I seem to have a stomache made of steel when it comes to meat... for many other things it's not so good though.
>> No. 39802133
It's a tradeoff.
>> No. 39802134

I suppose it might be.

File 142954826021.png - (0.99MB , 900x677 , tmp_17477-167853__safe_scootaloo_apple-bloom_sweetie-belle_cutie-mark-crusaders_older_armor_adul.png )
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Because somepony said to make the best tread ever,or my soul is gone. So let's make the best epic cutie mark crusaders thread ever guy's. Because it's 420 time and it's dat time.

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>> No. 39802067
File 142954841237.png - (195.44KB , 830x467 , 830px-The_Cutie_Mark_Crusaders_On_Stage.png )
Look here are three little ponies
ready to sing for this crowd.
>> No. 39802087
File 142954927050.jpg - (27.57KB , 320x288 , tmp_23383-5f25ef1af42e80094a37d8b1b4ffc944_jpg~320x480-1062613983.jpg )
^Destination: Fun indeed!
>> No. 39802131
File 142955139778.jpg - (51.45KB , 1024x691 , demon.jpg )
Hm... well you tried. I'll savour your soul.

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