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Apr 24Site maintenance in progress; posts made right now may be lost
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File 142982600689.jpg - (99.03KB , 1280x800 , supermanunbound2.jpg )
39807320 No. 39807320 [View]
why the people from Krypton just didnt flied out in space when the planet was going to explode?

they can breath on space, and they can fly really fast.
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>> No. 39807519
File 142983193308.jpg - (48.90KB , 400x424 , Kryptonian_Predator.jpg )
Screw Kryptonians. Self-entitled immigrant pricks, getting super powers just for coming to Earth. Where's my superpowers? I wanna benchpress a continent, too. I pay my taxes, dammit!

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 16:35

>> No. 39807555
File 142983256508.png - (627.37KB , 1280x720 , EpicShy sleeping by Zef.png )
Golden ppotunity for immigrants benefits in britain but too tired and off to bed.
>> No. 39807748
As far as I know there's no explanation for why he can just go out into space away from any yellow stars and still be super.

In fact, most of the time it's more like red sunlight just takes away their powers.

File 142983006876.jpg - (88.20KB , 468x349 , tisdale-land-of-rape-and-honey-sign.jpg )
39807440 No. 39807440 [View]
The small Saskatchewan town of Tisdale is taking another look at the slogan it has used for 60 years — "Land of Rape and Honey". "Rape" in the slogan refers to rapeseed, which has a number of varieties, including canola.

What do you think? Should the town keep its slogan or change it?

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/tisdale-sask-rethinks-its-land-of-rape-and-honey-slogan-1.3042212
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>> No. 39807457
I'd say keep it.
The word'll lose its meaning sooner or later again anyways and you'll have ditched a good slogan for nothing.

And if people get offended over this and crap then they should probably take a lesson in realising the world doesn't revolve around their view of it, even if they do have PTSD that seems like a more useful approach than trying to have the world not offend their fantasy view / trigger their nightmare view on it.
>> No. 39807462
File 142983066863.jpg - (22.74KB , 220x294 , 220px.jpg )
Keep it, it'll keep out the riffraff.
>> No. 39807535
Youtube embed play button

the question isn't "should tisdale keep its slogan 'land of rape and honey' or not" the question is "why is cbc running an article on this question at all?"

it sounds to me like the reason for bringing the slogan up for a vote is because most of the industry has moved away from rape and honey and that they want to boost local businesses by changing the name to something more relevant

yet the way cbc makes it look is that the reason for the change is because ponies are offended by the word "rape"

cbc says "upset some people," - note the use of the word "some" - a classic fallacy - did they bother to interview anypony? i think not

yet somehow this cbc reporter continues to take these fantasy-people and give them the voice that he/she thinks that they should have: "who point out that, fair or not, it evokes sexual assault"

No. 39806784 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  The closest to a Hokuto no ken game on PC.
and it look pretty decent. for a movie tied game
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>> No. 39806847
File 142980601792.png - (215.88KB , 945x945 , lyramadmax.png )
I'm kinda hyped about the new mad max movie. It's almost all practical effects in the trailer, the screenplay has been in work since the 90's and is part of the original series rather than a tribute, Miller is a good director. He directed both the original mad max and Happy Feet.
>> No. 39807508
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 39807511
File 142983180167.png - (134.71KB , 838x954 , 1302992206872.png )
Can I just say the poster also has a fucking cool tagline?

"What A Lovely Day".

Damn that's good.

File 142979207062.jpg - (109.76KB , 499x500 , 1429753815486.jpg )
39806547 No. 39806547 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Would you sleep with a pony?
Even if they are a male?
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>> No. 39807340

Rheinlandish german yes, though that isn't so different from what you know as dutch which might've added to the confusion.
>> No. 39807378
File 142982823444.jpg - (196.84KB , 2141x1082 , Dutch wonderland.jpg )

Americans just don't know the difference between "Deutsch" and "Dutch" Though to be fair the difference is kinda fuzzy. even moreso back in the day.

The Amish movement stems from Swiss and Alsace Anabaptists.
>> No. 39807498
File 142983161922.gif - (32.98KB , 100x100 , It's not going to suck itself.gif )
I realized that in hindsight. Straight male here, clear enough?

Dat hornplay question though. It's worthy of another thread in itself.

File 142981976556.jpg - (60.63KB , 1024x576 , cia.jpg )
39807176 No. 39807176 [View]
Dr. Pavel I'm CIA

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>> No. 39807251
File 142982223935.jpg - (31.68KB , 640x360 , humans.jpg )
it's not a meme yet this is #tbt
>> No. 39807321
File 142982605662.jpg - (43.97KB , 500x281 , image.jpg )
>> No. 39807492
File 142983139662.jpg - (357.69KB , 2050x2050 , Khaki-Cargo-Pants.jpg )
Pssh, that meme's over. Khak's are in now.

File 142981890252.jpg - (486.23KB , 1594x1080 , 00000mf.jpg )
39807144 No. 39807144 [View]
Well. I just learn that my governor(Bobby Jindal) does not support gay marriage in Louisiana. I was hoping it does. So yeah. that's a bummer.


Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 12:55

>> No. 39807146
File 142981899327.png - (209.33KB , 534x484 , dodger_swivel.png )
Nobody goes to Louisiana to get married, they just go there to get laid.
>> No. 39807149
lol true that
>> No. 39807474
>just learned
Bobby Jindal has been horrible for a long time now

File 142980893465.jpg - (173.15KB , 582x291 , migrants_newsdetail.jpg )
39806875 No. 39806875 [View]
Seems like since this weekend the big news item involving Europe: south of Italy has a boat flipping over carrying a whole list of immigrants fleeing Africa for Europe and it's an issue that's been going on for a long while: immigrants dropped on shoddy rafts or stocked hidden in containers and fisher boats fleeing the conflict in Africa/Lybia/... to seek new life and wealth in more advanced European countries, often trafficked by human traffickers and such.

So this raises the question: should Europe be more open to taking in immigrants and even make investments in ways in which those people can reach European nations in safety?
Or should Europe be a lot harsher and find means to discourage people from making their way into Europe?

To me it sounds like it's teetering between a humanitarian choice to accommodate people in times of conflict and economic issues, since having a large influx of people without solid training/background leeching on the welfare resources it provides. Not withstanding the warning the US gave before about terrorists sneaking in as "fugitives.
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>> No. 39807431
File 142982978265.jpg - (23.22KB , 397x417 , 130626629541.jpg )
>Australia not being hell on earth.
>Year of our lord Two thousand and Fifteen.

No it's not.

>People die.
>Softhearted people start crying to let them into the country.
>Your country eventually turns to shit due to the high numbers of displaced people invading your country and refusing to integrate because their high numbers mean they dont have to.
>More people die during the interim as they also attempt a crossing.

As opposed to
>> No. 39807438

It's not like they've much to bring against it anyway, or even the capacity to detect such ships on their shore before we do.


I just find the idea rather limited... and while i'd love to believe you're right on that more boats also means more soggy hearts or profiteers willing to smuggle, and cracking down on that in turn might just end up more expensive than a lot of this immigrant crap is.

I'd rather tear the problem out root and branch and sink their ships before they can do shit.
It's not like there's anything in africa west of egypt that can even say no without being laughed at very loudly... well maybe Morocco but they've enough toasty neighbors to know not to.
(a monarchy's pretty good for that purpose)

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 16:01

>> No. 39807449
Lifeboat ethics.  [www.garretthardinsociety.org]

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 16:05

File 142980778630.png - (100.49KB , 213x261 , pearleugh.png )
39806861 No. 39806861 [View] [Last 50 posts]
>not a part of europe
Britbongs. Explain this shit.
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>> No. 39807241

...Eh, don't both sides call eachother nazis whenever it suits their needs?

I mean to me personally it seems both sides' patriotic aspects certainly have a heavy resemblance to it, but beyond that i found it to be pretty uncomparable.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015 13:38

>> No. 39807354
File 142982677581.jpg - (81.39KB , 1280x1067 , sleepy flutter hug.jpg )
i am just being silly c: i think you are so nice, mr. flour ♥ i am sorry for teasing you!
>> No. 39807381
File 142982842745.png - (703.58KB , 1024x1024 , faec.png )
>Best gem images
New folder acquired, post more because i'm too lazy to screencap.

Britain's always been genetically distinct from the rest of Europe, simply because of how inconvenient it was to immigrate there compared to the rest of europe, coupled with our differing cultures (Scottish / Welsh / English, along with their unofficial subgroups like Londoners vs people from Liverpool) that tend to stick in the same area.

To get to England before modern times, you had to use a boat, as opposed to the rest of europe where you could simply walk / horse ride across the border to a different country.

Our navy and soldiers were world class in a literal sense in ye olde times, so trying to settle in england illegally was close to impossible.

Another factor is that our cultural identity was ridiculously strong in the past, if you were British then you were at the center of an empire that was Global, every other country envied us.

We were tough but fair, , we "didnt make a fuss." when things went to shit, we just got on with what needed doing, we knew where we stood in the world and knew that anypony could rise up into a noble line if you worked hard enough and took the right chances.

File 142980902690.png - (282.52KB , 496x329 , Don't mind me just visiting from Japn.png )
39806876 No. 39806876 [View]
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>> No. 39807068
It's 2015.

It is about time we give some respect to our mechs that fought in the 80s and 90s against the alien invaders and giants monsters.
>> No. 39807299
File 142982454055.jpg - (1.49MB , 1561x1800 , respecttherobot.jpg )
I saw this the other day. Never seizes to amaze.
>> No. 39807373
File 142982795131.jpg - (135.96KB , 800x1450 , 007.jpg )
Pfff, where'd you find that image?

File 142980962235.jpg - (18.88KB , 307x408 , 140228733443.jpg )
39806888 No. 39806888 [View]
guys I got a bit too high last night and woke up high, what do?
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>> No. 39807276
File 142982346034.jpg - (15.51KB , 500x387 , 140253257025.jpg )
so you're just an anon?
>> No. 39807280
Pretty much, why?
>> No. 39807289
curious. Like I said am working on cutting back. Having to start over is fucking rough

File 142982038475.jpg - (108.44KB , 300x339 , creepy.jpg )
39807205 No. 39807205 [View]
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>> No. 39807225
It's complicated
>> No. 39807236
>> No. 39807249
File 142982207186.png - (205.92KB , 894x894 , 6ujX0I8.png )

These faggots who think they're so smart and hilarious writing satire articles should be impaled or something.

File 142981991002.jpg - (56.35KB , 1023x840 , dF7cY5N.jpg )
39807187 No. 39807187 [View]
Cause i forgot my lunch at home and I'm hungry.

Last thing i cooked was a mini Italian sausage and sunny side up egg breakfast sandwich on whole grain wheat bread. Holy shit that is still at home waiting for me, i hope that the dog does not find a way to the counter where i left it.
>> No. 39807192
>not the cooking of ponies


File 142973525757.jpg - (66.22KB , 485x303 , 1b_Cjz5iTR7Qib0hMPgplPhO1G29ENHG2axsMev-yo9g3nq4x9jyT8iRGM4A-9jT2vIpALGw3VQJ-x5_ChKT3pJA_zX-VHrf.jpg )
39805361 No. 39805361 [View]
What is the pony version of Chicago?
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>> No. 39807026
Youtube embed play button
>"Chicago doesn't have a large mass media industry"
>implying chicago house music don't exist
>implying footwork and juke don't exist
i shiggy diggy
>> No. 39807061
File 142981580790.jpg - (264.39KB , 1024x1024 , large (7).jpg )

I won't just imply those things don't exist, I will outright say it.

Those things don't exist. You either completely made up some random junk, or it's so niche and hipster that no one has ever heard of it, which just brings us back to the first point anyway.
>> No. 39807170
but that's not on the scale of LA or NYC tho. in fact footwork is still fairly unkown to most of the US so that argument falls apart.

File 142980832166.jpg - (9.19KB , 237x213 , iamabrony.jpg )
39806864 No. 39806864 [View]
It has come to my attention that some ponies here may be bronies or want to be bronies but for whatever reason (problems with the fandom, problems with the word, problems with labels, (and other psychological defense mechanisms)) are too afraid to admit it (or don't want to admit it), even online. Well now you can, and nopony will know!

In this thread, we admit to being bronies - anonymously

I'll go first:

Hi, my name is Anonymous, and I am a Brony.
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>> No. 39807062
File 142981586935.jpg - (249.60KB , 700x800 , 870478__safe_solo_spoiler-colon-s05e01_spoiler-colon-s05e02_artist-colon-joycall3_double+diamond.jpg )
The only purpose of the label is to find like minded individuals and be recognized by those looking for you. Announcing that you're a brony anonymously completely defeats the purpose.
>> No. 39807094
File 142981759841.png - (523.25KB , 1366x768 , Twilight_Sparkle_Excited_S1E11.png )
Yeah. We are free to pick our identity.
>> No. 39807097
File 142981763043.png - (312.68KB , 419x738 , 47.png )
Maybe I am brony too, who knows

File 142979078757.png - (106.31KB , 300x300 , profile_picture_by_twilightxsparkle-d4dfea0.png )
39806511 No. 39806511 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Are you up to something?
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>> No. 39806873
Streaming what?
>> No. 39806951
File 142981141532.png - (379.12KB , 993x563 , Madame_Pinkie_Pie_-a_really_cool-_S2E20.png )
My lurking powers tells me it's Outlast and it's on his twitch channel.
>> No. 39807057
File 142981553409.png - (363.33KB , 1056x1066 , old fanart is old.png )
Sorry for the late reply. I had some business to take care of.

Yes. It does.
I'M just having some quiet time before hitting the hay.

Get that cheerful mood up!

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