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39801953 No. 39801953
Inline skates are probably named so because their wheels are in a line.
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>> No. 39801956
...I'mma take yours as that might very well be correct.
Then again in my defense i don't think they're specifically called inline skates here, rather just rollerskates for any kind of sort-of-skate like thing with wheels.

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>> No. 39801959
So they should actually be pronounced inlíne skates?????
>> No. 39801964
File 142954404703.jpg - (231.86KB , 768x1024 , neko.jpg )
I knew them as rollerblades during my childhood, I think it was just the company name.

Do you mean- ooooh, yeah probably. Like, low with the "in", then do a high-to-low with "line".
I would've just done a high "in" and low "line" before, but you are right.

guys come on dumb things you must have some stuff too
>> No. 39801966
File 142954411741.gif - (13.86KB , 207x210 , Rain_Trilogy.gif )
>Purple Rain

>Blythe Baxter
>Has freakishly huge head and eyes cause based on Japanese Blythe dolls
>> No. 39801969
File 142954421755.png - (403.84KB , 829x720 , c54031edd22aed3121d64fb437648bfb.png )
Dude, that Blythe bit... whoa.
>> No. 39801971

Explains too.
>> No. 39801977
File 142954456369.png - (271.94KB , 712x768 , biskittwinscats.png )

Also, Biskit twins...apparently "biscuit" means twice baked, kinda clever
>> No. 39801989
When you say "see you later" to somepony, and they reply with "not if I see you first", the joke is that they'll avoid you if they see you first
>> No. 39802057
File 142954820917.jpg - (20.60KB , 289x296 , awww flutter.jpg )
...so many things
>> No. 39802061
File 142954823234.jpg - (14.18KB , 131x210 , 1295341707-13.jpg )
>> No. 39802091
File 142954979804.png - (251.66KB , 446x430 , huh 5.png )
I was just thinking back on my introductory analysis course.

It used to look like gibberish to me.
>> No. 39802101
File 142954999592.png - (155.73KB , 900x1104 , RD25.png )
It took me way to long to realize the phrase was "for all intents and purposes" and not "for all intensive purposes."

Differential geometry still looks like gibberish to me.

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>> No. 39802107
File 142955045362.jpg - (201.49KB , 1024x724 , cutie_mark_crusaders___glass_makers_by_labba94-d5mx1gu.jpg )
Differential Geometry is awesome.

But seriously, it's probably the most visual of math.
>> No. 39802141
File 142955193879.png - (261.87KB , 2000x1518 , Rd31.png )
I always found it kind of tedious personally. Maybe I just had a bad teacher. For visual math, I prefer Complex Analysis and Topology.
>> No. 39802142
File 142955207515.png - (232.37KB , 456x446 , huzzah 2.png )
There are different schools for Differential geometry.

Abtract vector bundles are probably tricky to understand, while the awesome invariant/Nomizu calculus is very intuitive. (and great to develop submanifold theory)
(Koszul calculus is a mess, especially if poorly taught)

But Complex analysis and in particular functional analysis are pretty fun in my book as well.

Topology, is very fun once you get through the concepts, but it can be a pain to capture well.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 20th, 2015 10:48

>> No. 39802143
File 142955215364.jpg - (98.56KB , 400x581 , tumblr_mlvd84ts4v1rs58s9o1_400.jpg )
If a girl says no it means no.
>> No. 39802144

Except when it means yes. :3
>> No. 39802221
File 142955761795.jpg - (162.66KB , 640x315 , How was i suppose to know that-2.jpg )
The rules of "a" and "an".
>> No. 39802244
Why laptops are called laptops and desktops called desktops.
>> No. 39802252
In the manual it says to actually not place them on the lap.
I followed the advice a long time, but last years I started using my lap, and now I do it a lot.
>> No. 39802253
you're gonna fry your balls doing that
>> No. 39802257
File 142956103120.jpg - (103.76KB , 785x700 , AWexplainingballstoRoseluck.jpg )
Maybe I wasn't specific enough, but the distance to my balls is usually enough so that I don't feel a temperature shift. Should be alright.
>> No. 39802279
File 142956214620.jpg - (77.12KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault (11).jpg )
Also, Applejack's irises went from green to blue.
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