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File 142955470176.png - (240.43KB , 735x500 , headcanons.png )
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Which fun little ideas on Equestria have all the episodes given you?

Don't worry if they don't make much sense.
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File 142955519264.png - (217.11KB , 854x480 , Memory crystal.png )
It is impossible to imprint fake memories upon a memory crystal. Therefore, they are regularly used in Equestrian courts as a lie detector, and any image shown can be used as evidence.
>> No. 39802193
File 142955548285.png - (30.06KB , 550x400 , 142717006446.png )
I have no idea. I rarely think about any of this
>> No. 39802194
Discord, Celestia, and Luna are in on the whole thing...they're orchestrating a grand play that was always meant to be
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File 142955564811.png - (80.12KB , 836x601 , octavia can't cook.png )
>> No. 39802199
File 142955571993.png - (333.82KB , 1426x1575 , 138367431899.png )
dinosaurs go rawr rawr rawr
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Youtube embed play button
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File 142955643285.jpg - (51.70KB , 250x368 , Jot2S.jpg )
Before the whole Tree of Harmony thing I had my own origin story for the Elements of Harmony.

That before the six founding ponies left the cave after finding Equestria they each took a part of the fire of Friendship with them as a momento. After various acts of friendship, the flames each of them owned crystalized into the Elements of Harmony.

I also believe that the reason why Equestria is ruled by two princesses and now a queen is because Starswirl the Bearded prophecized an alicorn queen and nopony expected there will be two of them who were sisters. Since neither sister prooved worthy of being queen unless they worked together, they decided to share the duties of royals as princesses.
>> No. 39802208
File 142955676753.jpg - (97.00KB , 595x649 , 142341547500.jpg )
i would like that if it were a facebook post
>> No. 39802215
File 142955712551.gif - (199.21KB , 420x450 , All the cups.gif )
I was going to make a game about it. I had the script plan and was working on the gameplay engine.

Then Twilight Sparkle grew wings ruining the gameplay mechanics I had balanced and a tree happened so I decided to throw the project in the bin.
>> No. 39802218
make it anyway
>> No. 39802223
I would but I don't wanna start again from scratch. Besides I would like to make a game canon accurate. My story is no longer is. I tried adjusting it to fit but it's hopeless.

Even Twilight becoming an alicorn ruined the balanced gameplay I had in mind. It was a 2-unicorn, 2-pegasi, 2-earth pony thing divided into two groups of support or offensive skill sets.

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>> No. 39802286
File 142956279582.png - (294.74KB , 1182x821 , in a bag of chips.png )
To be pink, I don't think you could ever aim to have your stories completely canon.

Every fangame takes a loop with it.
Even Hasbro has you beat up Sombra with Fancy pants.

Fancy Pants. Can you imagine that?
>> No. 39802292
True, but I like planning my fanstories as Pseudo-canon. It's like taking the long way round to have what I want by making sure it fits in with canon lore.

For example Epic Mount lives in Everfree Forest (seems writers like to make shit up and add to it when conveniant). Since MLP:FiM has yet to fully explore the forest to proove it, you can't say it is entirely untrue.

I mean yeah it's non-canon thus isn't true, but can still logically work!

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>> No. 39802295
File 142956306287.jpg - (22.86KB , 292x279 , pinkie tophat it was under Eeee.jpg )
Then it's your job to make it possible.
>> No. 39802298
File 142956311923.png - (326.49KB , 894x894 , Pinkie Horror of Tzeentch.png )
My headcanon is that all the fourth-wall-bending, cartoony stuff that Pinkie Pie can do is because she's partly an Earth Pony and partly descended from a "Chaos Pony" created by Discord when he ruled Equestria.

Also that Screwball is a Chaos Pony created during his escape at the beginning of S2, who may or may not have ceased to exist when Discord was re-sealed.

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