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No. 39802410
Yo, what's the region code for getting into the Pchan region?

I know it's back in business. Yo, let JamesJoycia in bruh.

Also NationStates General I guess.

Shit's cool, you should try it. If you want a really chill version of stuff like Civ. Kinda cut down, but it's still cool to build a nation with small choices.

4got a link


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>> No. 39802416
File 142956852907.png - (160.84KB , 740x1079 , 133849262328.png )
>year of the horse
>> No. 39802427
Was fun for a bit, got really repetetive and boring fast.
>> No. 39802429

Last year was the year of the horse. This year is the year of the ram.
>> No. 39802430
>still posting pone
>any year
>> No. 39802436
You just don't got over a billion citizens.
>> No. 39802444

Probably not, if something ceases to interest me i tend to forget about it.
>> No. 39802463
They added a challenge feature now. It's kinda cool.
>> No. 39802466

...What does it do?
Does it change the gameplay remotely?
>> No. 39802476
File 142957070707.png - (75.82KB , 253x199 , Hmmm.png )

I'm pretty sure the Ponychan Region went defunct-ish. I think it was conquered, and then disbanded. At any rate, it doesn't seem to exist any more. Any nations that were in it have been booted to the Rejected Realms. My nation has been enjoying a long, long vacation.
>> No. 39802478
It measures random stats against others, but you can pick stats for you that are higher that will give you more points. It's weird.

Check it out for yourself, if you want.

There was a new Ponychan region that had just one nation in it, called something something of Ponychan. It was weird.

Also I got kicked to Lazarus, because I died.
>> No. 39802484

Nah, that doesn't sound like it changes shit about the boringness of it all, just a cheap trigger to make competetive peeps swallow the boring stuff more easily.
>> No. 39802492
It's weirdly addictive if you start it tho. I just started for a laugh and now I'm up to level 43 with a win percentage of 88%. It's creepy how addictive this is.
>> No. 39802494

I know, that's what i'm saying; a cheap trigger to make competetive peeps swallow the boring stuff more easily.
Same sorta science as farmville uses to keep its playerbase playing.
>> No. 39802502
File 142957278043.png - (247.04KB , 461x452 , Alas poor Yorin, I remember him from biology class.png )

WHOAAAAAA there 2013! Slow down!
>> No. 39802507
2013 lyfe nigga.

all day erry day.
>> No. 39802603
get Democracy 3 bruh
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