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It is ok to discuss serious things with people on a horseboard if you realize that your opinions aren't clever or relevant.
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File 142957311784.png - (164.11KB , 321x356 , Squint_Nepgear.png )
But is it really worth discussing these things with people on a horseboard?
>> No. 39802518
It's always ok to discuss anything on a horseboard that isn't against the rules. :o
>> No. 39802519
File 142957318293.png - (298.95KB , 650x572 , dodger_enthralled.png )
Worth what? Are you losing something in the process other than time that could be spent memeing?
>> No. 39802527
File 142957403072.gif - (44.09KB , 644x700 , 13771 - animated internet twilight_sparkle dexterous_hooves ponynet computer clop.gif )
What's clever or relative is usually nothing more than subjective opinion, so try not to let that stop you.

Honesty, if you put the bare modicum effort of being either, you're doing more than more folk are. Most people just spam away for the lawls.
>> No. 39802555
yes, i need people like you to have bad opinions so i can trounce them in duels of internet prowess
>> No. 39802558
That's what I do all the time.
>> No. 39802582
the meme where you can't say anything intelligent on this imageboard because it's based off of my little pony is my favorite meme.
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