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In this thread we talk about homosexual relationships.
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>> No. 39803470
Pretty gay if ya ask me, but generally not an issue to me unless it gets annoyingly public.
(note that the same goes for any other kind of relationship)
>> No. 39803472
it's a thing

not sure what more to say about it
>> No. 39803478
File 142963430213.png - (109.39KB , 673x728 , butthatsforbiddenlove.png )
Boys kissing boys?!
>> No. 39803481
File 142963447521.png - (345.66KB , 1600x1966 , RD7.png )
The first rule of Gay Club is: you do not talk about Gay Club.
The second rule of Gay Club is: you DO NOT TALK about GAY CLUB.
Third rule: no white after labor day.
Fourth rule: wear no more than three patterns.
Fifth rule: . . .

Good point. I never thought about it like that.
>> No. 39803489
>> No. 39803494
File 142963524477.jpg - (70.02KB , 640x360 , 130389652397.jpg )
I wish more people that weren't particularly "okay" with it were more reasonable like this. I don't really like the overanxious displays of affection from anypony either, whatever area they're in, it isn't your house. I'd be happy with just being able to hold hands with him in public without anypony saying anything. Stuff beyond that, for us anyway, is done at home. I don't want to see it and I don't think much of anypony else wants to either.
>> No. 39803501

Well, i'm not particularly okay nor not okay with it, i'm more of a "meh" sorta guy.

I mean on the one hand i wouldn't lift a finger if somepony found a practical and proper reason to restrict it, but on the other if there's no such reason to be found i'd not treat ya any different from another.
>> No. 39803515
File 142963673007.jpg - (293.17KB , 650x931 , 2012-12-21-One Month every year part 2.jpg )
I'm with this fggt.

Technically lesbians can get pregnant from artificial insemination from donor sperms of gay men so if the world was 100% gay humanity would still be able to uphold the population. With a lot of effort though. The problem is that it won't be the survival of the fittest any more and evolution would just mean randomizing the DNA. The weak won't die out and the strong won't spread. It's like a biological communism. I don't even know what I'm talking about any more.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 21st, 2015 10:19

>> No. 39803517
File 142963685987.png - (413.48KB , 572x572 , i_see_what_you_did_there.png )
BEFORE EDIT: "I'm with this guy"

Just in case you thought we didn't spot it ;-)
>> No. 39803518
>this guy"
nope. fag was wordfiltered out for pony. it sounded too gay

Last edited at Tue, Apr 21st, 2015 10:22

>> No. 39803519
File 142963714838.jpg - (116.03KB , 630x630 , Touche.jpg )
Oh. Thought I read "guy" before I refreshed the page.

>> No. 39803521
File 142963724161.jpg - (581.50KB , 650x1384 , 2013-02-15-Moving.jpg )
No problemos dude. You're still owesome!
>> No. 39803524
File 142963734162.png - (223.25KB , 583x640 , 69052%20-%20artist_Mr-1%20cloud%20flying%20rainbow_dash.png )
Meh is a pretty good opinion for most of this. The only not so meh I have on it and it actually effects me is stuff like hospital visits and other actually important things. Whether I can get married or not, I don't really care, but if this prevents me visiting him in the hospital for a kidney stone or something, then I'd be more than a little upset.
>> No. 39803525
File 142963740120.png - (133.14KB , 900x788 , pinkie_pie_something_i_was_thinking.png )

Oh, come on. Now I know this isn't a typo!

How much more do I owe you?
>> No. 39803526

Yeah, that's outright... isn't that literally in conflict with their hippocratic oath?
>> No. 39803531
File 142963789520.jpg - (20.35KB , 320x234 , 132032571342.jpg )
I don't know what it is, but since I'm not legally related or attached to him in any recognized manner, they're allowed to deny my entry if he isn't conscious or whatever to express consent. I think next kidney stone we'll need to make sure that we're in each other's medical records that says it is okay.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 21st, 2015 10:38

>> No. 39803532
The oath contains "let their significant others visit them"? Not that I don't agree with the notion.
>> No. 39803534

The oath does state stuff about needing to help the patient though, no?
Emotional support can help put their mind at ease and help the healing process.


Hmm, i guess that makes sense then.
>> No. 39803535
File 142963826197.png - (306.37KB , 920x610 , 1368289053-clawful.png )
No, that was supposed to be my imitated cool guy accent.
>> No. 39803539
File 142963873485.jpg - (530.71KB , 800x1100 , 1399660751-comic.jpg )
I don't think that's a gay thing. I mean they wouldn't let me visit my grandpa for weeks after his car accident, even though he was fully conscious by then. This kind of stuff applies to everypony, it's just gays are not an exeption.
>> No. 39803571
File 142964121502.png - (175.96KB , 449x336 , 132180378645.png )
I don't think you're in a long-term relationship with your grandpa though in the same manner I have with my boyfriend. After this long it is pretty much saying that I wouldn't be able to see my husband. I feel bad you weren't allowed to see him but this would be like grandma not being able to visit not a grandchild.
>> No. 39803575
File 142964156323.jpg - (70.36KB , 900x520 , 1429458047823.jpg )

yeah dude its this high tier baiting parasprite technique developed in the extreme depths of the deep web called "making fun of people"
>> No. 39803579
File 142964178946.gif - (22.67KB , 221x200 , 200_s.gif )
Girls kissing Girls
Dudes kissing Dudes

i got no problem with it.
>> No. 39803583
Fifth rule is no shirts. And technically that should have been Number Two. Geez!

Sixth rule is no pants.
>> No. 39803589
File 142964200064.png - (400.04KB , 1280x720 , Rainbow_Dash_writing_on_clipboard_S2E07.png )

This is why I had to get married unfortunately. Not that I don't love my partner very very much, but for ideological reasons I didn't want to be married, specifically because I don't feel like I need to promise really hard in front of the government or family or church or whoever that our love is real.

But to be together and not be denied basic rights such as hospital visitation you have to jump through government hoops that you many not agree with, unfortunately. Oh, and move across the world. That may be required too.

Pretty sure UK has same sex marriage, Fen. As does America in a majority of states. Either/or, pick your poison.
>> No. 39803624
File 142964303020.png - (1.12MB , 722x1327 , oh_canada___rainbow_dash_by_velexane-d7j0tdo.png )
It's also legal in Canada, ay.
>> No. 39803629
File 142964325399.png - (346.63KB , 660x725 , Doc Scratch - Bitch, please.png )

Fucking Canadians, always making the rest of us look bad.
>> No. 39803655
I can't see the difference between either examples. What's the difference between Grandpa-son, wife-husband, grandma-grandchild?
>> No. 39803661
File 142964404771.png - (665.05KB , 1920x1080 , Sunset_Shimmer_getting_mad_EG[1].png )
God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Don't you people ever read Leviticus?
>> No. 39803701
What about Madame and Eve?
>> No. 39803710
it was Adam and Steve, but letters gots lost on the original text
>> No. 39803711
If you can't see the difference between me visiting my husband and you visiting your grandpa, this isn't a debate worth having. This is the guy I see every day and sleep with every night. For them to just tell me nope, you can't go see him is the only thing I would have "activism" against.
>> No. 39803724
File 142964571575.png - (228.90KB , 738x1082 , RD24.png )
He also made them naked, yet Christians still oppose assless chaps for some reason.
>> No. 39803729
File 142964580778.png - (446.34KB , 920x551 , 2012-07-09-Grim Apparel.png )
Um... you do realize that legal stuff is not based on emotions. And the reason they don't let you see his is legal and not because you don't love him enough. Rite?
>> No. 39803738
File 142964593922.png - (485.28KB , 479x636 , Kiki Smith - Lilith 1994.png )

What about Adam and Lilith?
>> No. 39803744
File 142964601067.png - (422.72KB , 530x455 , AJ_so_happy.png )
I honestly don't give a shit: How does it hurt or affect me when somepony who's gay has sex with another guy? it doesn't.

The only people who get upset about these are religious people who get angry about the fact that they no longer have the power to tell other people how to live their lives: Gays being able to marry is a giant reminder to them of the fact that they are losing power-- and organized religions are, due to essentially evolution (As the most successful religions that out compete others do this) are about control.
>> No. 39803750
File 142964614426.png - (169.08KB , 1024x678 , sunset_shimmer_by_jackspade2012-d6aoupw[1].png )

That can't be right, because Steve is a boy's name and boys can't give birth.

Because God has good fashion sense

retconned and completely non-canon.
>> No. 39803755
File 142964619270.png - (63.48KB , 625x423 , Wee woo.png )
I'm sorry, I'm Christian, not Jewish.
>> No. 39803766
File 142964628709.jpg - (65.71KB , 1024x578 , wutt.jpg )

>humanity is as completely stupid as it is because we're all the inbred retard babies of two people.
>Adam and Ever were actually 1000 IQ geniuses, we all just have millions of birth defects.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 21st, 2015 12:58

>> No. 39803769
File 142964632617.jpg - (336.31KB , 1195x1600 , Kiki Smith - Lilith, 1994.jpg )

Retconned in all continuities?
>> No. 39803778
File 142964651135.jpg - (93.98KB , 966x643 , 3f1.jpg )
And I can't legally get married in my state so...
>> No. 39803782
Double inbreed, remember Noah?
>> No. 39803785
File 142964663323.jpg - (226.98KB , 650x547 , 1367011616-Foodstuff.jpg )
My point being exactly! - apparently it doesn't matter. At least not here because they wouldn't let you see him even if you were married...
>> No. 39803789
File 142964672354.png - (4.45MB , 4185x4860 , mlp___equestria_girls___sunset_shimmer_angry_by_ytpinkiepie2-d83f4j7[1].png )
IQ can't even go up that high. Besides, Genesis is just a metaphor.

all of them!
>> No. 39803804
File 142964702969.png - (640.23KB , 5000x5000 , RD11.png )
If they were so smart, why did they eat the fucking fruit?

Even in the Gnostic continuity where the snake is the good guy and Yahweh is the bad guy?
>> No. 39803805
File 142964706563.jpg - (213.01KB , 900x1182 , grandfather_nurgle_by_xleshiyx-d5besm9.jpg )

Not to mention Noah probably had all the world's STDs and human parasites inside of him; have to take all of the world's organisms with them to avoid their extinction, right? (Unless god was a dick and had a giant second creation afterward solely for diseases) .
So the babies would have been doubly retarded due to all the birth defects and diseases.
>> No. 39803819
In D&D terms, high INT, low WIS.
>> No. 39803821
File 142964747941.jpg - (148.91KB , 854x480 , 2012-02-13_214835_1444601.jpg )
He sacrificed one of his animals as soon as he got to shore,it was considered magnificent because there were few animals left.

The Animal kingdom would have been horribly inbred had the flood happened.
>> No. 39803822
Maybe all the STDs stayed in the ocean with all the fish (who totally survived the rapid desalinization) and then were later spread to humans via mermaids.
>> No. 39803878
Actually... ever heard of the rabbit island in Japan?
They should have been inbreed many times over by now, but different natural mutations prevents it.

And we got Mitochondrial Eve that got a direct unbroken female line to any living person in the present day, and the Y-chromosomal Adam, the member of Homo sapiens sapiens from whom all living humans are descended patrilineally.
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