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>Bought Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Productivity is overrated anyway, right?
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  This earns projared's seal of approval.
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File 142964762206.gif - (45.71KB , 550x575 , I can explain.gif )


Shame I'm a complete noob when it comes to MH tho.

>Just reached my first urgent quest, kill a Kecha Wacha
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File 142964789047.png - (94.19KB , 364x333 , neat.png )
So am I.

though, having a huge list of weapons at your disposal makes the series interesting.

i need to find time to continue playing it. (MHU 3)
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File 142964811682.gif - (1.49MB , 568x660 , Wait what.gif )

It also makes it confusing because of all the different materials available.

>Okay so for this sword with these stats I need tons of tetsucabra stuff and these specific minerals/ores but if I opt for this I need kecha wacha hides, ears and this other random material, also I need to kill them for upgrade material, no big deal

And I've heard from a reliable source that there are a lot of monsters. This is not gonna be easy to wrap my head around.

Also I tried to kill a tetsucabra before I even went off to my first expedition. Needless to say I got super rekt.
>> No. 39803855
File 142964820940.jpg - (36.18KB , 572x580 , pinkie tophat could clop to this.jpg )
I bet taking on big creatures will get you super rekt.

it's one of those games when you're constantly about to die.

afaik, there's usually sets designed after a type of monster.

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File 142964829244.png - (351.89KB , 900x1100 , L-lewd.png )

Are there tetsucabras in MH3U? Because you may not know what they're like.
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I stranded at the Qualeppo
>> No. 39803873
File 142964842575.png - (583.36KB , 1000x1000 , Tetsucabra.png )


Well it looks like this
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