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File 142964778015.jpg - (80.89KB , 500x446 , 641401__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_pinkie+pie_fluttershy_comic_spike_princess+twilight_s.jpg )
39803831 No. 39803831
When Pinkie manages to piss Fluttershy off is that a sign of Pinkie's extraordinary talents to piss everypony off? Or is it a sign of how comfortable Fluttershy is around Pinkie to show her annoyances?
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>> No. 39803835
I'm thinking more on the lines of "Does this mean Fluttershy is the oldest of the mane 6?"
>> No. 39803838
File 142964786092.png - (309.58KB , 933x1299 , EpicShy nuzzle.png )
Fluttershy is simply perhaps the oldest in the group but not that old.
I can imagine Pinkie the youngest.

Given Fluttershy claims to be a year older than Pinkie, could mean the other four were born roughly a few mounths during that whole year apart between Pinkie and Fluttershy.

Purely pressuming Pinkie is indeed the youngest.

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>> No. 39803841
File 142964789631.png - (150.16KB , 604x490 , pinkie tophat idea.png )
You would expect Pinkie to keep track of the ages and birthdays of everypony, yes.
>> No. 39803843

That what she told you?

Oh boy.
>> No. 39803844
File 142964795463.png - (384.74KB , 1600x2441 , sweetie_belle_heart_pony_by_pyrestriker-d4d6fd8.png )
Maybe it's because she's not aware of the 4th wall or the pony outside?
She thinks nobody is watching?
>> No. 39803848
File 142964806179.png - (57.81KB , 945x945 , Epic Mount shrug.png )
I'm not exactly fresh from the crop myself.
>> No. 39803856
Pinkie is master parasprite.
>> No. 39803943
Somehow I just never feel like looking up and reading those comics, but pictures like these make me wanna.
>> No. 39803953
File 142965100078.png - (1.10MB , 912x647 , failure.png )
If you're not a show purist, they're really commendable.
>> No. 39803954
Well FiM has been doing a thing where Pinkie talks before she thinks, so it might be a bit of the former. However, I also feel that the IDW Pinkie took more jabs at her friends, so it could also be the latter for both of them.
>> No. 39803958
File 142965130810.png - (150.16KB , 604x490 , sure.png )
I took IDW in OP as an example because i had it saved. But in castle sweet castle, fluttershy got to take a sneer at pinkie over her cannons upsetting the animals.
>> No. 39804032
File 142965620250.png - (166.44KB , 416x438 , happy shy 5.png )
Fluttershy definitely has things that frustrate her too, even though she is usually the very model of calm. c:

Every shy pony does, i think! And Pinkie... Pinkie sometimes just says the wrong things by accident, but of course Fluttershy super loves Pinkie!
>> No. 39804050
I wonder if the writers are setting up a relationship between Fluttershy and Pinkie similar to the one between Rarity and AJ.
>> No. 39804674
File 142968535241.png - (71.53KB , 301x294 , smile.png )
The show could always use some extra shipping.

I don't doubt that there's always friendship going on. i do get the feeling Pinkie is pushing dashie over the line sometimes.
>> No. 39804759
I think its a sign of the comic artist and scriptwriter drawing and writing it that way and not canon
>> No. 39804760
Youtube embed play button
IDW is canon.
>> No. 39804765
To my shame i have never seen this episode, despite being a fan of Weird Al for many years, anypony has a link on youtube, im lazy
>> No. 39804769

Good ep with great songs all through out!


Regardless if comics are canon or not, I think it was just a throwback joke to the Gilda episode where Pinkie refers to herself as "Auntie Pinkie Pie" or w/e and Flutters gets mad and says shes a year older than her
>> No. 39804770
File 142969318737.jpg - (27.44KB , 486x440 , my hat is a book.jpg )
I do like the idea that Fluttershy is a girl who's self conscious about her age.
Or at least has some vanity streaks.
>> No. 39804774
Holy crap, the ps4 Flash player actually plays something other than youtube. Thanks, ill watch it when i get back from the shops ^^
>> No. 39804797
What the hay did i just watch O_o ?

Jesus, Ponies werent like this in my day. ?/10 rating
>> No. 39804800
File 142969815452.png - (135.04KB , 326x355 , pinkgasp.png )

You don't like it? A critique perhaps?
>> No. 39804801
Back in my day, we didn't have celebrity guest stars, and we liked it!
>> No. 39804803
No no,. i liked it , i enjoyed watching it, i enjoy them for the animation and facial expressions regardless of how crap a script is. I was also watching Three's a crowd, because Discord and highly enjoying that too till the vid stopped 2 mins from the end lol. Its just... maybe i was away too long but that Pinkie episode seemed like they were high
>> No. 39804804
File 142969938588.jpg - (81.56KB , 429x606 , 91BXMZZrFKL__SY606_.jpg )
Indeed, we saved those for the movies.
>> No. 39804805
Danny Divito xD?
>> No. 39804807
File 142969987845.gif - (866.11KB , 576x324 , makeawish.gif )

What was bad about it in your opinion? Not that I mind criticism of stuff, I'm just genuinely curious to hear other peoples opinions on episodes/the impressions they got from them.
>> No. 39804808
Youtube embed play button
Eyup, he voiced the Grundle King.
>> No. 39804809
File 142970044258.png - (803.51KB , 3455x4400 , r29.png )
Really? I really liked the script. It was one of my favorite episodes of the season.

Oh my god, we need to bring Danny Devito back as a guest star. I can only imagine what cool character he could play.

I have a couple of the IDW comics, but I haven't read them. I just have a hard time with reading comics in general. I still haven't read the Expression Viewer comics, and I like that show more than FiM.
>> No. 39804818
File 142970324816.gif - (1.86MB , 400x300 , ponklaughing.gif )

>Grundle King
>> No. 39804825
File 142970533409.jpg - (6.22KB , 180x183 , 180px-Kingofgrundles.jpg )
You dissing the Grundle King?
...wait a minute... he almost looks like a tiny diamond dog...
>> No. 39804838
>> No. 39804902
File 142970973702.png - (65.09KB , 320x225 , pinkierofl.png )


O lawd
>> No. 39804919
Pure win.
>> No. 39804923
It's bad fanfiction.
>> No. 39804928
File 142971181574.png - (118.44KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset laugh.png )
Woo, agreement!
>> No. 39804930
File 142971202845.jpg - (97.36KB , 1024x768 , image_by_gingerthevulpix-d7bflm5.jpg )
Only difference from bad fanfiction is that it's canon.
>> No. 39804932
No. The story lines are are OK'd by Hasbro but the comic and the show running on a different continuity.


If you like that dərpy stuff it can be used as an Expanded universe but like in SW it doesn't affect the main thing.
>> No. 39804935
Eh, the problem is that Hasbro and McCarthy don't quite understand what "canon" is, and so the term has become muddled and is kinda useless here.

But still, it's not even written by the real writers, so canon or not I prefer the term "official fanfiction".
>> No. 39804936
File 142971255784.jpg - (28.90KB , 563x555 , 139122477189.jpg )
Also I just don't like the tone of the comics.
>> No. 39804939
There are some good ones, but pretty much since issue 1 I was like "Yeah, this is... actually pretty bad..."
>> No. 39804943
I looked into the Changelling issue.
It hit me emotionally like fandom stuff.

So yeah, while I liked IDW's transformers comics I won't read anything from that company again.
>> No. 39804944
The series very much loves to force itself into canon for no reason whatsoever.

But I don't wanna derail this thread into comic hate :P
>> No. 39804945
My view on pony is even more saccharine sweet than the legit show itself. I guess personal preference.

Also you are right.
Let's not derail.
>> No. 39804950
So which arcs in the comics are worth reading? I liked the changeling one,big macs day out, the shining armor/cadence arc but nightmarity didn't really do anything for me. I lost interest halfway through the pirate one. The comic has potential and is pretty good at times but the quality seems pretty uneven to me.
>> No. 39804951
I liked a couple micros, the Discord/CMC Friends Forever, and the one with all the pets was... interesting.
>> No. 39804952
File 142971424600.png - (356.33KB , 878x1024 , large (17).png )
I think a combination of both.
>> No. 39805177
File 142972720125.png - (224.90KB , 350x538 , 877463__safe_rarity_screencap_apple+bloom_text_idw_babs+seed_spoiler-colon-comic_drama+in+the+co.png )
Oh really?

How do you like THEM apples?!
>> No. 39805183
File 142972736393.png - (1.12MB , 1303x639 , 703837__safe_rarity_applejack_idw_spoiler-colon-comic_needs+more+jpeg_spoiler-colon-comicff8_whi.png )
You should read rarity and AJs roadtrip
>> No. 39805186
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