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File 142964827845.jpg - (53.34KB , 358x499 , magic-vampire-kalastria-highborn.jpg )
39803861 No. 39803861
how normal it is to some one who play trading cards games, to start playing alone when there is no body else to play with?
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>> No. 39803874
That's...not very normal. But now with Duels of the Plainswalkers I guess it's become more common.
>> No. 39803876
File 142964856616.png - (157.32KB , 434x439 , tophat my bad.png )
It must be odd. can you play chess against yourself?
>> No. 39803884
Youtube embed play button
it goes something like this...
>> No. 39803917
File 142964969568.png - (6.22KB , 255x251 , 1290874744166.png )
I sometimes goldfish combo decks that are complicated like Storm, but that's for practice in executing it, not for the fun of it.
>> No. 39803920
Completely normal. Magic players refer to this as Goldfishing, as in, playing against a goldfish. I used to do this all the time, especially when I had a tournament coming up. It's an easy and fast way to get a feel for the way your deck may play out with minimal interference from the opponent.
>> No. 39803956
I do that too. It's really useful for testing out decks if you don't want to buy the cards in Magic Online, or even just for a little fun when bored.

(Also, that looks like a pretty sweet card if vampire decks are viable, especially mono-black. I'm not really caught up on the current sets, so I don't know.)

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>> No. 39803963
File 142965180380.jpg - (103.02KB , 446x310 , Magic-The-Gathering-Innistrad-Bloodline-Keeper.jpg )
there was a craze of vampires.
that is why a card like that became a thing.
there is alot of Vampires guimmicks in the last years
>> No. 39803981
Oh ya, I remember that card from Innistrad. I'm pretty sure that was the same year (2012?) that DotP had a vampire deck. I also bought the vampire event deck because I've never really been sure how to put a vampire deck together myself.
>> No. 39804356
i used to do that with yugioh

i had like 20 yugioh cards, all creatures and spells with no land/mana/stars/idk what they use?

so id split the deck and put them against each other and subtract numbers because who actually knows how to play that game wtf
>> No. 39804366
i think yugioh use nothing, you pay with your monsters to get bigger monsters.....
maybe, i dont know, i just know the rules because the show, and even the show was a lie most of the time.
>> No. 39804369
File 142966526445.png - (147.59KB , 333x333 , I caught a shiny butterfree and named it mewtwo.png )
I do it all the time, because my irl friends all suck never want to play.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 21st, 2015 18:14

>> No. 39804373
The rules used in season 2 of the show on are mostly accurate I think, except they start with 8000 life points. You just sacrifice your lower star monsters to summon the higher star monster, or you do some kind of special ritual summon which has other conditions.
>> No. 39804383
It's called goldfishing and it's perfectly normal
>> No. 39804384
If you have two different decks, you could theoretically do it. Same theory as shadow boxing, I guess.
>> No. 39804393
It's not the least bit odd.
>> No. 39804397
ohhh, so those small shitty monsters are just fodder for good ones?

that makes sense
>> No. 39804402
Yugioh is actually like five times easier than nearly every other card game bar maybe CFV

You get what is called a "normal summon" once each turn. This normal summon can be used to call any monster from your hand (unless it says otherwise on the monster.) Higher level monsters (more stars) require sacrifices to play, in the form of monsters already on the field. A monster that is level 4 or lower requires 0 tributes, levels 5-6 require 1 tribute and anything higher requires 2 tributes. In the case of some cards, they'll tell you that they require more tributes to summon.

There are also special summon, which is pretty much any summon that isn't your normal summon (e.g Monster Reborn my Blue-Eyes from the grave!) and these are unlimited.

You have 8000 life points at the start of the game and if you run out you lose.

You can play spells and traps, however (most) spells are for during your turn and (most) traps are for your opponents turn. Traps require that you place them face down first and you can't use them till at least your opponents next turn.

Monsters can be placed facedown like spells, but only in defense mode. This uses up your normal summon but is actually called "Setting"

And battle in Yu-Gi-Oh is really easy, pick a monster, attack something with it and if there is nothing to attack, go for face
>> No. 39804412
If you have two different decks, you could theoretically do it. Same theory as shadow boxing, I guess.
>> No. 39804417
File 142966656062.jpg - (74.57KB , 761x699 , thorn_by_soulspade-d58our3.jpg )
>Yugioh is actually like five times easier than nearly every other card game
It wasn't when I stopped playing. The general rules might be easy, but the card effects and timing rules make a ridiculous mess of things. Don't know if that's changed since then.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 21st, 2015 18:36

>> No. 39804421
Okay, I'll give you that, chain links, the ridiculous scarcity of knowledgeable judges, lack of a consistent database that isn't community run, timing rules being as hard to get into as a stone slab that doesn't believe in sex before marriage, can lead to frustrating game play at a higher level.
>> No. 39804428
File 142966694673.png - (415.25KB , 1280x1368 , tumblr_n3cuasZ7Dm1spt5wao2_1280.png )
And there was unintuitive rulings like "a card that targets two monsters doesn't count as targeting either of them". I vaguely remember things like that.
I used to study the rulings and erratas religiously back when I played. Thankfully I think I've just about forgotten all of that useless knowledge now.
>> No. 39804469
Well that actually depends, what the effect is doing, but yeah, the game can be annoying
>> No. 39804606
File 142967520455.gif - (1.02MB , 400x220 , time to duel.gif )
I used to do that with yu-gi-oh

then again I'm a loser so make of that what you will

>but the card effects and timing rules make a ridiculous mess of things.

luckily on dueling network they have rooms specifically for people who want to play without all the new XYZ/Tuner bullshit
>> No. 39804609
File 142967540105.jpg - (87.43KB , 790x752 , flutter sonata hug.jpg )
>> No. 39804617
File 142967609702.jpg - (250.40KB , 1280x828 , comp 2.jpg )


I couldn't post on /oat/ much today because my game has a bug and I can't seem to fix it ;__;
>> No. 39804618
File 142967633579.jpg - (37.55KB , 500x500 , Sleepy shy 3.jpg )
...don't worry, agiri... bugs are our cute cuddly friends.

goodnight... you are also a cute cuddly friend ♥
>> No. 39804762
Moony's misinterpretation or faux misinterpretation of things and naivety is soooooo cute
>> No. 39804776
You game?
>> No. 39804812
pipes ur really cute i like how u look like nostalgia critic will u be my bf (y/n)
>> No. 39804822
File 142970458022.png - (186.18KB , 900x928 , rarity___standard_pose__smiling_by_thehellbean-d4xbvpi.png )
I see how it is

In a card game thread too, for shame.
>> No. 39804824
playing card games with nostalgia critic is my fetish
>> No. 39804837
File 142970615654.png - (195.37KB , 900x940 , rarity__the_pony_everypony_should_know__by_axemgr-d4m0d2g.png )
I'll leave you to your fetish porn then I suppose
>> No. 39805143
File 142972521145.jpg - (87.34KB , 671x960 , 3d6f0abb1bc6adfadb31a30d1a2ba1d2.jpg )
He could just be figuring out his strategies or if his deck can actually work.

Or if there is dud cards that don't work with the rest.
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