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39803964 No. 39803964
>sister buys The Lion King for the Sega Genesis (she gave me that for my birthday a couple years ago)
>played it when we were younger at our uncle's house
>try playing it again
>Level 1: challenging, but doable

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>> No. 39803965
that is how it works.
and thank god you didnt went further
>> No. 39803966
File 142965195962.jpg - (82.58KB , 400x884 , c9936dfe287bd210c9d123ef99cff1ec.jpg )
its not a great game tbh. the best disney game from that era was aladdin on the snes or world of illusion on the genesis
>> No. 39803968
Is it level 2 that you have to jump from tilting head to tilting head?
Remember that I hated that part.
>> No. 39803969
I couldn't. It took me forever to get to the second half because they decided checkpoints are for pussies

It has great graphics and sound, and the gameplay is decent, it's just difficult as hell.
>> No. 39803970
File 142965214407.jpg - (167.74KB , 500x500 , Falcon kick!.jpg )
Ristar was also really good.

Yep. and then the ostrich part. When the double jump part comes, you have to get it exactly right, or it's back to the beginning of the level (tilting heads) for you.
>> No. 39803975
File 142965267698.png - (87.97KB , 555x695 , scootaloo__s_snuggly_soft_stuffed_shell_by_facelessjr-d5905pv.png )
All I remember from that game are the giraffes.

Old games seem really hard in general for some reason. I tend to blame the controller when emulating games on pc. But who knows, maybe I'm just terrible and forgot?
>> No. 39803983
Old games really were harder, since they had their origins in arcades. Arcade games have to strike a careful balance between being fun and eating quarters.
>> No. 39803986
Games have been easier over the years, mostly because it opens for a wider market.
That said, most of Segas and Capcoms Disney-licensed 8- and 16-bits games were great.
This Lionking game was actually made by Westwood.
>> No. 39804007
This. I wish they would have realized by then that the consoles weren't being played in arcades, eating quarters, so the issue of having lives and risking having to start all over again wouldn't have made it so difficult
>> No. 39804013
File 142965496375.jpg - (540.70KB , 1096x732 , scan3074_00010001.jpg )
I remember playing the first Aladdin game. It was amazingly fun as a kid but nowadays...dear god the difficulty.
>> No. 39804023
File 142965575570.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
But Zeke... how can you play a video game... if you have no arms???
>> No. 39804025
Ecco the Goddamn Dolphin...
>> No. 39804044
File 142965663012.png - (6.18KB , 500x400 , Dear Strong Bad, how do you type with boxing gloves on.png )
I've never played that one


That wasn't so much difficult as confusing.
>> No. 39804051
Did you get to the later levels?
>> No. 39804065
Youtube embed play button
  >not liking Ecco The Dolphin
>being this un-aesthetic

>> No. 39804238
File 142966228021.png - (184.45KB , 866x761 , tumblr_mpcdekevHP1r5mwwuo1_1280.png )
That was an awesome game, but as you say it was a real challenge for twelve-year-old me.

Remember level 7? Bats, and lava, and bats knocking you into lava. It was evil.
>> No. 39804263
Ecco the Dolphin was my jam!
>> No. 39804353
File 142966469740.png - (459.39KB , 620x876 , 873392__safe_solo_tongue+out_scarf_snow_spoiler-colon-s05e01_snowflake_spoiler-colon-s05e02_the+.png )
Fuck that game. All I gotta say.


I remember liking...Mickey's Magical Quest? I think I got the name right. Not exactly perfect, but had a lot of neat bits to it.
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