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File 142965448565.jpg - (76.07KB , 1280x720 , purple tinker.jpg )
39804001 No. 39804001
I need to reword my question.

What do you not like about Purple Tinker?
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>> No. 39805155
I like you brother. I just wanna chill and watch some ponies. Watch some anime. Play some Touhou without the drama.
>> No. 39805157
>> No. 39805159
No man, just naw.
>> No. 39805160
File 142972613050.png - (106.31KB , 300x300 , profile_picture_by_twilightxsparkle-d4dfea0.png )
Thank you.
That is nice of you!
>> No. 39805166
>> No. 39805174
Pay this guy no mind, obvious troll.
>> No. 39805180
File 142972725377.png - (96.30KB , 909x925 , 142972634475.png )
I won't bite. I was just wondering why that million year old fossil got dug up.

It can't be revelant in our day and age.
>> No. 39805182
Pay this guy no mind, obvious parasprite
>> No. 39805185
File 142972741286.gif - (29.98KB , 117x125 , 142281946128.gif )
>> No. 39805189
File 142972748753.gif - (1.76MB , 537x347 , fe9.gif )
No. He is AquaMan.
>> No. 39805191
Pay this gif no mind, obvious gif
>> No. 39805231
File 142972901397.png - (1.11MB , 1280x720 , pinkamena.png )

I hope you know each time I see that gif I have to listen to the song, it's going to be in my head for eternity

That series was too good
>> No. 39805235
File 142972916229.png - (106.31KB , 300x300 , profile_picture_by_twilightxsparkle-d4dfea0.png )
(I still think straight haired ponka is cute and not evil)

Yes. I love it.
We need more goody super hero shows.
They forgot what is
>> No. 39805238
File 142972941211.png - (387.95KB , 768x727 , scootasad.png )
The fact she squeezes felines to make the musics.
>> No. 39805241
Youtube embed play button

Animals are good for squishing though.
>> No. 39805249
What do you mean by that?
>> No. 39805251
File 142972988692.png - (328.68KB , 1280x720 , Check out the depressed dead frog three frogs in from the left.png )
They're all probably shit scared of this big ass predator which has suddenly gripped them. Poor froggies.
>> No. 39805254

The meek shall inherit the earth.

And be used for entertainment by the bigger creatures that survive too. :3
>> No. 39805256
File 142973010125.gif - (496.25KB , 640x360 , img-2363258-1-06b7d7f7836a255b73a1bc3a71c7ae44_zps552cf0b5.gif )
There was a video of this woman crushing a cat and the cats scream made a tune with every "pulse" of the crush. It was revolting to say the least, regardless what the internet says.
>> No. 39805258
File 142973019527.jpg - (356.78KB , 900x900 , 1422249375380.jpg )
Pay this guy no mind, obvious baka.
>> No. 39805260
File 142973028326.gif - (486.46KB , 372x262 , scootahat.gif )
Haha, I'll let you off because it's you. ;-)
>> No. 39805261
File 142973030534.png - (160.80KB , 874x914 , vector_twilight_sparkle_shocked_by_kyss_s_by_kysss90-d5m0fgj.png )
Holy crap.
>> No. 39805263

Well if not the big abusing the small it'd be the meek abusing the meek-er. :p

And let's be honest about animals for a moment: They're a lot less merciful than we are, they literally lack the concept and will just go with what benefits them most.
Cats playing with their prey? Sheer fun at the expense of little critters.

So don't act as if the little fuckers themselves don't deserve some of that shit. :o

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 12:24

>> No. 39805264
Well, today I learned 3 things.
Finishing an 8 page essay on the day it's due does not go well.
Touhou 15 is confirmed.
Frogs can fucking scream, I thought they just ribbit.
>> No. 39805265
File 142973058647.png - (207.19KB , 1024x1072 , Scootarage.png )
Yep. I dare say somepony will say "it wasn't as bad as Ele suggests" but to me it was. I have 3 cats. If anybody were to do this to my 3, I would personally see to it that they'll be the opposite gender by morning!!
>> No. 39805266

It's where the "Reeee" meme comes from supposedly.

But honestly i'm pretty sure there's no animal of decent size that can't scream or at least hiss if it has a mouth.
>> No. 39805271
File 142973083558.png - (188.38KB , 1280x1248 , Scootawink.png )
We'll agree to disagree on that point :-)
>> No. 39805275
Also I just saw his exchange with Atryl too.
Oh god this person. I won't care about this "person" but eh. What an evil critten.

Torture ain't good.
>> No. 39805276


>Squeezes and pokes random animals
>> No. 39805284
File 142973115352.jpg - (20.78KB , 254x261 , Murderaloo.jpg )
>Squeezes and pokes random animals

Yep. Something definitely the matter with her.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 12:34

>> No. 39805286

>Looks down at tiny Elanoré, casting a shadow

Wat had u in gedachte?
>> No. 39805294
File 142973162846.gif - (3.17MB , 500x401 , Ele Vs_ Reaver.gif )
>What you got in mind, tiny Eleanore?
I might be small, mister, but I'm fast

<runs around the back of you, jumps up and piggy backs, my fists wail violently, striking you in various places
<"you big nasty brute!"

Also, this: >>39805265
>> No. 39805302

>Wrong spot touched, reflex triggered, eleanore backhanded into the air.

...But seriously there's some odd oversensitive places on my torso which do actually do that.
Once backhanded a guy as tall as me from the stairs without noticing... since reflexes bypass the conscious.

Can't count how often somepony poked such a place accidentally and got problems for it too, many glasses have been lost that way.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 12:45

>> No. 39805307
File 142973205709.png - (139.64KB , 1024x935 , Confusedaloo.png )
>Once backhanded a guy as tall as me from the stairs without noticing

What?! Sorry but LMAO!! Somepony brushed you lightly and you just, basically threw them down the stairs. You sir, have won.

>Can't count how often somepony poked such a place accidentally and got problems for it too, many glasses have been lost that way.

Now I'm not sure if I want to poke you if I ever saw you irl. I usually do like to prod randomly, but I'll be cautious if I ever see you.
<implying I know what you look like
<implying I'll be seen dead at Ponycon's
<implying we'll ever meet otherwise
<implying I know how to imply

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 12:51

>> No. 39805314
File 142973245284.png - (178.83KB , 669x385 , Applejack_misuses_the_hose_S1E08.png )
>picks up hose
>hoses you down

>> No. 39805323

Well... eh... yes.

And eh, i'm pretty reclusive myself so yeah... though i did once attend some pony meet up.

If ya see a picture of a tall guy with a plush pony for a hat that may be me... possibly.


This is about abusing little animals, nothing like what you imply.
>> No. 39805368
File 142973550004.png - (306.31KB , 1600x1390 , mad_applejack_by_jennieoo-d4wlp3m.png )
All A'hm hearin's S&M.
Ya'll need to cut it out!
>> No. 39805369

...Somehow i think you're doing SM wrong if this sounds like that.
>> No. 39805375
File 142973591352.png - (544.39KB , 1280x720 , Applejack_takes_the_challenge_S1E4.png )
All I saw was ya'll hitting that eleanore personality and A'h know she's a lil' shorter than short and you talk about abusing small animals.

That sounds like S&M if Ah've ever heard anything S&M like!
>> No. 39805377

Rather i was saying that if she touched certain spots she'd certainly get hit due to malfunctioning reflexes.

And she may be small but she's not an animal.

Or at least not a frog / cat.
>> No. 39805387
File 142973630618.png - (124.97KB , 900x873 , applejack_scared_by_kyi195-d543qrq.png )
She was hitting ya'll too!

Oh, ya'll too good to belong in this here animal kingdom now are ya?

Them cats are sneaky. She might be a cat. This is the internets after'll
>> No. 39805388

...By Odin's birds...
>> No. 39805396
File 142973671679.jpg - (142.18KB , 1000x717 , 1680__safe_solo_applejack_crossover_cosplay_weapon_hammer_marvel_thor_artist-colon-alienfirst.jpg )
I expect ya'll to stop spreading yer smut in the future. If ya'll have to sexually abuse that kitten Eleanore yer gonna need a room.
>> No. 39805398

...I still don't get where you're getting the sexual part from.
I'm just squishing a pussy.
>> No. 39805404
File 142973720996.png - (378.03KB , 1280x720 , Applejack_serious_S01E04.png )
>> No. 39805411

>> No. 39805510
File 142974177428.png - (158.99KB , 912x877 , Scootalaugh.png )
Hahaha, I like Anonjack.

Yes I are cat. Me~oww


I... could be an animal inb4 in the bedroom comments

I'll keep an eye out if I ever find myself in a situation where you might be found.
>> No. 39805511

Something ate your name.
>> No. 39805514
File 142974203190.png - (297.30KB , 1152x648 , blushaloo.png )
Damn browser.
>> No. 39805519

That's the kind of cruelty of little critters that i spoke of.
Mercilessly devouring innocent names.
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