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Do you think squirrel girl can achive getting into the Marvel cinematic universe?
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>> No. 39804059
Yes plz. Squirrel Girl>anypony else.
>> No. 39804063
File 142965714944.jpg - (36.87KB , 464x334 , squirrels.jpg )
The power of squirrels is absolutely nutty.
>> No. 39804068
File 142965731805.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 130085268957.png )
I'm pretty sure she's X-Men exclusive. Soooo that means no so far.
>> No. 39804072
>Avengers 3
>Thanos has obtained the Infinity Gauntlet
>The Avengers are lying on the floor, defeated
>Suddenly a woman with a bushy squirrel tail flies in out of nowhere and knocks Thanos out with one punch
>> No. 39804075
>> No. 39804082
They already got tree and raccoon in and that was pretty awesome, so sure.
>> No. 39804085
File 142965793594.gif - (910.63KB , 300x272 , whythefucknot.gif )
>> No. 39804095
I've seen her on Ultimate Spider-man.
>> No. 39804109
That sadly doesn't mean squat. Character rights can differ from small to big screen. For instance, certain villains didn't appear on The Batman (such as Scarecrow) since they were being used for the Christopher Nolan films.

The films are pretty firmly split, with X-Men belonging to Sony, and the Avengers belonging to Marvel Studios, and while Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are in films from both studios, they're different takes on the character and are to be seen as such - and that is only because their rights sort of overlap since in comics they're just as associated witht he Avengers as they are with the X-Men.

However, Sony and Marvel DID recently strike a deal regarding Spider-Man, so it is possible, if unlikely. If she does, it's likely as a quick humorous cameo for the geekier part of the audience.
>> No. 39804111
No actually, Sony doesn't own the X-Men. Paramount owns the X-Men.
>> No. 39804112
Oh wow.
14 years old and wears a fur costume.
Basically a furfag's dream.
>> No. 39804114
Yep, you're right. Mixed up my studios there.
Still, if Sony and Marvel can strike a deal, it would be possible that Paramount and Marvel could as well - but it is highly unlikely as there is very little reason to mix the two, unless one were to adapt specific comic book arcs... and even then, the QUicksilver/Scarlet Witch thing kind of blurs the issue.
>> No. 39804116
And apparently being a mutant allows a person to have D cups at 14.
>> No. 39804118
Puberty hit her good.
>> No. 39804122
She's not 14 anymore. That's a pic of her as...well not 14. Maybe like 18 or whatever.

She attends Empire State now.

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>> No. 39804160
she started at 14, now should have grown up. like rugrats
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