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39804194 No. 39804194
do you know what would make disney to decide to make 5 disney infinity characters of the next movie inside out?

they have that much trusth on the proyect?

i mean, when Big hero 6, they made just a figure of hiro and the robot.

so why so much fate that this 5 or at least 3 of the five are not going to shelve warm stores?
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>> No. 39804211
File 142966166889.png - (1.69MB , 1665x935 , Nui777.png )
They're building hype, and you gotta admit the marketing for Big Hero 6 did seem to concentrate more on Hiro and Baymax than anybody else while that emotion movie seems to focus on most of the characters at once.
>> No. 39804227
for the third trailer it look like it will focuse more on sad and joy, but it probably will have a sub plot with the others.

and i get building hype, but making the 5 figures?
that is alot of trusth on the hype.
>> No. 39804459
I know I am not the only one who is patiently waiting and hoping for Disney Infinity Kingdom Hearts toys.
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