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39804273 No. 39804273
Which one /oat/? My cousin who used to play magic gave them to me.
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>> No. 39804282
for what, to open? the demonic one has Demonic Tutor in it I believe
>> No. 39804291
no, to use. Im not very good, because im still learning.

yes it does. honestly, i like demonic more right now, but I just want to check if its a good starter deck, or if divine is better
>> No. 39804295
I get the feeling they will be about equal in terms of goodness. Try them both out, mix in some new cards. Play around with it.
>> No. 39804309
i have that set.
not on hand of course.

you get the 2 sets. but i think the angels decks is better.

i mean, it have akroma, and that make her inmortal against that mono black -demon deck.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 21st, 2015 17:48

>> No. 39804319
yeah, akroma versus monoblack is pretty mean
>> No. 39804320
The black one has one of the most powerful cards of all time in it

and the white one has some boobs.

So it's a tough choice.
>> No. 39804324
File 142966412573.jpg - (81.70KB , 1259x1171 , Why not both.jpg )
Wait is he giving you both, or is he splitting it with you? If he's giving you both, then it would be in your best interest to spend a reasonable amount of time with both of them, just so you can understand how both colors play. Its good to know your matchups. In fact, if you have friends with other monocolor decks, you should ask them if you can play a game or two with those.

As for your first, don't sweat it too much...although personally I'd say white. Black has a tendency to give good stuff with a cost other than mana, such as discarding your own cards and paying in health, and it may not always be obvious if you can really afford them. White, on the other hand, is fairly straight forward. Just don't fall into the trap of using too much healing. Winning the game with 1 health left is just as much of a win as 20+.

I'm assuming you mean Demonic Tutor? Because yeah, that really is a selling point.
>> No. 39804328
File 142966414841.jpg - (77.58KB , 620x450 , mm48_ladiesKnightSplash.jpg )
It have Demonic tutor, but that isnt going to make you win the game.

i thought he is just going to fight against the little kid.
>> No. 39804330
mix them together.

ive only played the white one, was kinda shitty

tbh most of the duel decks are kinda shitty, gotta minmax that shit

also not standard
>> No. 39804332
File 142966426796.png - (96.53KB , 228x296 , Scootaloo - 75 - hammer time.png )
As a base for a deck of your own design, Divine seems the superior choice. It mostly consists of cards that do their job well no matter the context they're in, whereas the Demonic deck features a lot of effects that are nasty when they're the focus of your deck, but only so-so as random addons to a deck with a different design (discard, creature sacrifice, others).

The Divine deck looks like a solid if simple foundation, whereas the Demonic deck is more of a hodge-podge of isolated features that oppose the Divine deck thematically but do not have the mechanical well-roundedness of the Divine deck.
>> No. 39804334
The obvious choice is unfortunately Divine, it's suite of removal and creatures is better suited for that match up and will probably be more fun for a new time player. Demonic Tutor is only as good as the cards it can grab and in Demonic deck it can grab crap.

Go Divine, for pretty much every purpose
>> No. 39804363
We maybe shouldnt just that cruely the poor little demons.
i will have to be the demons advocate now.
lets see

>2 Barren Moor
>24 Swamp
<26 lands

i always play with a little less lands than that, but i was never a profesional, so probably i was doing it wrong

>1 Abyssal Gatekeeper
>1 Abyssal Specter
>1 Cackling Imp
>1 Daggerclaw Imp
>2 Demon's Jester
>2 Dusk Imp
>1 Fallen Angel
>1 Foul Imp
>1 Kuro, Pitlord
>1 Lord of the Pit
>2 Overeager Apprentice
>1 Reiver Demon
>1 Soot Imp
>1 Souldrinker
>1 Stinkweed Imp
<18 creatures

Fallen angel have boobs, so that is a plus, abysal gatekeeper can help you kill akroma, if the enemy have no other creature. and abysal specter is fine for a little deck. and Kuro is strong, a 9/9
but... i dont know why the pit lord is epic, it isnt that good, specially if you dont have stuff to sacrifice.

>1 Barter in Blood
>2 Breeding Pit
>1 Consume Spirit
>1 Corrupt
>1 Cruel Edict
>1 Dark Banishing
>2 Dark Ritual
>1 Demonic Tutor
>1 Demon's Horn
>1 Duress
>1 Oni Possession
>1 Promise of Power
>2 Unholy Strength
<16 other spells

see... it isnt that awful... well, yes it is, im sorry demons, i cant defend you.
>> No. 39804382
Deck is bad compared to having Angel of Pro-your-deck
>> No. 39804387
it have cards that make the other sacrifice creatures, but yes, i get it.
>> No. 39804399
26 land in 40 cards? seems like too much. deck must have a really high curve, or more likely, wizards wanted to skimp players a couple of actual cards. typically you wnt 40% of the deck to be land, rarely to people go over 24 in a 60 card deck unless the format is unusual.
>> No. 39804405
wait what? duel decks are 40?

im like 80% certain theyre 60?
>> No. 39804408
I think the decks are 60 Crimson, keep up.
>> No. 39804410
that's what I meant, damnit.

notice how I wrote 40 the first time and 60 the second?

Last edited at Tue, Apr 21st, 2015 18:31

>> No. 39804413
Wizards knows that getting mana screwed sucks and also, they put cycle lands in there so noobs can ditch lands when they want to find not lands, so really, it's 24 lands.
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