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File 142970982471.jpg - (1.01MB , 2304x1296 , 04222015.jpg )
39804903 No. 39804903
The end of April, perfectly reasonable time to get snow and near white out conditions. Michigan isn't supposed to be Alaska.
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>> No. 39804905
Here we usually say "April doet wat 'ie wil.".
"April does what it what it wants to do."
>> No. 39804906
File 142971020535.jpg - (90.88KB , 960x937 , 11150508_749627721819633_5905959668375339888_n.jpg )
Pretty reasonable for for us. Except for the snow, it just rains here.
>> No. 39804914
We got that too.
Two Japs were pretty surprised with our unsteady April.
>> No. 39804924

Wow, it's almost as if sayings carry across specific languages in a language group. :3

But yeah, it tends to surprise quite a few for some reason.
>> No. 39804941
File 142971285713.gif - (17.11KB , 474x545 , Detroit_tigers2.gif )
April must just universally suck. Except for baseball season starting.
>> No. 39804953
File 142971428092.jpg - (99.39KB , 1024x1024 , large (2).jpg )
We got some snow yesterday, too, and did have a really crazy snowstorm like a week or two ago, except all the snow immediately melted because it was 50 degrees out by the end of the day.
>> No. 39804976

Naw, it's also the month of my birthday, aswell as Loki and Hitler's birthday. :3

...So yeah.
>> No. 39804991
File 142971715927.jpg - (1.08MB , 1800x1042 , Nature by aeronJVL.jpg )
I miss Autumn.
>> No. 39805093
A fellow MI pony eh? I'm guessing you're more up north than I, only mildly chilly round 'hurr
>> No. 39805106
it's been snowing today and yesterday here
then the few days before it was super rainy
>> No. 39805138
File 142972481965.jpg - (33.68KB , 369x501 , 131197466319.jpg )

I hurried up and put my AC in last weekend cuz it was getting up near 80° and now the last couple days it's been cold with rain, hail, thunderstorms and lots of cold-ass wind blasting in through the little gaps between the AC unit and the wall.
>> No. 39805144
File 142972527204.jpg - (322.92KB , 700x655 , 3f8a450c9d374d8aa1629b0b207f7f73.jpg )
We're having warm, sunny weather, and it looks like it's gonna stay like that.
>> No. 39805153
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Snowfall isn't a sign that it is that cold,if it was really freezing you don't get snow.....just ice.
>> No. 39805560
>has nice weather
You people.
>> No. 39805567
File 142974638177.jpg - (87.31KB , 500x384 , tumblr_mlyqbgEfvY1rlctfoo1_500.jpg )
We had snow last June.
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