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File 142971673722.png - (668.52KB , 720x540 , my-favorite-Gadget-screencaps-chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers-29923842-720-540.png )
39804982 No. 39804982
How popular are this kind of Tshirt,
would you wear a white really short Tshirt, or a hawaiian one?
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>> No. 39804984
All shirts are belly shirts to me unless they're long, as i was reminded of today when trying to shop for clothes.

And no to the hawaiian one to me.
>> No. 39804998
File 142971726194.png - (68.98KB , 490x554 , 1302037502073.png )
I would love to get inside of any article of clothing Gadget Hackwrench is wearing uh, I mean, yeah I imagine crop tops are more common in hot climes and the Hawaiian shirt is a bit of a fashion statement in any climate.
>> No. 39805002
File 142971739010.gif - (595.34KB , 461x346 , Gadget-Spy-chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers-37082754-461-346.gif )
i guess it depend if it is really hot or not.
>> No. 39805003
File 142971741129.jpg - (28.04KB , 488x274 , GTAHawaiianshirt.jpg )
The 80s called and wants it back.
>> No. 39805007
File 142971772821.gif - (1.76MB , 537x347 , fe9.gif )
>get hawaii shirt
>get fedora
>make bad pony ep

It is the life.
>> No. 39805008
File 142971765212.png - (458.73KB , 1309x852 , scootasmile.png )
>How popular are this kind of Tshirt
Fairly decent summer wear, and the Hawaiian is just some sort "Irony" wear I guess.

>would you wear a white really short Tshirt, or a hawaiian one?
Yeah definitely to the white one; In fact I'm wearing one now. Floaty and loose in this awesome weather and I've just come back from a theme park :P

Hawaiian one... not so much.

Are you just ridiculously tall then?
>> No. 39805011

205 cm a few years back, growth seems to have slowed down a lot since then but even here i'm pretty exceptionally tall.
>> No. 39805013
Hawaiian shirts are wondefully dorky. Icould totally wear one, but it'd probably be for a gag.

Like Reacer, most t-shirts tend to become belly shirts for me automatically, even when I try to buy the right sizes. Which is unfortunate since I have a bit ofgut.

Though if, say, I was making or taking part in a short film or any kind of performance that requiredthem, sure. I've worn all sorts of weird shit for extra parts or roles (even been practically naked for a silly commercial). Anything for thesake of the performance, eh?

Ah, then there's finally somepony on this board I am lagging behind.200cm myself, at least as I recall.
>> No. 39805016

I've been on this board pretty much since the start Eshbaal. :3

Not sure how tall exactly i am either, but five years ago i was 205 and i seem to have grown a bit since, yay for combining the rapid growth from my father's side with the long continued growth from my mother's side.
>> No. 39805017
File 142971805553.png - (117.13KB , 626x1033 , scootaloo_uuuuuwat.png )

I thought my boyfriend was tall at 187cm, which is interesting as I'm only 158 but still but you're just in the clouds, maaan.

How much do you weigh though, if you're heavy you'd be some serious beastliness.
>> No. 39805018

Naw, i'm pretty thin.
95 kgs with barely any fat and muscle, insanely dense and big bones in a literal sense.

Main reason for that is that i don't enjoy sports and that at i'm rather clumsy... and destructive, things that don't seem to improve with excercise, so i figured it'd be better to weaken myself so that they'd become less problematic.

Also you tiny as fuck, how'd that happen? :o

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 09:02

>> No. 39805021
File 142971829796.png - (218.56KB , 311x679 , 465.png )
alot like the fedora

printed shirts just do not look good
>> No. 39805025
I agree with you!

>205 cm height

That's cool.
>> No. 39805026

Inconvenient better describes it, 5 cms too much as most things are made for a maximum of 200 cms length, such as beds and doors... though in public transport it's nice as people tend to give you space quite easily.

Also currently it's more than 205 most likely, because yay i really needed my shirts to start getting too short again.

I mean seriously today i tried som 3XL thingy that actually fit fine for torso and arms length, except even if i doubled my weight it'd still have been way too wide for me.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 09:06

>> No. 39805031
I see.
I never really considered that and I can see your point!

I'm around 180-190 cm in height. So optimal I guess.
>> No. 39805033

Da best indeed, no problems in airplanes and cars either for you.

Oh and did i mention i'm really bad with energy?
If i get remotely more active than usualy my food intake can easily double or even triple given cold weather.
(benefit there is that even minus 30 celsius seems no problem to heat through with that much food intake)

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 09:09

>> No. 39805036
I can relate to your food intake.
I do eat a lot myself and don't seem to take much weight in the process.

"My brain" eats the calories I guess.
>> No. 39805039

Hungry hungry brains. x)

But yeah, i don't seem to put on fat quickly either, though muscle doesn't seem to be a problem to put on... so that's sorta weird since that's supposdly linked to one another...
>> No. 39805040
File 142971931916.gif - (1.71MB , 688x570 , scootaexcite.gif )
Ha, that'll be hilarious not for you, obviously to watch on a daily basis. A big clumsy guy like yourself trying to do menial tasks. Sorry I've got a mental image of you knocking over a boiling kettle, then stepping on a cat, then tripping over a electrical appliance cord and ending up face first into a cake.

>Also you tiny as fuck, how'd that happen? :o
All the girls in my family are small, so genetics I presume.
>> No. 39805042
Genetics are like that.

>Hungry hungry brains.
Well it always spins, thinking about something and stuff.
I'll blame that.
>> No. 39805046

...Yeah, it's more of the kind of clumsyness along "Did you wreck the faucet/door/chair/bench/whatever again!?".

Heck just yesterday i bumped into a wall and it looked like somebody tried to punch a hole through it.
(thankfully nobody saw that... it's really pretty shitty, i also try to avoid everything made of glass since that stuff is just way too fragile)

Also other people, people are way too fragile... if i try to play sports i always end up either underperforming severely due to having to control everything tightly to try to not break rules and harm people, or i do normally well but piss people off all the time or even harm them per accident.

And fair enough, though my sister's the tiniest in the family too at 180 cm or so... so eh.


Genetics should stop being like that as it helps promote a spiral whichever way it's going.

>eat less
>Lotsa less energy
>Do less
>Eat even less

>Do more
>Eat more
>Lotsa more energy
>Overactivity causes injury and the like
>Eat yet more
>Do yet more
>Injuries worsen

...Neither way is nice, neither leads to some sort of balance with enough energy and little enough injuries.

Though speaking of food i should probably get some between now and 19:00.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 09:23

>> No. 39805053
Enjoy your meal!
>> No. 39805055

Soon* tm

Not hungry yet.
>> No. 39805061
I'll sure grab something to eat too myself.
>> No. 39805062

Grab good things when ya do.... i think i'm going to eat a hamburger.
>> No. 39805063
I see both a decent amount

The Hawaiian one more tho
>> No. 39805065
I haven't seen short shirts in a long time, but last week I finally did again.
Would wear a hawaii shirt, but no short one.
>> No. 39805068
what the fuck kinda autistic place do you live where people where hawaiian shirts
>> No. 39805069
File 142972047119.png - (127.97KB , 634x356 , Cute Fluttershy Smile.png )
i used to have a Hawaiian shirt, when i lived in Hawaii. i never wore it though, unless i was teaching... and even then, only very rarely
>> No. 39805071
File 142972045329.png - (565.94KB , 480x750 , tumblr_nmlc3hwUru1tlmnjlo1_500.png )
tourists wear them at the beach, i guess because beach stores all seem to sell them
>> No. 39805074
File 142972063015.jpg - (252.39KB , 665x632 , lelonardo.jpg )
<not being within a +-5cm range of average height
>> No. 39805077

...Damn mountaingoblins.
>> No. 39805078
>> No. 39805086
File 142972125568.gif - (339.37KB , 2000x1250 , pinkiebedroomeyes.gif )
>> No. 39805090
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 39805101
File 142972173851.png - (506.83KB , 750x1080 , k12.png )
>would you wear a white really short Tshirt
Maybe if I were trying to pick up hairy men with Freddy Mercury mustaches on a gay cruise off the coast of southern California in the middle of Summer.

(Although, now that I think about it, I'm actually wearing a short white T-shirt now. hmm . . .)

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 09:56

>> No. 39805103
File 142972193186.png - (289.57KB , 1600x1626 , pinkieheh.png )
> p p p p p p p parmesan cheese

Monterey Jack, you ole dog you...er...chipmunk, well, w/e you are
>> No. 39805113
File 142972255715.png - (351.10KB , 1920x1080 , 142716941901.png )

Is this.. real? WHAT?
>> No. 39805114
File 142972264444.gif - (1.85MB , 290x217 , ROFL_o_131622.gif )
Lmfaoooo!!!! xD
>> No. 39805116
My brother used to wear Hawaiian tea shirts all the time in high school. He was angry years later because no one had the heart to tell him Hawaiian tea shirts aren't cool at all.
>> No. 39805120
File 142972284603.jpg - (103.09KB , 800x598 , 1638 - pinkie_pie Seth_Green twilight_sparkle luna spike smug applejack rarity.jpg )
Seth gets it.
>> No. 39805126
File 142972367744.jpg - (231.16KB , 766x1024 , Nui963.jpg )
I have a few crop tops. I don't wear them as often as I'd like but they're very comfy. I have a lot of shirts that show some torso but aren't quite that short, I wear those a lot.
I used to wear Hawaiian shirts as a kid, but that really isn't my style now.
>> No. 39805131
File 142972397835.jpg - (11.39KB , 355x253 , harebrained-period-panties.jpg )
I don't like short shirts. Nor do I like it on girls. For that matter I don't like any girl who flashes her belly. Unless she's wearing a swimsuit.

I usually wear simple one-coloured plain shirts but I guess Hawaiian is ok too. I don't mind people walking around in tasteless shirts unless there is something obscene printed on them like a beheaded santa fucking jesus in the butt.
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