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No. 39805140
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  Do you think the Dominion sound like nice guys?
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>> No. 39805145
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Speaking as a former Wildstar player who mostly played one, the human Dominion is indeed an extremely civilized and polite breed of bloodthirsty backstabbing aristocrats lording over the common rabble they protect.

I wonder when they're going to stop kidding themselves and go Free2Play? It's the 21st century, guys, only WoW and EvE Online can go subscription based, and that's because they are largely played by people-stuck-in-the-past and egomaniacal-middle-managers respectively. Bait laid.

>Googles it
Soon. [massivelyop.net]

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>> No. 39805149
Hopefully soon. I love the looks of it, but like you said, nobody pays subscriptions these days, that's why the game is dead.
>> No. 39805150

Well to be fair it's not a matter of choice, but rather of economic feasibility.

WoW doesn't need to change due to its scale and name, EvE due to similar reasons.

For a start up it's pretty much impossible to keep a subscription base it seems though, as they lack the scale, continuinity and name the big ones have.

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>> No. 39805152
You forgott FF14
>> No. 39805156
File 142972602737.png - (1.04MB , 1191x670 , Pinkie-in-World-of-Warcraft-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-26362897-1191-670.png )
WildStar is a fantastic game. The core combat is leaps and bounds better than World of Warcraft, but the general flow from zone to zone is the same.

The main reason I don't subscribe to it anymore is because, fantastic or not, who has the free time to vindicate a $15/mo subscription when there's a plethora of other things I could also be doing?

That, and I am a craven altaholic who could never make up his mind.

I agree that the gravity of their brand name gives them a lot of clout, but their players still ought to know better by now. WoW is dated, even with multiple overhauls applies. EVE never put enough gameplay on the table to justify all the spread sheeting. So I stick by my initial hyperbole.

True, although Final Fantasy XIV also has that name-brand-clout going for it, and I would say it almost earns its keep with those Square-Enix production values. At release, it was a half-completed mess dreadfully lacking in adequate content, but Realm Reborn made it worthy enough of playing.

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>> No. 39805161

Eh, i think you're letting your personal opinion cloud objective judgement.

I personally don't play either but have played WoW in the past and gotten bored / annoyed with it... but practically speaking it's pretty much the best out there, as its numbers still sort of confirm.
Part of that being good is simply being big and old, but ya don't get to be this succesful on mere luck... and they weren't always big and old. :o

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>> No. 39805162
File 142972621423.png - (30.03KB , 298x245 , 1428003919192.png )
Wildstar died to lack of content, really. There wasn't anything to fucking do, and they tried so hard to appeal to the 'hardcore' market by making what dungeons did exist just stupidly difficult, or so I've heard.

Conveniently, that's also how you alienate the casual userbase, and without a casual userbase the 'hardcore' userbase has no reason to play because they don't want to play in a graveyard, even if that graveyard is hardcore as fuck.

Not to mention 15 dollars a month. This is why I play F2P games, but I'm a dirty weeb so my options are way wider anyway.
>> No. 39805164
Both versions are pretty much garbage to be honest. Also what square fails to mention when they release thier subscription numbers is 50% of those subs are are free 1st month subs from gil/cash spamming websites who make bots to advertise ingame, a problem they still have not found a way around since the launch.
>> No. 39805203
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that is why i took a look to it.

i hear about wildstar long ago, then forgot it got released.

and at the end they are going for the probable free to play.

if i had to choose, maybe make it free to play? then add some kind of pay to upgrade (just once and not to much)

and with alot of fashionable microtransactions.

something so it doesnt go to total failure, because i like how it looks.
>> No. 39805222
Voices sound familiar.

I know thats Cree Summers in Meet the Exiles.

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