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File 142974653704.jpg - (2.79MB , 2316x3018 , St_George_by_Raphael.jpg )
39805569 No. 39805569
Dragon did nothing wrong!
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>> No. 39805570
He punched dragons and that is not very nice.
>> No. 39805572
File 142974673055.png - (59.70KB , 500x500 , Epic Mount is not amused.png )
The dragon was the size of a large dog. It ate two sheeps a day until people began feeding it children.

George said he will kill it if everypony in town convert to Christianity and get baptized. The dragon was pretty much lead by a girdle like a dog on a leesh and was being submissive.
Barbaric if you ask me.
>> No. 39805576
>until people began feeding it children.

But its the dragons fault?
>> No. 39805578
No it isn't. If you feed a dog human meet you think it would know any better? Food is food.

Plus look at the size of it. If anything it be more of a nuisence than a major crisis.
>> No. 39805582
It was a rhetorical question meant to point out the stupidity of the people... or cleverness really, maybe some of them had bratty kids.

>Plus look at the size of it.
Even the horse is looking back to the knight with a "Are you fucking serious?" look to it.
>> No. 39805584
St. George isn't even English! He was born in Lydda, Syria Palaestina during the Roman Empire.
I don't think it was said George ever went to England.
>> No. 39805585
And the woman in the background like "Oh look he thinks he's saving the day like some kind of heroic knight, pff."
>> No. 39805587
>St George
wow more like georgia she so kawaii
>> No. 39805589
She's just sitting their twiddling her thumbs.
>> No. 39805698
File 142975166665.png - (679.85KB , 1500x2900 , the_vigilant_by_equestria_prevails-d54kfwk.png )
Except for the part where he basically held that whole village ransom by nesting in it's well.

In reality it was likely a large crocodile. Assuming it happened at all.
>> No. 39805727
He didn't nest in it, he lived in a nearby cave.

And what if it was a crocodile, did it deserve the treatment it had?
>> No. 39805746
File 142975283475.png - (719.47KB , 2000x2900 , the_spear_by_equestria_prevails-d54glqo.png )

It goes both ways, in some versions the spring flowed from the mouth of the cave. In any case the villagers couldn't draw water without distracting the dragon with a sacrifice.

Gods and demons alike die upon the point of a spear. Why should any living thing expect differently?
>> No. 39805766
Couldn't they collect the water downstream?

Plus it must not have been much of the devil at all if it could be killed by spear. Plus the instrument of it's death was never clarified since it was taken into town and publicly executed in exchange for the whole town to turn Christians.
>> No. 39805785
File 142975379386.png - (253.20KB , 1002x1032 , pimpn___spike_by_betweenfriends-d4iyx2e.png )
St. George and the Dragon was an euphemism for sex with the woman on top.
>> No. 39805790
File 142975383727.gif - (3.91MB , 450x253 , Moderation.gif )
I can't remember much of what they did, really. Deleted threads that I was enjoying, but knew weren't appropriate. Something with Zamoonda. I know plenty about who they "are", just not what they "did", you know?

Still think I prefer Artee as a !!Pinkie, but Artee doesn't have this .gif
>> No. 39805798
File 142975395661.png - (143.84KB , 450x509 , Noteworthy_Unicorn_ID_S04E25.png )
I wasn't particularly paying attention to any of that stuff back then. I only know him from after.
>> No. 39805862
File 142975557725.png - (559.27KB , 2000x1600 , have_at_thee_by_equestria_prevails-d6gqfhf.png )

In some versions George's spear, Ascalon is imbued with magical/holy power.


Pretty sure it was a standard tale of how awful and debased pagans are and how awesome Christianity is.
>> No. 39805961
File 142976046838.jpg - (184.02KB , 490x638 , index.jpg )
>> No. 39805967
File 142976065268.jpg - (86.41KB , 750x600 , Paladins.jpg )
Honestly, if a bunch of villagers can't just go "We form a large mob with pitchforks and deal with this shit" instead of FEEDING IT GODDAMNED CHILDREN, they deserve everything they get.

Its like Villagers in the middle ages were all mentally handicapped.
>> No. 39805993
File 142976211412.png - (163.14KB , 500x500 , Epic Mount plays Skyrim.png )
Then thats just over-powering the problem!

I guess you can't really blame them. The water was filthy so they drank beer most of the time.

They were either dying of illness or drunk.
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